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  1. Traded my Kahr PM9 against an XDs (and a question)
  2. Help identifying this pistol
  3. To Bob or Not To Bob
  4. Glock Has Sold Me The Last Glock I Will Ever Purchase :(
  5. 1911 is having surgery
  6. lcp vs kahr p380
  7. My Brother is Better Than Your Brother
  8. Colt Delta Elite
  9. Wilson combat x tac compact came in today Wilson cqb is taking a break!
  10. Leap of faith, bought a Kahr CM9
  11. Bowie Tactical M&P9c Range Report
  12. Which to choose?
  13. Ordered P938!
  14. Did it again very custom 1911
  15. If you carry a 4" 1911, you probably should read this...
  16. My new carry gun :D
  17. Pocket carry gun recommendations.
  18. Even the guys in the gun shop where drooling! BTC M&P9c Awesomeness!
  19. Sig P220
  20. 19 with some work
  21. Idea's for a backup weapon?
  22. Shield just came in
  23. Guys and gals, it's about THAT time.
  24. Bad Hands and FN FIVE-SEVEN?
  25. Reworked Officer lots of Pics!
  26. How to fix a broken Ruger LCP takedown pin
  27. Confused myself
  28. SIG Sauer P250 Grip, old vs. new
  29. 642/442 vs. 640
  30. Kimber Ultra Carry II 9mm or Kimber Ultra Aegis II 9mm
  31. Talon Grips on XD-S
  32. New ArmaLaser TR1 Touch-Reflex Laser Review
  33. A good trip to the range
  34. Carry gun for my wife.
  35. Kahr CW9, 10th round catastrophic frame failure
  36. M&P Shield Sight Alignment
  37. Para Carry 9 LDA Handgun - Experience, Thoughts?
  38. taurus poly 357
  39. Walther PPS and Navy SEALs
  40. Problems with S&W Shields?
  42. Glock 27 Gen 2.5
  43. Sig P238 vs. Walther PPK
  44. 1911 safety a problem?
  45. New firearms for 2013 (S&W and SIG)
  46. So what are you wearing to church this morning?
  47. Made a few improvements to my pistol
  48. Down to only three handguns.
  49. Next gun will be a revolver!
  50. Took the Wife and new SR9C to the range. Which is broken. LOL
  51. Glock 27 question
  52. Sig P938
  53. To sell, or not to sell?
  54. M&P stock trigger?
  55. Why, oh why do I tease Myself?!
  56. xds finally
  57. ? for all you glock fans...
  58. USA GLOCK 19 Factory Boron Slide
  59. Some respect for the .22 as a defensive weapon????
  60. Regent r350cr 1911 anyone
  61. Glock 27 Failures, OVER and OVER and OVER (and then I got it fixed)
  62. Need a set of good night sights and match grade trigger for 1911
  63. Is the "Feel" of a handgun over rated?
  64. Choppy Chop
  65. M&P Shield 9mm
  66. M&P Shield 9mm
  67. I think my Walther P99 may have gone full auto today !
  68. What's the Polymer pistol in .40 with less recoil?
  69. Range report on XD-M's
  70. Caliber vs Capacity which do you prefer if 2 guns are similar in size ???>>>>>>>
  71. Advice on First Pistol for Concealed Carry
  72. Problem with RIA 1911
  73. Potential problem or just needs to be worked in?
  74. Help with suggestions for my wife's concealed carry...
  75. 357 LCR questions...
  76. Bought my first Sig today ( election day 2012 )
  77. Question for those who have the S&W 442 Moon Clip (Pro)
  78. 1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?
  79. My new "beater gun"
  80. .22 Double Action Revolvers! I need some guidance!
  81. That time of the month for me... SD drills with CC M&P.
  82. Walther/S&W Customer Service For PPS 9
  83. A training dilemma- which gun to take
  84. XS Big Dot Sights...
  85. 9MM to 357Sig conversion...???
  86. Range Report: Brand new SR9c and Bodyguard 380
  87. Ever realize your favorite gun is not the best gun for you?
  88. S&W Shield Availability?
  89. Interesting pistol: Star Model B
  90. Considering RIA 1911 Compact
  91. Purple Gun? Where?
  92. So I "Pulled The Trigger"
  93. Firearms are addictive
  94. Heading to a gun showing next month! need some help
  95. Glock 26 or 27
  96. Cost of losing in a shooting?
  97. Springfield XD-S
  98. Charter arms .44 special
  99. Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)
  100. I want another carry gun!!!
  101. Looking for grips for a Smith and Wesson Model 60
  102. Joined the Glock Fanboy Club Today (finally)
  103. How Reliable is Reliable Enough?
  104. New carry piece
  105. Woo hoo just got my first revolver! S&W 642.
  106. Why is the J frame superior to the Shield for pocket carry
  107. Getting n odd feeling.... This is going to get expensive....
  108. S&W Shield Available in NC
  109. Ruger is making me pay for shipping for broken LCR...
  110. Yeah, Sig...they reworked the whole gun...P238
  111. "I hate glocks" video breakdown
  112. So...are the H&K's really worth that much more?
  113. What do the instructors carry?
  114. Glock trigger
  115. Just got back from my LGS with new M & P Shield 9mm and..!
  116. Crimson Trace Grips or Laserguard
  117. Should I buy a new carry gun or buy an AR15?
  118. XD(m)
  119. Trading M&P9C for Glock 27
  120. Now accepting donations....
  121. Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...
