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: Defensive Carry Guns

  1. Which do you pick in 9mm, G19 or Colt LW Commander?
  2. Oil em up.....
  3. Stippled the M&P
  4. TV and Handgun advice...
  5. Just picked up a brand new Sig 938 Extreme
  6. RMR vs Laser for home defense pistol
  7. What to do?
  8. Feel like I have found the Holy Grail...Dan Wesson
  9. Which 45 ACP pistol to add to collection
  10. Sig P229 Question
  11. I caved too. Been dancing around the idea of P320s for a while now...
  12. New CCW Pistol
  13. Thoughts: Replacing my 4" XD-S with a CM9 and G19
  14. 460 Rowland
  15. Take my quick survey on your edc carry gun
  16. Help me decide.....
  17. HK Trigger system for defensive weapon help
  18. Opinions on EDC gun
  19. Remington R51
  20. New Shield 45
  21. Should have got this a long time ago, Glock 22
  22. Fine. I caved. First 9mm= P320 in fde AND od green. . .
  23. Already own a Glock 43, should I get a Sig P238 or P938 for pocket carry?
  24. GLOCK Spare Parts
  25. Anyone have pics of full autos they carried in combat?
  26. Home Defense Pistol
  27. Would you rethink my collection CCW's?
  28. Range Trip with my P229
  29. What do you get when a wheel rolls over a Wilson and picks up a second M9A3 instead
  30. Finally got all of my Glocks together
  31. New new SIG P229 Legion
  32. Gun in car problem
  33. First choice J frame revolver for pocket carry?
  34. Here a Sig, there a Sig, everywhere a Sig Sig !!!!!!
  35. Para 14.45
  36. Has any one bought from Wanstalls ?
  37. My first 1911 and it's true love!
  38. 26 or 27? Let's see...
  39. New Trade;) Ruger American in 9mm.
  40. Considering the Ruger LC9s but......
  41. Baby Rock 380acp
  42. Ruger LC9s Pro experiences?
  43. Handgun for the financially struggling
  44. Stumbled onto a new (to me) CCW yesterday
  45. 2,100 incidents per day!?
  46. PX4 Subcompact New winter carry?
  47. G&A single stack 9 shootout
  48. LCR vs LCRx trigger pull?
  49. I think I might try this Honor Guard gun
  50. New Glock 17M With Teething Problems (Recoil Spring Assembly)
  51. Not just another carry question (at least I don't think it is)
  52. Favorite Full Size 9mm Pistol?
  53. Eyeballing the G26...
  54. 5th Generation Glock
  55. What would you get if you were me?
  56. Question for Sig P938 Owners
  57. Dan Wesson ECO?
  58. Holster was Shipped but where is the CZ Rami BD?
  59. Going to .40 cal for EDC
  60. What would you rather carry?
  61. Ruger SR9c vs CZ P07
  62. Steered Experienced Shooter to Glock
  63. Glock 19.....accurate, reliable, boring......fantastic!
  64. Canik's TP9V2 9mm
  65. Need help finding wife a woods gun.
  66. So I got a j frame
  67. New S&W SD9VE for a house gun.
  68. New to me Sig P220 SAS Compact
  69. P-226 Conceal Carry
  70. Recoil spring help
  71. Which Pistol (Kahr PM9193 or Kimber Micro 9)
  72. Ruger LC9s Pro slide lock issues?
  73. Black bears in my yard, ain't no fishing guide.
  74. J frame gurus.....
  75. Kimber take down tool...much easier
  76. Charging Grizzly vs 9mm pistol
  77. Absolutely ridiculous recoil spring
  78. New carry guns
  79. Recoil Gun Works
  80. Sig m11-a1
  81. 45 ACP Glocks
  82. info on what CC is carried?
