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  1. Police and Roadside Stops(Common Sense)
  2. Knowlege gap - I cant buy a gun in every state
  3. Las Vegas NV Getting CCW Physically Disabled Need to see Psychiatrist for Medical
  4. NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates!
  5. what states dont allow hollow points
  6. Joke of the Century, or false advertising ????
  7. I am looking for a CCW recommendation
  8. A First is always exciting...especially a new family member.
  9. Missouri Winery/Restaurant
  10. Always Carry, Never Tell... Even Your Wife
  11. It's time
  12. South Carolina Law regarding handguns in VEHICLES?
  13. Planning a trip to Virginia
  14. Question about city/county parks (PA)
  15. A tactical handgun training class and after thoughts
  16. All Right!! Got my interview appointment!
  17. Finaly got my Wally Walk in
  18. Carry at work off the clock?
  19. The longer you carry...
  20. Size of your CC weapon
  21. Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  22. Florida Permit
  23. Moving to FL
  24. New Guy
  25. In your own opinion what is the best belt and holster for an XD 40 CC?
  26. Thoughts on concealed carrying an XD 40
  27. A weekend carrying my 1911
  28. Newbie from CA.
  29. Drunk ccing.What To Do?
  30. Under Armour
  31. Indiana State Park- carry or not
  32. Unsure of the correct actions in this event..
  33. New to C&C ~ State of TN Question
  34. Question About CC vs OC
  35. New Florida CCW
  36. Employer Opinions?
  37. Ohio - permitless CC - in house or on property?
  38. Gotta Wonder
  39. I too am now officially in the club
  40. Problems Carrying a Kimber Ultra Carry II at work
  41. I got my permit in the mail today!
  42. CC Qualification Failures?
  43. Wife Visited Sheriff's Office Today
  44. KY is safer!! Picked up my permit today!!
  45. What would you have done?
  46. A Red Letter Day for My Wife
  47. CWP Insurance?
  48. CCer's gun goes off,in mall in S.C.
  49. need your opinions on this ordeal
  50. Michigan CPL application issue
  51. WA tops 426,000 CPLs - a New Record and climbing
  52. A few thoughts for new CCW permit holders
  53. The virtues of a heavy wallet
  54. My first carry while on the job.
  55. going to florida
  56. The waiting game begins...
  57. Try before you buy? Testing the waters.
  58. Concealed Carry Permit Processing Times - With Poll
  59. License Check while CCing on a Motorcycle
  60. Smaller Gun, Bigger Caliber
  61. Liiondefense
  62. After 68 days, I finally got my permit
  63. Better Grips for Ruger Sec. Six.
  64. CCW Revolver Holster
  65. pre-WW2 concealed carry
  66. Why doesn't the public trust us, Part II -- post S.649 failure in Senate
  67. Felon Carrying a Gun?
  68. My Perception Of What Would Happen If My CC Gets Spotted
  69. 1911: Cocked and Unlocked...
  70. Concealed carry on PA campus
  71. Is It Just Me?
  72. First Hand Reasons for Carrying at Walmart
  73. Finally got my CCP today
  74. Automobile carry with valid permit
  75. HELP!!! Shield Rear Sight Will NOT Budge!!!!
  76. Going to rockford, illinois this weekend...question
  77. Homemade SIg228 YES Homemade
  78. Oklahoma Carry Laws
  79. Do CCW's try spotting other CCW's?
  80. Hard to detect plastic handgun ...
  81. North and South Carolina restaurant carry
  82. OH gun buster sign question
  83. Small sign, very very small sign.
  84. A Few Pics From NRA Convention
  85. Apex Sear Polishing
  86. Carmike Theater in Edinburg TX.
  87. Why does any state honor a MD permit
  88. Paranoid? Maybe....
  89. Missouri Business & Executive Protection?
  90. Need help, former or curent LE please
  91. The ksp cashed my check!
  92. Got my ccw permit in only 45 days
  93. Carrying on the Bike Trail
  94. Need Help - Certified Trainers
  95. kangaroo carry holster
  96. Ohio residendts : do you have an OH permit ?
  97. Problem with renewing Utah...new bill in Missouri... what should I do?
  98. do you have concealed carry liability insurance ?
  99. Vacation Planning and CC
  100. Tanfoglio?
  101. Reason for having a non-resident permit w/out holding a permit in your resident state
  102. What happens when you find "the one"?
  103. East Texas urges residents to own guns
  104. OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That Sucker Dropped Outta The Holster!
  105. Avoiding Stupid Places/People
  106. Florida- West Palm Beach Sunfest
  107. HOW do you Carry?
  108. Great interactive site where you can rate a business as pro or anti CCW
  109. CCWSAFE.com - Anybody Have Experience With This?
  110. Go Texas!
  111. Whether or not to intervene...my first situation while armed
  112. Will it shoot me?
  113. Where can I not carry in NH
  114. Pre-employment drug screens
  115. Got it today quicker than I thought
  116. Are you young enough to remember the revolver?
  117. CCW for Realtors in CA?
  118. Revolver v. Semi-Auto
  119. Wrong/Stupid/Bad Things CCW Instructors Have Told You
  120. House Sitting and Armed Confrontation?
  121. Suresight pistol sights
  122. A hard lesson in "situational awareness"
  123. WA Drops FL, Maine Permit Info Private, WV to Honor More
  124. Wife Recruited A Friend For CCW Class
  125. Vitter/coryn amendment; National conceal and carry possible with your help!
  126. Here in MO, new law coming...
  127. Almost Had To Draw My Weapon Today
  128. Local newspaper column, coping with the aftermath of a defensive shooting.
  129. Girlfriend Taking Her CHL (TX) Class Tomorrow
  130. Carry at Professional Sporting Events
  131. Handling a gun in public
  132. Dirty little secrets
  133. DeKalb County, GA application length
  134. Conflicted
  135. First timer here, did I make a mistake? Printing issue
  136. Is there anything I am forgetting?
  137. USCCA "Post Shooting Cards"...who keeps one on them? Good or bad idea?
  138. Concealed carry laws while traveling
  139. Jumping for joy!
  140. Concealed Carry VS. the stainless steel firearm
  141. This probably won't make the mainstream news.....
  142. Bullet proof vests: do you own one and do you actually wear it?
  143. A carry that works well with suit?
  144. +P ammo in concealed carry a no-no?
