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  1. First Time Stopped and Officer looked scared
  2. Fairfax County Police (WoW) From VCDL (UGLY)
  3. Reciprocity agreements?
  4. Nevada out of state carry?
  5. Permit got here!
  6. Carry @ Work
  7. Nevada CCW no longer recognized by ATF.
  8. Another Concealed Carry Resource
  9. Friend "Made" Me... Sort Of...
  10. FL Non-Res Acceptable Training Documentation?
  11. Gun Law Scofflaw/Coworker
  12. Moving Firearms
  13. What is your reaction to this, Cops wake sleeping man in own home....
  14. It Finally Happened To Me
  15. Nevada gun tax as of 7-1-08
  16. Moving to Texas
  17. Bro's Permit Problem
  18. Wife Convinced
  19. Accosted By A Hostile Motorist: or Some People are REALLY Stupid
  20. New Orleans Casino Carry, ok?
  21. Florida CCW Application: currently 44 days
  22. Brady Campaigns list of CCW holder crimes
  23. Very Positive L.E.O. encounter
  24. No firearms in OH turnpike service areas
  25. Suburban wives arm themselves against terror
  26. Had to give up a box of ammo at the airport
  27. PA CCW laws
  28. To all Floridians....
  29. Mom's Coming Around...
  30. Came in contact with another armed citizen yesterday.
  31. SC CWP Question
  32. Vitter To Introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity: MERGED
  33. FOX news Shep Smith just interviewed the fellow who stopped a bank robbery with CCW
  34. What has it cost you?
  35. From NRA-ILA: Utah Non-Resident Permits Under Scruntiny
  36. Can anyone recommend an introductory firearms training school?
  37. Personal Protection... It's a Family Affair
  38. Guns: The Topic Everybody Loves to Hate... Or Do They?
  39. South Carolinaaaaaaaa
  40. Received CHP
  41. TN LEO Experience yesterday
  42. Traveling to Kentucky - need resources
  43. Travel to TN, KY
  44. Finally...first day with CC
  45. Concealed forms of self-defense in other countries
  46. Florida CCW listed as 'Resident only'
  47. Going to California
  48. Carry Concealed Weapons in NYC?
  49. Rob Milford KDKA Reported Arrested - Courthouse - NO License To Carry
  50. Would you shoot?
  51. GCO Member Asks To Have Probate Judge Held In Contempt
  52. Inconsistent Rules on Concealed Carry
  53. Only took 100 days...
  54. Conceal N Carry-Mecklenburg County, NC
  55. Asked to leave Baja Bean Co., Richmond, VA last night
  56. non-res permit with most reciprocity? UT, FL, or other?
