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  1. Broken clips on 2 new Galco Miami Classics from Tactical Store
  2. AIWB and IWB Holsters
  3. Bravo Acer DG2
  4. Ideal holster for when it's time to get to work..
  5. S&W M60, ".357" Magnum for Defense, (Work Travel)
  6. Belt Slide Holster for a M60 J-Frame (3in Barrel)
  7. Suggestions for a fanny pack - carry while exercising
  8. Appalachian Concealment: Perfecting The Design.
  9. Regulator OWB crossdraw
  10. Versa Carry - anyone using one of these "holsters"?
  11. Please Help me , Advice needed!
  12. Holster suggestions
  13. Soft IWB holsters unsafe?
  14. CZ-75 D PCR (Compact) and Alien Gear Compact Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Holster: perfect fit!
  15. Super Thin Holster for a CM40?
  16. Pre Tax Day Sale at Custom Carry Concepts
  17. My new Theis holster
  18. New from Remora- the Clip Holster
  19. Crossdraw/Thumb break
  20. Holster retention
  21. Crossbreed AIWB Holster
  22. 3.5" Officer 1911 for a small guy...
  23. KT-Mech Holsters
  24. New home for my friend
  25. IWB options for small guy.
  26. Any comfortable holsters to use while driving long hours
  27. Holster poor.....
  28. New to CC and looking for advice on holsters
  29. Magazine holder?
  30. Holster for gun with tactical light question
  31. Necessity is the Mother of invention...Deep carry option
  32. Cook Holsters
  33. My holster arrived today!
  34. Bersa Thunder OWB Kydex
  35. Another Nelson Holster Question
  36. 1.5" armour belt and alien gear kydex holster = no go?
  37. IWB Wardrobe Malfunction
  38. Vertical shoulder rig recommendations
  39. Galco fletch
  40. Remora Micro Holster arrived
  41. White Hat Holsters
  42. Fix for paddle holster?
  43. Review - Vedder Holsters LightTuck
  44. Need a AIWB Glock 19 Holster
  45. need a holster for a ........
  46. Which gun belt(s) meet this criteria?
  47. Raven Concealment's new holster, the Eidelon(some pictures)
  48. International Handgun Leather - Anyone have one of their holsters?
  49. Holsters with mounting systems
  50. Appendix Carry Life Hack
  51. Deep concealment holster for Shield.
  52. Alessi: Great Customer Service!
  53. New Holster G23
  54. information about the galco executive shoulder holster
  55. Shield magazine carry
  56. Belts and a couple of other gun accessories...
  57. My new leather:Better belt and Simply Rugged
  58. Appalachian Concealment: HK VP9 AIWB.
  59. Does an aiwb holster for a Shield need extra tuck
  60. Kimber Micro Carry - Vedder Holsters
  61. Glock 26/27/users, show me your holsters!
  62. CrossBreed SuperTuck rubbing on Magazine Release... worry?
  63. First Post! Moving to OWB, needing gun and holster!
  64. Does anyone have pics of Appalachian Concealment holster?
  65. Kydex OWB Holster for VP9
  66. AIWB holsters
  67. Thanks DeSantis
  68. Holster for walther pps
  69. Need HELP! Vertical shoulder holster for compact semiauto...
  70. OWB Holster with gun mostly molded on outer layer with body side layer mostly flat?
  71. How do you carry your mags?
  72. SHTF Gear Customer Service
  73. Advice on a summer vest
  74. How long does a gun belt last?
  75. "C" Versus "J" Clips for IWB?
