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  1. Obama and gun control
  2. Wally World...Here I come!!!
  3. State to state question
  4. A Question For The Idaho Members
  5. Utah mall shooting, FBI perspective
  6. Montana Legislation Update
  7. Strange Conversation at Wal-Mart
  8. Finally after 100 day wait!!!!!
  9. Important-Please help us fight for our gun rights!!!!
  10. Bad apple, bad press (merged) - how to lose a CPL.
  11. Impressed with Oklahoma CCW Office
  12. Angry tourists break mugger's neck
  13. Woo Hoo! Application Approved!!
  14. Deterrent effect of Justifiable Homicide and Execution (Long)
  15. New to CCW Please help
  16. Men's Style Guide ( & CCW: Bad news
  17. The downside of cross draw?
  18. Tennessee parks
  19. Utah CCW Facts w/graphs
  20. How many CCL's?
  21. Personal Property?
  22. Do you think it should be legal to...
  23. MO House Passes Strong Castle Doctrine
  24. Registering your guns with any government body
  25. Can I get my handgun back after being arrested for possession?
  26. Assault Weapons Bill
  27. Commute every day From GA to JAX
  28. Canada & New York
  29. Va one handgun a month, not for CHP holder
  30. B'Ham News - "Metro area loaded with concealed guns"
  31. CCW and the social drink?
  32. Mall in Utah/Question
  33. Former Victims and Self Defense
  34. possibly interesting reciprocity facts
  35. Well, I think my CCW saved me a ticket!
  36. Military Base Question
  37. pulled over last night, strange action on officers part,
  38. What to do about "outed"
  39. Traffic stop = possible bad ending
  40. Soon no need to disarm at the quicky mart
  41. School-Mall, etc.. Active Shooter Musings
  42. Pennsylvania HB 2231 - Stand your ground going anywhere?
  43. What do you say when the police pull you over?
  44. Military people question
  45. Adverse weather conditions
  46. Any News on OHIO??
  47. Carry In Posted Area??
  48. Home video taken during Mall shooting
  49. Canadians Get CCW Rights in Florida
  50. Thanks for the prayers...Grand jury no billed....
  51. Preference of Recoil
  52. Hey TN Folks
  53. Finally, it has arrived!
  54. Accidental discharge
  55. Where, oh where is my CCDW (KY)...
  56. Killing a human is not a game.
  57. Handgun possession in Kansas Age Question
  58. Anyone Know About This??
  59. Wife wants CWL
  60. We're winning?
  61. Kansas House Hearing
  62. Post Office Carry (BS Buster)
  63. Wardrobe Malfunction
  64. Help filling out Florida CCW form...
  65. South Carolina News (KY & FL)
  66. Two more multiple shootings
  67. Stupid incident of the day
  68. Salt Lake City, Utah Mall Shooting
  69. Guns and Knives and your pockets
  70. PA carry question
  71. Gun Law Needed
  72. Indiana Lifetime, how long to get it?
  73. Online Poll, Leavenworth, Kansas
  74. Comfort Level
  75. Application question
  76. No justice in N. O.
  77. Legal Question
  78. Chamber Check?
  79. Who is going to the C/FL GLOCK Match ??
  80. Glock Saf-T-Blok opinions?
  81. 58 days later. . .
  82. KS AG Reporting SC will Honor Their Permit
  83. What if... *everyone* carried a concealed gun?
  84. Question for Tennessee Folks
  85. Brandishing how to keep it from backfiring on you?
  86. 10-day Countdown Has Begun!
  87. What if we could all open carry?
  88. whos been made?
  89. Pennsylvania Laws Look Easy To Follow
  90. The ''Magic Media Report"
  91. 10 Round mag limit, which states have this law?
  92. How many CCW permits do you have?
  93. Attention California members!!!
  94. Coming to America...the many danger country!
  95. "Funny" Story
  96. Would You "CARRY" in a Posted Zone?
  97. Forgetting wallet while carrying..
  98. Traveling question (TN to Alabama)
  99. New 5 Year F B I Study
  100. Protecting others? would you or not?
  101. Pre-emption Disregarded In South Dakota
  102. Why are so many BUG"S revolvers?
  103. BUG - no BUG?
  104. There's a disparity.
  105. Looking for some direction, want to apply for FL non-resident permit
  106. Stored in Car: Loaded or Unloaded
  107. So has anyone ever said thank you?
  108. What's proper in this case?
  109. Mass Organization - Pamphlets?
  110. carry in your castle?