  122. Hello Darkside!
  123. Hope the Shield is as good as I've heard.
  124. M&P 9 Issues, Thoughts, Help (maybe)
  125. Those with Glock 36 Night Sights
  126. VZ Grips on a J-Frame
  127. Help an older woman select a gun
  128. Glock 19 test with Zev-Tech V4 connector.
  129. Should I trade in my Jframe for a Shield?
  130. Photos of my daily carry
  131. New 357mag Revolver
  132. Handgun for Mom
  133. Nation Wide Firearms and Shooting Accessories Co-op? Do you think it could work?
  134. Am I giving it away?
  135. Finally, a good pic of my Dan's
  136. Eating Some Crow
  137. Glock 30 vs 30sf
  138. Warning: stay away from the M&P Shield
  139. SW Bodyguard info........
  140. Helping my Brother-in-Law
  141. The M&P Shield: Hard to find?
  142. Almost to the Dark Side!
  143. Back pocket carry question
  144. Walther P99, input please
  145. Most robust 9mm single stack?
  146. If you carry a Glock.....
  147. 1911 Malfunction Question
  148. SIG 220 Elite Dark holster question
  149. My Carry Rig
  150. Another M&P vs Glock Question
  151. Talk to me about the Nano.
  152. Sig Sauer 1911
  153. Replacement for LCP
  154. New project, personal gun.
  155. Had Some Fun Renting Guns!
  156. Ruger Wiley Clapp GP 100
  157. Is a doctor in the house? I think I am sick someone save me
  158. I've finally arrived ... at one gun
  159. Exploring My Options
  160. Do you carry spare magazines/ammo for your backup gun?
  161. Any HK 45C users here?
  162. On a mouse gun kick
  163. Taurus 941 Ultra-lite 22 magnum revolver
  164. Caracal Pistol Recall
  165. What do you think of Sig Sauer?
  166. Range report: Taurus TCP .380
  167. I decided: Glock is definitely my go-to/SHTF gun. Then I do this with my Kimber 1911s
  168. 649 owners?
  169. Interesting Conversation With A Glock Armorer
  170. Paint for red safety dot
  171. Help me pick a gun for a shoulder holster/pocket carry...double duty.
  172. sig 2022 a little too big to carry, looking for alternatives
  173. Pincus and the BEC 26L
  174. Questions for S&W 638 owners (and similar)
  175. Plans sure can change in the gun store.
  176. How much more reliable have your revolvers been than your semi-autos?
  177. Just got my PPS today!!
  178. Sweet deal on a 6904 - PICS
  179. Help with Sig P238 recoil spring...yikes
  180. Anyone CC an S&W Sigma?
  181. Rogers Precision Colt Lwt Commander - PICS
  182. Have you ever purchased a gun without shooting it first?
  183. Need help with this question
  184. s&w airweight
  185. SIG 220 E2 grips
  186. I love my PPQ, but...
  187. WASR 10/63 Thoughts
  188. XD-S in Slow Motion
  189. i have been doing it wrong
  190. XDS opinions
  191. two guns
  192. Believe I want a little gun.
  193. pocket carry
  194. at a loss for words...
  195. 100 rounds through XDM .45 Compact
  196. Saw a Glock 26 for the first time today...
  197. Would appreciate any current feedback on Kahr CW9
  198. My new rotation
  199. s&w sd9ve and sd40ve
  200. What to get my wife
  201. S&w m&p 40 thumb safety
  202. think i may sell my sti vip ...
  203. Smith and Wesson 442
  204. Pick a duty gun
  205. My new carry gun
  206. Trigger Advice for First Handgun?
  207. Replacing XD40 for something easier to conceal--open to any suggestions
  208. Need sub $400 handgun suggestions please.
  209. Glock Gen 4 sights
  210. Custom Glock 26L- Lots of Pics!
  211. My New One: a Biggie:
  212. Deleted: Double Post
  213. Looking at my carry options, need some opinions please!
  214. Rossi?
  215. Note to self, leave the ATM card when going to a Gunshow!
  216. The Ultimate Backpacking / Hiking Hand Gun!
  217. best ultra concealable pistol for self defence
  218. Are lasers worth it?
  219. M&P Compact Owners, do you like the pinky extender mag?
  220. Shopping early for the holidays!
  221. Update, Bersa Thunder CC 380
  222. Ruger's new smaller 1911 ... How much longer
  223. Making a smith 940.
  224. Tried something new today
  225. Single Stack 9mm is gone, LCR 357 and a Glock G26 Gen4 are next carry guns.
  226. Just fell in my lap..!!!
  227. Options?
  228. New addition to Ruger family.
  229. LCP .380 Jams
  230. Kahr CW 40
  231. glock 22/23/27 .357 conversion
  232. How big is too small?
  233. Steel frame 9mm
  234. New Carry Piece
  235. Shield & Apex Tactical Duty/Carry kit
  236. Ruger LCP?
  237. Sig P226 E2 grip upgrade.
  238. Making your own gun?
  239. P238 recoil spring updated?
  240. Trigger Upgrade on S & W Airweight
  241. Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II
  242. Commiting to a platform
  243. Glock 17 or 19
  244. how do you all feel about the sti ranger 9mm
  245. Glock gen 4 experiences - especially problems with the 9mm series....
  246. Oops. Change of plan.
  247. My new addition.
  248. Another 1911 for the collection, Desert Eagle C
  249. Small 357sig
  250. Best gun for under $200??