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  1. two failures to properly chamber
  2. I think a used pistol just spoke to me.
  3. Thinking about another gun.
  4. Transitioning from a full size to something more...comfortable
  5. Pocket Carry advice for restaurant owner
  6. Help me decide 1911 or p229
  7. give it a second go
  8. Would like suggestions for a tiny, lightweight .22LR for kayak carry
  9. .357 Sig 1911
  10. Glock 29 Trigger question ?
  11. Why deviate from successful formula?
  12. Went to the gun store and a Les Baer followed me home
  13. My first DIY gun modification
  14. First Post, First Gun, First Question.
  15. A review of some popular pistols
  16. Range time with the P320
  17. Got to shoot my 1911 a few times
  18. S&W M&P .380 First 11 shots: 7 yd.s
  19. Decided to keep the .380
  20. Is there a CC pistol that shoots 38 special ammo?
  21. The Official NAA Revolver Thread
  22. Safety levers on the Ruger SR9c
  23. Took my new pocket carry (Beretta Pico) to the range today
  24. Hornady Critical Duty vs Critical Defense
  25. The 2 kinds of pocket carry guns
  26. More cuteness, my Sidewinder arrived
  27. Sweaty after work gun
  28. Shooting Innovations Recoil Reduction System
  29. Beaver tail grip on Glock G19 Gen4
  30. Shield magazines really stiff?
  31. need advice first 1911
  32. Larger 380 ACP pistol
  33. Summer Carry Gun Decsion
  34. Dads Smith gets new grips
  35. Anything new about the Sig P225 re-release?
  36. Beretta 84/86 .380's
  37. Chart of various pistols shown by actual carry weight (loaded w/holster)
  38. How reliable are 9mm conversion barrels?
  39. Shoot steel????
  40. Handled new Ruger Redhawk 45acp/Colt revolver-- thumbs up
  41. Added another 45 auto to the pack for CCW
  42. Racking the slide
  43. Anythign new inthe 357sig world?
  44. Few M&P's .. Pics
  45. ccw firearm
  46. Thinking about getting another carry pistol
  47. Summer Carry Glock 39, or other .45 GAP Pistols?
  48. Glock 19/23/32 the 40 S&W Glock 23 finally gets a thread
  49. Anyone carry a Sig P227 carry SAS model?
  50. Shooting one type of gun has advantages
  51. Springfield EMP
  52. Glow-On Super Phosphorescent paint
  53. The Trouble With A Multiple Gun Carry Rotation
  54. First time at the range with new Ruger LCR .22WMR
  55. Finally!
  56. Look what followed me home from the LGS
  57. Made a mistake at the range today
  58. G17 Carry Config... Pics!
  59. S&W MP Shield 9mm 10 Round Magazine
  60. Where did you find your blued 357 mag?
  61. Sig P320 Compact Coming my way...
  62. NAA Black Widow .22 Magnum
  63. Slogging through the choices at the rental counter
  64. Best for Carry? P250 vs P320
  65. New NAA
  66. Glock 43 No More!
  67. shield over kahr cm9
  68. NEA Caspian Build.... Pic Heavy!
  69. The dreaded TCP .380
  70. M&P Refurb Done RIGHT!
  71. Sig P320
  72. Any experience with Dan Wesson Pointman Minor?
  73. I drank the Kool Aid/Another Glock 43 Range Report
  74. CCW Gun
  75. Sig releasing 10mm 1911 Tacops
  76. Which ones do I travel with?
  77. Range day: Something old, something new...
  78. Finally Got My Revolver Back
  79. Finally Picked Up a 226
  80. Shooting a Walther PPQ
  81. Carry guns, Glocks and gimmicks
  82. What you don't know...
  83. Should I trade in my .380 for a 9mm? need help!
  84. Good sighting in distance?
  85. First Glock!
  86. XDS 45C or SR45C.
  87. Thoughts on SA LW Champion Range officer
  88. Mass. Compliant beretta 92 compact?
  89. Tell me about your compact 1911
  90. New Sig 220!
  91. Thoughts on Sig P320?
  92. Grabagun - Mustang XSP
  93. What gun for $500-$550 budget?
  94. NRA day at the ISRA range
  95. Just Got A STEEL of A Deal!!!
  96. Anyone carry a M627 S&W?
  97. Nobody carries those things anymore...
  98. Help Needed w/ KT P32!!
  99. Model 36 flat latch with pinned barrel
  100. I think there's a problem with my wife's G42
  101. G43 range report - yes, another one
  102. Fullsize 1911 carry? ya?
  103. Held a G43 today...
  104. well she picked one out.