  83. Zastava CZ99
  84. I have my new carry.
  85. Anybody Have a Kimber Micro 9mm?
  86. No, I can't buy both!
  87. Who is packing a LCR or SP-101 this summer?
  88. Diamondback DB9 - may be my EDC
  89. Now that is a small gun
  90. P99c and other "light" trigger guns.......
  91. North American Arms 22 magnum Pug
  92. Two is one, and one is none!
  93. Which has best trigger in your opinion?
  94. Gen4 Glock 26 Firing Pin
  95. Buying first used gun
  96. Brand new to firearms
  97. Derringers And Other Ultra Compacts
  98. CZ come CZ goes.
  99. TRP, taken up a few notches...
  100. What Is Good Medium Priced Concealed Carry Pistol.
  101. Five thousand rounds fired thru the Ruger American Pistol 9mm Luger
  102. Sight ?
  103. The new R-51 does exist
  104. Is the Diamondback 380 still around?
  105. Photo Thread Of Two Gun Carry?
  106. Team Glock
  107. Best IWB holsters for active carry, sitting. (Glock 30, Kimber UC2)
  108. Big guns
  109. Help me with Cerakote
  110. Can't have too many 1911s, got a new one.
  111. S&W 640 Pro Series or M&P 340 - help me choose!!!
  112. I Have a 1911 Issue
  113. Possible New Carry Pistol
  114. Defective barrel?
  115. Adams Arms Glock Slide Assemblies
  116. Maybe looking for a .45?
  117. Khar PM 9...?
  118. Tomcat 3032........anyone own one?
  119. Why not get fiber-optic sights on Ruger LCR revolver?
  120. Picked up a Colt 1903. 32 rimless
  121. Wife bought a new Colt 1911 Competition 9mm
  122. Wife's New Pistol: Kimber Micro Compact .380
  123. Gave taurus a chance
  124. New Gen4 19 and not happy
  125. Kimber K6 Revolver
  126. Sig P220 in 22LR
  127. Smith & Wesson .45 Shield review
  128. Where do you buy your finds from online?
  129. Pocket vs IWB carry
  130. Bersa Thunder Combat Plus
  131. How many in your EDC Stable?
  132. S&w bg 380
  133. M&P Shield ported 3" barrel?
  134. Cz P07 vs P09 safety
  135. Sig P320 Dilemma
  136. Mama is angry. Again.
  137. Are the latest batches of the Kahr CW380 reliable?
  138. Comparison Shield 45 vs Springfield XDs 45
  139. My New Favorite Handgun
  140. Pearce Grip Extension
  141. Pearce Grip Extension
  142. New Ruger Redhawk 45colt/45acp
  143. Defense use 625jm or 627pc
  144. Hammer-fired shooting help striker-fired shooting?
  145. New EDC
  146. Mini review - Springfield Range Officer Operator 9mm
  147. My Baby
  148. It happened again
  149. Blast from the past...
  150. Too many 3" .45 cals....what to do?
  151. Your Thoughts Regarding Carry Handguns with Polymer Frames
  152. M&P Compact Apex Kit Installed - Feedback/Question
  153. New carry setup
  154. The Glock 43... may be a keeper
  155. Is the Kimber solo realible?
  156. Anyone have the new Ruger American 9mm or .45 pistols??
  157. NYPD authorized XDs
  158. New toy
  159. Light/Laser Setup
  160. Kahr CM45
  161. Your Thoughts Regarding Night Sights on a Carry Handgun
  162. Is Single Stack Worth the Compromise?
  163. Glock 19 again. 9mm is easy to shoot thread. Ugh.
  164. S&W 45 Shield?
  165. Some Recommendations for Summer Pocket Carry 2016?
  166. New EDC setup
  167. My New EDC....not just a pretty face
  168. CZ Rami BD vs PCR for CCW
  169. First Carry gun
  170. Your Thoughts Regarding Carry Handguns With External Safeties
  171. 4th of July carry!
  172. MAC's The Bang Switch
  173. 4th of July Gun
  174. Charter Arms Boomer / Rebirth of the Backpacker
  175. Help me pick my concealed carry REVOLVER....
  176. Trigger Drill Suggestion
  177. Ruger adds 9mm to SR1911 line!!! Did we already know this??
  178. SOLVED, Part 3, First time shooting M&P 40c, issues with ammo, magazines or grip.
  179. How many pistols have "stand off capability"?
  180. GLock 27 vs M&P 40c? Looking for a new EDC in corrupt NY state.
  181. Kel Tec Sub 2000 9mm
  182. A hiccup with my carry gun... now what?
  183. Ruger LC9s summer carry...range report
  184. I have an XD45. Thinking on going to an external hammer gun.
  185. FNS-9C vs P320sc vs M&P9c
  186. Glock 43/27 User Input
  187. 1911 Slide Problem - HELP!!
  188. Rock Island Baby Rock .380
  189. XDS 9 or Glock 43
  190. Tristar T100 is gone........
  191. TRUGLO TFX vs. TFX Pro
  192. I pick up a new 10mm RIA
  193. Bersa Thunder .380 ACP
  194. Traded my Shield for an LC9S Pro
  195. Awesome score!!! S&W 19-5
  196. M&P 340 vs 442/642?
  197. CCW for backpacking
  198. Thoughts on removing slide stop?
  199. Walther PPK .380 2016
  200. G30 vs G19 at 25 yards
  201. 1,000 Round Update: Colt LW Commander 04840XE
  202. So, I sold off my Taurus TCP...
  203. Creakote on weapons
  204. Dan Wesson CCO Issue At The Range This Morning
  205. Why the Ruger SP101
  206. LC9s Pro range report/mini review
  207. Colt New Agent vs Defender
  208. Does This Look Normal To You?
  209. keeping only one handgun! got a guess?
  210. Glory Be! RUGER finally offers the LCRx in 9mm.
  211. 357 sig carriers
  212. G29/G20 and 10mm questions
  213. New grips for T100
  214. Steel vs. Polymer Magazines?
  215. G38?
  216. Likes / Dislikes of carrying Glock 23
  217. My new used glock 19
  218. Me and P229 at the range
  219. What is the best pocket carry 380?
  220. Buying my first handgun - please help with advice!
  221. Buying my first handgun - help needed!
  222. Xds 45 vs bigger capacity
  223. Finally found the G19 I have been searching for.
  224. Thoughts on laser / light on edc?
  225. Looking for my first gun, need some experts
  226. Custom Colt 6-18-16
  227. Now I did it...
  228. Older G19 = better G19
  229. Range Report: Sig P938 BRG
  230. Firearms shortage
  231. Gun fever has hit.....again.
  232. Good deal at Cabela's of all places
  233. Defender, Ultra Carry, Range Officer....O....M....G!!! Now I am so conflicted!!
  234. What size do you EDC?
  235. Shooting 32 acp in a 32 s&w long revolver
  236. Xds Spring kit...
  237. Advice for concealment
  238. Purpose for long/heavy D/A trigger?
  239. Shield 9mm or 649??
  240. Got a fever, and the only cure is more CZ's
  241. Which carry gun?
  242. New gun time - help me choose
  243. CZ Compact Trigger
  244. Can a magazine be damaged by to many ejections?
  245. What's your favorite DA/SA EDC revolver?
  246. Refined My "New-Shooter" Gun Selection Guide
  247. RIA 9mm Tac II 9mm Review
  249. An interesting observation this afternoon.
  250. Have to make a trip to the gun store