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  1. Man shoots two burglary suspects in TX
  2. This JUST happened to my wife... dog attack and stupid LEO
  3. Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying
  4. "Early Warning" Home Security
  5. Camp"fire"
  6. Used my CCW for the first time
  7. Creepy Bum in the woods
  8. Holiday Shopping at the Mall / Mall Shooting Scenario: What Would You Do?: MERGED
  9. I was shot at last night
  10. Home Invasion
  11. Prowler cuts power...
  12. Gone for the holidays?
  13. Orlando FL - fast food armed robbery the other night
  14. Time for some refresher training w/ the wife...
  15. Robbery going down with your kid inside
  16. Angry biker with road rage
  17. Too fat to be a hero.
  18. Would you draw in this situation?
  19. Excellent Must read
  20. Quick-E Mart
  21. Coming at you shouting obscenities - holding .....
  22. Mall terrorist alert
  23. Who remembers the "attacked on a motorcycle" thread? I almost had to play it out
  24. God - hope this never happens
  25. Thoughts On 'Injection'
  26. What would you have done
  27. Where do you talk.
  28. Halloween, only time we open the door to masked people?
  29. Angry customer at Wendy's
  30. Subway Car scenario
  31. Quicky Mart
  32. Defense against HIV
  33. Underground parking lot scenario
  34. In House CCW
  35. Situational Awareness
  36. A Situation last night
  37. Sacramento Bee: Employees bound during armed robbery at Woodland restaurant
  38. Intruder at Night
  39. Boy walking home
  40. A Friends Violent Boyfriend
  41. And this is why I go out hunting armed to the teeth...
  42. To be or Not to be a Witness. . .
  43. Maglite vs. gun
  44. Family was under fire today!
  45. A question for LEO. What to do if I am there when an officer is at risk.
  46. Cocky Robbers
  47. Intruder In Car By Mistake
  48. Scenario - At the Mall Restroom
  49. Adjacent land owner shot at a hunter
  50. Amost drew my pistol, several people around me saw it.
  51. Funny Story
  52. Heres one that happened tonight... a new one on me
  53. Real life scenario where LEO was slain.
  54. Car door as cover
  55. Kids at Bus Stop -- Now what?
  56. Driving around in condition white
  57. true story Akron Ohio, 5 vs 1 on bikes aged 13-16
  58. Surefire to the rescue
  59. Who should I protect?
  60. Someone tried to break in last night...
  61. Would you leave the scene?
  62. Thought I'd have to draw tonight
  63. Beach couple attacked in home invasion.
  64. Had to draw my gun---on a dog
  65. Women Walks into Logan Airport with Fake Bomb, What would you do??
  66. LiveLeak.com shooting & robbery videos
  67. Sleeping in the car.
  68. Hotel Room Invasion
  69. Incident while camping last weekend
  70. Incident at the 7-11
  71. Shady
  72. Walking or hitch-hiking???
  73. Why I Carry
  74. Scenario: Wolves howling in the night
  75. What happens to your License and gun after the Encounter?
  76. Neighbor Might Need Help
  77. Less Than Lethal Attack
  78. Had a close one yesterday
  79. Got in a fight while carrying
  80. What would you do if someone (unarmed) wanted to/started to fight you...
  81. What if threatened but no weapon visible?
  82. Home Defense (well sort of)
  83. speed or effectiveness
  84. ID'ing the 'attacker' - in the home.
  85. Terrorist killed in Jerusalem's Old City
  86. Left Handed - in the drivers seat.
  87. Cornered in a public rest room.
  88. Mutual Combat?
  89. Scenario: "That Gun Ain't Loaded!"
  90. defending against teens
  91. Vancouver Shooting
  92. Incident at the movies
  93. Fights: to draw or not to draw.
  94. Enlightening & humbling experience at 21 feet
  95. Is this a right thing to do?
  96. Indiana....Unmarked ISP cars VS fake cop?
  97. To Call Or Not To Call
  98. Unusual scenario
  99. Disengaged because of Carrying?
  100. Close call? in Richmond this past week.
  101. Response to confrontation
  102. Front Sight or Threat?
  103. Connecticut murders and FoxNews.
  104. Do we need more than a sidearm?
  105. Possible Break In
  106. Recent Abductions
  107. Discussion -- Suitability for home defense ... shotgun, handgun or other gun?
  108. Sorry to bring up the dog thing, but this is a bit different
  109. Kidnapping
  110. Vehicle Carry - Bad Area
  111. waitress leaving work
  112. 2 man team "Interviewed" me in NoVA
  113. A scenario I run through my head constantly
  114. Who has had to draw their piece?
  115. Unarmed and shot but still in the fight
  116. Purse Snatching in Progress
  117. The idea of 'fighting back to your long guns" with pistol.
  118. Do you know where you are?
  119. Traffic stop seizure
  120. Creeped out the insurance guy.
  121. A 'what if' started to play out for me tonight
  122. Quick story
  123. SuperSoaker Flame Thrower
  124. Training a Dog for home security
  125. The first rule of gunfighting...
  126. What to do with your family when there is little to no cover?
  127. electronic earmuffs for home defense?
