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  1. No Guns in my Bank
  2. Concealed Carry and Faith? Which Comes First?
  3. CCW Class yesterday
  4. New "house gun" that is easier for the inexperianced wife to use?
  5. Campgrounds and fire arms.
  6. Dual Residency
  7. Moving to Florida.
  8. This should be taught in schools!!
  9. Which draw and first shot is best?
  10. Ruger-sp101??
  11. Sign Confusion
  12. Non-Resident Pistol Permit for Connecticut
  13. How has CC changed your personality?
  14. Woooohoooo
  15. Almost real life simulation, is this possible?
  16. Concealed carry question
  17. You're ATTACKED! You ACT! You're OK............. EXCEPT! :
  18. Application submitted but drivers license is soon to expire..
  19. Taking the CCW Training tomorrow morning.
  20. Is there a way of measuring recoil?
  21. Secret gun compartment in motorcycle air box
  22. IL CC Permit.. Anyone has one yet?
  23. Sweating with IWB holster against bare skin
  24. Just got my CCW badge!!!!!
  25. Finally signed up for the IL CCW class.
  26. WA State CPL - Still just 30 days
  27. Timing of going off safe.
  28. Concealed carry classes offered on college campus !!!
  29. Carry while on the job.
  30. To light, or not to light, that is my question.
  31. Getting a Lawyer Afterwards
  32. Wow! Way to go Chief Craig
  33. Holster recommendations.
  34. Florida CWP wait time is how long?
  35. First day carrying P226 IWB
  36. Do you carry at home?
  37. New concealed carry weapon Beretta 92 compact vs 1911 compact
  38. does lasermax on a snubby make appendix carry harder?
  39. Wayne County Michigan
  40. Can I get 2 Resident Full carry pistol permits in NY and CT
  41. Wash. CPLs top 451,000 but demand slows...for a moment
  42. XDS Pocket carry and where my loaded gun is pointing
  43. First Mozambique Drills... what a rush
  44. Just like the first time.
  45. What kind of questions are asked after a SD shooting?
  46. First time in 12 years. a little nervous.
  47. took my concealed weapon class today
  48. Went shooting today, good results, but problems with grip
  49. Sight picture or instinct
  50. Military Discharge Status and CCW
  51. Do you give your guns names?
  52. Reminder: Run your guns
  53. What to say when someone asks
  54. concealed class costs? and class procedures (in florida)
  55. Going to CCW class today
  56. order in which to do things?
  57. Who all knows that you carry?
  58. Detroit Police Chief to Residents: Defend Yourselves
  59. Glock 23c carry options
  60. This forum is addictive and possibly hazardous to my health
  61. How Long for AZ CCW Permit Renewal?
  62. Reciprocity between states and age to obtain a permit. Help!!!
  63. How long is your state's CC permit form?
  64. Sd9 ve 9mm
  65. Vacation to Maine and no reciprocity!
  66. Do you support Concealed Carry in public schools??
  67. Riding and carrying
  68. Scenario: In retrospect, what are the legal ramifications?
  69. Ready and waiting
  70. KS CCW approval
  71. concealment issue
  72. How to carry while jogging or workout
  73. CCW carry on Marta and CNN area downtown at night
  74. Empty Chamber PTSD
  75. Scenario: Never seen this discussed
  76. Address History for Concealed Carry Permit
  77. Colin Noir holster, need help finding
  78. Use of camera after a shooting?
  79. Fellow school employees
  80. New "RIP" Ammo
  81. Only in The Rio Grande Valley
  82. Clearing up the NICS record
  83. Would you carry with a non-stock barrel?
  84. Suncrafts Bad Experience
  85. Record Number of Carry Permits Issued in Ohio
  86. Illinois Mailing Out Carry Permits!
  87. how do you prepare for the legal side of a justified shooting?
  88. Concealed Weapons Permit Holders
  89. IWB Holster Sig P250 Compact with Laser
  90. When to shoot a bad guy ?
  91. Finally got my Gold Dot
  92. Which type of holster to choose?
  93. CPL denial question Please help.
  94. Laws about carrying firearms in a vehicle in PA?
  95. Not a newbie, but this is a newbie question
  96. Approved - il ccl
  97. Moving to Portland, Or
  98. Anyone carry a backup to their ECP?
  99. New to CCW surprised first impressions
  100. More then an opinion about CCin and drinking.
  101. What would you do in this situation.....
  102. New from northeastern Indiana
  103. Ohio Permit Renewal Turnaround Time
  104. Explain this reciprocity issue please.
  105. Atlanta this weekend
  106. Receiving permit within a few weeks, how to prepare?
  107. From Iowa to Nevada & Back
  108. Lasers
  109. Teaching Your Children About Firearms
  110. "Stand Your Ground Nation"...from "Slate"
  111. Sr1911
  112. Changing out magazines
  113. Interstate travel
  114. Sometimes I like the USPS
  115. iowa conceal question.
