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  1. Holster for XDs .45 & Viridian C5L?
  2. Tactical Belt Info/Help
  3. Just orderd my wife's new pistol. Need advice on places to purchase holster for her.
  4. Ok. The Full Monty on Mike1956 Kydex holster that he made for my Sig P229
  5. Used Holsters
  6. Leatherneck Tactical?
  7. Bravo Concealment acer dg2 vs Phlster Access
  8. Wilderness Belt Color Selection with Jeans?
  9. nylon or web gun belt.
  10. Lead times, how important is it to meet what you advertise?
  11. Not another holster... fresh off the bench
  12. Heads Up On Appalachian Concealment
  13. Heads Up to Holster Makers
  14. Can anyone recommend a good cross draw holster
  15. Leather OWB holster
  16. Wright Leather Works vs Milt Sparks Holsters
  17. Remora or Sticky for Shield pocket carry
  18. More fun with Kydex/mag pouch
  19. anybody carry or have carried this holster? looking for reviews.
  20. New BBQ gun, need a holster for it.
  21. DESANTIS IWB holsters for walther ppk/s breaking in time
  22. I made my first holster today
  23. Just not comfortable carrying IWB...
  24. This is how/why holster makers get sued (and the dealer, etc.)
  25. Any Reviews of Appalacian Concealment?
  26. HK VP9 holsters...what are you using?
  27. Concealment Express Holsters
  28. All kydex or hybrid?
  29. I took the plunge!! Armour belt! X2!!
  30. Sight height question
  31. carrying full size
  32. Garrett Industries now has a mold gun for the 3" Ruger LCRx!
  33. Just Found Out I Like Ankle Carry
  34. Bad Holsters
  35. Question for holster makers and sellers....
  36. button extender
  37. Holster for the Sig 1911 STX
  38. Best IWB holster for light bearing Glock?
  39. need some advice on IWB holsters.
  40. My second Nelson!
  41. Bianchi model 6 iwb holsters?
  42. Telor Tactical Comfort Air in the waist holster
  43. Glock 30S OWB
  44. Raven Concealment Vanguard 2
  45. You can buy a new gun, dear.
  46. Renegade ankle holsters gone???
  47. Holster maker quiz, win holster prize
  48. The Cat is out of the bag, Mike1956 makes a dandy holster!!!!!
  49. Badger concealment
  50. Positioning of hybrid holster
  51. Car carry: velcro a Sticky Hlolster inside console?
  52. How does Alien Gear 2.0 hold up?
  53. Most innovative appendage carry holster
  54. Ordered a New AG OWB
  55. EDC effects to gun?
  56. Alien Gear Re-holstering issue ???
  57. Problems With Blue Gun Holster Molds
  58. Just ordered holster for Shield
  59. Alien Gear OWB for IDPA?
  60. Shoulder rig
  61. Triple K Belt?
  62. Holster modifications - and safety issues
  63. IWB try out
  64. Questions for the kydex holster makers
  65. Foxx Holsters Gun Belt
  66. Would like to see some holsters for full size revolvers.
  67. Any Urostomy Patients?
  68. Anyone use an Alien Gear OWB?
  69. Milt Spark VM II
  70. Winthrop Holsters - Great Stuff!
  71. Snubnose revo-back pocket carry up on you tube
  72. After a 9 week wait, the MS 55BN came in
  73. gonna give aliengear holsters a try
  74. OWB non concealment holster.
  75. What is your preferred carry method while snowmobiling?
  76. Falco Holsters
  77. Falco Holsters
  78. New OWB holster for my wife's model 42.
  79. Bersa bp9cc holster options?
  80. Best AIWB holster?
  81. Made a kydex mag carrier
  82. Need some opinions
  83. Do you know if your holster slows your presentation or facilitates it?
  84. Eeep!
  85. What's your favorite J-frame pocket holster?
  86. N82 and Crossbreed Holster Discomfort
  87. Just arrived : a PC holster for Shield 9mm
  88. New-used OC holster for my Smith 10-6
  89. Alien Gear Holster... Just ordered!
  90. Seeking a specific shoulder holster.
  91. New XDs Holster
  92. PHLster Skeleton...would you recommend it for AIWB?
  93. Franken-Shaggy= AIWB for fatties . . .
  94. Bravo Concealment Acer DG2 Review
  95. Who uses a Remora holster with their XDs?
  96. Question about the placement of holster clips?
  97. Appalacian Holster "Overview" and Foxx Hybrid "Underview"
  98. Holster for Browning BDM
  99. Holster for glock 21.
  100. S & W mmodel 36 Holsters
  101. Be wary of claims by some makers
  102. Weird women's holster at SHOT, male version in the works. "Lethal Lace"
  103. Anyone carry an LC9 in a CTAC?
  104. Milt Sparks 55BN Smith 6906
  105. So Confused...
  106. PHlster or N-COG?
  107. For the Tacticool Mall Ninja creation of SHOTshow
  108. Aliengear vs MTAC?
  109. IBW appendix carry - leather vs kydex
  110. Share hokster - FS M&P and shield
  111. Leather or Kydex?
  112. Bravo Concealment Acer DG2?
  113. Looking to get into making kydex holsters, any recommendations on a toaster oven?
  114. Threat Solutions not taking orders since 9/30/2011 ?
  115. Perry UBEE suspenders/shoulder rig
  116. Cold Weather Carry Issues
  117. So help me find a shoulder holster...
  118. Restoring a scratched leather gun belt?
  119. Sig 938 pocket carry
  120. Looking for input on leather S&W Shield IWB holsters
  121. SHTF Horizontal Mag carrier
  122. Question on holster retension
  123. 1911 holster problems
  124. Aliengear OWB holsters?
  125. Holster shop in Florida?
  126. Leather IWB holster for Sig P938
  127. Leather IWB holster for Sig P938
  128. Pancake for G27
  129. OWB with cover garment to conceal
  130. Truglo TFX night sights.
  131. does kydex wear stainless? revolvers particularly.
