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: Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options

  1. Bought my first CC holster today
  2. Raven holsters good to go?
  3. BORAII holsters
  4. Glock 42 concealed carry options - alternatives to belt carry?
  5. Two Thumbs Up To Appalachian Concealment "Gladius"
  6. Anyone tried the new Alien Gear Cloak 3.0?
  7. iWB holster for sw shield
  8. Anyone use suspenders under your shirt to keep gun up??
  9. New convert to appendix carry
  10. New DFW holster for Glock 26
  11. Desantis IWB holster hard to draw from
  12. Saving your shirts from metal clip abrasion
  13. "upside-down" shoulder holster
  14. Anyone ankle carrying a 3" J frame?
  15. My StayHolstered is Ordered
  16. New Exodus Gunleather Rig
  17. Has anyone tried the Covert Carry clip or the Clip Draw?
  18. I know this has been asked IWB for G19 Gen4? New to CC!
  19. OWB guys anybody use a Pro Carry Belt ride from the holster store?
  20. I may be an OWB convert .....
  21. Review: Appalachian Concealment, Cutlass IWB Holster
  22. Armour Belts Tactical Nylon Belt w/ Cobra Buckle Review:
  23. Walther ppq 4" & alien gear
  24. XD holsters work quite well for the Taurus PT-111 G2 it turns out
  25. New holster from Panther Concealment
  26. Appalachian Concealment Gear Shipping To Members:
  27. Alien Gear just Released the 3.0
  28. leather holster headache
  29. Motorcycle + Makarov = ?
  30. Leather for a 5" GP100?
  31. StealthGear Onyx Holster
  32. TTGunLeather for XD45SC Mod 2
  33. Thumb Break .......... Good or Bad Idea?
  34. XD40 Subcompact Holster with CT Defender Series.
  35. Tucker HF1
  36. Quality Kydex Holsters in Omaha?
  37. Still looking..............
  38. Why do you prefer Leather, Kydex or Hybrid ?
  39. Appalachian Concealment Orders:
  40. Alternative to IWB
  41. Glock 29 Gen.4 with Viridian X5L Looking for Holster
  42. Back Gap After Putting on Holster
  43. g code incog?
