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  1. M&P 9c review
  2. New Gen 4 Glock 27
  3. Picked up a DB9
  4. Beretta Nano
  5. Seeking input on first cc weapon
  6. Say Hello to My Taurus PT 790!
  7. Watch Your Local Walmart for Ammo
  8. Someone give me a reason
  9. Looking for a 9mm for HD/CC any suggestions?
  10. Walther PPQ
  11. Heads Up For 9mm Shield Owners
  12. My new Kimber Custom II came home to live with me.
  13. Now Im Loving my Shield thanx to DIY APEX wow!
  14. SR40c Problems
  15. J-Frame Apex Spring Kits (or comparable kits) - Experiences Good/Bad?
  16. can i install my own g23 night sights?
  17. The Signess Strikes Again...
  18. First to guns but looking forward to a long partnership
  19. DA/SA Length of Trigger Pull
  20. Glock 17 Torture LUBE test!
  21. XD45c (pic) experiences..
  22. Beretta advisory re. + p ammo
  23. PLEASE no posts without pictures...Show members what you carry and which holster
  24. How did you choose the caliber for the gun that you carry?
  25. pf9 or shield ?
  26. Where are all the Smith's?
  27. What I saw
  28. Interesting S&W .38 special
  29. Compact carry weapon choices?
  30. Glock 23 vs Glock 22: Input welcome
  31. Shield 9/ G26 at the range today Not Impressed
  32. I finally joined the dark side and bought a Glock
  33. weak hand strength
  34. Anyone looking for Glocks?
  35. Comfortable IWB?
  36. Sig 2022 - prices gone up, still worth it?
  37. Does any one here carry a 25 acp.
  38. How can I tell if a gun is really "factory new"?
  39. Do you Carry an Extra Mag when CC?
  40. Bought another gun(s)....
  41. Two new ones will be in the house Saturday.
  42. Carry Packaged Shield
  43. My first concealed carry gun
  44. Stopped by ATEi and left with a much nicer trigger!
  45. Kahr PM 40 or CM 40
  46. Mags for beretta px4 compact
  47. Funds are limited...
  48. More Shields?
  49. What a Girl Wants.....
  50. Looking for the Brotherhood of Sig 239 Carriers.
  51. Glock 26 vs Nano question....
  52. SW40VE any feedback?
  53. I'm About to Lose One of My Carry Guns...
  54. Just bought my girlfriend a ruger lcp
  55. Hi End Pocket Carry- Snob Appeal or Worth The Cost?
  56. My new best (inanimate) friend!
  57. Thoughts on trigger kits for EDC gun
  58. Sold the PPS.
  59. Sig P226, what model would you get?
  60. Any guns like the Springfield XDS?
  61. Magnum Research 1911c
  62. CC - XD40SC or SR40C?
  63. Revolver or Semi-auto
  64. pf9
  65. Need some recomendations
  66. XDs Range Report: 5rd mag vs 5rd mag w/Pearce Extension vs 7rd mag
  67. Too Freaking awesome !!!!!
  68. For my 50th Birthday...going "bigger is better"
  69. Bodyguard
  70. Trijicon RMR on EDC guns?
  71. Bobbed the hammer on my SW 637
  72. XDs owners
  73. Got bit by the Sig bug...
  74. OK M&P gurus....
  75. Tiny semi-auto .22LR?
  76. Improvement made at the range today through training.
  77. New M&P9c. First trip to the range.
  78. What to buy? Need CC and .40 defense
  79. Need suggestions for a woman's concealed carry options?
  80. Glow-On Night sight paint review
  81. I have a dilemma...
  82. Revolver for CC for a woman?
  83. Opinions on these 3...
  84. M&P 45C- What a sweet shooting weapon
  85. Ruger SP 101
  86. Czechpoint revolvers
  87. What handgun should I buy next?
  88. CZ 83 browning 9 cal "380" Decent pistol???
  89. Got m&p40c is getting the full size worth it?
  90. Strange guns in the stores now...
  91. CZ 2013 Catalog/Buyer's Guide.
  92. Any PPK appraisers out there?
  93. Found some Glock 19 mags
  94. Thumbs up or down on this deal
  95. Colt M1991 A1 question
  96. Trying to send pic of XD9SC
  97. MGW Sight Tool for Glocks.
  98. Nickel finish on a carry gun...
  99. Should of stayed away.
  100. Beretta Nano.....
  101. How many rounds to prove reliable enough to CCW?
  102. Chopped & Barked M&P
  103. CM9 vs J-Frame/LCR for pocket carry
  104. Do people handle a gun differently when a manual safety is on?
  105. Beretta 3032 Tomcat
  106. Where can I get an SP101?
  107. New Purchase: Springfield XDM 9mm
  108. The snubbie saga: J-frame vs. K-frame vs. SP101
  109. Whats my Springfield Range Officer worth?
  110. 357 sig caliber pistols with single stack magazine
  111. Ruger LC9- What happened to pocket carry Of this pistol
  112. New "used" revolvers at gander
  113. CZ Custom Shop Pro-Tek.....Does anyone here own one?
  114. Got a Shield today!
  115. Heads up..... There is a slew of Ruger mags for the SR40C on ebay
  116. What do you call that thing.......?
  117. Beretta nano concealability. ???'s
  118. What's it worth? Ballpark figure... Bren Ten
  119. Gun show coming up next weekend, looking for first carry weapon
  120. The gun, the ammo or me?
  121. My Glock 19 became a Glock 23
