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  1. ND at gunshop and CCW for customers.
  2. concealed at the airport
  3. Shame on me for exposing my weapon....
  4. Best non-resident permits?
  5. Colorado non-resident permits?
  6. Carol Moseley Braun just got mugged !
  7. Finally done with the first half of Alaska CCW class
  8. CCWs among those killed or wounded at VA
  9. need to go to hospital?
  10. Article on Kansas Carry
  11. 2007 Montana Legislature Final Report Card
  12. How many 2A's are there?
  13. Restraining order vs. CCW
  14. Doing a pro campus carry documentary, need help
  15. Article about Utah Schools
  16. Our (former) diplomats at work - UNBELIEVABLE! - merge
  17. Kansas Overrides Sebelius Veto (Merged Threads)
  18. 2 Officers Plead Guilty to Manslaughter
  19. Tell me what you think.
  20. Huckabee's son arrested with handgun
  21. Concealed Carbine/Rifle?
  22. My Grandma has a Gun!
  23. Question about non citizens
  24. Mental Health Disclosure Bill & NRA support ?
  25. Slowly converting someone? I hope so
  26. Dear God... Please KILL ME NOW!!!!
  27. Very Skeptical but now Sold on Pocket Carry!
  28. I can watch ABC again
  29. Another column
  30. What not to have with you when applying for your CCW
  31. Southern Californa CCW debate
  32. Who is a BG?
  33. The ''deterrent'' effect
  34. CC .45ACP suggestions?
  35. Gun Free Zones
  36. Guilty of Mental Illness
  37. Schools answer to security, same old crap.
  38. Meeting with University dean of students tomorrow, input welcome.
  39. Texas CHL and private boat carry?
  40. post your own response to CNN about VT & others
  41. Starting the application process
  42. Gun removal efforts of minimal success
  43. Operation Liar - Tom Plate
  44. MA Professor Fired for Pro-2nd Ammendment Lecture
  45. Texas messes up CHL card
  46. .22 for defense CC?
  47. Is your cover garment compromised?
  48. Unholstered, Happy Outcome
  49. PM9 vs P3at
  50. Interesting article on the concept of courage
  51. Carry at home...with kids?
  52. Another risk of setting off a psycho
  53. English Paper some folks might like
  54. Armed Miss America 1944 Stops Intruder
  55. Wife got pulled over while carrying today...
  56. Possibly going through Maryland in June....
  57. Hal Lindsey on Gun Control
  58. Phoenix Airport carry?
  59. In the meantime.....
  60. Wow...amazing how dumb some folks are
  61. Let's pretend...
  62. Opposing CNN piece to Nugent's.....
  63. 25 Years and Murder Free
  64. Gunman Reported at NASA's Johnson Space Center
  65. Ann Coulter on Va Tech and Concealed Carry
  66. odd experience at airport
  67. Fred Thompson on VPI shooting
  68. Be honest: When do you carry?
  69. Ted Nugent on CNN!(merged)
  70. VA public intox disqualifies permit applicant?
  71. Students for concealed carry
  72. Registered firearms?
  73. Getting compared to a killer could make you a little blue, too.
  74. Just another muse on freedom of carry
  75. Teachers comment on carrying
  76. Will it make a difference
  77. New(?) Topic- Anyone Not Intervene and Wish They Had?
  78. MSN Gun Control Poll
  79. TN making laws less restrictive (merged 2 threads)
  80. Carry on casino cruise (FL)?
  81. Kids, it's OK to fight back
  82. A request for help, question for the anti's (long)
  83. Know your enemy...
  84. Ok help me out here folks
  85. CCH may not have helped
  86. NRA
  87. Taking vacation; going from Florida to Maryland.
  88. VT copy cats have already started. My University was just threatened.
  89. editorial after VaTech shooting
  90. "Why we carry" thread location?
  91. Why didn't the court's decision show in his background check!?
  92. The Best Defense against the Anti Gun Control Crowd
  93. Quick- what do you say when--
  94. I SORT OF got made, but in the WIERDEST of ways.
  95. Is there an anti-gun forum somewhere?
  96. No CCW for Me!!
  97. Texas law - am I reading this correctly?
  98. UT 1966 and VT 2007 -- A Perspective [LONG]
  99. How many at Tech would carry?
  100. Rep. Dan Acciavetti of MI has it right...
  101. Next up on Fox News (Fox and Friends)
  102. Can't believe this, UC's 'terror plan'
  103. Discrete LEOs?
  104. Sweet!
  105. Texas CHL ?'s
  106. gun ban in Nashville community
  107. how to counter this anti-gun argument?
