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  1. If you have a small pocket sized gun do you actually carry it in the pocket or IWB?
  2. Cabelas Buffalo NY
  3. My gun came out today in a road rage incident.
  4. Boneheaded CCW move!
  5. CC an AR pistol
  6. Prepared to use deadly force against family and friends?
  7. OWB vs IWB
  8. Yes, another edc thread
  9. Conceal carry while confined to a Wheelchair
  10. ccw while jogging
  11. Can an employer prohibit a field employee from carrying in their company vehicle?
  12. Concealed Carry Issues
  13. New Wallet/Different way to carry LTCF
  14. Well, now what do I do?
  15. Question about Washington State
  16. MI- First LEO contact as CPU holder
  17. Informing LEO of carrying in non wrong-doing situation
  18. Medical marijuana and CPL
  19. "Is that what I think it is?"
  20. Will MI honor CCW training from another state?
  21. travel to unfriendly cities
  22. Movies last night reafirmed the reasons for carrying
  23. Imminent attack on southern Border
  24. So I'm getting old, and
  25. Transporting gun from AZ to NV (Laughlin)
  26. Had to return to the car and disarm today
  27. CHL expired
  28. First time carrying on campus
  29. Florida Trip Soon
  30. CC dilemma
  31. Do you inform a LEO that you're carrying?
  32. 3,000th Post!
  33. where do i go from here?
  34. Loud-mouthed, Never Carry, Always Tell CCW Permit Holders
  35. Off shore Fishing / Carry in MD
  36. Motorcycle trip thru lower 48
  37. carry choice
  38. SC CWP staying in Atlanta
  39. DC,MD And My Daughter Going Back To School.
  40. Glock 19 and Alien holster
  41. Back to School Thread
  42. Pretty good article about teachers CCW at school
  43. Minimum age for CCW
  44. Number of WV Concealed Carry Permits Increases
  45. Actually Met Someone with an Illinois Carry Permit!
  46. ccw'er accidentally shoots and kills woman in georgia
  47. Call 911, Even If You Don’t Shoot
  48. CCH and impact on occupants in vehicle in NC
  49. In two weeks I'll be surrounded by 100 liberals!
  50. Thanks Utah!
  51. Little Nashville , IN.
  52. Road Trip to Arizona
  53. Guess who has two thumbs and
  54. Glad I took a look at mapquest.
  55. Am planning on visiting the Biltmore Estate next weekend
  56. Nashville, TN
  57. Corvette Museum in Bowling Green posted??
  58. Renewal Time
  59. Interesting article about gun ownership.
  60. Kansas renewal
  61. Indiana Carry Laws
  62. Met a new CC'er today
  63. Opinions on travel from Ohio to Wi, work trip.
  64. Be careful how you carry!
  65. Great state on TN
  66. I lose 10 lbs. and now my gun prints
  67. Campus Concealed Carry in Kansas
  68. For those who live in the area of
  69. Florida and Ohio ccw license
  70. Interesting Situation when Returning from Vacation
  71. Day 0 and counting...
  72. Great reaction from a dmv employee in wv
  73. Quick question, hopefully easy answer
  74. Reaction to people you find CC'ing
  75. Range Report (with pictures) - I am improving
  76. Mass Murder Memorial Speech, What you may not be training for... and should be.
  77. Got real lucky at traffic stop
  78. LEO Carry at Georgia's Philips Arena
  79. Son was pulled over after buying new weapon
  80. Smaller Restaurants Allowing Guns
  81. List of Texas CHL Certified Instructors in Dallas Area Please
  82. Verizon Store
  83. CC into banks
  84. Tucking in shirt while carrying
  85. Revolver guys/gals, I need advice!
  86. In praise of the Hideous Hawaiian Shirt
  87. Liability insurance and concealed carry
  88. Elderly ladies won't take it anymore
  89. Just received my Florida CWL!
  90. Finally received my new holster!!
  91. NV Drops WV and LA. . . . MT Honors AL & IL
  92. Where did you disarm today?
  93. Good first day carrying
  94. Care and maintenance of your carry weapon
  95. Moving to GA with TN handgun carry permit?
  96. Texas Non-Resident CHL Course Certification and Proficiency Demo Question
  97. How to Non-Resident Carry in PA?
  98. komiefornia
  99. Very, very happy with this target
  100. Tactics Against Active Shooters
  101. Gun Toting Women
  102. Well I did it
  103. Traveling through Minnesota
  104. No carry signs at work
  105. Do you "+1" in your Semi-automatic carry weapon?
  106. Do you take off your ccw when getting into a car?
  107. CC When Traveling With Friends
  108. IL May Block CC Applications IF..............
  109. Concealed carry in Pennsylvania hospitals
  110. Gunhandling
  111. Devising my own Policy
  112. NV Honors IL. . . DC Fed Judge Ruling . . . DDoS Attack
  113. Does this sign withhold the law
  114. Gun Friendly coffee shop
  115. Did I break the law?
  116. Concealed carry in a commercial vehicle
  117. Georgia graveyard carry
  118. i have been charged with and found guilty of two assault and battery charges as minor
  119. KY new veteran bill for conceal carry.
  120. Folding Karambit and Balisong(butterfly knife) concealed carry laws in Florida.
  121. Can Any Of You CC Permit Holders, Carry A Concealed Knife Or Other Weapons?
  122. IL Prohibited Place Question
  123. First Police Encounter after CHL Permit...Video
  124. Slightly out of Comfort Zone
  125. IWB Holsters
  126. 2 week vacation starts this weekend - NY & DE... I guess I won't even try to carry.
