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  1. For Those That Have Drawn Their CCW
  2. HDW location??
  3. A bump in the night
  4. Suspicious Behavior (and in NPS land!)
  5. 11 a.m. on a weekday when I'm normally at work, and two strange men knock on my door
  6. Situation that led to CCDW
  7. Aftermath of a home invasion: what do you do differently?
  8. Potential threat from a vehicle
  9. Home defense, software over hardware
  10. Dangerous Neighborhood Dog.
  11. Child abduction by one of your relatives…
  12. Creepy situation that led me to carrying..what I can carry
  13. Ever been followed?
  14. The day after you beat him up?
  15. Video - How Not To Mug Someone
  16. Call the Police?
  17. 40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious
  18. Is it a cop or a BG in uniform ?
  19. Standoff with a Rotty tonight.
  20. Encountered Some Aggressive Panhandling
  21. I was put in a tense situation over the weekend.
  22. Fuzzy Logic?
  23. Tried to get my wife to carry tonight
  24. Situation Today
  25. Didn't have it - spookey for a few seconds
  26. Common Misconceptions that can get you killed
  27. Isn't this brandishing?
  28. how should my wife handle this next time
  29. WWUD: 'Florence man arrested after allegedly hitting fellow motorist'
  30. Homeless BG asking for money and not backing down.
  31. One I thought of the other day
  32. Four unarmed men
  33. Drawing on a gun, thoughts ...
  34. Save your dog?
  35. Carry while playing?
  36. You can tell their gun won't fire
  37. Clean up after?
  38. Ramblings on People You Cannot Negotiate With
  39. Real Life Scenario
  40. too close?
  41. How many would try to disarm an armed scumbag while unarmed yourself?
  42. Happened a few months back
  43. Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?
  44. Knife, chase
  45. Parking Lot Bad Guys and Why I Carry
  46. Proud of my wife!! Opinions please.
  47. Which of these would you react to?
  48. Grabbed the AR-15 tonight. Could very easily be dead or in jail.
  49. Kentucky Redbox shooting...
  50. What Should You do if You Get Caught in a Bank Robbery?
  51. Convenience store.
  52. Almost drew on my Mother In-Law
  53. happened last night
  54. Run or Engage?
  55. What to do when carjacked?
  56. A situation based on true events
  57. Duty to retreat jurisdictions vs no CC
  58. What to do, stand or run?
  59. Carry and Defensive Scenarios
  60. Got a suprise this evening
  61. Robbery with a dangerous twist ....
  62. Possible violence averted at church today...
  63. Found Myself In An Interesting Situation...
  64. This might put a smile on your face, I'm still grinnin'
  65. I was told that the wife of a deployed NCO is being harassed and stalked
  66. Convenience Store Robber Shot Dead By Customer
  67. A little flashback of mine...
  68. Potential victim ‘got the jump on him,’
  69. What to do if Mexico collapses? Will Texas secede?
  70. What would you do - I'm screwed!
  71. The Perry Stephens/George Temple Incident
  72. This happened in military housing.
  73. What happens next.
  74. Gran Torino Scenarios
  75. Florida: Protecting Neighbors Property
  76. Cleared my house tonight !
  77. Assisting LEO
  78. Hotel Stories
  79. Crack heads/panhandler's in parking lots.
  80. Who has the advantage?
  81. 3 men wearing masks tried to jump me...
  82. I've got something for you...
  83. 148 mph
  84. Try this one out.
  85. Homeless Carry?
  86. Not as prepared as I thought
  87. What could possibly make you reach for that 2nd mag?
  88. "I heard the door bell ring and thought it was you...come home now!!"
