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  1. Clarification needed on law
  2. I'm going to be a carry permit Instructors Assistant
  3. Question Re: Condition 1 Carry in DA Only Pistols
  4. Travling to Texas (No gun for my trip)!
  5. Hit this poll please! halfway down page on right
  6. Whoohooo permit came!!!
  7. Student Detained for Surfing Gun Website
  8. Miami University Newspaper and CCW
  9. How many members CCW in Memphis area
  10. Jefferson County, Idaho
  11. Must see 20/20 on guns
  12. Is it bad to store a gun in a leather holster?
  13. West Virginia/ Missouri Sign Reciprocity Agreement
  14. My bride finally did it!
  15. Saturday...
  16. Personal Defense TV Is Back
  17. Another murder in a gun free zone
  18. private sale of firearms
  19. Cool CCW Posters/PC Backrounds
  20. First time carrying - thoughts, questions.
  21. New grips for the 1911! (pic)...
  22. just moved need help
  23. What's Up With Wi & Il?????
  24. Passenger?
  25. hit rate stats
  26. Carried for the first time...
  27. Wait times for permits?
  28. Carry in Universal Studios, FL
  29. Ohio Supreme Court to Hear Preemption Gun Ban Case!
  30. Have you ever had an AD/ND?..Poll
  31. Got my carry permit today!!
  32. Warning - Texas State Fair Concealed Carry - If you are going to the Fair, pls read!
  33. Oklahoma License
  34. Leaving it in the car at work
  35. Prosecutor moves against ice cream manager
  36. Glenn Beck pro 2A
  37. Denver area help with Rockies
  38. Lansing Convention Center, legal to CCW?
  39. Tell me what you've seen on TV/movies
  40. Just another reason to carry or own a weapon
  41. Why worry about "imprint" or show
  42. C&G Police Supply - Officer Safety Warning
  43. Nv List Is Out!!! (MERGED)
  44. CCW in South Carolina
  45. Have you ever heard of someone having to reload when using a CCW?
  46. Home invasion
  47. Speaking at a Conference with NRA-ILA and Ron Paul about CCW
  48. Alaska Concealed Laws
  49. Why you must carry on your person.
  50. When are the schools going to learn
  51. Utah says "No More" to Permits for Foreigners
  52. GA is no longer a shall-issue state
  53. Texas License
  54. Ammunition in baggage when flying
  55. Odd situation this morning
  56. NC firearms laws
  57. Permit came today!
  58. Lockable airlinge luggage
  59. Concealed but not concealed VIRGINIA
  60. Las Vegas Members- Gun Store Recommendation?
  61. Texans! Help with the State Fair!
  62. Need quick opinion
  63. Press Release SCCC empty holster protest
  64. "Who's Packing" Lima Ohio
  65. Flying from RIC to BNA (Nashville)
  66. First and best comment on my concealment
  67. Virginia-been 45 days-how do I get my de facto permit?
  68. Carried in church today.
  69. Possible great idea!!!! Need lawyers to read.
  70. Do I feel safer?
  71. It could have been ugly!
  72. People on Motorcycles???
  73. Interactive Reciprocity Map
  74. Need Help finding pic
  75. Sign of the times....
  76. Mississippi Car Carry
  77. Man Sues Police & City for Denial of CCW: CA
  78. Another reason why students should be able to carry on campus
  79. Excellent article on Muzzle flash
  80. Tips for LEO encounters (edited)
  81. Attempted break in, while the wife was home
  82. Question about carry on / near Texas University areas...
  83. What happens if I move to IL/WI???
  84. The "man" and myself
  85. OH Governor Keynote Speaker at Grassroots Pro-Gun Event
  86. When flying what to do with ammo?
  87. Concealed carry insurance?
  88. Michigan - Wv Reciprocity Agreement Signed
  89. H.R. 218 problems?
  90. Why I carry a gun
  91. I need you guy's opinions
  92. How To Tuck
  93. Another workplace policy interpretation
  94. I got pulled tonight...
  95. Disclose or not? VIRGINIA non-disclosure State
  96. What other forums do you read?
  97. Utah Permit out of State took 6 months
  98. Non-res Permit ???
  99. Going on 60 Days for AR license.
  100. What we face in mid-michigan
  101. FL Security guard (can open carry)
  102. Foreigners (particularly Canadians?) and non-res CCW
  103. Got It.
  104. guns in cold weather
  105. Letter to Editor from teacher who wants to be armed in school
  106. IWB Holster Question
  107. Summary of UT rules?
  108. CCW and customer service
  109. Just because of a few miles.
  110. CCW poll for my stats class...please help.
  111. Situational awareness !!!!!!!
  112. Ted Nugent on Guns
  113. KY'ians HELP QUICK!!
  114. Where to carry Thunder 380 on belt
  115. Jodie Foster as Charles Bronson
  116. License/DWI checkpoint...Show CCW or not?
  117. CCW Jeans
  118. Florida packet on the way!!!!!
  119. Got the wife over to our side
  120. Mexico Gun Laws
  121. Philly seeks 10,000 men to guard streets
