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  1. Holstered Glock discharges?
  2. Not what you think spare magazine thread...
  3. Chamber Empty ("Israeli") Carry Re-revisited
  4. Question: firearm in a commercial vehicle
  5. Please Go Here and Vote!!!
  6. Columbia County, OR
  7. Practice in vehicle...
  8. NV and UT permit arrive on same day
  9. Carry at gym with no locker
  10. USA Today poll on 2A
  11. Where do you learn situational awareness?
  12. Reviving an Old Thread for the New Year
  13. Would you shoot at this range?
  14. No Concealed Carry at Doctor's office
  15. Armed Type I diabetic
  16. Storing loaded guns
  17. Michigan Registration?
  18. My wife is beginning to appreciate CCW
  19. CCW in Common Areas of Airports?
  20. Louisiana and Florida Permits
  21. Disney concealed carry and security observations
  22. back brace as temp.holster
  23. Louisiana CHP Test
  24. I carried in 3 states today
  25. Posted: Melbourne Square Mall
  26. Gun Permit Applications Rise Since Westroads Shooting
  27. I need to do a "sign inventory"
  28. Today was a good day....
  30. First Time For Everything
  31. Georgia Aquarium "Security"
  32. .08 for CCW too?
  33. Carried IWB for the first time today - Observations (long)
  34. I hate going to New Jersistan
  35. Dropped the gun in public
  36. Non-Resident MA CWP info needed? :MERGED
  37. Domino's Driver Defends Self...And The Spin Begins...
  38. Commie News Network... Video.
  39. Is carrying uncomfortable for you?
  40. Texas Law?
  41. Virginia Carry in House of Worship
  42. Bumping into people
  43. Arizona carry with Texas CHL
  44. My flat tire almost resulted in shooting.
  45. BGs in Church...a What if...?
  46. In the dressing room
  47. Ohio CCW and posted signs
  48. Weapon shown in public?
  49. What To Do When a Stranger Drops His Gun In Public
  50. Just wondering
  51. Things that go bump....
  52. CCW in the Outer Banks
  53. Trespass and Inspectors...the Saga
  54. GA: Second Amendment Protection Act of 2008
  55. More good news for Arky's
  56. Possible new job
  57. Sometimes the Learning Process is a Slow, Dangerous One
  58. Glad I had my E2D....and my SIG
  59. Christmas
  60. Going to Arizona, what do I need to know?
  61. Delaware resident - Florida CCW question?
  62. Big Cities
  63. We must win it all
  64. CCW demographics
  65. Chambered, or not, Part 2
  66. passed the test
  67. LEOs, guns and mindset, part 2
  68. LEOs, guns and mindset, part 1
  69. Just moved to Maine (again)
  70. To groove or not to groove?
  71. Complicated situation in NH--CCW, Gun-Free School Zones, References...
  72. Bad shopping Habit
  73. Missouri CCW - Restricted places
  74. IWB magazine carry
  75. Concealed means concealed!
  76. Why I Carry?
  77. Georgia; The Chipmunks; and Concealed Carry
  78. CCW Discrimination - Investigative Report
  79. What is the "Anti" argument?
  80. Using permit for ID
  81. 2"revolver or my old 45 auto
  82. Ballistics dogs
  83. light or no light
  84. Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX has posted 30.06 signs prohibiting carry
  85. Sixteen year old in the house...
  86. My 3 yr old gets it!
  87. Moving to Rochester NY.
  88. Teaching the Young
  89. Making Progress in Arkansas
  90. Time to receive permit
  91. My 9 year old daughter understands better than a lot of Americans
  92. Hopefully just a hypothetical question…
  93. I passed the hug test
  94. Going to detroit, need your prayers, body armor and ammo donations.
  95. My Carry Method Must Be Working
  96. Flying - due to gun restriction....
  97. Smartcarry and Glock 30 w/Dress Pants
  98. Is more and more of America waking up?
  99. Very Interesting School Christmas Party...
  100. I just scared the crap out of some poor kid!
  101. Owning a gun
  102. Gun Permit Requests Dampen Agency's Powder
  103. Concealed Carry while travelling through different states
  104. Undercover LEO vs. permit holder shooting UPDATE
  105. Moving guns from New York
  106. Castle Law
  107. Remember your first time?
  108. Switched carry guns for today. Now my usual gun hurts.
  109. Florida Man Shoots Two in Self-Defence
  110. Carrying from apartment to car in MS
  111. range log
  112. So I am sitting in the ER...
  113. Alabama senator wants to arm students
  114. Mall Conceal Carry Legal?
  115. How many rounds before carrying?
  116. Pennsylvania Now Honors Arkansas Permit
  117. Arkansas folks lend an ear
  118. May Issue States
  119. Slippery floor or sidewalk
  120. Another poll to tilt in our favor...
  121. Fl Ccw- Got It Today!
  122. Carry at Church/place of worship.
  123. What would you do?
  124. Life's most embarrassing moments
  125. Why I joined the site
  126. California CCW wording / Application H E L P
  127. Yahoo group write up for Arkansas folks
  128. Home Security
  129. Heading to PA, Looking for CCW Info
  130. How about the "little" things
  131. Heavy clothing and CCW
  132. Hey all
  133. Finally Got My Permit
  134. State by State Laws ???
  135. If your state doesn't have reciprocity w/ WY, but they don't require a CCW, what then
  136. The best X-Mas gift ever
  137. First day of work carry (reflections and realism)
  138. loading the XD.