  108. Alcohol and concealed carry
  109. Best way to respond to CCW questions?
  110. The Chance of Being Wounded
  111. Maryland CCW permit???
  112. California Nachos Tomorrow!
  113. McCain Backs Gun Rights After Shootings
  114. Hey MAINERS get off your butt !
  115. ABC News / Gun Control Poll
  116. Question for people who don't carry
  117. sign posting law in NC
  118. Question for those that carry a 1911 in condition 1
  119. Utah CCW Permits for Canadians Under Review
  120. Out Of State Resident Permit In Oregon
  121. Loss of CCL
  122. Is concealed carry becoming trendy?
  123. Seeking LEOSA Information For
  124. Ohioans For Concealed Carry Wins in Court!!!
  125. Someone broke into my backyard
  126. Even the Cops who provide security were disarmed!
  127. racism and gun control
  128. Nazi's and gun control
  129. Stop Rosie
  130. got my permit today
  131. Nevada CCW Statistics
  132. Think about Supporting
  133. Privacy vs. the Right to Know
  134. New Hampshire or Pennsylvania?
  135. Is +P Ammo really worth it?
  136. Interview
  137. Florida CCP Application - HangUps
  138. Anyone work at a VA hospital?
  139. Mayors against Illegal Guns
  140. Gone adventuring in MA
  141. Imus....gun toter?
  142. How many always carry an extra mag?
  143. maine legislative update <---
  144. Food for Thought
  145. Bank carry
  146. Bunky, shut up.
  147. Open carry in Nashville Tennessee?
  148. long haul trucking and ccw?
  149. Well, University opinion vs. ORC, who'll win?
  150. Great article from Foxnews - merge
  151. Guns in car question, ccw CT
  152. I'm so happy for my Dad!
  153. Nc - Action Needed Now
  154. Big mistake!
  155. Need help with training the family
  156. Moving from Florida to Troy, NY... advice please
  157. Please READ MD CCW Time sensitive
  158. Am I the only one, again?
  159. My wife took her safety course...
  160. What's up with the Walmart thing?
  161. Glock 19 magazine
  162. This one is way too close to home for me
  163. Feeling old, what has changed since your first CCW?
  164. TN state laws for CCW
  165. Houston Metro Bus carrying...
  166. Arizona Rehash of Restaurant Carry
  167. Wally World at Last!, but this ain't gonna do...
  168. 'Va. police make gun database off-limits'....
  169. VA(Clarke Co) permit renewal times
  170. Weapon Securing for a Fire Response.
  171. Value of this Forum
  172. Anyone know the Status of Nevada "new" Reciprocity Laws?
  173. Kansas Reciprocity
  174. Good thing I only had to eat those nachos once!
  175. Another question about being stopped by police
  176. Good LEO Encounter
  177. Headin' to Walmart!!
  178. CNN shooting highlights safety in public workplaces
  179. MO question
  180. A Citizens' Army in New Orleans
  181. Can anyone from Missouri help me out
  182. Absolutely no guns allowed!
  183. Latest on Castle Doctrine in Tn ?
  184. Ohio-CCL holder arrested in Sandusky....
  185. Stopped by police
  186. Are you going to the NRA Convention in St Louis
  187. Inexpensive holsters.
  188. Download magazine by one?
  189. Private Gun Sale Transfer
  190. Found myself in a new situation.
  191. Rape Prevention - Two Options
  192. Woman shot and killed inside CNN center....
  193. Ohio liquor establishments?
  194. officer stops robber
  195. Watch CNN now VA CHP privacy issue
  196. What do you do when . . .
  197. LD 778 update
  198. Another "gun free zone" tragedy
  199. Trying to find a good way...
  200. Do not be afraid to respond...
  201. Indiana Information
  202. Study: BG shooting LEOs
  203. New Mexico's one-gun carry provision?
  204. CCW While a Passenger
  205. For those visiting maine
  206. CCW Attorney List
  207. Montana Gun Bill Killed
  208. Gun past airport security... any more details?
  209. Info on the Newish SureSights
  210. Not sure how to go into this...
  211. Question About FL SB 2356...
  212. ammo exctasy
  213. SB 1651.....Tennessee restaurant carry
  214. Is the magazine half-full or half empty?
  215. More Maine Gun Bills
  216. I always thought that I was fairly practical...
  217. Anyone here use Heinie sights?
  218. CCW & Honorable Discharge
  219. Some people just dont get it
  220. The Wife Sees the Light....Evolution is Real and Good
  221. Gun Friendly State?
  222. CO: SB 34 passed the house today
  223. Am I the only one?
  224. Securing Gun in Car
  225. Laser sights...
  226. you gotta watch what you say sometimes...
  227. Nm,tx,ok,mo
  228. Please help, On-Line survey...Again!
  229. Anybody here from the Albany, Ga. area?
  230. PA resident travelling in Ohio
  231. Need opinions. Chiropractor is located in shopping complex with "no guns" signs.
  232. Texas Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground Law
  233. Traveling from PRNJ to lansing MI
  234. Interesting Trip to Quiznos
  235. Jim Webb Layin it Down on CCW
  236. Illegal Sting (a.k.a. Bloomberg tactics) Bill Signed in Virginia
  237. CCW lawyer... and my neighbor
  238. Florida guns to work.
  239. Convincing a pacifist to carry a CCW
  240. Iowa CCW list published
  241. Open Carry - Carry Question
  242. The Hassle Of Out-Of-State Travel....
  243. VA, can LEO's secure your weapon?
  244. Empty Holster
  245. Personality type and CCW
  246. Getting ready to travel to Alexandria, VA & D.C. - need advice
  247. LD 778 Maine
  248. Wreck
  249. A Classic Photo-Are you smarter then the Photographer?
  250. Open Carry In Indiana?