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: Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options

  1. ? for carrying women
  2. 1.25" dress clips
  3. Choosing a new Nelson
  4. AIWB: Combined or seperate Mag & gun holster
  5. Vedder LightTuck vs RapidTuck
  6. Rotator cuff
  7. Need help: Owners of Charter Bulldog, S&W K Models and Ruger SP101
  8. G&G Holster thoughts?
  9. Drop Leg Holsters (for the OC people only)
  10. Need help finding the right Conceal holster
  11. My New Bigfoot Belt
  12. Taurus 605 Holster
  13. Alessi Gun Holsters
  14. On your 6 designs
  15. New TT Gunleather Holster
  16. P227 holster options
  17. Advice for a Good CCW Holster
  18. Bib-Overall Options needed
  19. Colt M45A1 Marine 1911
  20. Heavy-Duty Carry Rig for a Heavy Hand Gun
  21. Aliengear 3.0 for revolvers
  22. Kore Essentials Trakline Belt
  23. Holster for springfield xd9,
  24. 9mm double stack single mag pouch
  25. Bianchi Model 100 Professional holster
  26. Quick Note on Stealthgear Mini IWB
  27. Sidecar or Eidolon
  28. Got a Steyr, found two types of holsters fitting laser/lights, what do you think?
  29. Someone point me in the direction of a good gun belt.
  30. Ruger LC9S OSW holster
  31. Shoot Through Pocket Holsters?
  32. P250 SC questions
  33. Can't believe how comfortable AIWB is!
  34. IWB carry grip not laying flat against my back.
  35. "Brave Response Holster" I'm tempted...
  36. Nelson OWB Holster?
  37. New Tueller holster
  38. Closed vs. Open holster
  39. Slim level 2 holster?
  40. JM Kydex Showing the claw.
  41. JM Kydex AWIB
  42. Perhaps the rarest Bianchi production holster
  43. StealthGear IWB Road Test
  44. 600 miles - 8 carry holsters - behind the wheel road test
  45. Trigger Holster with Light/Laser?
  46. Best Wallet Holsters for S&W Bodyguard 380?
  47. Hoot, Hoot...
  48. Kramer Horsehide Belt Scabbard, 1911 Commander
  49. My experiences from my first week of carrying
  50. Pocket Holster Options for Nano
  51. Revolver appendix holster that's narrow at the barrel end
  52. Weak side pocket carry?
  53. IWB for active life
  54. Life with an ankle holster
  55. Shoulder Holsters - Yey or Nay?
  56. Fat Folk belly band??
  57. Holster for serious yard work
  58. Easiest On Off, Yet Comfortable IWB Holster
  59. Kimber Tac Cust 2 holster
  60. IWB Holster for Dan Wesson Model 15
  61. Looking for a custom contoured & tapered gun belt
  62. Shield Holster
  63. Better than a fanny pack
  64. ZLOGONJE Holster-Fail
  65. Ladies without belts, holster ideas?
  66. Review: Black Arch Protos-M box set... its here !!!
  67. Pocket Carrying the Shield and Similar-Sized Pistols
  68. Fitment of Holster
  69. How many mags do you carry?
  70. IWB sweat guard
  71. Conceal Carry Holsters Info
  72. OWB for M&P shield
  73. Kydex holster for modular panel carry - need molle or velcro attachment
  74. New gun new holster
  75. Question about Remora and a 1911
  76. Got my N8 squared pro IWB in today
  77. Custom holster maker for new EDC
  78. Who Carries a Second Reload?
  79. Nelson Holster for my Beretta
  80. Who made this Belly Band Holster?
  81. CZ PCR Holster and a Gun Belt
  82. Gun position within holster.
  83. Opinions on the N8 Squared Pro?
  84. great holster, lousy smell
  85. Surefire XC1 - holsters
  86. What do you carry in scrubs?
  87. Finally got my new holster so I thought I would share
  88. Wright leather cobra vs predator
  89. LCP ankle holster recommendations.
  90. Looking for a SOB Holster
  91. Hardened leather holster
  92. Kydex holster for a VP9
  93. Making your own holsters...
  94. Making a hybrid holster for my S&W 640
  95. Calling big guys...
  96. Unity Tactical Clutch Belt
  97. p30sk holster
  98. Sharing the Love: HHH
  99. Black arch has a new holster... The protos-m
  100. Appendix Carry for "husky" guys (first holster tried)
  101. New holster. Look! It's a Nelson!
  102. Where can I find Andrews Leather products?
  103. Help choose between these 3 holsters
  104. Retention, forget about printing.
  105. XD9 service Conceal holster
  106. Which pocket holster do you prefer?
  107. Which pocket holster do you like best for the Sig P938?
  108. Remora vs. Sticky Holster
  109. Need Advice on a Leather Holster
  110. Sticking Magazine
  111. Pleasant Surprise
  112. Midway usa
  113. Grip texture
  114. Could this Holster be made?
  115. If you open carry, do you use a retention holster?
  116. Driving Holster
  117. Tuckable IWB for S&W M&P 45 Compact
  118. Learning - hiding the butt of the gun...
  119. An Interesting Customer Request!
  120. Anyone use a garrett industries silent thunder STX owb holster?
  121. Simple Kydex IWB for Glock 19/23/32?
  122. My new Nelsons
  123. nylon 3 slot ambidextrous pancake holster for ruger lcr: which model #?