  105. Thinking about an SRc
  106. Xd40 4in vs 5in
  107. pocket .380 suggestions
  108. Watch a female sharpshooter take out a target from 200 yards away - with a pistol
  109. Best concealed carry handguns
  110. So who's gotten to play with the HK p30SK?
  111. Walther PPK .380ACP for conceal carry
  112. Picked up an overlooked 9mm
  113. New gun today!
  114. CZ PCR or Glock 23?
  115. Diamondback DB380
  116. Another single stack 9mm thread
  117. Range Review On Shield 9mm
  118. Better to go with 9mm that is not so sensitive to ammo type or brand?
  119. Completely Torn, newbie needs some help!
  120. First defensive carry/Sig vs. Taurus M92
  121. Hk p30sk
  122. 45ACP Redhawk to be Released by Ruger
  123. So.... how many rounds before you trust your EDC?
  124. Made a heck of a trade yesterday!
  125. Walther PPS
  126. Kahr Gen 2 Pistols... Worth it?
  127. FNS Compact
  128. Give your thoughts/experiences...
  129. Ruger SR9C with ghost trigger kit...
  130. Really starting to like my TCP...
  131. The Signess Strikes...yet again!
  132. New Snubby and EDC Rig
  133. Wife's Springfield XD 9 is back and blinged
  134. Temptation. I somehow overcame it.
  135. S&W M&P R8 or 627 V-Comp? Got experience to share?
  136. Doublestar 1911..Pics..
  137. G26 with Agency Arms mods.
  138. Boberg XR9S
  139. Colt Bankrupt?
  140. Used revolver for carry - what sort of function check or safety inspection needed?
  141. Little man in a big coat.....
  142. Any advice about the Kimber Micro
  143. Thinking of buying a safe queen, should I do it? or save the $$$$ for something else
  144. Rotation? Trigger mods? Why bother ...
  145. Bucking the Trend (For Now?)
  146. Well I got back one I traded off.
  147. Colt Mustang Pocketlite
  148. Need feedback: Sig P229 Stainless Elite .40
  149. Pocket carry BUG
  150. SIG P938 - flat grip panels vs. Hogue Rubber grips
  151. Is this a good enough excuse?
  152. Another P32 in da house
  153. S&W model 10
  154. M&P 45 or 45C
  155. Introducing the Glock 92F
  156. Buying a Sig P290RS tomorrow.Who else has one?
  157. Glock 43 mag catch issue.
  158. My survey
  159. Does anyone have a picture of the front night sight of an FN FNS 9c???
  160. Will we need more than two rounds to defend ourselves in 99% of the CC situations?
  161. Single stack 9mm, which one?
  162. There I was, waiting for over an hour for PICS to go through
  163. Diagnosing single stack mag problems...
  164. lc9s
  165. Why is 9mm so much easier to shoot accurately than 45 ACP & 40 S&W?
  166. Big man in a little coat.......
  167. Carried a G43 around today
  168. Trying to decide on which M&P 9 to get.. Help!
  169. Are there issues with 22's or was he just trying to sell what he wanted to sell
  170. Glock 29 SF with a few mods
  171. My New Sig P238!
  172. Confidence in the G42 is restored
  173. Pawn shop find: Smith 5906
  174. Lightweight Commander 6-6-15
  175. I like: Glock G21 out of the box acceptable accuracy and functionality
  176. Glock 42 Range Day
  177. Well, that didn't pan out....
  178. Kahr CM9 VS LC9mm
  179. The Eagle has landed! HK VP40 now available!
  180. Springfield Armory Customer Service = Maytag Repair Man
  181. What's on your hip (or in your pocket) today?
  182. Modest Tone Commander ...Pics!
  183. Getting ready for a new CCW
  184. Need Info About An Old S&W Model 15
  185. Just another G43 thread..
  186. What to do with my Taurus PT-58 S?
  187. Sig P225 Single Stack 9mm is coming back!
  188. HK VP9 & Walther PPQ
  189. How I talked myself out of a G43...
  190. My Taurus 380 Mini Revolver deemed Unsafe
  191. American Derringer Virus on site?
  192. do LCRs have internal locks?
  193. Gun wardrobe, which one to cut from the permit?
  194. Empty chamber under hammer
  195. 40sw, my unpopular move
  196. Money spent, order placed, thanks for the votes
  197. Vacation me pick two.
  198. Anyone ever shoot a j-frame concealed from a coat pocket?
  199. Trying to Decide on a .380?
  200. Sig P238 - range and carry ammo recommendations?
  201. Got a BUG?
  202. Got to hold a G43 and an LC9s Pro yesterday
  203. Shield - Unplanned magazine release
  204. A BUG for my BUG
  205. NAA 22lr mini revolver
  206. My EDC has a little class now....
  207. Replaced my G23 with an M&P......
  208. Range report: Springer XD40 subcompact
  209. Got a BUG, but...
  210. Anyone using the Beretta Nano steel sticker rod
  211. Convincing friend to get quality
  212. Would like input on my choice.
  213. Call it, gentlemen
  214. Sig P238 - Nitron or Rosewood?
  215. Which Snubby: Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp or S&W 640 Pro?
  216. Using Glock sights correctly
  217. Went to buy a 26 and came home with a 43 instead!
  218. Astra A70 vs Sig 938?
  219. Opinions on seasonal carry rotation.
  220. LC9s next obsession for some reason
  221. The Sig 1911 C3 is a keeper!
  222. Summer Carry Derringer?
  223. 9 mm Revolvers and crimp jump
  224. Pocket vs IWB
  225. P938 light strikes
  226. Glock .25 cent trigger job
  227. G43 vs lc9s
  228. Glock 43 I don't like list
  229. Damn you CZ
  230. The PPK stands relieved of duty...
  231. LCP Owners - Read this - upgraded takedown pin
  232. Went to the pawn shop today...
  233. RM 380 Kinda looking forward to this one
  234. Know your gun when you buy Online!
  235. DB9 mag needed
  236. P30 inbound
  237. Opinions Wanted: "Professional-issue" guns vs. "civilian guns"
  238. Spin The Wheel.
  239. Hk p30sk
  240. Ruger LCR 9mm Luger revolver - experiences?
  241. Made a Big Mistake Today with my New S&W 340PD
  242. New Sig M11A1 :)
  243. Who has an HK USP 45? Either compact or full size
  244. Would you buy a used Kimber Solo?
  245. Ejection question - PT1911SS
  246. 1911 - DOUBLE BARRELED - Jerry Miculek
  247. Tough decision with HK45c
  248. Bug Out Bag Idea for Gun?
  249. Nickel/Stainless Sig P938
  250. Colt Government Model - DAO???!!!