  44. StealthGear Durability/Longevity
  45. Oh my, the Wait was Worth it!!!
  46. SHTF Gear Ace-1 Gen-2 Holster - A WINNER!
  47. Stealth Gear IWB Adjustable Retention
  48. New Offering From Appalachian Concealment: Cutlass IWB:
  49. Rosen 5JR Pancake/ Lobo Enhanced Pancake comparison?
  50. Same position for IWB and OWB carry, opinions?
  51. Hey business attire guys, what's your daily carry solution?
  52. HK USP .45 Holster
  53. Soteria Athena Holster
  54. Scuffing up leather on iwb holster?
  55. looking for a good iwb holster for my xd 40
  56. Alien Gear Tuck or Tuck 2.0?
  57. Hybrid Holster modifications
  58. Really good link for those that want to carry while cycling
  59. Belts really do make a difference.
  60. Lcp leather pocket holster
  61. HK P30SK Holster Options?
  62. New Remora Hybrid Holster ... The " Mini Carbon Carry Holster (IWB)"
  63. Anyone know anything about this company ? Tauris Holsters L.L.C.
  64. Huge Sale At High Noon!
  65. Another day, another (beautiful) Nelson holster
  66. Need a good tuckable holster for SD9VE
  67. LCR with Lasermax Ankle Holster
  68. Hallelujah the OWB
  69. Raw Dog Tactical holsters
  70. Going on vacations fanny pack or not to fanny pack..that is the question.
  71. Suspender holster?
  72. Glock 43 and MTAC holster is a winning combination
  73. Armory Express Outlet / Black Hills Leather ?
  74. What is your most comfortable Quick and Easy On/Off 3 O'Clock IWB?
  75. Foxx Trapp Alternative For Sig P250C
  76. Trigger discipline in the old days.
  77. Help with IWB SMOB for Glock 19.
  78. Question on Remora Holsters ... Regular, sweat-guard or with Full sweat Guard?
  79. AG 2.0 on the way for my XDS
  80. Garrett Industries comes thru again.
  81. new ride for the Ruger
  82. Anyone ever get anything from the Holster Store ?
  83. Making the G19 my exclusive carry...Now I need holster choices.
  84. Ruger LCP Custom pocket holster
  85. Holster Help - Talon Tuckable IWB for my Shield 9mm?
  86. Need a little help
  87. NAA Arms .22 mag holster
  88. TT Leather Holster
  89. One more holster and a keeper!
  90. Best holster/carry method to conceal a fullsize gun?
  91. LC9s holster options
  92. Remora OWB
  93. HK VP9...Need A Holster
  94. leather holsters
  95. Convertable Kydex Holster - Pocket/IWB Carry????
  96. Thumb-break in holster; pointing up or down?
  97. New ankle rig for 442
  98. New revolver, New Nelson
  99. Runners, what are you using?
  100. Nylon Shoulder Holster
  101. Theis EZ clip Holster? Anybody have and use one?
  102. Pocket holster considerations
  103. EAA Witness 10mm Stock II / CZ 97B ?
  104. Holster Opinions
  105. Need help finding specific holster
  106. Tommy Theis does it again
  107. L Frame Carry Options
  108. Shoulder Holster Draw Angle Question ?
  109. High Noon Holsters
  110. Suggestions for tuckable iwb dual mag carrier with one clip
  111. Ruger SR OWB holsters
  112. Alien Gear vs Crossbreed vs Stealthgear
  113. StayHolstered
  114. Budget Crunch Holster.
  115. Holster from South Africa
  116. Experience with Alien Gear OWB holster
  117. New leather for my 637
  118. Appalachian Concealment Introduces The Gladius:
  119. Used holster bin at your LGS
  120. New Belt Clips Just Came In:
  121. Awesome gift for a gun loving woman
  122. Grizzle Leather
  123. Tactipac/3 Speed Style Holster?
  124. replacement options for archangel
  125. Remora Holster for Glock 26
  126. Henley Saddlery holster
  127. No Galco Triton for thick slide Glocks?!
  128. Uncle mikes soft iwb holster
  129. Avant-Garde IWB
  130. N82 Tactical
  131. DeSantis Nemesis for the G26/Shield fits the G43
  132. Pants sizing question
  133. Fanny Packs..Anybody Still Using Them?
  134. Appalachian Concealment: Introducing The Mk. I OWB
  135. High Noon Bare Asset, LC9
  136. Help me identify what gun this holster belongs to
  137. Recommend An All Leather IWB Crossdraw holster
  138. Picture request: G26/G43 post some please
  139. Is it possible to carry/conceal a large frame revolver (Ruger Redhawk)?
  140. New holster
  141. New holster for my Les Baer UTC
  142. ATTN: Pocket carry people...needs some answers
  143. Holster for Ruger LC9 with Lasermax
  144. New Light Bearing Holster
  145. My New Favorite Outdoors Rig!
  147. Looking for an easy on/off IWB holster - Ruger LC9s
  148. M&P 45 Holster Recommendations
  149. Exodus Gunleather goodness
