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  1. SHTF, I'm the "Bad guy"
  2. Really need your help and advice!
  3. I know my permit will arrive today
  4. California Trouble
  5. Nevada CCW and Carrying Knives
  6. old but new to CC
  7. Turned in the application
  8. Almost pulled my gun today
  9. Going to a concert at Hershey Park Stadium
  10. The LAST place on earth any robbery of VT like killing would take place at
  11. First time Travel & CCW to Florida -- quick Questions!
  12. Something wrong with this picture?
  13. These threads are a dime a dozen....
  14. Carry Laws in Montana
  15. Uneasy event
  16. Self Defense Poll...
  17. She called me paranoid...
  18. Age to own a handgun in Tennessee?
  19. CCW with medical condition Yes/No?
  20. Permit holder vs. undercover cop shooting UPDATE #2
  21. Why do you get non resident permits?
  22. NH non- Resident = 45 days?
  23. Ammo on The Dashboard
  24. Where can I get Electronic prints in Hillsborough County Florida?
  25. You can never go back..... but
  26. JFK Airport, part 2
  27. Received my NY CC Permit
  28. Carrying At Work
  29. I got made…and I wasn’t even carrying
  30. I finally got it!
  31. 'Guns at work' bill heads for final vote
  32. That was quick.
  33. Traveling to Georgia
  34. A total conversion
  35. Utah Nonresident CCW Received
  36. Transporting a firearm on a commuter flight
  37. Another, Got my FL CCW - 44 days.
  38. Car Carry
  39. Initial interview questions for legal counsel?
  40. Ohio in general and Columbus Zoo
  41. Incident Questions
  42. New Article by Thomas Sowell
  43. Armed Walmart Employee?
  44. Universal CCW License
  45. Good place to start?
  46. Bad Neighborhood Profiling
  47. Carry as a chaperon?
  48. CCW'er Shoots Gunman in Winnemucca Nevada
  49. Non permit holder travelling across state lines
  50. Wifes important question. Need help with the answer. ???
  51. Walmart incident
  52. Tattoos, Percings and Other Profiling Techniques
  53. Traffic stop by LEO - offer up CCW Permit?
  54. Would you shoot someone that you knew well if they tried to kill you?
  55. Now THIS Was A Surprise!
  56. Ugly-argument over gun. Seattle Festival (merged)
  57. Hehehe
  58. What's it called in your State?
  59. Found another sign...
  60. Just got my permit after 88 days FL
  61. CCW PERMIT Question
  62. Transport through Illinois?
  63. Nevada Nonresident CCW Permit Received
  64. moving within same county...