  89. Non lethal in defense of property/legal assault?
  90. New BG Tactic in Our Area
  91. Sitting here reading DC and a scenario occurs...
  92. NC Hurricane prepare commercial
  93. Code Orange last night!
  94. Question about spouse talking to police after a shooting...
  95. ULTIMATE "What If..."
  96. Home Invasion Scenario
  97. Ignored your command
  98. Under age Gangbanger Tagging my Work Truck
  99. Had to draw for the first time....
  100. I am proud of my wife
  101. My "plan" criticism encouraged
  102. Collateral Damage...
  103. Bus driver at gunpoint
  104. Flashlight and Firearm: Blinding and Shooting
  105. Gunpoint
  106. Shoot burglar, get a new home?
  107. Just feeling "neighborly" again...
  108. What do you say/how vulnerable I am
  109. It was just the wind right??
  110. Stumble on LEO in distress scenario, what to do? MERGED
  111. A little "downtown" experience
  112. Situation at Wal-mart
  113. Strange Visits
  114. I realized at one point how defensless I really was
  115. Possible Highway Ambush...
  116. More ammo for my wife.
  117. "Honey, Someone is walking down the hall" at 3am
  118. What do you say?
  119. CC for SD, not to defend others.
  120. Thank you guys
  121. Approached leaving CVS Pharmacy
  122. When do you NOT shoot?
  123. Chest or Gut?
  124. Carrying at Work, I hope I get this one right and not get post removed.
  125. Over Concerned about Over Penetration? (Long)
  126. Where do you carry your money?
  127. You Get A Call From Your Neighbor.....
  128. Hand went to gun
  129. Middle of the night.
  130. Self Defense Pork Chop Shooting ~ Huh?
  131. Man Shot While Trying To Check In To Hotel
  132. Carry Enough Gun
  133. Do you want to rely on this 911 operator, with your life ?
  134. Garage Invasion ? Maybe not ???
  135. A friend - robbed at gunpoint - this one is real
  136. Went to the mall today
  137. The art of sitting
  138. Advice for woman who just broke up?
  139. Risk in using "assault weapons" for home defense?
  140. Mumbai in US?? (Merged)
  141. Stampede!
  142. Its the middle of the night, and someone starts banging on your front door...
  143. How well do you know your home.
  144. ATMs
  145. First time SD
  146. Someone in your yard.
  147. scenerio where you AD into the perp
  148. I'm getting bored.
  149. Best In-car carry option
  150. Government on your property
  151. Car jacking type scenario
  152. Middle of night - door is kicked in - do you shoot?
  153. Mall shooting ... again - Tukwila, WA. (Seattle)
  154. Almost!
  155. Best way to get advantage over BG when approached
  156. Would you know you were being robbed?
  157. Yet another reason to ALWAYS CARRY!
  158. Video- Convienance Store Robbery with Bat?
  159. What steps do you follow when harassed?
  160. When a joke goes too far
  161. Justifiable Shooting/story pics on website
  162. Sick'em! Bad guy commands dog to attack!
  163. Had to discharge my Glock tonight!
  164. Prob. a stupid question.
  165. Tough Situation (happend to a friends roomate)
  166. It's 3AM, the alarm is going off
  167. Memphis - Man Shot & Killed After Answering Door
  168. What would you do in this situation?
  169. Approached last night....
  170. Would there ever be an instance where you'd "save one for yourself?"
  171. First Aid
  172. Met and threatened while walking out of house
  173. Help Me Clear My House
  174. Hopeless situation
  175. BG's ..... now have a new tactic.....
  176. Dangers of task fixation
  177. Boston Confrontation,2nd Day of C.C
  178. Avoided a situation last night.
  179. Eye contact with one or more BGs....maybe not a good idea.
  180. My Car Was Broken Into Last Night...
  181. Halloween again.
  182. Would you help or would you stand there?
  183. Third party...crasher?
  184. Someone hiding in the WRONG truck!
  185. Middle of the Night Scenario...
  186. Road rage scenario
  187. Home defense plan help needed
  188. Sprayed with OC during confrontation
  189. Attempted break in last night
  190. Carry and Draw Frequency
  191. Concealed carry at work.
  192. Ever have one of those moments?
  193. Escape options when hands are tied up behind my back
  194. Which Scenario Are You Best Prepared For?
  195. Situation discussed at work today
  196. Home Invasion Scenario - NZ Style
  197. Business owner carry
  198. Clear my house - Help me do it safely.
  199. Situation I faced about 2 years ago
  200. Threats from passenger seat
  201. Wanting Some Opinions - Assaulted At Work
  202. 14-year-old shot during Mich. toilet paper prank
  203. The 911 Call format?
  204. Legally tinted windows a good deterent?
  205. New Trend in Violent Juvenile Crime
  206. Hostage situation
  207. Situation I faced over the summer
  208. The use of cover
  209. When I was younger..
  210. Man accidentally walks into a house and gets shot.
  211. The bystander effect
  212. Rest Area Scenario
  213. Bangers in the gun shop
  214. 1 vs. 5 downtown -- criticism/advice welcome
  215. Weird dream.
  216. UGLY: 16yo girl beaten by line-cutter.
  217. Defending from animal attack
  218. A word of Caution this Halloween..
  219. Just another reason to carry
  220. Defending Others
  221. The 21-Foot Rule
  222. My Decision...Your Opinion
  223. Think my 'neighborhood' got cased last night
  224. Back Yard Bang
  225. So I'm loading my Mossberg . . . .
  226. Am I nuts or what?
  227. Attacked While Armed = Lethal Force?
  228. CQC Airsoft and friends...
  229. Leaving a resturant parking lot, approached by panhandlers
  230. Out with coworkers, witness a theft
  231. Stopping Robbery
  232. Wake up call...
  233. Scary time at the mall in Memphis
  234. My Fiances SHTF Situation Tonight
  235. Guy approaches my fiance and I outside of K-mart
  236. Katrina: Would you surrender your guns?
  237. Real scenarios discussed in CCW class
  238. Things getting dangerous around here. Need options.
  239. Jumped after Fireworks
  240. Threatened with knife
  241. My recent SHTF situation
  242. Plastic Knife Brandished At Me.
  243. Stupid kids at Wal-Mart.
  244. Drew Weapon for first time
  245. Drunken home defense?
  246. My Wal-mart Sit-rep (Semi-long read..split up into 2 posts)
  247. Univeristy of Akron's "Defense Plan" Codename ALICE
  248. Grasped weapon,noticed bulge in sleeve
  249. Elevator Scenario
  250. The Philadelphia Subway Incident