  139. manikin target guidance please...
  140. Duty to protect?
  141. Good citizens - Citizen arrest
  142. How To Tell Who Is Armed
  143. So I went to the movies tonight
  144. Somebody, Somewhere Gets It...
  145. The season - the place ....
  146. ABCNews 'Person of The Week' - Jodi Longmeyer (!) not Jeanne Assam (?)
  147. Gunfree zones be required to have armed security?
  148. How's this for a little controversy?
  149. NJ pro gun letter
  150. Right Decision
  151. What else is in your pocket besides your gun?
  152. Has anyone set off a metal detector?
  153. Defensive shooting references
  154. CC permit in florida
  155. Critique this news video
  156. Assam carried Beretta 9mm
  157. Who's Packing Heat At The Mall? (Merged)
  158. Well its official!!!
  159. Colorado Springs to consider gun measure
  160. My First Time Having To Pull My Weapon
  161. First Post......Non CCW Travel
  162. Wow, talk about lame
  163. Starting a U of Cincinnati Shooting Sports Club
  164. 18 yr old daughter going off to college
  165. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
  166. Good encounter with LEO
  167. Little surprise for my pastors
  168. "Are you packin'?" -- Too many people know that I carry. :(
  169. Bad People For CCW
  170. Good Morning America - "That deadly Gun" Omaha Shooting
  171. Teacher drops gun at elementary school
  172. GA Gun Code (long... it's gun code!)
  173. Teacher arrested-loaded firearm on school property
  174. denied finger prints
  175. Its time for a CCW
  176. States to Retire In? (dupes combined)
  177. Question about CC in FL
  178. questions about selling gun privately
  179. Just got back from Wal-Mart...
  180. CCW Holders, Records public or private ?
  181. What do you do?? Bathroom Thread:Merged:
  182. Question on carrying while traveling on vacation
  183. Great LEO Encounter
  184. Federal CCW Off-Limits Laws
  185. Gun free zones - liability
  186. Letter to my congressman
  187. Jeanne Assam's Performance in Colorado Church Shooting: MERGED
  188. Got Made today
  189. Chief of Police response to safety concerns at church
  190. Great article from Thomas Sowell about self-defense and police shootings...
  191. Kansas Law Question
  192. Will this work.
  193. Hindsight is 20/20 a Great read about NE MAll
  194. Is anyone familiar with Florida Carry Law?
  195. Interesting things about crime and campus (U Cincy)
  196. You can lead a horse to water...but they will not understand why.
  197. Pro CCW on C2C AM Radio tonight
  198. LEO moving in
  199. The Newhall Massacre
  200. Should I shove my wife? (training for family)
  201. Has recent events changed your carry rig/practice ?
  202. I was thinking today
  203. NRA News
  204. Ft. Bragg/on base living
  205. Woman Accused of Bringing Loaded Gun Into Disney World
  206. Legal to CCW in Colorado churches?
  207. using weapon to avoid great bodily harm
  208. Carrying j frame with hammer
  209. Would you allow CCW on your property?
  210. Potential black eye to CC holders
  211. It can't happen to me!
  212. Arrggghhhh!!!
  213. Why I Decided to Carry a Firearm
  214. I better start practicing weak side
  215. Does anyone actually get tired of carrying everyday?
  216. Wish Me Luck
  217. Restriction of Concealed Carry in Public Places
  218. Racking one handed!!!!
  219. Would it make a difference?
  220. Industry Reponses to Mall Attacks
  221. What's the law in California?
  222. Embarssing Moment.........I got made
  223. How to lock handgun in car safely?
  224. Those possible - mere few milliseconds!
  225. Mall, posted or not?
  226. I am going to need everybody's help on this one.
  227. New ideas for Concealed Campus?
  228. Media Coverage of Mall Shooting Fails to Reveal Mall's Gun-Free-Zone Status
  229. EDC Gear Possibly Seen as a Liability?
  230. What to do? CCW amongst GGs being corraled by LEOs post shooting
  231. Montana Doctor Fired For CCW
  232. Nevada now recognizes ccw permit holders
  233. Ohio carry question please...
  234. Your Opinion On Letting Everybody Know You Carry?
  235. If you carry IWB AND tucked...
  236. Permit and the Military
  237. CCW "obligations", moral questions
  238. Latest Mall Shooting!! (link)
  239. wife made the decision
  240. Positive LEO Encounter, Fairfield, OH
  241. My town can't count to 30 - getting impatient
  242. OR CWP Carry in ID
  243. Girl, 7, Shot 6 Times While Protecting Mother
  244. Can Anyone Beat P-town's Price?
  245. looking to get wife cpl (but)
  246. Open carry in WA? Legal?
  247. Thank you all!
  248. Just got kicked out of Wal-Mart!
  249. Will Canadian Border Security be searching Ohio Licensees?
  250. Traffic stop, Why so formal?