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  4. Child causes deputy's gun to discharge
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  9. model 66/ service six?
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  19. Holster close out sale question.
  20. Holster recommendations sw1911sc, glock19, glock 42, sig938
  21. Looking for leather AIWB with adjustable cant/SP 101
  22. Recommendations for LCP holsters for women
  23. Blackhawk CQC for my Shield
  24. Fanny Pack pros and cons?
  25. Concealed carry Airweight .38 Spcl
  26. Best IWB holster and best pocket holster for Ruger LCR?
  27. FoxX Trapp Holster Review
  28. X Concealment vs. Bravo D.O.S
  29. Looking for a specific hybrid holster
  30. JUst got a great tuckable IWB holster.
  31. Deep Conceal
  32. love my foxx
  33. Blade-Tech Nano Review
  34. Dynamis Alliance
  35. Holster pain
  36. Alien gear c-clips
  37. Alien Gear Holsters
  38. Dale Fricke Joab AIWB holster
  39. Kydex holsters. Do you make them?
  40. Appendix IWB rig?
  41. Mag Holder Review
  42. Ruger LC9
  43. Got my INCOG "dialed in".....
  44. World's Best Gun Belt
  45. No names
  46. which would be better for my gun?
  47. Talon Wallet Holster - Tips on breaking in?
  48. Good, comfortable, concealable magazine holsters
  49. New company Comfort Holsters
  50. Magazine holders for the M&P Shield 9mm?
  51. anyone use suncraft holsters???
  52. Best instructor/rigger type belt
  53. A basic Working Holster!
  54. SIG 938 and Remora
  55. is this bad?
  56. Nelson leather is good to go .. Great work .. Photos .. Love his 1911 work
  57. SHTF GEAR: Cool Holsters for Hot Days or Any Season!
  58. Bravo Patriot OWB
  59. Full firing grip with super tuck
  60. IWB similar to "Mini-Tuck", but not leather?
  61. Exotic Holster Thread
  62. Best "Fanny Pack" or Concealed Carry Option for Cycling Female
  63. I am an idiot
  64. Best Inexpencive Leather IWB Holster For A J Frame
  65. Holster for bow hunting
  66. Sig 1911 Extreme holster?
  67. Looking for Kydex holster makers for IWB like PJ Holsters with SHORT delivery times.
  68. Beretta Nano Shoulder rig ???
  69. New SHTF Gear Gen 2
  70. Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 owners, need holster advice
  71. DYEGB Review: G-Code OSH RTI Holster+ Custom Concealed Carry Install
  72. Looking For a Custom Magazine Holster (not a WTB thread)
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  74. Parade of Holsters
  75. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0
  76. speed loaders?
  77. HOLSTER for A CZ75 CLONE?
  78. Full Shark and a P226!
  79. What happened to Jeff Hayes.
  80. 4 inch service six help??
  81. Barsony Shoulder Holster
  82. New holster for my 1911
  83. Leather OWB for the shield
  84. Holster options for a Beretta 92FS compact with rail
  85. New J-frame deserves a NEW pocket holster, need wise opinionators.
  86. Garrett Industries VP9 holster fit
  87. Ok so I'm considering a Lobo shoulder holster does anyone have one.
  88. Mika Holsters Still In Business??
  89. Which style of shoulder holster is better and why?
  90. SmartCarry at other than 11/12/1 Oclock positions?
  91. IWB hybrid holster for Glock 27 and Glock 23 (or 26 & 19)
  92. Any experiences with the Remora shoulder holster
  93. Fitness Creative Carry Options
  94. Any tips for a newb.
  95. X-Concealment C series slide
  96. Need IWB/AIWB Holsters for Sig P250 Subcompact
  97. Looking for a holster for gen 4 glock 21 with attached crimson trace railmaster laser
  98. Noticed Something about My Holster Today at the Range
  99. Appalachian Concealment appendix holster review.
  100. underwater carry!