  145. good information for beginners and old hats alike...
  146. How long after you received your permit did you start carrying?
  147. NC taking small steps towards sanity...
  148. Senate Passes SC Resturant Carry
  149. A first- saw some other CCWer
  150. HELP, Daughter is walking!
  151. Unintended response to the gun grab by ccw friends
  152. Quick question
  153. Wally World??????
  154. Exposing a concealed carry
  155. Question about CCW and getting pulled over?
  156. Milwaukee Aldi's Shooting Update
  157. Replacing The Lock On A COM Box
  158. Purchase denied have a ?
  159. At least Missouri has common sense
  160. Kansan's....... new conceal carry forum for local/state info (ksccw.NET)
  161. Random AZ CCW Class notes
  162. Edited: Moving to FL and carrying on my AL permit until my FL permit arrives
  163. Going to FL, Some Questions
  164. About to break out the cigars
  165. "Just cause" what a joke!
  166. This is why I always say, "don't carry in a purse".
  167. What's this sign mean?
  168. My wife applied for her concealed carry permit!!
  169. 45 ACP in Stock $24.99
  170. Approved
  171. Received License Today
  172. What's Your Rotation?
  173. Slightly Exposed Pistol Handle in my pant pocket in Washington State and I have CPL.
  174. Great Pilot Interaction
  175. Just received CCW today!
  176. Very good read @
  177. Started carrying today.
  178. Active Duty Resident or Non Resident, OK, TX, or NC??
  179. Should I Be Shocked?
  180. new cwp, nervous nanny...
  181. IWB carry. Did you get new pants or lose weight
  182. appendix carry for sig p224
  183. Travel to GA
  184. heading CA, what do I need to know to stay legal
  185. Finally picked up my permit
  186. WI CCW where are we at?
  187. My thoughts after a year and a half of getting my CHL – Need some advice
  188. New to CCW and I keep one in the chamber unlocked in my car
  189. How long?
  190. New concealed carry embaressments
  191. It took exactly 3 months, but it's here!
  192. Those who carry in condition 1 or 0: When you leave the gun in the car, do you...
  193. CNN Reporting - The Senate has defeated a compromise proposal ....
  194. Beginning the process in Fl.
  195. Should we care how we look?
  196. My Article: Stand-your-ground law even applies to felons with guns [Florida]
  197. PA & Non-Resident Permits…… AR To Honor All … Other News.
  198. 10mm Redux
  199. What are the odds?
  200. Wally World had ammo!!
  201. Colorado Resident Permit
  202. Multi state carry
  203. Experience
  204. Application for CHP turned in last Friday...
  205. The day we have all been waiting for... Not really just me
  206. on duty concealed carry
  207. Note to Tennessee CCW Holders : State Is Receiving 600 NEW CCW Applications Per Day
  208. Negligent Discharge
  209. If Life Were in Danger: Would You Impersonate A Cop?
  210. Texas question
  211. Cuyahoga County, Ohio renu time turnaround
  212. What to look for in a suit?
  213. I feel safer already.
  214. Shooting ability does not equal self defense ability
  215. Stopped at dui checkpoint.
  216. Will new gun owners be less committed and/or have less skills after CT?
  217. What Is The Minimum Legal Standard of Police Identification On The Street?
  218. Charges against St. Louis County gun instructor put 1,770 concealed permits in doubt
  219. Check this out.
  220. A Hard Decision
  221. After 12 years of marriage...
  222. MO CC laws
  223. Everybody look at my gun Im an Idiot !
  224. CC in WI, MN and FL..questions
  225. Some Good News for Concealed Carry
  226. Opinions on how to hold a revolver
  227. Arkansas governor signs Act 1089
  228. AZ & Va Non-resident Lic. Not Valid in PA.
  229. Guns confiscated
  230. Missouri gives Feds list of CCW holders
  231. Was I justified in drawing my concealed handgun in this situation?
  232. School and car carry
  233. Reminder.....you CAN carry in banks in most states
  234. FYI – PA no Longer Honors AZ and VA Non Resident Permit/Licenses
  235. The most compelling argument for concealed carry from a very brave young woman
  236. Reason #7456 why Chicago/Illinois needs concealed carry law
  237. psychiatric clearance form to get and LTC
  238. Good : Fellow Musical Group Member Getting Permit!
  239. Has concealed permits changed guns.
  240. Funny story, feel like an ass...
  241. IWB Carry..
  242. Typical Self-Defense Shooting?
  243. ccw permit wait in washington county
  244. Open carry for PA
  245. Another Gun Free Zone Success Story
  246. Bad: Report: Up to 14 People Stabbed on College Campus in Houston
  247. Feeling naked...
  248. When entering PFZ do you remove IWB holster and gun or just gun?
  249. New Mexico Honors South Carolina – Kansas to Honor All – Other Info
  250. Different dominant eye from my dominant hand.