  76. Lucky on Ebay
  77. Shield Holster - SHTF or others for Perfect IWB
  78. Sweat/body shield on a leather holster - pros and cons?
  79. Who makes this pocket holster?
  80. XD Mod 2 IWB
  81. Fuzz on back of leather holster... How to remove?
  82. Bought a new carry gun yesterday, now I need a holster.
  83. Need to put a couple bends in my kydex holster.
  84. MY New S&W 617, help me pic a holster.
  85. Remora OWB???
  86. Got my Garrett Revolver IWB for the LCRx 3" today! V2.
  87. Belly band holsters: 4" or 6", Retainment strap or no?
  88. Appalachian Concealment: Shipping Products/Backlog.
  89. Need appendix holster for S&W M&P Shield 9mm
  90. Retention Holster for Sig P320
  91. Inside belt holster for a Sig sp2022
  92. Looking for suggestions for a good pancake holster for a Ruger 5134
  93. Quit cheaping out and buy a proper holster?
  94. Custom kydex holster mounted in car
  95. Archangel AIWB with modified butt tuck adapter
  96. New kydex builds
  97. Tanker holster under bib overalls?
  98. After weeks of research. My first iwb holster is...........
  99. My new holster is ready to ship!
  100. Looking for holster suggestions
  101. New to pocket carry - a few questions/advice
  102. Comfort or concealment?
  103. Shaggys on Sale at CCC
  104. Nelson Custom Gunleather AND a Coonan .357 Magnum. Too much awesomeness in one place
  105. 1911 Holster Build Recommendations Please:
  106. Cut and glue holster
  107. Will a P99c work in a Glock 26/27 or M&P 9/40c holster?
  108. Flap Jack Back Pocket Holster
  109. Where do you keep your "nightstand" gun?
  110. Kydex holster for flashlight
  111. Ruger SR 45 Holsters
  112. thinking of trying shoulder carry, opinions welcome
  113. Holster recommendations for Ruger SR1911?
  114. OWB Holster for Suits
  115. Holster for Smith and Wesson BodyGuard 38 Special
  116. Beretta PX4 Compact Holster
  117. ok, i need help. holster help?
  118. Which holster maker should I consider?
  119. Holsters for M&P 40c & Sig P238
  120. will this fit?
  121. New custom holsters!
  122. Quick hybrid IWB comparo
  123. Brigade GunLeather | Definitely In Business for 20 years and 20 more to come!!!
  124. Iwb belt clips 1 or 2?
  125. concealment paddle recommendation
  126. AIWB holster modified to 4oclocl
  127. And another Nelson holster for me....
  128. suggestions for crossdraw carry IWB for Ruger LCR please
  129. Glock 30S Holster(by Mike1956) Review
  130. Need a good dress belt for concealed carry
  131. Holster for XDs .45 & Viridian C5L?
  132. Tactical Belt Info/Help
  133. Just orderd my wife's new pistol. Need advice on places to purchase holster for her.
  134. Ok. The Full Monty on Mike1956 Kydex holster that he made for my Sig P229
  135. Used Holsters
  136. Leatherneck Tactical?
  137. Bravo Concealment acer dg2 vs Phlster Access
  138. Wilderness Belt Color Selection with Jeans?
  139. nylon or web gun belt.
  140. Lead times, how important is it to meet what you advertise?
  141. Not another holster... fresh off the bench
  142. Heads Up On Appalachian Concealment
  143. Heads Up to Holster Makers
  144. Can anyone recommend a good cross draw holster
  145. Leather OWB holster
  146. Wright Leather Works vs Milt Sparks Holsters
  147. Remora or Sticky for Shield pocket carry
  148. More fun with Kydex/mag pouch
  149. anybody carry or have carried this holster? looking for reviews.
  150. New BBQ gun, need a holster for it.
  151. DESANTIS IWB holsters for walther ppk/s breaking in time
  152. I made my first holster today
  153. Just not comfortable carrying IWB...
  154. This is how/why holster makers get sued (and the dealer, etc.)
  155. Any Reviews of Appalacian Concealment?
  156. HK VP9 holsters...what are you using?
  157. Concealment Express Holsters
  158. All kydex or hybrid?
  159. I took the plunge!! Armour belt! X2!!
  160. Sight height question
  161. carrying full size
  162. Garrett Industries now has a mold gun for the 3" Ruger LCRx!
  163. Just Found Out I Like Ankle Carry
  164. Bad Holsters
  165. Question for holster makers and sellers....
  166. button extender
  167. Holster for the Sig 1911 STX
  168. Best IWB holster for light bearing Glock?
  169. need some advice on IWB holsters.