  111. Winter re-holstering
  112. 1911 in shoulder rig
  113. Travel through non-honoring state?
  114. Carrying on a military installation
  115. Never overlook the garment sweep.
  116. Kansas Antis are Sneaky
  117. Florida Non-res in hand!
  118. You HAD to Shoot....Now What
  119. She Packs. He Won't.
  120. Assaulted?
  121. How much ammo can you carry while traveling?
  122. Multiple CCW's on scene?
  123. Important Montana Legislation
  124. CCW in Tennessee vs Virginia
  125. Sad,Galveston shooting
  126. Need Help w/Wife ...
  127. Kansas CCH Law Update:
  128. Utah Non-Resident Permit
  129. Kansas Concealed Carry Forum ...
  130. No modifications ???
  131. A Rose by Any Other Name Smells as Sweet
  132. Price Chopper Grocery posts in my home town
  133. So I'm finally understanding the "naked feeling" everyone talks about
  134. Woohoo! Got made.
  135. Still waiting on Kansas CCW permit?
  136. Permit in Hand
  137. Arkansas HB 1027: Stand Your Ground
  138. Tijuana LEO guns confiscated - slingshots issued
  139. Road Warrior Question
  140. How I Damaged a Favorite Weapon: Others?
  141. Tired of College Sheep
  142. 1st Trip To Wally World For Wife With CCW!!
  144. Hotel carry
  145. Critique my letter please.
  146. bored at the hotel - watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter"
  147. funny trip to walgreens
  148. Accoss State Lines
  149. Carrying a primary and a backup gun, non-LEO
  150. dress to resemble a sheep or sheepdog?
  151. Mall security guards don't care about CCW rights...I need your help
  152. Who Do You Defend When You Carry?
  153. Business Who Ban Conceal Carry Holders
  154. How do you secure your CCW in vehicle
  155. Kansas "Allowed Licenses" list is back up
  156. Insane abuse of concealed weapon
  157. KS Reciprocity list is OFFICIAL
  158. Texas CHL
  159. Interesting
  160. double, triple, quadruple check your garments
  161. I was not paying attention
  162. Stupid, stupid, stupid....
  163. Kansas Concealed Carry
  164. Another spare mag thread
  165. Great 2nd Amendment Video!!!
  166. I'm legal in SC!
  167. Strange Situation, your thoughts....
  168. Keeping an extra mag in the Pocket or Mag carrier
  169. SC needs to get behind this
  170. What the Heck is going on in Kansas?
  171. Iowa non-professional non-resident permit
  172. Reason to Carry at Work
  173. Driving to Denver
  174. Got my permit
  175. What if he only has a knife?
  176. ccw while hunting-kentucky
  177. Got my CHL in Oregon!
  178. Virginia permit renewal question
  179. Retired with a CCW
  180. Self defense insurance
  181. Proud of my wife
  182. Motorcycles and CCW
  183. Just another reason I love this forum:
  184. Help with West Virginia Reciprocity
  185. Gun Shows
  186. Out-of-State Gun Show Question
  187. Hospital Trip
  188. Absentee Rounds
  189. Finally I got my CCW permit
  190. I Have To Go To DC
  191. Ankle carry question.
  192. Anyone received CCH permit in Kansas?
  193. Murder Capital?
  194. bill in Colorado Senate to "toughen" CCW laws
  195. Home Invasion
  196. No CPL till Febuary now
  197. To change the rules?
  198. Raising children with guns vs. toy guns...
  199. Finally got my CHP
  200. Non-lethal defense is under fire
  201. Got pulled over the other day
  202. Carry in PA on a Non-Res from Another State? - (Merged)
  203. I almost feel guilty!
  204. Kansas CCW Issue (Anti-CCW Businesses Q's)
  205. CO - Bill to force CO residents to get CO permit
  206. Fifth Amendment
  207. How many states can you carry in?
  208. Firearms Refresher Course
  209. Odd experience at work tonight
  210. Kansas reciprocity list may have changed!
  211. Have you been "made" by someone bumping into you?
  212. Got my permit the other day
  213. Anything happening in Nebraska?
  214. embarassed and disgusted with myself
  215. Legal Justification to the use of Deadly Force
  216. Does your concealment - give you problems?
  217. No CCW in Gunshops: Opinions please.
  218. Flashlights...what's the deal?
  219. Getting caught carrying on 'posted' premises
  220. Maybe Got a New Convert
  221. Question about Florida
  222. Changing State CCWs
  223. Florida Announces Agreement with Kansas
  224. One more Kansan went shopping
  225. Multiple Handgun Purchases in VA
  226. 5 Year Plan???
  227. Kansas list is out!!
  228. Adding an Attorney for WV
  229. I Went To Wal Mart - It's Great To Be Carrying
  230. Pennsylvania/Virginia Sign Reciprocity Agreement - (merge)
  231. Question from Kansas
  232. Free "No guns - No money" cards
  233. At what point should you stop carrying ?
  234. Yet another Kansas Wal-Mart visit
  235. CCW in KS today/Wal Mart trip
  236. Kansas Reciprocity announcement timing
  237. Trip to Wall-Mart
  238. Great Great compliment
  239. CCW with young children (under 5)
  240. Not looking like Batman
  241. Post offices..
  242. Got my Kansas CCL today!!
  243. National Parks...what is the possible punishment?
  244. Sticky or Button for Stand Your Ground Status
  245. Restraining orders???
  246. Carring a BUG with an extra mag.
  247. Just a reminder
  248. Questions about MO law
  249. Best way to carry?
  250. What do you think qualifies as a "VIOLENT crime"?