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  8. What kind of IWB or OWB holster is this
  9. Sticky-Remora-Nemesis...My Review and a CrossBreed rant
  10. How do you carry?
  11. Avenger style holsters versus pacake.
  12. sno seal bees wax on a holster??
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  14. JM Custom holster OWBV2 or Bravo Concealment BCA holsters
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  16. Found a Holster I Like -- Maker Can't Find a Mold
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  19. .38 special LCR carry pouch...where can I get one? thanks.
  20. Looking for holster similar to this blackhawk
  21. Easy on / Easy off OWB Concealment Holster
  22. HK P7M8 Holster Odyssey
  23. Man Purse or Nice EDC ? Maxpedition
  24. Who makes a custom leather or Kydex hybrid holster for Colt Mustang MK IV Series 80??
  25. Crossbreed Modular Belly Band for XDm 3.8
  26. Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro with Green Laser
  27. I finally figured it out...
  28. Dedicated appendix carry holster suggestions for my Shield
  29. Bigfoot Gun Belts : First Wearing
  30. Holster advice needed
  31. Women's Pistol Carry That Doesn't Suck
  32. The Defensive Carry Vintage Holster Thread
  33. Clinger
  34. Glock 41 Holster..
  35. Alien gear holster issue
  36. OWB 3 o'clock holster that hangs more on the thigh? (particularly N frame)
  37. Smart Carry at 4 o'clock?
  38. Thumbs up for WhiteHat customer service
  39. New to concealed carry- can't get comfortable
  40. M&P 9C Holster I Made
  41. OWB Holster options for Glock 26
  42. Colt mustang pocket or ankle holster
  43. Mag pouch for IWB?
  44. Jox speedloader holder
  45. Choosing a concealed weapon
  46. concealed carry and sweatpants
  47. Nelson Holsters - Stealth IWB - Most Comfortable IWB and Great Fit
  48. Sticky Custom Kydex holsters
  49. Nelson Holsters - Quality Product - Class Act
  50. Raven Concealment or Bravo Concealment
  51. Sweaters - the Greatest Concealment Aid Ever?
  52. SCCY Holster
  53. Glock 43 IWB holster
  54. I have not seen this holster before, but I think I'd prefer Tuco's leather lanyard...
  55. Viper holsters
  56. shoulder holster IWB hybrid?
  57. What's your retention preference for a leather OWB rig?
  58. DIY steering column holster
  59. XYZ- warranties its products for a period of one year from date of purchase.
  60. Exceptionally Good Holsters (pic heavy)
  61. 6:00 iwb carry
  62. Last Holster???
  63. IWB holster with good retention for young dad
  64. IWB with light?
  65. New Carrier - Question for Veteran Carriers
  66. US Grunt Gear IWB?
  67. Anybody ever buy a holster before buying the actual gun?
  68. New to carrying need help
  69. Recommendations for Glock 43 AIWB holster? Non-Kydex
  70. Vedder LightDraw OWB
  71. Just got a Kimber Ultra...need a IWB holster!
  72. C style clips for shtf gear holster?
  73. How to carry comfortably without printing?
  74. Early Christmas Present from the Wife!
  75. Trijicon HD vs. Ameriglo Spartan Tactical
  76. Front Pocket Holster - which one?
  77. defensive holster options for an HK P30sks
  78. Female shirt/cami options
  79. Cowboy boots and ankle carry
  80. The Curve by 1441 Gear
  81. Vedder Holsters
  82. IWB with covered trigger guard, a snap type closure for a Glock 19, Any suggestions?
  83. Galco Cop 3 Slot Concealed
  84. IWB for Glock 26
  85. Mag ejected while carrying in new holster . . .
  86. tuckable iwb for 9mm shield
  87. The Sock Holster
  88. Mag vest for rifle course
  89. 9mm mag holsters
  90. Holster for Rock Island Armory M206
  91. Kydex Holsters and gun finish
  92. Holster Shout Out
  93. Daranich Tactical?
  94. 938 Pocket Holster Review
  95. New Sig P225 - Recommend Me a Holster
  96. IWB - Glock 23 (or 19/32) with x300?
  97. Galco Avenger belt holster
  98. Convenient, Inexpensive, & Secure IWB Carry?
  99. Not sure where to post this, but I have a question about concealment vests
  100. Single-clip holster for large handgun?
  101. Glock 43 holster list
  102. Anyone have any experience with the "Escape & Evasion" gun belt?
  103. Thin colored kydex.
  104. Looking for a leather belt
  105. New Clinger Stingray for my XDS
  106. Diy bedside mattress holster
  107. Need help with gun belt
  108. Anyone use a Garrett Industries Slim appendix carry
  109. Need new holster for HK45
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  111. P3AT holster problem
  112. SALE!!!!! SHTF Gear...15%... also... preorder for the new SHTF gear Protos holster
  113. What are my Best Concealed Carry Options?
  114. Comparison IWB Black Rhino Holsters vs Multi Holsters
  115. New XR-9S Soteria Leather Holster
  116. Silver dollar pancake IWB?
  117. A Good Belt (bigfoot)
  118. Ruger lcp custom-holster help
  119. Carry Gear for M&P 9c...might get one.
  120. Christmas Holster
  121. Leather vs Kydex
  122. IWB single or double clip
  123. holster/carry issues
  124. Belt and holster issues
  125. Bond's Spectre film shoulder holster
  126. Spectre Bond film holster
  127. Nelson Holsters Stealth IWB For J-Frame (Low Ride Modification) Review
  128. Black vs Bordeaux
  129. looking for a new belt
  130. Low Ride IWB similar to Galco Push Up for Keltec P11?
  131. Belly Bands and Glock Trigger Safety, Is that a good mix?
  132. New TTGunleather holster - post fire
  133. High noon or "the holster store"
  134. A bit of an oddity . . .
  135. Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster?
