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  1. A brief reminder that concealed carry is a lifestyle, not a fad
  2. Crimson Trace versus LaserMax
  3. Gun Show Shooting
  4. Legal ? - in family transfer interstate
  5. First carry..
  6. Shooting from the hip
  7. How do I legally Purchase for someone else?
  8. It's been over a week now....
  9. Quick and secure access
  10. Good Day Bad Day
  11. "My daddy carries a gun..."
  12. PA License Arrived Today
  13. Nacho Run
  14. Open Carry vs Concealed in Virginia
  15. anyone have to use their gun in michigan?
  16. Winning a confrontation
  17. Principles of Personal Defense
  18. What If?
  19. Overreaction or Not? That is the question.
  20. FBI report on increasing violent crime
  21. How long in VA?
  22. Local VA Town Subverting CHP Applications
  23. New Arizona Gun Law
  24. New Hampshire
  25. Condition orange and unarmed tonight
  26. CCW Insurance? Or Self Defense Insurace
  27. Jessie was at it again this past Saturday
  28. Alcohol and CCW
  29. Where do you carry your bug
  30. Horrible day at the range
  31. a NYC problem
  32. OFCC & NRA Intervene in Cleveland v Ohio (Firearm Preemption)
  33. Ohio : BG killed trying to get a spoon for stolen ice cream
  34. College carrying question
  35. Not a good person
  36. vacation in Boston
  37. Carry in Georgia
  38. Saw someone at walmart with a Got Glock? T-shirt
  39. Stopped by LEO Today...
  40. Inaugural trip to Wally World!!
  41. I'd rather die than shoot anyone!
  42. lethal force?
  43. Stand your ground law in Tennessee...
  44. Anybody carry Two J frames?
  45. Yet another reason for campus carry..
  46. Ohio Transport
  47. Broome County, NY
  48. Does Anyone HAVE a Maryland CCW?
  49. Denver Zoo Carry??
  50. Opinion of Sig 225
  51. Arkansas State Parks
  52. practical challenge of laws against concealed firearms carry?
  53. using a shirt for a target
  54. On this Memorial Day....
  55. ??
  56. Help-traveling to Kansas
  57. Another anti-gun business
  58. Test of my concealment
  59. What's going on in Kansas?
  60. Who started shooting - just bullseye?
  61. Knoxville Zoo Carry?
  62. Oregon Open Carry?
  63. CO Adds PA to its Reciprocity List
  64. Bullet proof windbreaker
  65. Shooter had Aryan Card/Class III license!
  66. 1911-original 911
  67. OH - HB 225 for Sweeping and Necessary CCW Reform
  68. Surprising airport experience
  69. Travel on Southwest Airlines
  70. national park
  71. POSTED Gunshop?
  72. Another Lawyer Thread
  73. Statement of the Century, Lets Discuss.
  74. Negligent/Accidental Discharges?
  75. International Gun Travel?
  76. gun and vehicle in florida
  77. Solution/problem
  78. Anti-Gun Company
  79. Wife and I submitted our paperwork today.
  80. New Hampshire non resident ccw
  81. Gun laws in Switzerland
  82. Tenn. Members need help!~!~
  83. Another good video
  84. Found an AntiGun Establishment....
  85. Great Memorial Day message ... remember to thank the sheepdogs.
  86. Extremely sobering experience
  87. Disney/Universal vacation carry?
  88. Another one joins us!
  89. Killer in church - merge
  90. Wow! In my Fobus, the GLOCK 22 actually conceals!
  91. Packing at Great Lakes Crossing Mall, Michigan
  92. Range time
  93. Indiana (CCW issue time frame)
  94. Friends Get Bold With You Carrying?
  95. If you think BGs can't shoot from a gangsta style you'd better read this...
  96. Finally got my CCW!
  97. Is there a defensive shooting channel on TV?
  98. Illegal to carry long rifle concealed in vehicle?
  99. Holding my shiny new CCDW permit in KY :)
  100. How long have you conceal carried and have you ever been ....
  101. SC CWP School carry??
  102. ? for the New people here
  103. PA loaded in car ?
  104. Summer Carry Oops situation
  105. Ever "nearly" been involved in a bad scene?
  106. Follow to the wife doesn't like handguns..
  107. got mine too
  108. From Virginia to Bloomberg
  109. GCO working to remove Woodstock, GA's ban on carry
  110. Problems With The Fire Chief
  111. Got It!!!
  112. Finished my CWL class last night...
  113. Carpool dilemma
  114. Florida Non Reciprocity States CCW travel
  115. Several People Charged in Probe of Guns Used in Trolley Square Shooting (merged)
  116. Got it!!
  117. Warning Sheep alert!!
  118. SSN Removed from GFL Application
  119. Recognizing the BG
  120. Good Article: "Guns, the devil and God"
  121. Summer Carry Setups
  122. New Orleans area gun-dealer shut down by Feds
  123. Shooting occurred across the street
  124. Florida CCW...Caliber Restrictions?
  125. Businesses that have no firearms signs posted
  126. Ohio lawmaker reverses position
  127. Oxymoron
  128. Got my letter today
  129. Michigan Bill to remove no carry zones
  130. Missouri Senate bill passes
  131. Me Brudder got his CCP
  132. Alberto Gonzales: Youth, Gang Violence Blamed for Countrywide Crime Spike
  133. State Rep Becomes Pro-Gun After Attack
  134. CCW coming to Rocky Mountain National Park?
  135. Too much or not enough training required?
  136. Senator admits to toting gun at (Arizona) Capitol
  137. Would this still be considered an illegal straw purchase?
  138. Amazingly compelling pro-gun article!
  139. Babies got a gun...10 months old........(Merged)
  140. Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??
