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  1. What is the first thing you do after buying a new pistol?
  2. Decocker / safety or not
  3. Firestar m40
  4. Sig p238 - any owners out there?
  5. M&P 10mm
  6. Local range only allows TMJ
  7. Just got an M&P9... Discouraging and disappointing so far.
  8. I think I have had an outstanding year.
  9. Saving for a new carry .45
  10. Glock Gen 4 Kaboom
  11. The issue with my new Sig P226R SRT - problem identified and fixed - video post 34
  12. Great day at the range.
  13. SP101 Questions
  14. Do you use your sights?
  15. P3AT Problem Solved!
  16. 1911 vs. GLock
  17. The Cash Register--Where Hypocrisy and Ideals Collide
  18. Guess it was a snubbie kind of day
  19. My totally unplanned purchase today...a gift to myself!
  20. I shot a dozen SCCYs, with a case of free ammo, and it changed my mind.
  21. Buying a Walther PPS 9mm tomorrow - Help - 2010 BA or 2011 BB ?.
  22. Kel-tec p11 ... Accuracy?
  23. Just when I think I've settled into a Sig SRT, I shoot a Sig DAK...
  24. Heizer Firearms...a new player on the market
  25. Using Valvoline grease for gun lube?
  26. Slim DA/SA 9mm
  27. New LCR 357 Magnum!! Possible front sight switch?
  28. XDm 45acp 3.8 Compact EDC - Night sights?
  29. Merry Christmas To Me! Used S&W 649 (New To Me)
  30. Are luminescent sights a best kept secret...
  31. Modified Weapons and Civil or Criminal Defense
  32. Just got a brand new Glock 19 (bunch of pictures) !
  33. $1000 Approved Budget - Here are the parameters:
  34. Raven Arms .25 vs .38/.357 Advice
  35. Beretta Nano Range Report (first 440 rounds)
  36. CW9 or CW45 Help me pick
  37. I CAN'T DO IT(YET)....change the grips on my SP101 that is !
  38. Put 120 rounds thru my LC9 - Flawless so far!
  39. Old S&W info?
  40. On a semi-auto, does anybody put their off-hand finger over the trigger guard?
  41. Little bit of an issue with the P226R and the Viridian C5L & X5L laser/light combos
  42. Defensive Carry Rotation...
  43. lcr?
  44. PARA staggered mag 1911(ish)
  45. Kahr CM9 Range Report
  46. How do you load your mags for defensive carry ?
  47. Saw a Solo
  48. Semi-auto power loss
  49. CDNN. Anyone do business with them before?
  50. SIG 226 Stainless Elite (you guys are a bad influence)
  51. Sig P290 9mm
  52. Added one more.
  53. Day at the range.
  54. Honest I didn't mean to.
  55. Kel-tec assembly: Help!
  56. new Ruger LCR .22
  57. STI vs. PARA
  58. Lets see your Snubbie's for CCW
  59. M&P360
  60. Got my Model 10 from Bud's!
  61. Just added the M&P40c to the collection.
  62. What pistol has the highest standard capacity in .45ACP?
  63. Walther PPS 40 - at the range.
  64. Ruger LCP or S&W Bodygaurd?
  65. Hogue grip hybrid sleeve for Ruger LCP. Review with pics.
  66. Any accidental discharge of a 1911? Or any other type of firearm?
  67. Everyone still happy with their RIA 1911's. Don't see as many as I did
  68. Berretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm or M&P Compact 9mm?
  69. Should I trade my g19 for a CZ 75 Compact (steel frame)?
  70. S&W model 10 self defense ammo
  71. Need ideas on what product to use
  72. Taurus strikes again !!! >>>>>>>
  73. narrowed it down to two, narrow it to one?
  74. Para P12 45acp
  75. LCP vs. LC9 - why ?
  76. .38 special felt recoil
  77. Any Experience Out There w/ Kahr P45 or Taurus PT145
  78. Does this make sense to anyone?
  79. Where to buy extra Kahr magazines?
  80. Orange 'stopper' in new gun?
  81. SP101 advice
  82. M&P 40c or M&P 9c
  83. First timer CCW: Glock 26 or HK P2000sk?
  84. .32ACP in a .327 Magnum??
