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  1. SD shooting in my home town...good video
  2. Would you shoot?
  3. Keeping dominant hand free and available
  4. The Real Cost of Self Defense
  5. Tips -- 13 steps to avoid robbery
  6. Civil suit?
  7. Armed robbery, shoot or hide?
  8. Did I over-react?
  9. Dont we have a right to occupy space?
  10. Using deadly force to stop a theft....
  11. Shooting Across the Street
  12. Hitchhiker (or carjacker) with a weapon . . .
  13. Aggresive man approaches you while with your child.
  14. Where I draw the line
  15. what would happen if
  16. Reparked Jeep to protect CCW
  17. Went into Condition "orange" While shopping.
  18. Situation at school..
  19. First time drawing my weapon.
  20. Your thoughts on warning shots?
  21. Hand on my firearm today...
  22. I sure do wish I had something on me..
  23. Deployed the G27 in SD last week - sort of
  24. McDonald's drive through 2 am.
  25. Unarmed Soldier Beaten In Front of Daughter . . .
  26. Comments on intentionally revealing my IWB weapon.
  27. "Home invaders' ruse involved Obama, health care"
  28. The Tueller Drill/21' Rule Revisited, IDPA style
  29. Janes: 'A technique which helps armed officers stay alive'
  30. Scary situation - Had to draw today
  31. SHTF gun shops relevence?surival/targeted?
  32. People without weapons, when SHTF, how will you/they obtain firearms?
  33. My home was just invaded
  34. This can happen to you so make the necessary changes.
  35. Situation - What Do You Do?
  36. North St. Paul Office Slain
  37. Real Incident in Knoxville - Brutal beyond all description
  38. Another LEO encounter while CCing!
  39. Protection at Ohio univ. + poor response on campus
  40. Stupid dream I had last night..
  41. Angle of Shot
  42. You have a problem?
  43. Starbucks incident...
  44. No Hearing Protection
  45. Situation last night...
  46. Could have been a bad day
  47. Another reason to always carry.
  48. Jorrick Landry incident/family carjacked/shootout May 2006
  49. Another "spidey-sense" story: kinda long
  50. I got that weird feeling like something wasn't right...
  51. Good Samaritan Law and Duty to Rescue
  52. What would you do?
  53. Texas Home Invastion
  54. Wife and baby home alone break in
  55. Classic Concealed Carry story
  56. A fishing trip turned nerve racking!
  57. What would you do?
  58. Man in Wal Mart with gun shoplifting
  59. Reminder of Why I'm Getting a CHP
  60. A situation at an intersection
  61. How much do you want to bet this would have been prevented?
  62. Sucker punch and robbed at McDonalds, take II
  63. Sucker punch and robbed at McDonalds
  64. My Humble Observations (long rant, apologies in advance)
  65. Defensive situations associated with 2012.
  66. BG wants your gun
  67. What about BUG after shooting?
  68. Situational Awareness Tips
  69. Seen how easy it would be to get carjacked today
  70. Car Jackings
  71. They keep coming
  72. Charlotte Home Invasion Shooting
  73. 3 police men 1BG
  74. Losing the adrenaline rush after an “incident”
  75. Outnumbered 2 to 1, both BGs ready
  76. Look what happened right across the street from me!
  77. unarmed aggressive drunk guy in parking lot?
  78. Do you take the shot?
  79. A new way of life....
  80. When will the bombings start here?
  81. Where do you stage your pistol while asleep.
  82. Female vs Female
  83. Useful Tactics
  84. Very angry, unarmed person in parking lot
  85. Home Invasion Last Night...
  86. Kinda strange event happend today.
  87. Shot in the back
  88. Attacked With Blow Gun Darts - What Do U Do?
  89. A armed man comes into a bank for a hold up
  90. Getting shot by/shooting another CCW'er
  91. Close Call in Fatalville nc
  92. Got mugged Thursday night.
  93. Planning on going to a town hall meeting...
  94. Three punks looking in cars in our neighborhood
  95. Bad situation that could have been worse.
  96. Tense moment in Walmart today
  97. Clerk shoots robber
  98. Gunshots inside oprymills mall-nash. Tn
  99. A Bump in the night!
  100. Another What if Scenarios
  101. You are pumping gas and witness an armed robbery
  102. Thought we had a defensive situ' in the home
  103. Maybe I would shoot the BG in the leg...maybe NOT!
  104. Someone messing with your car
  105. Approached after leaving a concert
  106. Yet another massacre
  107. Oops--don't have my gun!
  108. Man approached aggressively in parking lot......
  109. Question about the "guy jumped out of the dark" thread
  110. Chasing muggers.... doesn't seem like a good idea
  111. Davenport IA officer kills unarmed man
  112. Incident with crazy driver yesterday
  113. Fatal shooting involving internet forum member
  114. Six 230-grain Gold-Dots to the chest........no effect.....SCARY.....
  115. Called the Police Last Night...
  116. Ready to be shot??
  117. Being a First Responder to Someone Else's House
  118. Eventful Morning, 2 SA events
  119. Drawing on a family member?...
  120. This happened to me...
  121. happened in Venezuela
  122. Clearing a hotel rooom with your weapon unholstered
  123. I have learned the hard way to always carry
  124. motorcycle trip....wish i had my gun...
