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  1. Sad Day today for me! L@@K at these stats
  2. Woo Hoo. Ccl Class This Saturday!!!
  3. Ohio Castle Doctrine Introduced
  4. Biased WLWT poll
  5. You have GOT to check out this "news-behind-the-new" site!
  6. Out of State purchase
  7. My g/f's kid sleepwalks
  8. Applied today...
  9. Detained by Border Patrol in Maine (long)
  10. Got Made
  11. Officer shot by gun kept under pillow {Merged}
  12. Travel through Canada?
  13. LimaTunes Got Me Thinking!?!?!
  14. Oklahoma Laws
  15. I slept soundly last night. I wonder if they would have been able to.
  16. Democrats, NRA reach deal on gun bill.
  17. How Easily One Can Be Disarmed
  18. MMM at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival
  19. Almost had to draw
  20. How Long for residency in Indiania so I can apply for my permit?
  21. Anybody in Lubbock, Texas...
  22. Sea World San Antonio
  23. Empty Holster Tells A Story...
  24. ammo, holsters etc around the house
  25. Mine came today, too!!
  26. "Made" a guy today...
  27. Got made yesterday
  28. MI Traffic Stop Question
  29. Got my license today!
  30. My NH Permit
  31. Undercover LEO vs. Permit Holder Shooting
  32. Limiting your carry methods
  33. Carry at music festival
  34. Media has field day...
  35. National Permit for Military?
  36. New WV CCW reciprocity states added
  37. College carry is out, what about leaving it in the car?
  38. Non-Resident Licenses
  39. 2 Types of NYS CCW Permits???
  40. Been compromised in public?
  41. Where to find MI Info
  42. To tell, or not to tell?
  43. Sheriff calls for guns on campus and mental health reform.
  44. Seeking info on the early years of CCW/RTC
  45. Ohio signs prohibiting concealed carry?
  46. Ramanda Inn Armed Robbery
  47. CCW'ers that DON'T carry
  48. Kansas City Area Lost Another Angel
  49. Fair Judge in Jefferson County New York
  50. Gun shots fired
  51. A brief survey of college weapon policies in southeastern VA
  52. I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders
  53. A whole community of sheeple!
  54. Cleaning your pocket carry gun
  55. Fairs and Carnivals in MI
  56. Finally managed to find a business who is anti-carry
  57. No Problems at Dollywood, TN
  58. A 45 page masterpiece
  59. Jungle Status: "Metals" Poll
  60. No concealed weapon sign
  61. Pennsylvania & Florida Non Resident Permits
  62. Woohoo...passed my CHL range test
  63. Shooting from Holster?
  64. Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?
  65. Top Gun Safety Rules?
  66. Founder of anti-gang group arrested
  67. Gotta find a new place to get a haircut.
  68. what kind of jungle do you live in?
  69. New Job concerns...
  70. A brief reminder that concealed carry is a lifestyle, not a fad
  71. Crimson Trace versus LaserMax
  72. Gun Show Shooting
  73. Legal ? - in family transfer interstate
  74. First carry..
  75. Shooting from the hip
  76. How do I legally Purchase for someone else?
  77. It's been over a week now....
  78. Quick and secure access
  79. Good Day Bad Day
  80. "My daddy carries a gun..."
  81. PA License Arrived Today
  82. Nacho Run
  83. Open Carry vs Concealed in Virginia
  84. anyone have to use their gun in michigan?
  85. Winning a confrontation
  86. Principles of Personal Defense
  87. What If?
  88. Overreaction or Not? That is the question.
  89. FBI report on increasing violent crime
  90. How long in VA?
  91. Local VA Town Subverting CHP Applications
  92. New Arizona Gun Law
  93. New Hampshire
  94. Condition orange and unarmed tonight
  95. CCW Insurance? Or Self Defense Insurace
  96. Jessie was at it again this past Saturday
  97. Alcohol and CCW
  98. Where do you carry your bug
  99. Horrible day at the range
  100. a NYC problem
  101. OFCC & NRA Intervene in Cleveland v Ohio (Firearm Preemption)
  102. Ohio : BG killed trying to get a spoon for stolen ice cream
  103. College carrying question
  104. Not a good person
  105. vacation in Boston
  106. Carry in Georgia
  107. Saw someone at walmart with a Got Glock? T-shirt
  108. Stopped by LEO Today...
  109. Inaugural trip to Wally World!!
  110. I'd rather die than shoot anyone!
  111. lethal force?
  112. Stand your ground law in Tennessee...
  113. Anybody carry Two J frames?
  114. Yet another reason for campus carry..
  115. Ohio Transport
  116. Broome County, NY
  117. Does Anyone HAVE a Maryland CCW?
  118. Denver Zoo Carry??
  119. Opinion of Sig 225
  120. Arkansas State Parks
  121. practical challenge of laws against concealed firearms carry?
  122. using a shirt for a target
  123. On this Memorial Day....
  124. ??