  122. Commoners with CCW's in may issue states
  123. Traffic stop
  124. Question on when it is necessary to call the police after a confrontation
  125. Utah non-res ap processing
  126. Attempted robbery on me, dissapointed in myself
  127. Gun Control Myths Busted
  128. Help with persuasive speech on college CCW
  129. Police shooting in Flagstaff AZ.
  130. +1 to NRA
  131. Problems with carrying...
  132. Justifiable shooting question
  133. Think I was just "sized up"
  134. My Boss
  135. Traveling to KY thru TN
  136. What Percentage CCW in a public place?
  137. A Gun Is No Substitute For Brains
  138. Virginia law specifics
  139. Concealed Carry on Private Aircraft?
  140. Teacher wants permission to carry gun in school WITH POLL
  141. Short lesson, no excitement!
  142. Sarasota Florida stupidity
  143. WV has reciprocity with TN
  144. Bragging
  145. May issue states and gun grabbing cities…
  146. Question From a New New Member
  147. CCW for dress clothes?
  148. Anyone know John Wayne???
  149. How long did you wait for your permit
  150. First "Real" Carry Today!
  151. So I just received this funny looking ID in the mail today!
  152. Went Shopping
  153. I made my first mistake while carrying...
  154. Finger Off The Trigger.
  155. Great Video about why we need to Carry!
  156. Gun Free School Zone? Gray Area?
  157. I scare myself, thought process after an incident
  158. Help from my NC people!!!!
  159. Ohio Adds Arkansas To Reciprocity List
  160. Guns & Kids
  161. Hypothetical Question
  162. Legal precedence being set
  163. Leaving carry gun in car while at work / Nevada
  164. Texas's new law (Guns in Cars) (MERGED)
  165. Well that was dumb.....
  166. Any Ohioan CCW holders have an opinion on this article?
  167. DC Gun Ban Poll
  168. What happened to
  169. CCW around the world
  170. Anyone here wear Dragonfly shirts?
  171. Lending a handgun: PA to NC
  172. arizona gun show this weekend
  173. Reciprocity Efforts
  174. Non-resident CCW question
  175. need opinions on carry decision
  176. Nebraska Furniture Mart Posted
  177. Concealed Carry in Maine what to do?
  178. Finally got my permit.
  179. Letter to SA about SCCC's protest
  180. How Many More Must Die?
  181. Why Walmart CCW is necessary
  182. Penn State Football
  183. Bed, Bath & Beyond policy?
  184. I did it....
  185. Big thanks to Packinnova
  186. ? about Restaurant Carry in VA
  187. Gun at University
  188. US Still #1 in the best catagory
  189. VT Shooting Report
  190. Too many wimps?
  191. CCW in Florida State Parks
  192. Walmart Banning CC at their stores?
  193. PA- Buy a bug now.
  194. Gun show carry...
  195. As on "FOX NEWS" Web Site
  196. Wife's Carry Permit Rant
  197. Indiana Laws!
  198. Picking up car in Illinois need advice
  199. Fatherly advice????
  200. The Hypocrisy of Sylvester Stallone
  201. Escalation of Force
  202. My momma is okay with CCW
  203. school/Bus carry
  204. Printing of a handgun VIRGINIA
  205. Scenario! this came from another post.
  206. Guns on Campus--CNN
  207. Gun Rights in Apartments?
  208. George Mason University is
  209. Traveling on a Airplane with a Firearm?
  210. Is it legal to CC in National Forests?
  211. All my questions finally answered.
  212. Head start program
  213. Pennsylvania non-resident time?
  214. I almost drew today
  215. Need Some help here, weapon for 17 yo
  216. I had to tell a LEO I was carrying for the first time!
  217. 2A travellers guide
  218. How many States can you legally carry in?
  219. Help my wife become a better shot!
  220. Permit
  221. Yay! I can now renew by mail.
  222. got my ccw permit thursday
  223. CA CCW rules and regs??
  224. TN Off-limits
  225. Got My Pistol Permit
  226. What are the 5 things to do after a shooting?
  227. Legal No Guns Signs
  228. Something pretty amazing happened in one of my classes yesteday
  229. Nevada Reciprocity
  230. Deadly Weapon at Arizona State University
  231. CC IWB Position?
  232. entering posted buildings
  233. Carry Permit
  234. My mom found out I CC...flipped her lid
  235. Passenger CCW have to inform
  236. CCW and Careful Driving
  237. Hope for school kids?
  238. Arkansas Adds DE and OH to States It Honors
  239. Traffic Stop
  240. Heading to Niagra Falls, ON - Knife laws?
  241. Thief and LEO encounter
  242. No more firearms for me for a while...
  243. Another alcohol and gun post
  244. Kayak carry
  245. Newbie Question: Can someone define "Printing"?
  246. Cocked and locked or just cocked?
  247. WV and PA Have Reciprocity as of 8-18-07
  248. DELAWARE Does or Does Not Honor PA LTCF??
  249. Texas State Park Carry
  250. "Israeli" style concealed carry shirts....