  141. Car dealers posted?
  142. Giuliani's Stance on Gun Rights
  143. Received my ccw license friday.
  144. Got made by mother-in-law...
  145. Shooting Threat at Work
  146. Shooting in my town......
  147. My first handgun!
  148. Basic marksmanship equal judgement?
  149. Fell asleep armed...
  150. Storing carry guns--Loaded or not?
  151. My Alaska CHP came in the mail
  152. This woman has issues-Gun Ban?
  153. Katrina gun grabbers
  154. Chicago Gun control in action
  155. Any one else get their Texas Permit recently?
  156. Possible home invasion?
  157. I Need a Gun!
  158. Arizona lawmakers tote guns too!
  159. Poll on "Should Teachers be Armed"
  160. Only cops should have guns?
  161. Has anyone heard of this?
  162. Jeweler 2 Robbers 0 in Ft. Lauderdale
  163. Now this guy is prepared
  164. Serious help requested
  165. Carried all semester
  166. South Carolina
  167. traveling?
  168. 21st Century Survival gear
  169. "Why do you need to carry a Gun?"
  170. Cleveland CCW shooting
  171. Wanting a Kimber
  172. Finally!!!! Permit in hand...
  173. Am I getting paranoid??
  174. Declared state of emergency
  175. The Rambo Granny of Melbourne, Australia
  176. Lancaster PA
  177. WV CCW permit vs TN
  178. The Day We Converted
  179. Carrying....around the house?
  180. Ga
  181. Schools
  182. Restaraunt Carry
  183. Hit this online poll
  184. Tennessee non-resident permit?
  185. Canadian CCW Permits Kaput in Utah
  186. For Arkansans
  187. SCCC, your campus, national events for the 2007-2008 school year
  188. Converts, Converts, Everywhere! This is fabulous!
  189. Online Searchable Database of TN permit holders
  190. Eye glasses and carrying
  191. Dinner with an ex-LEO friend last night
  192. Carrying
  193. Any closet screen writers on this forum?
  194. T-shirt design help
  195. My little chat with a LEO today. . .
  196. CCW vs. Restraining Order (followup)
  197. How to travel with CC
  198. Pro-Campus Carry Op-ed in Ohio State Lantern
  199. Might be time to move....
  200. What would you expect from a Concealed Carry Association?
  201. Old but good video about the Gun Myth
  202. If you want to make a statement don't open carry, read a magazine...
  203. NH State employee - Can I carry on the Job?
  204. PA vs. NJ... CCW
  205. Texas Carry
  206. Custom Holsters and Too Much Attention for CCW
  207. Nashville Baseball Game
  208. Tough Guys at the Gun Store Today
  209. Can You Carry On Amtrak?
  210. 7 Foot Tall Crack Head
  211. Tennessee firearms Legislative Update
  212. I'm very good at concealed carry, or . . .
  213. Re-Loads for CCW
  214. state by state grading
  215. Got made by the doc today
  216. Utah non-res
  217. BUG's for non-LEO's
  218. CCW printing paranoia question
  219. Tennessee House Vote Permits Guns in More Places
  220. NH Non-Res
  221. Concealed Carry Convention?
  222. Ohio State University CCW
  223. SC Bill passes House now in Senate
  224. When would you transition from primary to back-up?
  225. Interesting Employee Carry Poll!!
  226. Full Mags Wear Out Springs?
  227. How big is your carry weapon?
  228. looking for a statistic
  229. BOHICA - this is BAD!
  230. State Police charge driver with case of “vigilante justice”
  231. Got another Gun Last night
  232. Lawmakers ask feds to share data on guns
  233. Avg. Gunfight - How Many Shots Fired?
  234. how long do you have to send in packet after taking the class? Florida
  235. Senate Overrides Kansas Governor's Veto
  236. 12 year old takes gun on class trip - in canada
  237. MSN/Marie Claire Pro-Gun Article (Long)
  238. KEYE Poll (we are losing this one)
  239. KXAN TV Poll Please Vote
  240. Texas Emergency Powers Bill
  241. Atlanta Carry
  242. Why I'm worried...
  243. Quick access safe
  244. Statistics Goldmine
  245. A Murder in NOLA (a bit long)
  246. Open Carry in Colorado
  247. safety issue (half-cocked)
  248. Texas Gov Calls for Everywhere Carry
  249. Can You Be Too Prepared?
  250. CCW shooting Qualification?