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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I seem to have misplaced my book of the laws
  2. Anyone Carry a Glock 30s?
  3. How many random people around you carry concealed?
  4. Pancake holster for gun with weapon light
  5. TN Guns in Parks Bill - SIGNED!!!!
  6. My Deal of the Day
  7. No guns allowed, the sign said
  8. Conceal carry while biking?
  9. "No Guns" sign only on one door...
  10. Top Golf Tampa
  11. Reason for Application
  12. CC and Printing?
  13. Concealed Carry in Estes Park, CO
  14. A question for those in the Detroit, MI area
  15. Extra mag and a TENS unit
  16. Licensed carriers from Ohio can carry in Pa.
  17. Oklahoma question regarding concealed carry in the workplace
  18. In Vegas at conference, gun in vault
  19. Carrying pistol at 4:00 or 8:00 position
  20. Preaching to the choir
  21. Your kids watch and DO listen (proud dad moment)
  22. Federal Laser warning label.
  23. How do you choose what to carry?
  24. Considering Drago Sentry Sling pack . . Holster???
  25. New shooting buddy, I hope...
  26. Couldn't carry to friends house because of weirdness and law.
  27. EDC a BUG
  28. State Concealed Carry Permit Holder?
  29. Summer CC.... Time to upgrade?
  30. NH Now Honors AK & OH. . . State Updates!
  31. GREAT WOLF LODGE NEW ENGLAND (no guns allowed)
  32. Good Column in American Rifleman
  33. Putting Orient Back into OODA
  34. Renew my CHL in TEXAS after 10 years.
  35. Article 78: NYPD Carry Business License Denial
  36. first (kinda) LEO encounter
  37. was employee at Gander Mt trying to get me to "admit" to CC?
  38. This AM at Wally World
  39. Change in Mississippi law - no permit for CC if in an enclosed container
  40. Shirt not cooperating
  41. Question for younger guys (older guys welcome to answer too)
  42. Constitutional Carry
  43. Found out something very interesting about my family tonight
  44. Fingerprints for CHL...
  45. Statistic I've never seen.....
  46. 5.11 Holster T-Shirts
  47. M&P shield .9mm
  48. I'm out of pockets! Now what?
  49. length of time for replacement CC license?
  50. California AB 1134
  51. Pulled over in Illinois (a non-event)
  52. News: Man with a gun
  53. IWB Presentation Difficulties
  54. Gunshows??
  55. A Florida Law for CC... whats it mean?
  56. Church carry?
  57. California; Orange County Sheriff has changed CCW applicant policy
  58. Taking your handgun on a road trip
  59. Arizona senate nixes proposed bill allowing concealed weapons into public buildings
  60. Driving north, looking to verify some regulations
  61. Horizontal Mag Pouch anyone?
  62. New gun or AIWB holster
  63. Sports lumbar Pack Recommendation
  64. Why do some states issue CCW permits, but others only CPL's?
  65. know of central Florida instructors?
  66. Carry in a WV bar/club
  67. How heavy is heavy?
  68. AD with a worn out holster
  69. Conceal Carry In Philadelphia Is Making A Difference
  70. Got my license today.
  71. OnlineCarryTraining.com
  72. Was There An Incident That Made You Start Carrying?
  73. Way to go Kentucky
  74. Shooting is HARD!
  75. Ohio - 5 more today Colorado, Georgia, New Hampshire, Texas, and Wisconsin
  76. CCW Guard
  77. This may sound dumb... but need opinions
  78. Ohio. . .West Virginia Veto. . . Legislation.. . .You. . . Side Note
  79. Oklahoma Rest Stops
  80. This what IL permit holders don't need !!!
  81. The Scenario In My Head Which Settled the Gun/Caliber Debate For Me
  82. Asked a new question this morning
  83. Said goodbye to my old side kick and hello new buddie today
  84. Paid $50 monthly to carry
  85. Sharing is Scary
  86. Buyer's remorse: Thinking about getting rid of my 1911
  87. Texas students CC on Campus
  88. Rotator Cuff is torn/ left side-weak hand carry
  89. LEO Attitude in Florida
  90. Lots of Ammo, or Another Gun?
  91. Possible Concealed Carry Without License In KS
  92. First time concealed carry in public
  93. AIWB, the gun, holster, and belt...
  94. chl eligibilty!!!!????
  95. So why does no one shoulder carry anymore?
  96. Are there any constitutional carry stats out there?
  97. What is the purpose of an out of state ccw?
  98. Maryland Renewal times
  99. How many is too many?
  100. Mindset: Should vs Could.... A Righteous Shoot
  101. Nonresident Alien Car Carry
  102. "I hope I never have to use it"
  103. Holster Recommendations for Ruger SR22
  104. Unexpected Brandishing
  105. In search for a concealed OWB holster...
  106. Got my license today
  107. FL man accidentally shoots self to death while on bicycle
  108. How are SC and NC for concealed carry?
  109. Mag issues??
  110. Incredible delay in processing my CC application
  111. Bought my first set of gun underwear (tshirt). Anyone else wear this firearm fashion?
  112. Using a blank to rack the Slide
  113. Pennsylvania non resident
  114. Conceal Carry of a Glock 26
  115. Weapons transported by civilians onto military bases.
  116. Renewing my Arizona permit
  117. For the fashion conscious lady carriers among us.
  118. HELP!!!......another chl application question??
  119. What I learned today
  120. Remembering when to disarm
  121. How to find a pro gun lawyer
  122. Your opinion of this - saying NOT to call 911
  123. Moody Gardens
  124. Working for a Tribe
  125. Florida, no gun allowed signs.
  126. Carrying in NOLA......
  127. conceal carry for summer time
  128. How many who concealed carry have an Attorney on tap?
  129. Expired Permit
  130. Instructor Zero on Concealed Appendix Carry
  131. hand loads for CCW a defense lawyers nightmare?