  127. Need some help about pistol permit and charges
  128. Got my CHL today
  129. Versacarry holster/clips
  130. Moved from Indiana to Florida
  131. Psych patient shoots two at Philly hospital, doctor returns fire
  132. Why to Carry While Exercising - Fatal Dog Attack
  133. Texas To California With My CHL
  134. CCW at Malls around Charlotte
  135. This is not right
  136. Crimson grip, rail, red, green, or NO laser?
  137. Il ccw
  138. 10mm
  139. Business is booming at restaurant that welcomes gun owners
  140. Let my MO CCW expire. Just need TX class certificate?
  141. Question on Virginia Carry permit training requirement
  142. Repeal “The Hughes Amendment” as part of the Firearm Owners Protection Act
  143. Good read
  144. Driving from Texas to Washington DC - have to go unarmed!
  145. Simulated shoot/ no shoot scenarios.
  146. What makes a revolver a good conceal gun?
  147. Great Article covering the issue of PRINTING
  148. Anti-gunners and Concealed Carry
  149. IWB Questions
  150. How to convince my wife to be...
  151. Storing loaded pistol in hot car all day?
  152. Storing loaded CC for a few months now. Is it OK in hot car all day?
  153. Need ideas on where to put my XDm in my car
  154. Good day!
  155. KS CC Turnaround
  156. Traveling Thru Georgia
  157. Metal Detectors at Movie Theaters: My experience
  158. PA permit
  159. GFZ Sign Clarification?
  160. Pulled over for speeding today, while carrying.
  161. Two quick questons on WA state law...
  162. Should I have said something?
  163. Good thing Illinois banned CC on public transportation!
  164. This poor single mom
  165. The knife clip broke his deep concealment
  166. National carry similar to LEOSA
  167. The Appendix Carry position
  168. Conceal Carry, and taking kids shooting.
  169. locking my firearm in a car trunk
  170. top 5 handguns for concealed carry
  171. Just Received My CHL
  172. Speaking of No Gun Signs
  173. Anything I can do to get my cpl faster?
  174. Petition to remove supressors from the NFA list
  175. How I carry on my bicycle
  176. No gun signs
  177. A CC question for the ladies here
  178. Fired one shot
  179. Selling guns in NY prank (gone wrong)
  180. What are the places where you do you not carry?
  181. Confidence. It's what you Carry.
  182. Question about CCP and Marijuana possession (without a weapon)
  183. Maine CCW Permit Delay-Vermont Resident
  184. Empty Chamber?
  185. Responsibility
  186. This Just In. Man shoots Children.
  187. Carrying in a Car
  188. Legally, Can You Hold Your Gun At Down-Ready in Self-Defense Emergency?
  189. Car carry in ohio
  190. Murder rate drops as concealed carry permits rise
  191. Carrying in my vehicle?
  192. Means of concealment on a motorcycle
  193. Maryland, really???
  194. Murder rate falls as concealed carry grows
  195. Dr. Appointment
  196. CCW in North Carolina
  197. WV Honors NE. . . KY Update. . . Pesky Dogs!!!
  198. Liability Insurance - Lawyers in the Colorado Springs area
  199. Conceal carry license process
  200. I am now a concealed carry license holder
  201. Carry in Arkansas and Louisianna
  202. Another clueless cop.
  203. Shopping Mall that "prohibits guns" BUT also has a gun store
  204. Clown prank nonsense. Have you heard about this?
  205. Drawing your firearm and not firing
  206. Under 21 handgun purchase in Indiana
  207. Sig M11-a1 holsters?
  208. "But I'll only be gone for a few minutes..."
  209. Interesting "Gun Fight" Rules
  210. Traveling through Montana and Wyoming
  211. Target Link - Fox News Dallas
  212. Target down for the count....
  213. Denied application for Florida Concealed Carry because... OUTDATED PHOTO?!
  214. Will this keep me from being approved for a CCW in Florida?
  215. Utah Resident CCW Fast!
  216. non resident ccw
  217. Target Says No Guns
  218. Printing Questions...
  219. Traveling with weapon in motorhome
  220. Caliber Doesn't Matter In Self-Defense
  221. I want to start carrying but I live in a not-so-gun friendly part of California
  222. Parents completely opposed to cc.. Should I listen??
  223. Why do people have a smaller caliber for their backup?
  224. BUG for alternate access
  225. Idaho Enhanced CCW Licence
  226. AIWB
  227. "Impersonating" a Policeman To Stop A Lethal Attack On Another? :
  228. In An Emergency, How Can Any Shot On a Street Be Safe?
  229. OK ya'll (pun intended)
  230. First ccw Fnx45 or Sig M11 A1
  231. First Concealed Carry Trip
  232. Welcome Sign at Local Illinois Bank
  233. Upgrading your carry gun.
  234. Michigan Conceal Carry Laws
  235. Submitting a letter to a business for posting
  236. Florida and pocketknives again
  237. PA to Honor UT Resident Permit Only . . . Some of the 7/1/14 Changes
  238. Carry Full-time??
  239. Travel along the east coast
  240. Camper gun is 9MM enough?
  241. 9mm-.380
  242. Carrying a full-sized pistol in the summer.
  243. Carrying while mowing the grass-revisited
  244. Flying with United with firearms
  245. "Code Words..."
  246. Has anyone ever been asked
  247. Got made at work
  248. "Dramatic" Rise in Kentucky Concealed Carry Permits
  249. Not impressed with Leo encounter
  250. For those of you who carry OWB...