  65. Summer Vacation & Comm Flights
  66. New Mexico Firearms Purchase
  67. Indy 500
  68. Where do you keep your permit when you carry? How were your LEO encounters?
  69. I just read this.. Good.. The truth.
  70. New Licensee..
  71. SC: H. 3212 action needed by Senate (Reciprocity bill)
  72. Utah to stop issuing out of state?
  73. Debunking Concealed Carry Myths
  74. Vacation in Arizona
  75. AZ: Firemission - contact Governor in support of HB 2629
  76. Conceal on the job
  77. 4 days at FrontSight Nevada
  78. My First NASCAR Race?????
  79. Finally Made the Wally World carry !!!
  80. Student Robbed on Campus Today. School Issues This:
  81. Chicago lawmaker submits bill to correct HIS gun registration mistake
  82. Wife might finally be coming around.
  83. GCO Sues Stone Mountain Over Gun Ban
  84. Cyan Paper to Ward Off Animals?
  85. First LEO encounter with CCW...
  86. Anyone ever have their pistol show while taking a bathroom break?
  87. I was made today.
  88. Driving through New York?
  89. Reciprocity question. Texas to N.C?
  90. VA Laws - "No Weapons" signs.
  91. No Wally World for me, yet!
  92. What percentage is it?
  93. Smaller airports
  94. Utah to Washington drive
  95. Pennsbury Manor PA
  96. Question: Why Wal-Mart as Rite-of-Passage?
  97. Moving from NY to Tampa
  98. Motorcycle carry?
  99. Oh joyous day!!
  100. Miggy's Maps
  101. Mission: wally world walk - complete
  102. Hoosier and his Wife receive Lifetime Licenses to Carry.
  103. Utah Wait time
  104. Training and Safety
  105. Who Knows Bob?
  106. CHL Arrived today...FINALLY!!
  107. Healthy Paranoia...
  108. Oregon CCW wait time
  109. The Case for Weak-Sided Tools
  110. Arkansas Drops New Hampshire From list of States It Honors
  111. Have you ever had to use your weapon in self defense?
  112. How much do you feed your carry?
  113. Postage went up
  114. Traveling to Oregon this weekend
  115. Wife's Wally World trip
  116. We need your vote now !
  117. Kentucky CCW...
  118. Permit just came in the mail !!!!
  119. No-carry locations in Pennsylvania?
  120. Looks like my wife is headed to Wally World
  121. Feelings about SOB carry...
  122. CCW Reciprocity Amendment - Please support(merged)
  123. Taking a Trip from TX to FLA
  124. Videos to pass on to gun haters...
  125. VA CHP wait time
  126. First Big Day
  127. Permit Received
  128. ATF Chiefs views on crime
  129. Had to go to emergency room
  130. How long did your TN permit take?
  131. Got my Virginia CHP
  132. I had to go to the Post Office today...(Merged)
  133. Texas CHL waiting period
  134. Kentucky Carry Laws
  135. Concealed Carry on a College Campus
  136. Centerline Carry article
  137. Restaurant employees and security guards in Tennessee
  138. Completed Cc Course
  139. I Ran Across This Great Article Yesterday
  140. VA specific, "loophole" in restaurant no CC law?
  141. TX: Pro Sports Question!
  142. Pocket Gun discharge in pocket
  143. best pants for pocket carry?
  144. You just can't win with a liberal
  145. Condition 0, 1, Etc.?
  146. When to Begin Carrying?
  147. Shirts
  148. Texas Concealed Permit & Prescription Drugs
  149. Nevada/Michigan Sign Reciprocity Agreement
  150. Firearms in Bars and Restaurants in Virginia
  151. Question RE CA Carry Exception
  152. QUICK CWL - Idaho!
  153. What to do if asked about concealed carry
  154. Carrying in restaurant with a bar?
  155. Carrying, responsibility, and change
  156. Take this poll really good one. Do Not Vote before reading the Question carefully
  157. Back from inaugural walmart walk
  158. LA Current Bill to Change CHP Laws
  159. CCW Legal Question
  160. Applied For My Georgia Permit Today
  161. YES. Carried first time tonight.
  162. Heart pounding incident.
  163. Miss Lizzy, the answer to the question
  164. JFK Airport
  165. Utah Instructors in FL?
  166. "The" single place to send a skeptic?
  167. CHL at long last
  168. I just learned something
  169. Five Rules of Concealed Carry
  170. First Time Carrying Today
  171. SD for Air Travel
  172. ND Adds PA to its Reciprocity List
  173. 20 days of not being able to carry
  174. Canada?
  175. Up's & Down's of Arizona?
  176. List of Posted Businesses?
  177. HUGE article in Denver newspaper, front page, concealed carry
  178. Question about NC laws...
  179. Question about Louisiana and age
  180. Timeline to get a PA non-resident permit
  181. Bad timing for my CHL!-texas
  182. Finally got my CWL!! - Florida
  183. Wyoming - Missouri reciprocity
  184. Civil Liability In PA?
  185. First Police Pull-over
  186. Pro's and Con's of CC
  187. WA Non-Resident Carry?
  188. "The Law" or the "intent" of the law
  189. old man new ccw
  190. Carrying at a Concert?
  191. Louisiana - House panel OKs concealed weapons on college campuses
  192. Question about a specific statute in NE...
  193. camping in Oregon
  194. LEO Question
  195. Strange encounter at K-Mart
  196. Students for concealed carry
  197. Limited concealed carry law/rights?
  198. Finally getting my permit tomorrow
  199. I get my permit tomorrow...
  200. What do you think about that?
  201. Missouri/Washington Sign Reciprocity Agreement
  202. Concealed Weapon Permit Badges
  203. Confronted with No Guns Signage...
  204. Just turned in my application...YAY!!!
  205. Question for the Attorneys/Cops
  206. How Long For Utah Permit ?
  207. National Parks Update from VCDL (Merged)
  208. What Makes you complacent
  209. Official First Carry...
  210. My bad day at the range.....
  211. Now I'm Legit
  212. A Good Day at the Range on Saturday
  213. Drew last night.....thoughts
  214. Anyone just have a bad day on the range?
  215. Important Tactical Question...
  216. Elected Official Carry Laws in Missouri
  217. Augusta Civic Center Maine GOP Convention Carry
  218. Maiden Voyage
  219. I need help with my fiance
  220. Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing
  221. Good deal but not old enough
  222. A reminder to the non-office dwelling desk jockies
  223. Let the countdown begin
  224. FL CCW permit, vehicle carry ?
  225. Upstate New York Car Carry
  226. Carpenters?
  227. why multiple firearms
  228. Indiana Lifetime permit question
  229. A Gun-Friendly Doctor's Visit Today
  230. form letters!! please read
  231. Girlfriend NOT happy about me carrying
  232. In the mail today, one CFP
  233. PM's
  234. CCW in the Mall (For You Legal Types)
  235. Positive LEO Encounter
  236. And the fun begins.....
  237. This is the DUMBEST most manipulative news article.
  238. Monroe County NY Pistol Permit.
  239. Considering revealing my carry status to relatives
  240. Getting ready to take the plunge.
  241. FL CWP Stats.
  242. The time has finally come...
  243. OCing = frightened sheep!
  244. Wal Mart database
  245. How long to issue permit
  246. Old Hickory Mall, Jackson, West Tennessee
  247. Asked to leave Sweetwater Tavern in Centreville VA
  248. Jared jewelers in Hurst, TX now posted 30.06
  249. Non- Resident CCW's
  250. Is it worthwhile to get licensed in as many states as you can?