  150. Trying to find a good leathercrafter to make a custom holster. Please help.
  151. Best cargo shorts for pocket carry?
  152. V-clip tuckable IWB mag holster
  153. How do you carry Raven Phantom IWB
  154. pocket carry 43
  155. Want to sell my AG OWB holster.
  156. Any experience with Cebeci holsters?
  157. Belt clip screw will not stay tightened need ideas on how to fix
  158. Minimalist Revolver Holster
  159. Have You Seen The New REMORA Hybrid?
  160. Glock hit the Pavement!
  161. Holster recommendation
  162. Holster suggestions for G19 with factory threaded barrel
  163. Ridgid Holsters - new holster for my Shield
  164. What time is it? High Noon!
  165. Got My Package Today From El Paso Saddlery!
  166. Raven Concealment Phantom Pancake Loops
  167. Winthrop is now making XD Mod 2 .45 Holsters
  168. Concealed Carry Sig Question
  169. Kydex holster question
  170. Love my new Holster
  171. Trying Out Something More Conventional
  172. Looking For an IWB Holster for my S&W 640 and 340??
  173. Concealed carry holster.
  174. Sleeve Guns???
  175. Bianchi professional 100 opinions
  176. Galco Stow-N-Go
  177. Leather holster break in suggestions and tips (bianchi)
  178. Glock 43 holsters...
  179. FNH FNS 9C holster - this one works
  180. S&W 629 3" - Black ops pro extra is GREAT!
  181. Broken clips on 2 new Galco Miami Classics from Tactical Store
  182. AIWB and IWB Holsters
  183. Bravo Acer DG2
  184. Ideal holster for when it's time to get to work..
  185. S&W M60, ".357" Magnum for Defense, (Work Travel)
  186. Belt Slide Holster for a M60 J-Frame (3in Barrel)
  187. Suggestions for a fanny pack - carry while exercising
  188. Appalachian Concealment: Perfecting The Design.
  189. Regulator OWB crossdraw
  190. Versa Carry - anyone using one of these "holsters"?
  191. Please Help me , Advice needed!
  192. Holster suggestions
  193. Soft IWB holsters unsafe?
  194. CZ-75 D PCR (Compact) and Alien Gear Compact Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Holster: perfect fit!
  195. Super Thin Holster for a CM40?
  196. Pre Tax Day Sale at Custom Carry Concepts
  197. My new Theis holster
  198. New from Remora- the Clip Holster
  199. Crossdraw/Thumb break
  200. Holster retention
  201. Crossbreed AIWB Holster
  202. 3.5" Officer 1911 for a small guy...
  203. KT-Mech Holsters
  204. New home for my friend
  205. IWB options for small guy.
  206. Any comfortable holsters to use while driving long hours
  207. Holster poor.....
  208. New to CC and looking for advice on holsters
  209. Magazine holder?
  210. Holster for gun with tactical light question
  211. Necessity is the Mother of invention...Deep carry option
  212. Cook Holsters
  213. My holster arrived today!
  214. Bersa Thunder OWB Kydex
  215. Another Nelson Holster Question
  216. 1.5" armour belt and alien gear kydex holster = no go?
  217. IWB Wardrobe Malfunction
  218. Vertical shoulder rig recommendations
  219. Galco fletch
  220. Remora Micro Holster arrived
  221. White Hat Holsters
  222. Fix for paddle holster?
  223. Review - Vedder Holsters LightTuck
  224. Need a AIWB Glock 19 Holster
  225. need a holster for a ........
  226. Which gun belt(s) meet this criteria?
  227. Raven Concealment's new holster, the Eidelon(some pictures)
  228. International Handgun Leather - Anyone have one of their holsters?
  229. Holsters with mounting systems
  230. Appendix Carry Life Hack
  231. Deep concealment holster for Shield.
  232. Alessi: Great Customer Service!
  233. New Holster G23
  234. information about the galco executive shoulder holster
  235. Shield magazine carry
  236. Belts and a couple of other gun accessories...
  237. My new leather:Better belt and Simply Rugged
  238. Appalachian Concealment: HK VP9 AIWB.
  239. Does an aiwb holster for a Shield need extra tuck
  240. Kimber Micro Carry - Vedder Holsters
  241. Glock 26/27/users, show me your holsters!
  242. CrossBreed SuperTuck rubbing on Magazine Release... worry?
  243. First Post! Moving to OWB, needing gun and holster!
  244. Does anyone have pics of Appalachian Concealment holster?
  245. Kydex OWB Holster for VP9
  246. AIWB holsters
  247. Thanks DeSantis
  248. Holster for walther pps
  249. Need HELP! Vertical shoulder holster for compact semiauto...
  250. OWB Holster with gun mostly molded on outer layer with body side layer mostly flat?