  132. Does the hidden hybrid holster for full size 1911 cover the mag release?
  133. Why can't I find an OWB holster for a Kahr CW9??
  134. Another holster question. Either of these?
  135. Andrews Custom Leather
  136. New member needs advice on holster type
  137. Tucker Velcro Clips
  138. Speed Loader Pouches
  139. New some input on a vest style holster for my Kahr P380,Please.
  140. Stoner Holsters Pancake OWB for LCR
  141. Minimalist j frame holster?
  142. N82 Org. holster
  143. New with a couple of questions
  144. Carry options while mountain biking
  145. SW 327 holster suggestions
  146. Belt Suggestion for this carry method?
  147. Two new holsters: K. Null SMZ (shoulder) and Sneaky Pete
  148. Nelson IWB Holster......
  149. New holster from Chiefs holsters
  150. Leather OWB Hoster for HK P2000SK
  151. Sure, it's creepy, but let's talk about your armpits...
  152. I'm looking for a kydex holster
  153. Garrett Industries GT holster for P30L
  154. hybrid holster with low ride adjustment
  155. What is your preferred method of carry?
  156. WOOHOO I got a new holster!!...But there may be a problem....
  157. Do you use the same model holster for each carry gun?
  158. Nemesis or Super Fly for Pico pocket carry?
  159. What do you carry spare mags in?
  160. shielded holsters no longer in business, needed reccomendation
  161. Options for Spare Mag & Flashlight holster?
  162. Appalachian Concealment and Shield
  163. Any MTR CUSTOM holster owners?
  164. Thinking of getting a War Belt
  165. Purse carry
  166. Experience with the Raven Concealment Pocket Shield
  167. Full size 1911 holster
  168. New IWB Holster
  169. Pocket carry Nano
  170. Maybe and old dog can learn new tricks.
  171. OWB Snap On Leather Holster
  172. IWB holster for Glock 19 and 26?
  173. Kimber Micro Carry Options - Leather or Kydex
  174. Glock 42 holster suggestions
  175. Thinner gun belt help
  176. Remora Carbon Carry
  177. Velcro belt clips
  178. Safariland on and off help needed.
  179. SHTF gear post Christmas sale
  180. Thank you Santa
  181. Merry Christmas to me--new raw dog tactical
  182. Is this a bad idea for spare mag carry?
  183. What is your preferred holster cant?
  184. Vintage Pistol (Walther PPK/S) / Modern Holster (SHTF)
  185. Looking for a Kydex OWB holster
  186. holster squeak
  187. Whats the best iwb holster?
  188. Px4 Storm Substitute
  189. beretta 3032 tomcat with crimson trace
  190. My new EDC holster
  191. Leather IWB holster help
  192. DeSantis Cozy Partner II First Impressions
  193. F3 Holsters
  194. Which Kirkpatrick style Shoulder Holster for a bad back
  195. Need ITW appendix carry holster for S&W model 59
  196. Mikes better belt u.s.a.-my experience
  197. best OWB for mp shield 9mm?
  198. Prepared Solutions Holsters
  199. Brommeland
  200. PHLster J-Frame holster
  201. Appalachain Concealment AIWB Review
  202. Wilderness Instructor Belt question
  203. Holsters for guns with rails with attached lights
  204. Iwb for 1911 commander
  205. Two new holsters!
  206. Will a good belt really help?
  207. Found a good Kydex holster maker!
  208. WARNING: Cleveland Kydex Co (buyers beware)
  209. A Pocket Holster I Came Up With
  210. Cup holder holster - "Gun Cup Holster"
  211. Kinda regretting my Milt Spark VMII purchase...
  212. My new Theis Hybrid
  213. Anybody tried the 3 speed holster?
  214. Can perspiration hurt my Shield?
  215. small of the back holster
  216. My 3rd Crossbreed....I don't think I'll buy another brand again
  217. Carry methods for formal wear?
  218. Raw Dog Tactical Holster Review
  219. What level retention holster?
  220. Owb LCP with laser?
  221. Another Shoulder Holster Thread
  222. Which gun belt do you use?
  223. concealed mags
  224. How many holsters do you have?
  225. Is anyone here rockin the Tommy Theis single clip IWB?
  226. Rossi holster question
  227. Galco ankle lite - LC9S
  228. Best ankle holster
  229. Recommend me a Low-ride OWB holster with retention strap or lock
  230. Abating slide wear from injection molded plastic holster
  231. Sale at Custom Carry Concepts
  232. How "tight" is your gun in an IWB holster?
  233. Best Tuckable Holster?
  234. Holster Review: SHTF Gear's ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster
  235. Looking for a leather, owb, high-ride holster for a Browning Hi-power
  236. Review: Appalachian concealment kydex holster.. ADDED PHOTOS
  237. Double Amputee needs OWB holster for LC9s.
  238. Tuff I Tuck holster
  239. KK Custom Kydex OWB holster
  240. What's your thoughts?
  241. Which Theis Holster??
  242. Recommend OWB high ride holster.
  243. Per-Sec holsters
  244. Clevelandkydex Holsters
  245. Anyone use raw dog tactical?
  246. Black Dog Concealment
  247. P226 TacOps Holster
  248. 50% OFF!!!!! at concealment express
  249. SHTF Gear: Ruger SP101 holster
  250. Who Carries Smaller? The LC9?The Kahr? An S&W? A Glock?(meh..)