  122. The Definitive "Rifle Versus Handgun" For Self-Defense Thread...
  123. Seeking feedback from Ruger SR9c owners
  124. Ok you Nano People read this-
  125. Heads UP! VERY Good Site: Answers Many Questions On Many Handguns:
  126. Polished/Whitened Guns
  127. New comfortable carry gun: Kahr CW9
  128. Any word on S&W upgrading the M&P compact's trigger
  129. Glock Gen 4 ?
  130. Appendix IWB 1911 Carry
  131. Bersa Thunder 380?
  132. LGS Burned Down Today
  133. Glock 19 - 17 Photos...
  134. Hk45 questions?
  135. S&W Shield question
  136. Sig Sauer P290rs---Opinions and Advice
  137. SIG p238 ftf
  138. Who knew SIG's would be so addicting
  139. Range report: Sigs!...P239, P229R, P220
  140. U.S. Revolver Company .32 five shot revolver
  141. Kahr CW45 or P45
  142. Crimson Trace
  143. Slide questions
  144. Beretta Nano, almost confident as carry piece...
  145. So this idiot walks into this gunshop....
  146. Taurus Really Outdid Itself Today
  147. New Shield Comes Home
  148. The 1911 sucks for SD
  149. Internal Locks
  150. archive
  151. Thinking about my first custom revolver, What do you think of Gemini Customs?
  152. .40 S&W the best choice right now?
  153. New Kimber Solo STS Review
  154. Good price for a Glock 23 these days?
  155. New Gun: Glock 19, possible carry perfection!
  156. 9mm as a CCW
  157. Pocket gun advice
  158. Taurus TCP sights problem
  159. Modified or custom carry guns?????
  160. What about a walther ppk as a CC
  161. Do you carry more than one pistol at a time?
  162. Glock 20SF
  163. Need help choosing a CC gun for my daughter
  164. Need Advice
  165. Carry Packaged Shield
  166. Does anyone own a Kahr P45?
  167. Will you remember how your local shop treated you?
  168. Questions about clearing firearm
  169. How does Sig p2022 compare to other Sigs?
  170. What Should I Carry?
  171. Smith & Wessons .45 acp Revolvers?
  172. Ridiculous offers for your defensive carry gun...
  173. My Buddy Just Picked Up A New Glock 26
  174. Worked over M&P9c
  175. Snubby help...down to these choices.
  176. Slide Issue on my New S&W Shield 9mm
  177. Choosing Sight Colors
  178. Carry mods for my SR40C.... with PICS :)
  179. new 1911's semi photo shoot
  180. Steyr CA1
  181. Baby Eagle II .40 Cal problems anyone else?
  182. any news on Beretta nano 8rd mag or extension kit?
  183. Limp wrist malfunctions with Glock pistols
  184. Pocket Gun recommendation P380(CW380) or CM9
  185. A Sig-oholic in the making?
  186. Best pocket gun bigger than .380
  187. Photos: Glock 27 vs PPS
  188. VINTAGE COLT 1911 Owners
  189. Pro gun, pro business state
  190. What is the Best 9 mm for me?
  191. Kahr PM9 (PM9094)
  192. Had to send my new M&P Compact back to S&W
  193. S&W model 66-1 combat .357 mag.
  194. Ketec p11 magazine rattle
  195. Suggestions on ccw 9mm subcompact (hammer not striker)
  196. New 50 gi
  197. HK USP 45c Trigger question
  198. Why does h&k not get much love?
  199. New "HEATER"
  200. Ruger LC9 or LC380 Problems fixed?
  201. Monochromatic CCO Build....Pics!!
  202. Rugers p series
  203. New to CCW and looking for suggestions
  204. USA Made Glock 19
  205. Thoughts on the Sig P250 or 2022
  206. Advice needed
  207. Stovepipe issue
  208. Ruger LC9
  209. Condition Orange Concealment
  210. Dan Wesson CTG satin finish, 4" barrel need a value
  211. Beretta Nano
  212. Picked my layaway up today.
  213. G19, G26, M&P9, M&P9c, Shield--lefty seeking advice to add to .38 Special
  214. new Para Ordinance 1911
  215. You would need to register this slingshot
  216. New custom grips from Sarge
  217. XS Big Dot and Sig Sauer P290RS
  218. Kahr CM40
  219. Glock 19 slide issue
  220. Front sight upgrade for Ruger LCR .38 Special
  221. Dorner's arsenal
  222. Night sights for Beretta Nano now in stock!
  223. Newish to the concealed carry world.
  224. CCW revolver hammerless 7+ rounds?
  225. Carrying while backpacking?
  226. Who carries revolvers and what?
  227. What are my chances?
  228. My new carry piece...
  229. The ones that got away...
  230. Guns I wished I never owned.
  231. Help with ruger Mark 1!!!!!!
  232. SIG 229-1 9mm mags in stock
  233. Tell me about the Shield
  234. Installed Ghost trigger connector on my Glock
  235. Kel Tec .380 Mag
  236. Glock grip texturing
  237. Multiple caliber barrels for a single gun?
  238. New to revolvers, .357 question(s)
  239. Trying to Decide on Which 1911
  240. How things have changed on the past 20 years
  241. Range Report: Glock 36
  242. Pocket 9mm for a southpaw
  243. Cz p07
  244. My first 1911 (Kimber Compact CDP). Holster and other suggestions???
  245. Sights for Ruger SR40C
  246. Which .45acp to get?
  247. Show and Tell: Glock 36
  248. Carried A New Weapon Today!
  249. Good advice for glock gen3 grip
  250. Pocket gun