  136. IWB Holster for S&W M&P Compact 22LR?
  137. Belly Band Holsters
  138. RM Holsters
  139. Insufficient trigger coverage?
  140. Bandolier Type Shoulder Holster
  141. Review: SOB holster single Clip
  142. What Kydex single clip holster for M&P Shield to buy?
  143. ?? Col Rex Applegate holster ??
  144. Watch Pocket Carry (Glock 42) w/Pics
  145. 9mm Single Stack Mag Pouch?
  146. Galco Miami Classic II
  147. Stingray Clinger holster.. very impressive!
  148. OWB recommend
  149. I finally found a leather IWB holster that I really like!
  150. Proper belt sizing help
  151. Appendix carry holster and belt for Glock 42?
  152. Tips on how to prevent my holster from wandering off...?
  153. Hide my pistol better
  154. My new Tucker Gun Leather HF3
  155. "Tactical Scorpion" - ??
  156. Creative CCW Holster ideas for a Noobie (Urban Carry & Sticky Holsters)
  157. All leather aiwb holster recommendations
  158. Ankle Holster for the Glock TRL-6?
  159. I never thought a kydex single clip holster could be this comfy!
  160. Nelson Holsters Ad:
  161. Help on holster for my pistola, Please..........
  162. Sp101 holster owb
  163. Safariland 6005 Leg Shield and ALS Holster for Running/Hiking - Ongoing reports
  164. Holster or in pocket?
  165. Brigade Gun Leather
  166. StealthGear Onyx Review
  167. F3 Holsters...Opinions?
  168. Mitch Rosen Express shoulder holster
  169. Holster help please.
  170. Nightingale Griffon OWB Holster
  171. NSR Tactical Haloween Sale (-20%)
  172. AIWB Magazine Article
  173. Serpa CQC concealment holster for FNS
  174. Got my Theis IWB!
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  177. Aliengear Holster Problem
  178. Recluse Plus pocket holster review
  179. Lightweight Lockbox
  180. Leather Shield 40 Magazine Holster
  181. P7M8 Holster
  182. What Is Your Favorite Pocket Carry Holster?
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  184. Best iwb crossdraw for sp101 snub
  185. Glock 38 in Ritchie Horzonital Pull Thru Shoulder Rig
  186. Wright's Leather Works
  187. Glock 43 options
  188. Two Tone Elephant for a 3inch 1911
  189. Sneaky Pete holster
  190. How do you carry your SCCY?
  191. Need holster for new FNX .45 tactical
  192. Holster Location?
  193. Comp-tac MTAC?
  194. A Slightly different shoulder holster
  195. Got a Vedder Rapid Tuck holster on the way
  196. Specific holster search
  197. My experience with “A Better Belt USA”
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  199. Sometimes I Build one for Me!!
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  204. Belt Slide holster opinions
  205. Elephant and a Sig P938
  206. Holster modifications.
  207. 1911 & High Power EDC holster?
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  209. Kydex forming on S&W Bodyguard
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  211. Holster search - kind of a tall order
  212. Attention all DC Kydex benders:
  213. Sickinger Holster Arrived from Germany
  214. OWB Kydex holster for my G26 (and 19)
  215. Looking For: Low Ride, IWB Leather Holster w/Body Shield for J Frame revolver
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  217. My experience with Raw Dog Tactical holster
  218. Holster
  219. Ankle Carry? I need undetectable.
  220. Looking for the "best" AIWB holster for Glock 43
  221. Beautiful Rig For My New Carry Gun
  222. Ordered a Stealthgear Holster
  223. Phalanx holsters
  224. Little Foxx holster
  225. GAP Enterprises and XDs, Glock 43/42 Owners
  226. JM Custom Kydex
  227. Theis Holster
  228. Safariland GLS; a quick review
  229. XD-S 4" and Appalachian Concealment AIWB
  230. Are these holsters reliable?
  231. OWB for Colt LWT Commander
  232. Where can I get a nylon/kydex hybrid holster for a PX4?
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  234. New Glock Carry Gear.
  235. RUGER LCP Concealed carry
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  237. MIC Holster Systems
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  244. Pancake Holster Issues
  245. New CC options
  246. Please recommend a IWB holster
  247. Security Six 4" holster options
  248. YOU get a Nelson and YOU get an Nelson....
  249. High Noon Slideguard vs UBG Bonneville, anyone have both they can compare for me?
  250. White Tiger Leatherworks for my Alaskan