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  1. Colorado magazine questions
  2. Missouri CCW Class
  3. Shooting spree at shopping center in Munich, Germany
  4. Long tailed T-Shirts.
  5. backpack vs satchel?
  6. CC on motorcycle
  7. EMTs and Concealed Carriers
  8. Ever so Close in CA
  9. Car wreck, cool cop.
  10. Qualified today!
  11. Questions about "Force of Law"
  12. 4 reasons you can be denied a CCW permit in California
  13. I watched a big guy carrying SOB & I did everything I could do to keep from laughing
  14. Completed my CCW class today
  15. Va. carry in North Carolina
  16. Interesting discussion at the range today.....
  17. Good day today...
  18. Georgia Does Not Honor Virginia. . . ME & Arcadia Nat Parks. . . . NH/VA Reciprocity
  19. Carry Chambered?
  20. Responding to Craig's list ads armed.
  21. Concealed carry at Meadows casino in Washington, PA
  22. Schmuck with a Glock!
  23. Duty To Inform
  24. One in the chamber when using PT-2 or across-the-chest holster?
  25. Concealed carry stop
  26. Right to my door! No papers.
  27. Required reading for anyone who legally carries.
  28. Acceptable hit from concealment
  29. Out of state travel - Is it worth it if hotel prohibits firearms
  30. Pending charge past statute of limitations
  31. Armed Robbery at ATM video
  32. What would you do in this situation?
  33. [Duplicate Thread] Tragedy for Licensed CCH Driver in Falcon Heights
  34. Utah permits now recognized in Nevada
  35. Holster move around on me
  36. Should CCP training and demonstration of proficiency be a requirement
  37. Shoot them in the leg
  38. Is it legal?
  39. First time vacationing with my gun
  40. What I carry.
  41. Non-resident carry options in Illinois?
  42. Idaho
  43. Conceal carry for corporate jobs?
  44. Nevada Now Honors, FL, NM, MA, TX & UT. . . NV Dropped DE
  45. Suing owners of gun free zones
  46. CA law for CCW on school property
  47. Would you CCW at work if it was in a rough location?
  48. Finally put in for my CHL here in Oregon
  49. July 1, 2016 Updates From
  50. Kern High School District to allow concealed carry
  51. AD at the range last weekend
  52. From our County Sheriff on CCW...
  53. Denial of a re-issue for Concealed Carry in Virginia
  54. shipping handguns...
