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  1. Those of you with an M&P Shield.....
  2. Ozarks Holster Company
  3. confused on right or left hand
  4. Beware
  5. Homemade "combat cut" for the CrossBreed SuperTuck? (Ever done it?)
  6. Paddle Holster suggestions
  7. Ladies belts?
  8. New UBG Canute for my S&W M&P Shield
  9. LCR holster for a "chubby" guy?
  10. Something For "Handy" Carry While Running?
  11. New Kirkpatrick Holster for HK-45c
  12. Easy on-off IWB for LCR: SideGuard "Tuck Clip"?
  13. Recommendation for a Springfield 1911 Holster (Custom or stock)
  14. Holsters for track pants?
  15. The case for buying American Made holsters
  16. Get a feel for IWB without a holster?
  17. My First Homebrew Holster
  18. Most concealable holster for full size ruger sr9
  19. Pics of you carrying a Beretta 92's - OWB holster?
  20. Foxx Trapp holster
  21. Galco tapered belt
  22. Velcro on the inside of the belt?
  23. Just got my new Tommy Theis holster-
  24. CZ 75B Holster Suggestions
  25. Will Don Hume 721OT for XD 45-4" work with XDM 45-3.8"??
  26. Pancake for LCP
  27. IWB holster suggestions for SP2022?
  28. I saw a holster!
  29. Any compact 1911 recommendations?
  30. Any Updates to the Milt Sparks VMII Line?
  31. Talon Holster for LC9
  32. Crossbreed Appendix Carry
  33. And the most comfortable holster goes to....
  34. Crossbreed Holsters coupon code for 15% off today is...NYD15
  35. Does anyone have the CT Lightguard light and any Comp-Tac holsters?
  36. Tuck clip w offset clip anyone?
  37. What is the Crossbreed Super Tuck - Shorty?
  38. SR40 Left Handed Holster Options
  39. Question for the women.
  40. The Perfect Kydex IWB Holster
  41. Question Abou Supertuck with and w/o a Laser Guard
  42. new to carrying
  43. Galco Leather dual magzine holder is very very tight?
  44. Short Review: Raven Concealment Vanguard 2
  45. Recommendations please.
  46. Hi y'all! Requesting advice on holster positioning.
  47. C5 Leather
  48. IWB and OWB for a Kimber?
  49. Crossbreed super tuck question
  50. Milt Sparks 55BN Holster?
  51. IWB holster for beretta px4 storm compact with a viridian c5 laser?
  52. Opinions of pros and cons of holster designs
  53. Holster recommendation for SW model 60
  54. M&P carry options questions
  55. 1911 pancake- flat back
  56. Crazy idea for concealing.....
  57. Belts?
  58. Holster modifying or making. ( not about fav holster )
  59. Higher riding holsters
  60. REVIEW (PHOTOS & VIDEO): Kydex Holsters from MT Holsters
  61. What is the best holster for a woman to carry a Glock 26 Gen 4 in a car?
  62. Portly looking for the right holster
  63. HK p2000sk subcompact IWB Holster
  64. LCP Holster
  65. Sneaky Pete
  66. Undertech Concealment Tee shirts
  67. Velcro Clips
  68. Pocket carry suggestions
  69. Shoulder holsters
  70. SideGuard Quick Clip Review
  71. Merry Xmas to me
  72. Opinions on Master-Tac holsters
  73. Different (maybe) take on Cross Draw......
  74. Pocket Holster Questions...
  75. Theis -vs- Old Faithful
  76. OWB/ Belt - Glock 26; Adams Holster
  77. Opinions on Bulldog Gun Leather
  78. G20 OWB holster
  79. Holsters
  80. New Sparks model
  81. Calf Strap or Not?
  82. arsenal ez9 compact holster
  83. Plain clothes LE officer carry?
  84. Richie VSS-S OWB holster
  85. Women's concealed holster for M&P9
  86. Who's carrying a Sig?
  87. Vanguard 2
  88. Back Pocket carry for Seacamp 32 ?
  89. Nate Squared( N82) Tactical
  90. Need advice from the all gut, no butt crowd. Bikers, too.
  91. Ruger sp101 2.25 leather IWB holster.
  92. Crown Holsters. Gotta give a BIG shoutout!