  57. Going to DC This Week - Guess What Stays Home?
  58. Cargo type shorts/which have deep pockets?
  59. MUST READ Defensive shooting Consequences(this really happened)
  60. SC Gun laws
  61. Why purse carry is not good
  62. Utah Permit Received!!!!!
  63. FL CCW Question
  64. Got my permit
  65. Utah Permit
  66. Traffic Stop
  67. When do you have trouble concealing your gun?
  68. An Odd Viewpoint
  69. Had a pistol pointed at me today . . .
  70. CCW in Movie Theatre?
  71. Trip to a non-gun friendly state
  72. Which pistol should I bring
  73. Taste of CA Law enforcement interaction
  74. Finally got my license!
  75. Just got my CPL today
  76. More new CC'ers!
  77. CHL character references
  78. What if you go crazy?!?!?!?
  79. Concealed carry at a gun show
  80. How to get more Americans CC'ing
  81. Hot weather carry
  82. Question For Texans ?
  83. I'm happy for the cop and his family, but....
  84. Worried about printing
  85. Practicing carrying
  86. 4 year old shot with CCW holders gun
  87. Concealed Carry on Indian Reservations
  88. Send an e-mail today to the US Humane Society
  89. Help Our CCW'ers In Iowa
  90. Back Pocket Carry
  91. Seattle Mayor to issue BAN on concealed weapons/Victim speaks out against ban: Merged
  92. Concealed Carry in Pennsylvania
  93. WA Handgun laws
  94. Brandishing VS Poking out a little bit...
  95. Permit turnaround times
  96. NY carry mag carry limit
  97. Why carry?
  98. Wife recieved ccw today
  99. McCain on S. 388 and/or H.R. 266
  100. NY Rigamarole
  101. FL, Indian Casino Hardrock off limits?
  102. Dual carry on everyday basis?
  103. Check cashing question
  104. Utah not holding to the law
  105. Traveling to KY
  106. Gun manufacturers (Kimber) continue to aid gun banners
  107. NY city lawyer?
  108. Michigan CPL in the mail today.
  109. Women & Men - Different Ideas Behind Carry
  110. Indiana..I read you can drink and carry?
  111. CC at Sturgis
  112. Finally! I love it when a plan comes together...
  113. Quick FL permit question
  114. Does this magazine make me look fat? (pic intensive)
  115. SHTF, I'm the "Bad guy"
  116. Really need your help and advice!
  117. I know my permit will arrive today
  118. California Trouble
  119. Nevada CCW and Carrying Knives
  120. old but new to CC
  121. Turned in the application
  122. Almost pulled my gun today
  123. Going to a concert at Hershey Park Stadium
  124. The LAST place on earth any robbery of VT like killing would take place at
  125. First time Travel & CCW to Florida -- quick Questions!
  126. Something wrong with this picture?
  127. These threads are a dime a dozen....
  128. Carry Laws in Montana
  129. Uneasy event
  130. Self Defense Poll...
  131. She called me paranoid...
  132. Age to own a handgun in Tennessee?
  133. CCW with medical condition Yes/No?
  134. Permit holder vs. undercover cop shooting UPDATE #2
  135. Why do you get non resident permits?
  136. NH non- Resident = 45 days?
  137. Ammo on The Dashboard
  138. Where can I get Electronic prints in Hillsborough County Florida?
  139. You can never go back..... but
  140. JFK Airport, part 2
  141. Received my NY CC Permit
  142. Carrying At Work
  143. I got made…and I wasn’t even carrying
  144. I finally got it!
  145. 'Guns at work' bill heads for final vote
  146. That was quick.
  147. Traveling to Georgia
  148. A total conversion
  149. Utah Nonresident CCW Received
  150. Transporting a firearm on a commuter flight
  151. Another, Got my FL CCW - 44 days.
  152. Car Carry
  153. Initial interview questions for legal counsel?
  154. Ohio in general and Columbus Zoo
  155. Incident Questions
  156. New Article by Thomas Sowell
  157. Armed Walmart Employee?
  158. Universal CCW License
  159. Good place to start?
  160. Bad Neighborhood Profiling
  161. Carry as a chaperon?
  162. CCW'er Shoots Gunman in Winnemucca Nevada
  163. Non permit holder travelling across state lines
  164. Wifes important question. Need help with the answer. ???
  165. Walmart incident
  166. Tattoos, Percings and Other Profiling Techniques
  167. Traffic stop by LEO - offer up CCW Permit?
  168. Would you shoot someone that you knew well if they tried to kill you?
  169. Now THIS Was A Surprise!
  170. Ugly-argument over gun. Seattle Festival (merged)
  171. Hehehe
  172. What's it called in your State?
  173. Found another sign...
  174. Just got my permit after 88 days FL
  175. CCW PERMIT Question
  176. Transport through Illinois?
  177. Nevada Nonresident CCW Permit Received
  178. moving within same county...
  179. Summer Vacation & Comm Flights
  180. New Mexico Firearms Purchase
  181. Indy 500
  182. Where do you keep your permit when you carry? How were your LEO encounters?
  183. I just read this.. Good.. The truth.
  184. New Licensee..
  185. SC: H. 3212 action needed by Senate (Reciprocity bill)
  186. Utah to stop issuing out of state?
  187. Debunking Concealed Carry Myths
  188. Vacation in Arizona
  189. AZ: Firemission - contact Governor in support of HB 2629
  190. Conceal on the job
  191. 4 days at FrontSight Nevada
  192. My First NASCAR Race?????
  193. Finally Made the Wally World carry !!!
  194. Student Robbed on Campus Today. School Issues This:
  195. Chicago lawmaker submits bill to correct HIS gun registration mistake
  196. Wife might finally be coming around.
  197. GCO Sues Stone Mountain Over Gun Ban
  198. Cyan Paper to Ward Off Animals?
  199. First LEO encounter with CCW...
  200. Anyone ever have their pistol show while taking a bathroom break?
  201. I was made today.
  202. Driving through New York?
  203. Reciprocity question. Texas to N.C?
  204. VA Laws - "No Weapons" signs.
  205. No Wally World for me, yet!
  206. What percentage is it?
  207. Smaller airports
  208. Utah to Washington drive
  209. Pennsbury Manor PA
  210. Question: Why Wal-Mart as Rite-of-Passage?
  211. Moving from NY to Tampa
  212. Motorcycle carry?
  213. Oh joyous day!!
  214. Miggy's Maps
  215. Mission: wally world walk - complete
  216. Hoosier and his Wife receive Lifetime Licenses to Carry.
  217. Utah Wait time
  218. Training and Safety
  219. Who Knows Bob?
  220. CHL Arrived today...FINALLY!!
  221. Healthy Paranoia...
  222. Oregon CCW wait time
  223. The Case for Weak-Sided Tools
  224. Arkansas Drops New Hampshire From list of States It Honors
  225. Have you ever had to use your weapon in self defense?
  226. How much do you feed your carry?
  227. Postage went up
  228. Traveling to Oregon this weekend
  229. Wife's Wally World trip
  230. We need your vote now !
  231. Kentucky CCW...
  232. Permit just came in the mail !!!!
  233. No-carry locations in Pennsylvania?
  234. Looks like my wife is headed to Wally World
  235. Feelings about SOB carry...
  236. CCW Reciprocity Amendment - Please support(merged)
  237. Taking a Trip from TX to FLA
  238. Videos to pass on to gun haters...
  239. VA CHP wait time
  240. First Big Day
  241. Permit Received
  242. ATF Chiefs views on crime
  243. Had to go to emergency room
  244. How long did your TN permit take?
  245. Got my Virginia CHP
  246. I had to go to the Post Office today...(Merged)
  247. Texas CHL waiting period
  248. Kentucky Carry Laws
  249. Concealed Carry on a College Campus
  250. Centerline Carry article