  170. My second Nelson!
  171. Bianchi model 6 iwb holsters?
  172. Telor Tactical Comfort Air in the waist holster
  173. Glock 30S OWB
  174. Raven Concealment Vanguard 2
  175. You can buy a new gun, dear.
  176. Renegade ankle holsters gone???
  177. Holster maker quiz, win holster prize
  178. The Cat is out of the bag, Mike1956 makes a dandy holster!!!!!
  179. Badger concealment
  180. Positioning of hybrid holster
  181. Car carry: velcro a Sticky Hlolster inside console?
  182. How does Alien Gear 2.0 hold up?
  183. Most innovative appendage carry holster
  184. Ordered a New AG OWB
  185. EDC effects to gun?
  186. Alien Gear Re-holstering issue ???
  187. Problems With Blue Gun Holster Molds
  188. Just ordered holster for Shield
  189. Alien Gear OWB for IDPA?
  190. Shoulder rig
  191. Triple K Belt?
  192. Holster modifications - and safety issues
  193. IWB try out
  194. Questions for the kydex holster makers
  195. Foxx Holsters Gun Belt
  196. Would like to see some holsters for full size revolvers.
  197. Any Urostomy Patients?
  198. Anyone use an Alien Gear OWB?
  199. Milt Spark VM II
  200. Winthrop Holsters - Great Stuff!
  201. Snubnose revo-back pocket carry up on you tube
  202. After a 9 week wait, the MS 55BN came in
  203. gonna give aliengear holsters a try
  204. OWB non concealment holster.
  205. What is your preferred carry method while snowmobiling?
  206. Falco Holsters
  207. Falco Holsters
  208. New OWB holster for my wife's model 42.
  209. Bersa bp9cc holster options?
  210. Best AIWB holster?
  211. Made a kydex mag carrier
  212. Need some opinions
  213. Do you know if your holster slows your presentation or facilitates it?
  214. Eeep!
  215. What's your favorite J-frame pocket holster?
  216. N82 and Crossbreed Holster Discomfort
  217. Just arrived : a PC holster for Shield 9mm
  218. New-used OC holster for my Smith 10-6
  219. Alien Gear Holster... Just ordered!
  220. Seeking a specific shoulder holster.
  221. New XDs Holster
  222. PHLster Skeleton...would you recommend it for AIWB?
  223. Franken-Shaggy= AIWB for fatties . . .
  224. Bravo Concealment Acer DG2 Review
  225. Who uses a Remora holster with their XDs?
  226. Question about the placement of holster clips?
  227. Appalacian Holster "Overview" and Foxx Hybrid "Underview"
  228. Holster for Browning BDM
  229. Holster for glock 21.
  230. S & W mmodel 36 Holsters
  231. Be wary of claims by some makers
  232. Weird women's holster at SHOT, male version in the works. "Lethal Lace"
  233. Anyone carry an LC9 in a CTAC?
  234. Milt Sparks 55BN Smith 6906
  235. So Confused...
  236. PHlster or N-COG?
  237. For the Tacticool Mall Ninja creation of SHOTshow
  238. Aliengear vs MTAC?
  239. IBW appendix carry - leather vs kydex
  240. Share hokster - FS M&P and shield
  241. Leather or Kydex?
  242. Bravo Concealment Acer DG2?
  243. Looking to get into making kydex holsters, any recommendations on a toaster oven?
  244. Threat Solutions not taking orders since 9/30/2011 ?
  245. Perry UBEE suspenders/shoulder rig
  246. Cold Weather Carry Issues
  247. So help me find a shoulder holster...
  248. Restoring a scratched leather gun belt?
  249. Sig 938 pocket carry
  250. Looking for input on leather S&W Shield IWB holsters