  93. Drawing while seated in vehicle?
  94. Mitch Rosen Laser Holster for SR9c
  95. What Holster for Appendix Carry?
  96. Heavy Woman Carry Options
  97. Anyone use Foxx Holster (Leather/Kydex-Small of the back holster)?
  98. I think I found a Winner!
  99. Ruger SR9C OWB recommendations
  100. The Maverick by DeSantis Holster for S&W Bodyguard 380
  101. "extra" holster box
  102. I found n IWB holster thats very comfortable for a big guy!
  103. Truck holster?
  104. Shield carry
  105. Gun Choice For Belly Band
  106. Paddle holster for Taurus 709 Slim
  107. IS there an IWB with a retention strap?
  108. Lefties - Does Anyone Wear Their Belt The Opposite Direction?
  109. Holster DISLIKES
  110. Which type of OWB conceals better, Raven type or Crossbreed Snapslide type?
  111. Need some hand holding- want to carry IWB Condition 1 in a hybrid holster!
  112. Small issue with my Remora
  113. Open or closed end in holster
  114. Blackhawk Serpa - Happy B-day to me
  115. Cigarette Smoke in a used Remora
  116. holstered or vest?
  117. FalcoHolsters...non starter
  118. readily available lefty holster for HK USPc
  119. Alternative carry ideas for the J-Frame...
  120. One in the chamber, again
  121. Not a fan of iwb, but....
  122. Cool custom leather gear...
  123. SHTF Gear added a new (old) one to my carry rotation ...
  124. Who makes a Comp tac Minotaur look alike?
  125. Best holster mould?
  126. CCC Shaggy Reverse Cant AIWB
  127. IWB Question - Velcro Clips
  128. Vertical shoulder holster for M&P 9c ??
  129. Inserting a Remora holster
  130. Perry Construction Suspenders - A Range Report (sort of)
  131. Looking for LC9 Lasermax holster
  132. Need a IWB Holster with C-Hook option for Ranger Belt
  133. Galco Gun Leather Kodiak shoulder/crossdraw rig for long barreled big bore DAs
  134. Another one bites the dust!
  135. Please help...P95 in a P345 CBST??
  136. I never thought I'd be an IWB hybrid holster fan, but...
  137. Dan Wesson ECO Carry
  138. Money can't buy you love
  139. Miami Classic II
  140. Creaking Holster!
  141. Best holster for Sig 1911 Carry
  142. Need an IWB for my XDS
  143. Holster options for wife's LCP??
  144. Ankle Holster for Kel Tec P-3AT and P-32 with Laser
  145. I think I'm in love...with my new Remora
  146. Oh boy another new holster arrived!
  147. Just purchased a kimber solo ... Need iwb holster ideas
  148. Kydex holsters
  149. First IWB Holster - crossdraw or strong side carry question
  150. Taurus PT738 TCP Holster options
  151. Crossbreed Second arrived today...very impressed.
  152. Anybody using a Sig P239 Holster for a Bersa Thunder pistol? Need Help!
  153. Paddle Holster for 1911 officer model
  154. Any holsters fit what i'm looking for better than
  155. N82Tactical
  156. Best off-the-shelf jeans for pocket carry?
  157. Looking for the White Buffalo: CZ P-01/75Compact WITH a Light?
  158. Smartcarry holster demo
  159. Harwell protuck vs pj holster
  160. Big solution for big steel
  161. How to carry big steel.
  162. Which Holster would be best for me?
  163. IWB Holster--Kydex above or below the belt?
  164. S&w bodyguard 380 pistol
  165. I Found a Holster at Walmart? LMAO
  166. Holster for NOT carrying one in the chamber
  167. Need belt advice
  168. Holster Purgatory
  169. Ankle holster comfort?
  170. Anyone tried one of these jackets?
  171. Exotic play
  172. Crossbreed, or Theis, or N82, or????
  173. Looking for OWB for G30SF that rise high and tight to body.
  174. Creaking holster suggestion
  175. Taurus ultra light 85 38 holster
  176. shoulder holster or holster t-shirt?