  85. Possible surplus of Kahr K9's in the future ???????>>>>>>
  86. Question for other Glock owners (G30 vs G27)
  87. What do you look for in a defensive handgun?
  88. Just ordered a S&W model 10
  89. Ammo question for my new CM9
  90. PF-9, Ammunition Not Discharging
  91. Picked up a new LC9 today
  92. CZ trouble
  93. Little bit of amateur work on my Bersa UC9
  94. Carry a spare mag, BUG or both?
  95. Beating the Thunder .380
  96. Kind of a sidebar to my laser sight efforts and ongoing eval
  97. Cold temperature comparison of a red and green laser -27
  98. Glock 10mm, Opinions? Anybody Own One?
  99. One Year with the S&W 642 SNUBBIE!
  100. CW9 range report, pics
  101. I'm thinking Kimber over Kahr
  102. Disposal of dud bullets
  103. My EMP 40 is the most awesome 3'' 1911. Over 250 rounds fired + chrono results.
  104. 5 Star Speedloader/Ruger LCR
  105. Taurus 24/7 G2 .40S&W $290
  106. Expectations from customer service departments?
  107. Night Sights for PM9
  108. Looking at Dan Wesson CCO Bobtail
  109. POOR Service from Ruger!!!
  110. What am I missing???
  111. J frame or Beretta
  112. Considering a Sig 1911 C3
  113. Kahr arms
  114. I've decided to go with the CZ75 but before I buy some ? regarding caliber and models
  115. What do you guys think of the Star PD 45?
  116. How many??
  117. Available Upgrades for Walther PPS 9MM
  118. Glock spring/rod assembly
  119. Ruger SR40c...general comments please
  120. CZ P-01 vs P-02 (Omega) vs 75D
  121. N-frame if i could have only one
  122. Youngest son just came home with his own christmas present
  123. M&P9c vs G19 gen4... Value
  124. Keltec customer services ,Sucks!!
  125. Love those Kahrs
  126. Taurus Millenium 9mm
  127. She Had A Girlfriend.......
  128. Sorry Kimber Haters - Kimber Solo: 300 perfect rounds!
  129. S&W model 4506?
  130. Everything I thought about laser sights is wrong - pretty shooting pics- update #29
  131. If you were to pick one?
  132. looking for small 9mm
  133. Ain't She Sweet............
  134. Do "extras" increase value of a used gun
  135. Kahr CM40
  136. Lets See Your Current Favorite Gun (That You Own)
  137. Should I....S&W MP9 w/ CT Grips
  138. Trijicon RMR & Laser Sights
  139. .380 Showdown: LCP vs BG 380 vs P3AT???