  125. Tough guy pulls gun, gets his arse kicked..
  126. Direction of fire?
  127. Someone breaks into your home, neighbor calls 911
  128. Situation over the Weekend
  129. Tricky situation last night how would you handle it?
  130. Voter Intimidation Scenario
  131. My spidy sense may be too sensitive
  132. The Family Pet Eliminated
  133. Incident from the early 60s
  134. Store shooting - lessons learned
  135. Interesting Incidents at Church
  136. NY castle doctrine
  137. Traffic Light Situation
  138. The moment of truth
  139. Home Invasion Plan
  140. Apology, of sorts
  141. Defensive Shooting in Richmond
  142. Coach Gun behind door?
  143. Do You Really Trust Anyone
  144. Home SD, rushed out of corner of your eye
  145. Restaurant Fight...
  146. Pulled the 9mm out for the 1st time today
  147. Must-see interview!
  148. Bad judgement call by CCW holder?
  149. I'm glad it was only a false alarm
  150. Anyone can buy pepper spray....right?
  151. Discovered a new use for my hat ...
  152. Kids Say The Darnedest Things
  153. Camping and carrying...
  154. how far is too far?
  155. Close Encounter Outside Bank Yesterday
  156. Good Story
  157. How would you react to your wife's warning of danger.
  158. Robbery scene on TruTV.... got me wondering
  159. Rugergirl touched on a topic I was considering...
  160. The 'dreaded' lawyer thread
  161. A different kind of scenario.
  162. How would your wife react?
  163. A guy cant even relax in his house on a Sunday!!!
  164. Should the better half keep quiet?
  165. Well, my cover is blown in the neighborhood now
  166. Why fireworks, beer, . . . and a 12-guage don't mix!
  167. Coming off shock and adrenaline
  168. De-escalating confrontations while carrying
  169. Time for a lawyer?
  170. Robot Attack (serial killer, terrorists, etc).
  171. Citizens Arrest!! Citizens Arrest!!
  172. Funny Story at the mall
  173. Scenario: Drunk driver comin' atchya?
  174. Disparity of force.......in the real world
  175. Who else scopes out shooting lines in stores?
  176. HD Scenario
  177. Dealing with the aftermath of a defensive shooting
  178. Almost drew... yes while OCing...
  179. thought I was being shot at last night...
  180. House Clearing Thread -- Further Thoughts
  181. Would a car jacker really shoot you?
  182. Defensive situation while intoxicated
  183. Car Crashes and Self-Defense
  184. Close call at WallyWorld tonight.
  185. What Was I Thinking!
  186. It's Bug out time/ how much ammo
  187. Realistic Self-Defense for Kids
  188. If or when to shoot question...
  189. Loony Tune Express
  190. I ALWAYS enter hotel room gun drawn, do you? Think about this...
  191. Car thief
  192. Almost used the 1911 on a dog
  193. Real guns with tips painted orange
  194. Drew tonight and I am pissed cuz I should have avoided the situation. Please learn...
  195. This is why I carry...
  196. Escaped Gorilla
  197. Scary day at work/school.
  198. Dog charged, used wife as a shield (think I need to buy mace).
  199. 4 on 1 gunfight?
  200. "Get in the car..."
  201. Should you draw your gun as a back up?
  202. First time I actually thought I might need my 1911
  203. What's Your Take On This?
  204. Two armed robberies this week in our neighborhood.
  205. Is a chair cause for lethal force?
  206. What about the Old "Finger In The Jacket" Trick?
  207. Kids these days...
  208. Yesterday my Laptop was Stolen. Today I met with the thief.
  209. Is There Potential For Liability???
  210. First time in my life i had to point a gun at someone!!!
  211. You're sitting at home watching TV with the family...
  212. saw this on tv how would everyone react?
  213. In defense of a family pet?
  214. Can you shoot to wound?
  215. Robber gets just what the doctor ordered!
  216. Almost shot a dog, scared the owner, too
  217. Warning, too long: When something isn't right at your neighbor's house
  218. Home Defense......not here.
  219. What Next....?
  220. Get mugged and lose your wallet /CCW license in it because you weren't carrying
  221. Learning from History | Mumbai terrorist attacks
  222. Unarmed threat
  223. Don't know if this is legit, but comments?
  224. Lights on your weapons ???
  225. Grandma and a glock
  226. Punks at the 7 Eleven
  227. Hypothetical: Man robs a store with a hypodermic needle
  228. Found out why I own a gun tonight.
  229. A disturbing dream.....a taste of failure
  230. Your top 3 cities were you need to be armed.
  231. Defensive scenarios is what troubles me ...
  232. Almost a bad situation; scared; turned out OK
  233. Car wreck, and road rage..peacefull outcome.
  234. Had a good scare/firedrill last night
  235. RANT: Its NOT about what something is worth
  236. A Bizarre Thing Happened To Me Today
  237. What would you do??
  238. Hypothetical: Active shooter
  239. Considerations for buying / building a house
  240. Size of gun/speed of draw?
  241. Prisoner in your own home
  242. the scenario that troubles me
  243. Robbery suspects posed as police
  244. New old scam...
  245. Honest opinions on this
  246. How To Let The Police In?
  247. Saw a crime in progress today...A lesson learned
  248. Hypothetical Scenario Questions (What if...)
  249. Defensive carry on motorcycle
  250. Got bit by a dog Friday... Your best defensive weapon rests between your ears.