  177. Kydex Holster Highly Formed and Not Formed?
  178. DeSantis Apache Ankle Rig
  179. Is there a happy medium between IWB & OWB?
  180. New J frame Kydex pocket holster
  181. Review: Foxx "Trapp"
  182. New ccp and holster
  183. Question for Sideguard Holsters.
  184. Safariland 1051 shoulder holster question
  185. IWB hoster question
  186. Bought a Remora Holster yesterday.
  187. Well my holster came in the mail yesterday!
  188. Need inexpensive holster for Sig Sauer P938
  189. Why Plastic?[kydex]
  190. New Crossbreed holster odor
  191. Anyone use a Comp tac two o'clock
  192. Just bought a XDs. Opinions on holsters?
  193. Who in their right mind would carry a Walther PPK/S and how would they do it? :)
  194. Need ideas for "not so tactical looking" vests
  195. Quick Review: Crossbreed Holsters Pocket Rocket
  196. IWB comfort question
  197. Looking for a nylon IWB with an offset clip
  198. Molle Vest Recommendations?
  199. Blackhawk! IWB Holster - Surprised
  200. Safariland ALS Shoulder Holster for S&W 3rd Generation?
  201. Glock Sport/Combat polymer OWB Holster
  202. My EDC dilemma....
  203. Concealed carry backpack?
  204. Holster Sellers, Builders and Brokers.....Help me Hide This....Seriously.....
  205. Cowhide Holster maker recommendations
  206. Just got my new Cuda holster for my new PPS!
  207. Appendix Carry?
  208. Got my wife's new holster today
  209. White Hat Holster came in..
  210. Anyone wear a chest rig?
  211. J frame holster advice
  212. Who makes the best Raven Phantom alternative??
  213. N8 Tatical IWB holsters... Any opinions?
  214. Want to try carrying AIWB and need your help deciding which holster
  215. Anyone carry a Ruger SR9?
  216. North American mini-revolver holster
  217. Remora-Hyde Lining?
  218. SHTF Holsters?
  219. Need to order SEVERAL holsters. Please advise me.
  220. How to spot a well-conceived paddle (holster)
  221. 1:30, no, 3:00... wait, 4:30... try 1:30 again... ARGH!!
  222. Sticky holster.................sweet pocket and iwb carry
  223. Searched "fat guy" and zero results.....?
  224. Crossbreed Holsters Customer Service: Awesome!
  225. Impression of Raven ACR for AIWB carry
  226. Any Truly Custom Kydex Holster Makers Out There?
  227. Which Kydex holster zero concealment or x concealment for 1911?
  228. LCR desantis holster opinions
  229. Comp-Tac 2:00 AIWB.......Question
  230. Best OWB Leather Holsters for S&W K Framed Revolvers....Strong Side or Cross Draw....
  231. Making my own holsters.
  232. Safariland 6378 Holster
  233. tactipac holsters
  234. Looking for a good carry belt with a cobra buckle--any advice?
  235. Got an order with FIST?
  236. "Best" Shoulder Rig?
  237. Help with holster for Colt Commander LWT XSE
  238. Holster review: Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro
  239. Soft IWB Holster for LCR
  240. Looking for a holster for S & W model 60 3in?
  241. Know of any inexpensive holster options for Smith & Wesson 442?
  242. J frame IWB comment
  243. What Is Your Holster Inventory?
  244. Side Guard Holsters Review
  245. Closest AND most Comfortable OWB holster design?
  246. Different type of Holster.
  247. Holster Porn!
  248. Making a Leather/Kydex Hybrid work with another gun
  249. Secondhand holsters that deliver
  250. Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?