  128. Another Good Neighbor.
  129. Dumb kid Lucky kid
  130. Woman attacked at our Complex
  131. Shooting, Gun Retention, Jams, and Jail Time
  132. Defending your dog
  133. Being a good neighbor?
  134. Explosion At Downtown Disney
  135. I've seen lots of threads started about "how much ammo do you have?"
  136. Home Invasion narrowly averted.
  137. Tucson, Az - Mall Shooting (MERGED)
  138. The Importance Of Throwing A Distraction
  139. University of Colorado researcher murdered
  140. Attacked at a stop light - a few anecdotes
  141. Jurors to Decide: Acquitted!
  142. C. Fla. robbers shoot fast-food manager
  143. Observed an Assault today
  144. Your thoughts and opinions please
  145. 20 minutes for LEO
  146. Witness to crime & LEO encounter while carrying in BG, KY
  147. Jurors to Decide
  148. Had to draw, but that ended it...
  149. Police Help
  150. "Deter, Detect, Delay, and Defeat."
  151. Assisted police contact
  152. When is it justified to fire into a crowd? Merge
  153. Are there grounds for legal action?
  154. Teen breaks into police station, fires shots
  155. Help Needed To Find Killer Of Disabled Man
  156. Retail Setting
  157. A 911 call, let's hear your thoughts.
  158. My Saturday Night!!
  159. Friend's Scary Situation
  160. Handling yourself in your vehicle.
  161. Kelsey Smith
  162. You Won, You Also Lose?
  163. Woman robbed while pumping gas for gas
  164. Now that we have determined how much ammo we need for the SHTF, what about gun repair
  165. So how do you store your SHTF stockpile?
  166. Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have?
  167. I Have Just Been "assaulted!"
  168. Man stabbed trying to help stranger
  169. When tired, make yourself twice as alert!
  170. Another Dog Scenario - What Would You Do?
  171. New girlfriend (w/bi-polar ex)
  172. Stupid friends playing a prank on you...
  173. Females - If You Are Confronted
  174. The ONE time I left without my gun.
  175. The longer shot
  176. CCW shooting video
  177. How quickly can you get to your gun while driving?
  178. Supermarket encounter
  179. CCW Identification in a Tactical Situation
  180. What if you shoot BG & BG shoots someone else (Rebuttal)
  181. Apartment Violence....story....
  182. I think I passed the "test"
  183. Being a good witness vs Helping out
  184. Shooting suicide at Bryan, TX bank
  185. How To Answer The Door To Strangers...
  186. Da wifes Kmart confrontation
  187. Why I will NEVER visit NYC again
  188. Arms Fell Asleep Now What?
  189. Ever Foiled A Potential Assault?
  190. Revolver firing in a car?
  191. Age matters
  192. Home Invasion
  193. Loose Dog - For My Fellow Country Folk
  194. Grocery Store Incident, How would you handle it?
  195. looking for videos
  196. Had quite a scare last night! (kinda long)
  197. What if you shoot the BG and the BG shoots someone else??
  198. HANDS vs. GUNS
  199. Safety in hospitals...
  200. What might have happened at VT...
  201. Hypothetical Nightmare Virginia Tech Tactical Scenario....
  202. How to handle two BG's
  203. Hurt Myself - Need Excercises
  204. Question for those with experience and LEOs
  205. Thief in the car
  206. HIV threat ? What to do ?
  207. Tactical retreating.
  208. scumbags disguised as cops
  209. Home Defense Shotgun Users-Do you fear hitting friendlies??
  210. Multiple BG's
  211. Strange Situation last night..
  212. Michigan office shooting
  213. "Interviewed" today.
  214. angry guy wants to fight
  215. For those that answered yes.
  216. Better Than a Little Blue Pill
  217. Which civilian occupation is most dangerous?
  218. Actual Usage of Concealed Carry.
  219. Dog Attack
  220. Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target
  221. How To Stop A Rapist
  222. Man shot coming out of bathroom at Wendy's
  223. Road Rage Confrontation
  224. Things are not always what they seem. Remember that before you get too involved!
  225. Captain America Syndrome
  226. Man kidnaps and rapes estranged wife who is also a Sheriff's Deputy
  227. Here's a tactical scenario you DONT want to be in!
  228. Chicago Cop Allegedly Seen Beating Woman On Video
  229. 3 doors down from me
  230. One for the ladies (guys don't skip!)
  231. Attacked While Riding Your Motorcycle
  232. SHTF?
  233. Can You Find ANY Incorrect Info. In This Scenario?
  234. Saw a friend being mugged but had a 2 year old with you what do you do.
  235. Do women have an advantage?
  236. Securing my domicile
  237. Robbery victims usually don't know the criminals
  238. Question for LEO's
  239. House at night - drapes/blinds?
  240. Fender Bender+ Drunks
  241. Gunmen dognap Los Angeles family's puppies
  242. Reacting to Road Rage
  243. Potential Mugging in Restaurant Parking Lot.
  244. Man Busts into Boise Home
  245. Moaning by a dumpster
  246. Witnessed Carjacking
  247. Fist fight while carrying
  248. New Lesson learned
  249. Woman hospitalized after violent carjacking
  250. Attention sheep: Malls are not safe places!