  124. Who has an Exfil OWB holster and how do you like it?
  125. IWB holster advice
  126. Trigger Guard "Holster" for Glock
  127. J Frame AIWB Holster - Kydex
  128. First run while carry
  129. AIWB Holster for Glock 29...One More Question Please
  130. Hand Carving with Stingray Trim!
  131. Holster recommendations please for glock 29 to carry iwb 4-5 o'clock
  132. Kydex OWB Holster
  133. 4" 1911 IWB/OWB Holster Suggestions
  134. Anyone use a dm bullard BTB (between the belt) holster?
  135. stealthgear appendix holster?
  136. Contact number for Mika Holsters
  137. US grunt gear wing appendix holster?
  138. S&W shield holster?
  139. Minimalist Mag and Light belt holster
  140. kydex or leather
  141. Anybody dealt with Alessi lately???
  142. JM Custom Kydex
  143. Leather belt slider for Ruger LCP/Keltec P32/P3AT?
  144. Most Adjustable / Minimalist Holster - Recommendations Plaese
  145. Holster advice
  146. Thoughts on a decent AIWB Holster for G23?
  147. XDs Carry Help
  148. Concealment with Serpa?
  149. Interesting option for Concealed Carry Holster
  150. Little Foxx holster question
  151. What belt is this?
  152. Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster
  153. Anybody else carry 1 o'clock?
  154. Comp-Tac Concealment Magazine Pouch
  155. Flashbang 'Capone' holster initial impression
  156. With horse hide is additional backing needed?
  157. M&P shield holsters
  158. Anyone here ever done something this dumb and will admit it?
  159. A Set for a Purple Heart Recepient
  160. Low Ride Holsters
  161. Anyone have an azula holster?
  162. Holsters for Sig P320c slide on subcompact frame
  163. Black arch holsters protos vs ace 1 gen 2
  164. Another wait
  165. 511 and Blackhawk button shirts
  166. IWB Holster for M&P 9C
  167. Where to start for a CCW female
  168. New Holster is Here Already!
  169. Holster for wide revolver concealed carry
  170. Holsters: loops vs clips
  171. Holster drawer? Pfft. I think not.
  172. New Gun Belt (review)
  173. One I made for my personal 938
  174. Dress Clothes Concealed Carry
  175. Move over dunaway, I got MY new Nelson!
  176. New holster won't cover trigger guard...
  177. Gun belts
  178. New holster for Model 19
  179. T Rex Arms Sidecar. I wanted to love it.
  180. Leather holsters and the rain.
  181. Who makes this holster?
  182. Are any mfgrs actually stocking IWB holsters?
  183. Running holster...any ideas
  184. Nelson XDs Pocket Holster
  185. Nelson Wrangler and Belt for S&W 686
  186. Nelson BFR 460 Magnum Rig and Belt
  187. Pocket Carry not working for me.
  188. Comp - TAC / MTAC - Minotaur
  189. First time Kydexer
  190. 2-piece, IWB, Kydex?
  191. Competition holsters
  192. StealthGear Onyx vs Galco King Tuk vs Alien Gear Cloak Tuck2.0
  193. How NOT to carry a firearm!!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Seeking Input On Holsters
  195. found a holster today
  196. Minimalist Kydex Holster
  197. Reverse-cantered cross-draw front-carry IWB holster?
  198. How Do You Carry Your CZ 75b?
  199. Pro Carry LT for Sig P250-thoughts/alternatives?
  200. Fat man appendix carry help needed
  201. Bicycle Mounted Holsters - Options?
  202. TT Gunleather production time
  203. Carrying a Ruger LCP and iphone 6 while running- belly band? Fanny pack?
  204. Concealed Carry Holsters
  205. Canik Kydex Holster?
  206. Need great gun belt with a difference
  207. Gym short and lounge holster
  208. Lets see your western leather
  209. Holster Options for a CZ RAMI
  210. Need holster for SCCY with Armalaser
  211. Nelson nailed it!
  212. N82 Pro vs Minotaur MTAC Holster
  213. Looking for Holster Options for Runners
  214. N82 Customer Service
  215. Looking for pocket holster suggestions for a J-Frame
  216. LCP ankle rig
  217. When holsters don't work - is there a bag you'd actually use?
  218. Seeking Gun Belt Advice
  219. Discreet CCW Backpack
  220. New Holster
  221. Every been 'caught' conceal carrying?
  222. It's all about options when talking about holsters...
  223. Blackhawk 3 Slot
  224. XD Mod 2 holster
  225. Hybrid holster or only kydex for full size IWB
  226. Suspect steals gun from victim at valley McDonald's
  227. Sticky MD-1 issue
  228. Clinger no print wonder
  229. Glock 23 owb holster help
  230. Custom Carry Concepts - Nice x2
  231. Who makes the thinnest lightest IWB holsters?
  232. PPQ45 new home
  233. Smart Carry Car holster
  234. Beyond printing
  235. Temp iwb holster
  236. Stealthgear "FLex" OWB holster has arrived
  237. Need help choosing three leather hosters.
  238. looking at another from Flashbang
  239. magazine carrier
  240. Some new BLACK ARCH Holsters on my doorstep.
  241. Pocket Holster size for Sig 290rs
  242. SOE vs Volund
  243. Carrying Ruger LCP in Cargo Pocket
  244. strips or loaders?
  245. Leather holster for DW ECO
  246. Hot off the press! New Holster
  247. Blue guns
  248. Night Time Wear
  249. stay away from this product! Kore Essentials Belts
  250. Holster for LCP Custom w/ Crimson Trace