  55. riding motorcycle from florida to DC
  56. It happened right out front of our hotel....
  57. Pocket Carry kind of scary!
  58. Daily cleaning / maintenance
  59. Is Concealed Carry Allowed in Disney Springs?
  60. Washington or Utah
  61. Not e.d.c.
  62. Which Would You Choose for Concealed Belt Carry?
  63. What they don't cover in many concealed class's that become very important to some.
  64. I can't carry for the next 30 days
  65. Summer Time
  66. Louisiana carry class
  67. Florida Concealed Carry
  68. IWB Walther PPS Kydex... all this weekend
  69. Practice Ammo
  70. Suggested new NRA campaign. Under cut the left by
  71. Draw instantly on a masked man in Florida?
  72. This guy 's a great concealer!!!
  73. Ready, focus, aim.......
  74. Airport carry
  75. Archie Bunker had it right
  76. Why waiting for the police to arrive is a really bad idea...
  77. Conceal P938 or 92 Compact Inox?
  78. What made you decide start carrying?
  79. Being Like John Wayne Can't Be All Bad
  80. Re new in Florida
  81. Orlando Shooter's Wife had knowledge about attack
  82. Salem shooting
  83. Carrying in a 'Gun Free Zone.' Civil Disobedience vs. Protection
  84. Movie Theater Safety
  85. I had to visit the forum
  86. Show your outage at the slaughter in Orlando... buy a gun
  87. Florida Nightclub Massacre Could have been prevented by legal concealed carry
  88. Not that hard to conceal a decent handgun and spare magazine
  89. CC App a need to have very useful!!!
  90. New to Forum Thought I'd start with disturbing news
  91. Traveling FL to KY
  92. Dave Spaulding: Concealed Carry Mistakes
  93. My Daughter Is Having Surgery At Children's Hospital
  94. Another blow against CC from California
  95. En Banc loss in Peruta
  96. CCW Doc
  97. How I Found Out My Niece Was Getting Her Carry Permit
  98. First Concealed Carry Gun
  99. Meanwhile in Detroit a different way to carry concealed
  100. First real test of Concealed Carry
  101. Buying Blue Jeans One Waist Size Larger
  102. I made a mistake and aSig gun
  103. Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts Carry Laws
  104. From Zero to Walmart Walk
  105. SC & GA official now!!!!!!!!!!
  106. Rabidly Anti-Gun Family Member
  107. First Time Ankle Carry
  108. Fox News could do better.
  109. SC/GA Reciprocity. . . AL. . . NH. . . . DC…. Updates
  110. Colorado Is A Great State To Carry!
  111. My Dilemma
  112. Seen Any Armed Security in Federal Offices like SSA etc?
  113. what the eye sees, but what is really noticed
  114. Philosophical Debate.
  115. RI man beaten to death
  116. CC vs. OC in specific states
  117. Welcome to South Carolina you Georgians!
  118. Do i qualify for a ccw if i have a m4 on my recored help please
  119. SC CWP Renewal Turnaround Times
  120. Holster makes all the difference
  121. ccw to Colorado
  122. Would You Ever Conceal Carry A
  123. CCW during traffic stop
  124. Getting ever so close in CA
  125. CC and working in a highly physical workplace
  126. Knife Laws in Florida
  127. Permit app asks for employment history?!?!
  128. Even A Slight Change Can Cause Printing
  129. Arline travel with carry gun
  130. CCW'ing a Glock 17
  131. FYI For FL Panhandle Residents Free CCW Classes
  132. Ohio Just Became The 25th State To Get A NICS Exemption For CCW Permit Holders
  133. Nonresident military CCL in Illinois - Progress!
  134. Concealed Carry Instructor Requirements for Arkansas
  135. CT non resident permit
  136. Sig P229 Legion on the way
  137. Do you agree that there should be certain necessary skills required to carry?
  138. When is a conceal carry gun not reliable to carry?
  139. Live in TX with new TX DL, still have AZ DL and CCW
  140. Glad I Got My Permit
  141. Motorcycle carry at a school in Colorado?
  142. When a larger gun is better concealed than a small one
  143. Fishing, traveling to and from..
  144. Anti-gunners fighting for their own after arrested for ccw in school
  145. US Ct Just Cause Injunction- DC Police Update. . . Arizona . . . Louisiana . . . Upda
  146. Inverse Proportional Relationship, Training, Carrying and Shooting
  147. Smooth pocket pistol draw
  148. Carried Today For The First Time in Six Years.
  149. Out of State Conference
  150. How many states have you carried in so far?
  151. Ohio ccw
  152. Mississippi Constitutional Carry and businesses