  116. Age of Concealed Carry People
  117. Encounter outside of Walgreens
  118. Honest EDC
  119. Open carry with IWB or is it still concealed?
  120. Got my carry permit today
  121. Moving from New York to Delaware. How hard is it to transfer pistol permit???
  122. Tampa Bay woman sues Wells Fargo over gun issue.
  123. CCW'ing with Spare Ammo
  124. Virginia Now Honors Kansas. . . TN Parking Lot Storage Law (UPDATED)
  125. Utah CWP application question
  126. Williams Fire Sights for M&P Shield
  127. Sc cwp.....
  128. John Farnam Quip
  129. Magazine limit
  130. Help me justify this purchase..
  131. Got a call today..
  132. Inquiry on Move to Colorado?
  133. Why is there no "best self-defense" round?
  134. blazers, sport coats, and other overgarments
  135. Doing my part.
  136. "Why Bother" by Lynn Sherwood
  137. Question about background
  138. What's in your wallet?
  139. CCW BOOMING..and women a big part of the picture
  140. Hot weather IWB concealment techniques
  141. Conceal carry for a woman with a revolver
  142. So, you just got your permit!
  143. Thoughts on IWB carry
  144. Indiana to Fla
  145. Arenas and events
  146. Do you carry a non lethal weapon too?
  147. Another + for the Glock 42. IWB hybrid holsters
  148. Gotta love the PA Commonwealth laws
  149. Good CCW Resource
  150. Is The Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network A Good Organization?
  151. To all Californians on this board.
  152. NH Permit Renewal Time
  153. Texas renewal--13 days
  154. Why we carry!
  155. My experience today with flying with a Firearm
  156. Liability for caliber choice?
  157. DoDI Policy finalized for Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA)
  158. John Stossels Denied Permit?
  159. Huge Win for CC in California
  160. Travel to Florida in the upcoming - Need advice on how to travel with EDC
  161. Less than a month
  162. Tips When Stopped By Police while Carrying a Firearm
  163. SC Restaurant Carry. . .Restaurant Carry Nationwide
  164. Very Impressed with Josephine County Sheriff
  165. Individuals being involved in more than one defensive shooting?
  166. What would affect your carry?
  167. CC/OC stuck in the middle...
  168. New Jersey; a/k/a the People's Republic of N.J.
  169. Delaware CCP question.
  170. I carried into Illinois today
  171. Taxi driver, tropical environment
  172. Another victim of IL machine - video
  173. CC to a friends home
  174. Kentucky- Illegal "no weapons" sign
  175. Vehicle Conceal Carry
  176. Well, it finally happened while CC'ing
  177. Diamond Back 380
  178. Water Finds Its Level
  179. A good sign
  180. Got my CWP today!
  181. Utah CCW
  182. CT non resident ccw
  183. North Carolina CHP Turnaround Time
  184. Dumb pocket holster question
  185. Seriously these people need to be fired for their Lunacy
  186. Going hands on with an unsuspecting gunman?
  187. Utah CCW Application Question
  188. Gun cleaning frequency
  189. nc concealed carry question
  190. Competitive shooting not using your carry gun?
  191. concealed carry permit question
  192. And now I wait.......
  193. 1911 or glock
  194. Delaware DOES NOT HONOR Virginia!!!
  195. Spare mag pocket
  196. How important is the "quick draw"?
  197. Finally registered for my CC class (Charlotte, NC)
  198. Holstering Still Stresses Me Out
  199. My local gun friendly pharmacy
  200. Apartment or Motel manager allowed to concealed carry at place of business?
  201. opinions on best CCW for me.
  202. Car Broken into
  203. Rethinking CCW
  204. CCW in Indian Casino
  205. Vertically challenged support group
  206. Just Because You Feel Safe, Doesn't Mean You Are
  207. For Kentucky Residents: Is it illegal to carry in KFC Yum Center?
  208. Delaware/Virginia Reciprocity …Traveling & Transporting Firearms
  209. My own "first"
  210. In MN, if I want to leave my gun in the car do I have to unload it?
  211. A trip to the DMV
  212. Michigan Concealed Carry License Renewal
  213. Subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine
  214. Fists - Deadly Weapons or not
  215. I received my CHP today!
  216. Subtle brainwashing in the media
  217. Longest gun you conceal carry?
  218. 6th sense, ESP, precognition, etc. in defensive carry
  219. Wild Wings Cafe, Raleigh NC Area
  220. Scary Indiana gun law if I am interpreting it correctly
  221. AZ CCW class in Denver, CO
  222. Clothing Considerations for Winter Carry
  223. Range Experience Today
  224. Florida Concealed Carry Under 21?
  225. CCW at Navy MWR range
  226. CHL holders info listed by newspapers
  227. Wife having second thoughts about conceal carry
  228. Newspaper chain plans 'state-by-state' concealed weapon databases
  229. Gun Rattle
  230. BB&T removed no guns sign
  231. You May Be Outed Soon
  232. 45Long colt or 45acp?
  233. Newspaper chain plans 'state-by-state' concealed weapon databases
  234. S.C. Restaurant Carry
  235. Non-Resident Transporting through Illinois
  236. Just for 1MoreGoodGuy
  237. Spouse Who Carries
  238. Poll: Would you support “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014"
  239. FAST Turnaround time NH Pistol and Revolver License
  240. Anti posting gunbuster signs on businesses?
  241. Michigan Employer Dilemma
  242. Help deciphering carry laws
  243. Nationwide Reciprocity Bill introduced in US Senate
  244. Time to brag on the Tennessee Dept. of Safety!!!
  245. Self Defense Coverage Under PUP (Personal Umbrella Policy)
  246. Carrying concealed with a holster
  247. And I Carry - Great Ad
  248. Boss found the gun in my company vehicle......
  249. Patients with firearms
  250. No guns allowed on beach