  125. Help-traveling to Kansas
  126. Another anti-gun business
  127. Test of my concealment
  128. What's going on in Kansas?
  129. Who started shooting - just bullseye?
  130. Knoxville Zoo Carry?
  131. Oregon Open Carry?
  132. CO Adds PA to its Reciprocity List
  133. Bullet proof windbreaker
  134. Shooter had Aryan Card/Class III license!
  135. 1911-original 911
  136. OH - HB 225 for Sweeping and Necessary CCW Reform
  137. Surprising airport experience
  138. Travel on Southwest Airlines
  139. national park
  140. POSTED Gunshop?
  141. Another Lawyer Thread
  142. Statement of the Century, Lets Discuss.
  143. Negligent/Accidental Discharges?
  144. International Gun Travel?
  145. gun and vehicle in florida
  146. Solution/problem
  147. Anti-Gun Company
  148. Wife and I submitted our paperwork today.
  149. New Hampshire non resident ccw
  150. Gun laws in Switzerland
  151. Tenn. Members need help!~!~
  152. Another good video
  153. Found an AntiGun Establishment....
  154. Great Memorial Day message ... remember to thank the sheepdogs.
  155. Extremely sobering experience
  156. Disney/Universal vacation carry?
  157. Another one joins us!
  158. Killer in church - merge
  159. Wow! In my Fobus, the GLOCK 22 actually conceals!
  160. Packing at Great Lakes Crossing Mall, Michigan
  161. Range time
  162. Indiana (CCW issue time frame)
  163. Friends Get Bold With You Carrying?
  164. If you think BGs can't shoot from a gangsta style you'd better read this...
  165. Finally got my CCW!
  166. Is there a defensive shooting channel on TV?
  167. Illegal to carry long rifle concealed in vehicle?
  168. Holding my shiny new CCDW permit in KY :)
  169. How long have you conceal carried and have you ever been ....
  170. SC CWP School carry??
  171. ? for the New people here
  172. PA loaded in car ?
  173. Summer Carry Oops situation
  174. Ever "nearly" been involved in a bad scene?
  175. Follow to the wife doesn't like handguns..
  176. got mine too
  177. From Virginia to Bloomberg
  178. GCO working to remove Woodstock, GA's ban on carry
  179. Problems With The Fire Chief
  180. Got It!!!
  181. Finished my CWL class last night...
  182. Carpool dilemma
  183. Florida Non Reciprocity States CCW travel
  184. Several People Charged in Probe of Guns Used in Trolley Square Shooting (merged)
  185. Got it!!
  186. Warning Sheep alert!!
  187. SSN Removed from GFL Application
  188. Recognizing the BG
  189. Good Article: "Guns, the devil and God"
  190. Summer Carry Setups
  191. New Orleans area gun-dealer shut down by Feds
  192. Shooting occurred across the street
  193. Florida CCW...Caliber Restrictions?
  194. Businesses that have no firearms signs posted
  195. Ohio lawmaker reverses position
  196. Oxymoron
  197. Got my letter today
  198. Michigan Bill to remove no carry zones
  199. Missouri Senate bill passes
  200. Me Brudder got his CCP
  201. Alberto Gonzales: Youth, Gang Violence Blamed for Countrywide Crime Spike
  202. State Rep Becomes Pro-Gun After Attack
  203. CCW coming to Rocky Mountain National Park?
  204. Too much or not enough training required?
  205. Senator admits to toting gun at (Arizona) Capitol
  206. Would this still be considered an illegal straw purchase?
  207. Amazingly compelling pro-gun article!
  208. Babies got a gun...10 months old........(Merged)
  209. Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??
  210. Car dealers posted?
  211. Giuliani's Stance on Gun Rights
  212. Received my ccw license friday.
  213. Got made by mother-in-law...
  214. Shooting Threat at Work
  215. Shooting in my town......
  216. My first handgun!
  217. Basic marksmanship equal judgement?
  218. Fell asleep armed...
  219. Storing carry guns--Loaded or not?
  220. My Alaska CHP came in the mail
  221. This woman has issues-Gun Ban?
  222. Katrina gun grabbers
  223. Chicago Gun control in action
  224. Any one else get their Texas Permit recently?
  225. Possible home invasion?
  226. I Need a Gun!
  227. Arizona lawmakers tote guns too!
  228. Poll on "Should Teachers be Armed"
  229. Only cops should have guns?
  230. Has anyone heard of this?
  231. Jeweler 2 Robbers 0 in Ft. Lauderdale
  232. Now this guy is prepared
  233. Serious help requested
  234. Carried all semester
  235. South Carolina
  236. traveling?
  237. 21st Century Survival gear
  238. "Why do you need to carry a Gun?"
  239. Cleveland CCW shooting
  240. Wanting a Kimber
  241. Finally!!!! Permit in hand...
  242. Am I getting paranoid??
  243. Declared state of emergency
  244. The Rambo Granny of Melbourne, Australia
  245. Lancaster PA
  246. WV CCW permit vs TN
  247. The Day We Converted
  248. Carrying....around the house?
  249. Ga
  250. Schools