  153. Headline:Man's gun fires in sock at graduation ceremony
  154. What is your favorite shooting drill?
  155. Thoughts on my plan
  156. To the tall slim CC folks...
  157. Sacramento County puts a hold on new CCW permit applications until July 1st...
  158. Is there a comfortable owb magazine holster
  159. Maryland CCW
  160. Thoughts on constitutional carry
  161. Virginia Shooting Ranges
  162. Utah CFP turnaround time
  163. Licensed in Tx. Moved to Ohio. Cant find the answers I'm looking for.
  164. Was almost in an accident...
  165. Surviving the armed robbery.
  166. Wally walk
  167. WV Permitless Carry Effective Date 5/24/16. . . VA Exec. Order
  168. NH to try again for Constitutional Carry
  169. Special Needs Kids and Concealed Carry
  170. Hotel room has no safe
  171. Trump Calls for Nationwide CCW
  172. Hillary wants to ban guns
  173. PCS to California :(
  174. NV Drops RI. . . NV Now Honors VA. . . .WV Honors IN. . . TN Update
  175. Crime in the same parking lot
  176. Why do training videos always use OWB holsters?
  177. I gonna shoot the boys off?
  178. I feel naked
  179. CCW and Rx Medications
  180. Apparently, as of July 1, I can carry a gun on campus including classrooms...
  181. Why More People Do Not CCW
  182. Traveling to VA
  183. WA has added 25K new CPLs this year so far!
  184. "Unload and show clear"
  185. Why didn't they carry..
  186. Undershirts are soooo good!
  187. CCW Permit used as an alternative form of ID
  188. My new Taurus .357 holster is to tight for the pistol.
  189. Snubby inside the pocket holster
  190. Shows His Gun, Then His CCW Badge, Gets Clobbered, Then Kills the Guy
  191. NH Honors KS. . . TX Honors IL. . . AL Airports. . . . SD Gold License UPDATED
  192. Texas Recognizes Illinois CCL
  193. Highest Density for CCLs in Texas
  194. Gun Free Grey Areas
  195. Arizona gun law question
  196. Concealed carry and using a cane
  197. 91 days later....
  198. Do I need to re-up??
  199. Conceal Carry Permit Suspended...
  200. Traveling to the "Big Easy"
  201. If you know where to look,can you tell if someone is CC'ing?
  202. Retention on an IWB holster?
  203. DC: CC and Anti-Gun Businesses: What to do
  204. SLED Online Renewal System
  205. When Nature Calls...
  206. Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States
  207. Responses by the public to your CHL
  208. CC Pocket Pistol,if you can see the pistol print in the pocket is it still CC?
  209. OTF Knives in Missouri
  210. Want a Pistol Permit in NYC? Just get this guy to bribe a cop!
  211. A few reasons why you might want to get your spouse a CHL
  212. Making the pocket holster sticky
  213. How do you take your cc firearm to the range?
  214. MS, IA, OK, TX, Northern Mariana’s Updates
  215. speech for community college
  216. Guns on Tour Bus?
  217. AL Lifetime Concealed Pistol License May Not Be Accepted In Lieu Of Background Check
  218. NASA civil servants and contractors
  219. Do you keep a gun in the car?
  220. WPAFB and Firearms
  221. Are some gun owners our worst enemy?
  222. Need some ideas for shirts
  223. Hugging
  224. IL CC Application Problem
  225. Question on Concealed Permits in NC
  226. Granville County NC permit renewal - how my sheriff rolls
  227. Texans - 30.06 Signage
  228. Any Texans still waiting on their LTC?
  229. "No Firearms" signage in NC
  230. Just got my Arizona CCW
  231. Concealed carry for the past month
  232. 1st day of conecealed carry
  233. Questions regarding getting CCW in Ohio
  234. Concealed Holster Position and Ammo Selection. From a Newbie point of view.
  235. Snubby appendix carry
  236. Optics on Handguns?
  237. Into the Lions Den- Teacher arrested for carrying a gun at a middle school in Newtown
  238. Is my CCP valid?
  239. What does your EDC system look like?
  240. SW bodyguard 380 auto wont go bang
  241. New to concealed carry..Keep it to myself?
  242. Wisconsin Only Honors the SD Enhanced/Gold Licenses
  243. Wife basically against CC and guns in general
  244. tn carry.. any volunteers have some answers
  245. 2nd A-friendly restaurant
  246. Looking for the best jeans for IWB holster.
  247. Passing through South Carolina - No recoginized permit
  248. WI Now Honors AL, MA, MS, SC & SD. . . . PO Carry, SCOTUS, ID, TN,
  249. Usccw faked out
  250. Wisconsin CCW