  140. Colt Wiley Clapp LW Commander
  141. Springfield 1911 issues (Jamming)
  142. Found a nice little Colt to carry
  143. Kahr K9
  144. Almost traded my M&P for a Sig p229......mistake?
  145. Large, steel frame, reliable 9mm with a 5" barrel.... CZ 75?
  146. Glock 20 10MM what would it take to make it a HUNTER?
  147. New carry gun.
  148. Kahr Owners Unite! What'cha Got?
  149. Hey you! What gun did you buy TODAY?
  150. Any lefties with a J-Frame and laser - does it work?
  151. Range Report P239
  152. Kahr PM9 or Ruger SR9C?
  153. PX 4 Storm .45 Beretta--Where's the Love?
  154. My Thoughts on a new 1911 acquisition!
  155. Beretta Nano VS Kahr CM 9
  156. Think i have a new obsession!
  157. Is the writing on the wall for Steyr...again?
  158. Seeking a new 45, parameters below, please advise and comment
  159. No wonder my Springfield XD9SC felt so big compared to other subcompacts
  160. S&W M&P 40FS/40c who has one and what do you think?
  161. Range Report - New Glock 36. (My new favorite gun?)
  162. Looking for a pistol for my wife to CCW with.
  163. Anybody carry a SA lightweight Champion Operator?
  164. What's the deal with Taurus handguns?
  165. Any suggestions for pistols I can add to my "maybe list"
  166. New Gun for the Wifey!
  167. Gettin' Another "Mousegun" (???)
  168. Glock 19 RTF Gen 3
  169. S&w 60-14 .357
  170. Pics P239 SAS/DAK
  171. looking at a Walther
  172. First Range day with SR40c (tad longish)
  173. Can't Find a CZ P01 For Sale Anywhere?
  174. Disassembly of Glock: What am I doing wrong???
  175. Reports on the Beretta Nano are coming in... welcome to reality.
  176. New carry gun ?
  177. Smallest, "Best", Concealable Weapon?
  178. New .45 for my Better Half?
  179. DB380 bought from Academy: disasterous first outing
  180. Diamondback
  181. Non Carry Guns that you love owning
  182. Show me your painted sights
  183. Stupid question but I must have missed someting.
  184. Kahr CM9 and CW9 trigger reviews needed
  185. Need help with decision!!??
  186. small carry conceal handguns. 9mm or .380 , Why you carry one over the other ?
  187. Why the Beretta "hate"?
  188. Only a one year warranty on Beretta's?
  189. Opinions on Beretta's PX 4 Storm .45?
  190. XDM 45 3.8 Compact Anybody have one and do you like it?
  191. Yet another reason I love my wife. (Yes, you will be jealous)
  192. Glock 17 sights for Carry and Competition?
  193. Help! I think I killed my new gun (kimber)
  194. Got me new XD 9MM
  195. Berreta M9 vs 92fs
  196. Kahr CM9 Trigger?
  197. New Glock 23C
  198. Financial Collapse or Natural Disaster Pick Your Handgun Caliber and What Gun!
  199. Am I doing anything wrong by dryfiring my m&p compact to dissassmble it?
  200. dry firing Ruger SR9 without magazine
  201. .50GI DA/SA Pistols
  202. Ruger LCP Talo Gold Deluxe Edition Questions
  203. 1911 failure to extract what to check
  204. I'm finally convinced - Glocks are the safest guns on the market.
  205. Santa came early...........Almost feel bad about the trade....
  206. I don't want an LCP again, help me out please.
  207. Walther PPS 9mm.(Honest honey, it just followed me home!)
  208. Decision help please. .45acp compact: XD v XDm
  209. CZ 75 CompactTtwo Tone
  210. S&W 627 357mag is it worth the money over the 686?
  211. is the Gen 4 Glock Spring issue blown out of proportion?
  212. Recoil VS. New Rod/Spring
  213. Saturday night special
  214. 9mm in 1911 platform?
  215. Debating between Glock and Steyr
  216. What's on your CCL? (Christmas Concealed List)
  217. GLOCK Accidental Discharge?
  218. NEW GUN! RIA 22 TCM, a .223 on a necked down 9mm case in a 1911 package, 2100 FPS
  219. Added a BP9cc to the rotation today
  220. New Sig P938 9mm coming soon !!!! >>>>>>>
  221. can someone give me the Cliff notes of Ruger LCP reviews
  222. Seriously considering a Beretta 92fs
  223. Seek and Ye shall find. Super Carry Pro HD
  224. Anything bad to say about these three guns.
  225. Let me introduce my 'new to me' Kahr MK9!
  226. Trigger pull difference between K9/MK9 and the Elite Version of the K9/MK9?
  227. Close to buying a 45 for carry, would like input
  228. Really wanted a KAHR CM or PM9.... Now going with Colt Mustang
  229. The replacement
  230. Found it!
  231. Bersa BP 9CC Finally Arrives in U.S.
  232. PM9 sent in for repair
  233. I got "made" yesterday
  234. Vtac S&W
  235. My new (to me) GP100.
  237. How many guys here like the Third Generation S&W Auto's
  238. When was HK psp made
  239. L. Vickers Shoots 10mm Glock 20 & Hits Target @ 250 Yds.!
  240. Any clue what model this is
  241. New J-frame.
  242. Is your House Gun the same as your Carry Gun?
  243. Had to bring it home early...
  244. s&w 9mm, hitting low 2 handed, on target 1 handed
  245. Advice on having a grip reduction on my Glock???
  246. Looking for a new Pistol
  247. Glock knuckle
  248. S&W J-Frame Owners - Anyone ever put the lock back in?
  249. New gun on the way
  250. Beretta Nano