  101. Finally able to carry Beretta 92fs comfortably
  102. Frontline holster
  103. Glock subcompact model
  104. Low ride holsters
  105. Coronado Leather
  106. A Set in Horsehide for the Cobbler!
  107. A fully protective holster?
  108. Deep Concealment Holster - SmartCarry Review
  109. Anyone know if mdmorgan is still making holsters?
  110. How do you carry an LCP/P3AT on your belt?
  111. Mika Holsters
  112. Whats the best ankle holster for use with cowboy boots?
  113. Taking the big jump
  114. Picture of J-Frame in DeSantis Sky Cop Holster
  115. Remora for BP9CC?
  116. Pocket holster printing
  117. Problems with a D.M Bullard Leather pocket holster for Glock 26
  118. Holster Help
  119. Any users out there on a EZ holster?
  120. Pics of my new custom carry holster....
  121. Neighbor just took his CHL class and had questions
  122. Opinions on a MIC Holster???
  123. FYI: Milt Sparks-HK USP 9/40 holster on Ebay
  124. Problem with Bianchi Model 58 PI from
  125. Brand name of this holster
  126. I need suggestions please.
  127. Where do you carry snubbies as primary carry?
  128. Right sized gun and best holster option?
  129. Exotic and Custom Holster picture thread
  130. Remora micro holster
  131. Please Identify Holster (PIC Included)
  132. Need some leather advice
  133. LCP-CT Holster Specific Needs
  134. Do the holsters from some Kydex holster makers wear finish more than others?
  135. Horsehide and Shark for a 1911!
  136. Length of Kydex Sheath on Hybrid Holster
  137. Car Jacker Holster
  138. Leather and Shark for a Model 19!
  139. Sig P238 Holster Options
  140. N82 owners ?
  141. On your 6 holsters??
  142. Blade Tech on bike ride
  143. What holster next?
  144. Concealed carry in scrubs?
  145. .380 holster carry
  146. Weight, carry options and gear
  147. Holster for use with LaserMax guide rod sight
  148. Woman's IWB holster for Glock 42
  149. Bianchi Professional 100 users?
  150. Sig P220+Cow+Elephant
  151. Quick Review of the Remora Carbon Carry Holster
  152. Hybrid IWBs - Rivets vs Screws
  153. Milt Sparks question.
  154. Bianchi 57 "Remedy" J-Frame holster
  155. Best Inexpencive IWB Holster for a J Frame?
  156. Alligator 1911 Holster and Mag Pouch
  157. Need Kydex OWB for SW 3913
  158. White Hat is killing it!
  159. What holster do you ues for running?
  160. A Pair of Avengers
  161. Was going to give High Noon Mr. Softy a try but...
  162. Trouble with smooth draw from CCW holster - need advice
  163. S&W model 686 holster
  164. Need an IWB for an Astra A-75
  165. A Review Of The Milt Sparks OWB Axiom Holster For The S&W J-Frame
  166. Working with Kydex Question????
  167. Vedder Holsters RapidTuck - Video Review
  168. Looking for a Springfield V10 Ultra Compact holster (or what other gun is similar>)
  169. Help adjusting Safariland GLS belt holster
  170. Looking for a combo 1" flashlight and 1911 magazine belt holster
  171. I have an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. Why upgrade?
  172. CZ P07 Holster and matching mag pouch!
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  174. picked up my holster
  175. New use for cheap shoulder rig.
  176. What do you look for in a great Leather Gun Belt?
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  178. 4th of July sale at Garrett Industries!
  179. Remora = Worst Service and Product.
  180. Get your inner John Woo on
  181. Remote Carbon Carry ?
  182. CC OBW Holster in Florida?
  183. Any good cheap holsters???
  184. letting them ride
  185. Pocket carry: Reinforcing the pocket
  186. DW Guardian + Crimson Trace master Series + TT Mike's Special w/ CT option
  187. Slim leather J frame IWB?
  188. Help Identify a Holster
  189. N82 - Original Vs. Pro for Glock
  190. What's your favorite appendix carry rig?
  191. SHTF Gear ACE-1 for XDM .40S&W 5.25
  192. Belts - 1.5" or 1.75" ???
  193. IWB Holsters: 2 Belt Clips vs. 1
  194. Does it get any better than a Milt Sparks VMII?
  195. Rear pocket carry
  196. Vedder holster came today
  197. Picked up a Don Hume H-726 today and LOVE this holster!!!
  198. ja 9
  199. Glock 42 vs Sig P238
  200. Alien Gear and Old Faithful Merge
  201. Reciews from those of you with RCS phantoms or clones...
  202. IWB hybrid holsters
  203. my grandpaws .38
  204. Is this right?
  205. Hybrid holsters- Honest opinions
  206. G-Code INCOG arrived yesterday
  207. Blade Tech Eclipse Holster Review
  208. Leather Pocket Holster For My Glock 42
  209. Picked up a Don Hume leather holster <3
  210. Question about the N82 holsters
  211. OWB holster for Glock 26 / Glock 27
  212. Carrying an extra magazine, how and where?
  213. Alien Gears new holster
  214. Tight fit holsters or loose fit? Which is better?
  215. Remora Sale
  216. Anyone Using A Sticky Super Mag Pouch
  217. XDS holster??
  218. Carry in warmer weather
  219. Where do yall carry fullsize?
  220. Sneaky Pete Holsters....
  221. Just got an email from Alien Gear
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  223. New R Grizzle Leather
  224. Velcro instructor belt -- good option for ladies?
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  227. Kangaroo carry holster
  228. My experience with AIWB
  229. Best horizontal mag carrier?
  230. New ARMOUR Belt
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  232. Finally made a holster for myself!
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  235. Sticky Holster "Ankle Biter" Feedback
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  239. Home grown
  240. A carry rig for a 1911 I built!
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  246. Is there a decent leather carry vest for women?
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  248. Carrying the shield
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