  132. Hollow Points to C&C ?
  133. Thing I've learner about CC
  134. How do you conceal while driving?
  135. Great Article - The Best Home Defense Weapon. (and its not what you may think)
  136. Learned a lesson today-wasn't carrying
  137. "Interaction" with Utah Governor
  138. Anyone carry a 380 as a main CCW?
  139. Conceal carry and age
  140. Riding as a passenger in traffic stop?
  141. College Campus Carry
  142. Question about work
  143. Tony Cornish: Mall of America
  144. S.E. Cupp weighs in on Campus Carry
  145. Illinois CCW
  146. Kids & Guns
  147. cover has already been blown!
  148. First the bra, now this. Like the left needs any more ammunition.
  149. Questions about getting a concealed carry permit in Louisiana
  150. Guns OK but taser not in GFSZ?
  151. Taught my first ccdw class today
  152. Those Who Oppose Our Rights and Means to Self-defense
  153. Ny times laments: ‘woeful phenomenon of more citizens packing more guns’
  154. CCing at the seminar
  155. What to do when CCing pops mag out?
  156. Assistant DA positive on concealed carry
  157. Want a LEO perspective
  158. Options and considerations for off body carry
  159. Anyone Else Suffer from "Pants Sag"?
  160. Met an anti-civilian carry LEO yesterday
  161. Difference between Honors Permit and Res permit only
  162. Am I becoming left handed?
  163. How does the recent law in NH regarding Concealed carry without a permit apply to MA
  164. CCing while snowmobiling.
  165. Concealed carry at work?
  166. south Carolina questions with out of state ccw
  167. Guy shook my hand for carring a gun
  168. Has This Happened To You?
  169. CHL and Public Alcohol Consumption In Texas
  170. Consttutional Carry Bill Progresses in NH
  171. Can't conceal from kids. Son felt my gun while hugging! Raw 8 year old footage!
  172. Constitional carry
  173. why did you start carrying a gun for self defense?
  174. National Recprocity Bill for or against
  175. KS Constitutional Carry Progress:
  176. Does anyone ankle carry anymore?
  177. Survey about couples and tactical communications
  178. Concealed carry permitted at PA Outdoor Show. Y E A !
  179. Va concealed question
  180. Teaching daughter to shoot and carry help request
  181. Older Generation Glock Barrels
  182. National Reciprocity Expected to Pass Congress, Easily.
  183. Job in Marrero LA... questions
  184. Another liberal non-sense
  185. Why I love South Dakota
  186. Would you tell?
  187. Resident vs nonresident and reciprocity
  188. Carry with SR9c Extended Magazine as Spare
  189. Where do I start???
  190. Ever been a victim?
  191. Awesome afternoon at the range
  192. Oops!
  193. Legally speaking: State indemnity laws
  194. Post your "well loved" handgun/holster pictures here!
  195. In Honor of Black History Month - MLK Denied a Carry Permit in 1956
  196. need an appendix carry holster for this
  197. Best state(s) to add to my SC CWP?
  198. Mass shooting in Georgia
  199. How many magazines do you carry?
  200. Trigger safety malfuntion
  201. Wrong Old Man!
  202. CCW Class Groupon Deal!
  203. Do you oil your magazines.....?
  204. Cross Draw Holster
  205. Texas not as gun friendly as people think...
  206. Traveling to Denver
  207. Question about rounds for compact 45s
  208. Work at a hospital, what do I do with my firearm?
  209. carry gun mags, loaded to stated capacity or -1?
  210. Anti Gun PA. AG in trouble
  211. Just got my renewal letter (Utah Permit) stating I also need Wash. permit too
  212. Pistol permit renewal today = easy
  213. Question for florida residents
  214. Alternative carry options
  215. Range Time with Wife
  216. Bad: toddler shoots father and pregnant mother
  217. Traffic Cams vs Duty to Inform LEOs
  218. What is the most important to you?
  219. Force of Law "definition"
  220. LEO Encounter whie carrying 2 or more?
  221. Utah Non-Resident CCW question.
  222. I finally got an answer....sort of
  223. Got made yesterday
  224. LEO in Georgia
  225. North Dakota Resident...
  226. Gaining another carrier soon!
  227. Flying to Arizona for vacation...
  228. Good pointers video
  229. warning shots.
  230. CC at work
  231. Question for LEO's in Georgia
  232. And now I stare at the mailbox...
  233. Got my lic. started carrying ... Small issue
  234. Knife question for all of you from GA
  235. Glock 23 gen 4
  236. I had a discharge in the house.......
  237. "My insurance company made me do it"
  238. POLL: Do You CC at home
  239. CCW Safe advice on Concealed Carry at SHOT
  240. CC Permit wait time in Catawba County, NC
  241. 7 States going to "Constitutional Carry"?
  242. Can you carry more then one gun/weapon?
  243. Bad: Not Again!! Another ND in public.
  244. LEO Encounter in Chicago
  245. Change of heart?
  246. Open carry/concealed carry and permits
  247. What sort of jobs don't allow you to carry a gun to work?
  248. Best methods for a skinny guy new to conceal carry.
  249. Foreign Trade Zones
  250. FL Walmart shopper attacked for carrying