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  1. Fugitive loose; how excited to get?
  2. Carrying with 6+0
  3. Pick one--Gun or Flashlight
  4. You got a Dollar???
  5. OC towards window or other patrons?
  6. Man Standing In Middle Of Trail W/Hunting Knife Extended.
  7. Unsecured Gun in Arrest
  8. Lethal force to prevent child abduction?
  9. How would you know?
  10. I live next to a teenage burglar
  11. Convenience Store Robbery
  12. Your response
  13. Trying to Rob Me in Broad Daylight!!
  14. What Would You Do ?
  15. A knock at the door
  16. Calling 911 after drawing your firearm
  17. What if the BG tries to leave nicely?
  18. Night lights in your home.
  19. Couldn't sleep last night!!
  20. Put your hands were I can see them...
  21. Neighborhood Prowler
  22. Armed Student In Jerusalem
  23. We have some more work to do...
  24. Creepy nut casing my house today
  25. What would you do?--Approached by 3-4 young adults.
  26. Several killed at Seminary in Jerusalem {Merged}
  27. Disappointing Police response
  28. ABC Primetime last night, Teens terrorizing a homeless person
  29. Shooting to Defend Your Dog?
  30. Stange behavior???? or paranoid
  31. What would your response be?
  32. Shouting "I have a gun"
  33. A debate with a friend
  34. Approached by someone you know
  35. Game Plan?
  36. Strange Thing Last Night
  37. Someone followed me home
  38. From Bad to Worse: The Unthinkable
  39. "Real Incident"-With a Twist
  40. What a Wack Job!
  41. Real Incident
  42. Good or Bad to Shoot?
  43. Real scenario, what would have you done?
  44. What would you overlook?
  45. How would you go about this?
  46. A good way to play this?
  47. How to defend against car jacking.
  48. How many?
  49. What would you do?
  50. life threatening situation?
  51. Would you fire a warning shot?
  52. Tactical debate: Muzzle up or muzzle depressed?
  53. Justified or not?
  54. Possible hero or scapegoat?
  55. One Great Cop
  56. Teen Prankster Shocks Homeowner With Fake Gun
  57. How Close is too Close?
  58. Good or bad shoot aftermath
  59. Good or bad shoot?
  60. Intended victim fires gun
  61. Outdraw this...
  62. Wierd happening tonite
  63. Car commercial
  64. Multiple Threats…What would YOU do?
  65. What kind of insurance policy should I buy against civil suits?
  66. Robbery Question
  67. Retired Green Beret Gets Court Martial After Shooting Intruder
  68. How many times have you had to use a firearm for self-defense?
  69. Pulled Firearm Now What???
  70. Hypothetical situation,.....Food For Thought !
  71. It's 0200 and you see your work truck getting cleaned out
  72. Real life situation with a question
  73. About this "Drop Wallet" thing, how are the ladies supposed to do this with a purse?
  74. Last nights strange noise, and forums good advice
  75. Potential burglary during broad daylight?
  76. My first condition yellow/orange
  77. Before that night I didn’t think I needed a CCW
  78. Another Road Rage that happened to one of my employees
  79. Gun drawn in road-rage case
  80. Side-of-the-Road Defense
  81. Mall shooting, slightly different
  82. Mall Shooting
  83. Nightmares (or pipe dreams) About Prosecution for Self-Defense **Merged**
  84. Thoughts/rant
  85. FBI shootout from 86- Interesting read
  86. Approached on a dark street
  87. How should she have handled this situation?
  88. Interesting Day: Independent Contractor Issues!
  89. Scenario: Thrown in car-trunk (1)
  90. My Current Biggest threat to home defense
  91. Real Life SD Situation and the Aftermath!!
  92. 12 Gauge Behind the head bed board. + Kids?
  93. Is your gun holstered at night?
  94. What goes into a family plan?
  95. Bump in the night, now what?
  96. Angry old man shoots lawyer
  97. Potential ugly situation
  98. What would you do?
  99. Some suggestions as to how to handle this.
  100. NON-CCW Security Situation (What would you have done)
  101. Subtleties of Spidey Sense
  102. Creepy guy this morning.
  103. Apartment Precautions
  104. It started an argument..
  105. Had some kids try to follow me in the driveway tonight.
  106. Yes or no way buddy, walk it?
  107. SA, and what LEO is looking for from a good witness
  108. Identify visitors/automatic lights at frt door
  109. Subconscious Issue Shooting a Woman?
  110. Shooting a LEO During a No Knock Warrant?
  111. Some guy tells customer service about a customer with a gun
  112. Tactical Issues Regarding Carry in House of Worship
  113. Ok to shoot defensively here?
  114. 911: what to communicate?
  115. Outnumbered
  116. Test tube full of blood
  117. Mounted Flashlights & Clearing Your House
  118. Facing gang of car jackers
  119. Shady new neighbor
  120. I just peppered sprayed my shower door installer
  121. Robbery situation
  122. Living in Fear?
  123. Public Panic Situation
  124. Castle Doctrine with Alter Ego Principle
  125. What to do if you are followed
  126. If there were ever a reason to carry 24/7
  127. Road Rage Incident: Food for Thought (long)
  128. Let's talk about when to shoot someone in the back...
  129. What load for tigers???
  130. Home security measures
  131. It's not the same neighborhood I moved in to!
  132. Off Duty Cop: Foolish?
  133. Tactics / gear of the bad guys
  134. Safe to try to use gun?
  135. Motion sensors to alert of an intruder
  136. Foiled home invasion in Montgomery....
  137. Why Time Seems to Slow Down in Emergencies
  138. Robbery Prevention / Tips (YEAH RIGHT)
  139. Looking for a driveway alert system
  140. How to handle an active shooter
  141. Home invasion and your in a split level basement
  142. At what distance would you engage a shooter?
  143. Invasion... While In The Shower
  144. Colorado Carjacking - What would you do?
  145. When Engaging the Threat Goes Wrong
  146. From the It Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime Dept.
  147. Man shoots two burglary suspects in TX
  148. This JUST happened to my wife... dog attack and stupid LEO
  149. Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying
  150. "Early Warning" Home Security
  151. Camp"fire"
  152. Used my CCW for the first time
  153. Creepy Bum in the woods
  154. Holiday Shopping at the Mall / Mall Shooting Scenario: What Would You Do?: MERGED
  155. I was shot at last night
  156. Home Invasion
  157. Prowler cuts power...
  158. Gone for the holidays?
  159. Orlando FL - fast food armed robbery the other night
  160. Time for some refresher training w/ the wife...
  161. Robbery going down with your kid inside
  162. Angry biker with road rage
  163. Too fat to be a hero.
  164. Would you draw in this situation?
  165. Excellent Must read
  166. Quick-E Mart
  167. Coming at you shouting obscenities - holding .....
  168. Mall terrorist alert
  169. Who remembers the "attacked on a motorcycle" thread? I almost had to play it out
  170. God - hope this never happens
  171. Thoughts On 'Injection'
  172. What would you have done
  173. Where do you talk.
  174. Halloween, only time we open the door to masked people?
  175. Angry customer at Wendy's
  176. Subway Car scenario
  177. Quicky Mart
  178. Defense against HIV
  179. Underground parking lot scenario
  180. In House CCW
  181. Situational Awareness
  182. A Situation last night
  183. Sacramento Bee: Employees bound during armed robbery at Woodland restaurant
  184. Intruder at Night
  185. Boy walking home
  186. A Friends Violent Boyfriend
  187. And this is why I go out hunting armed to the teeth...
  188. To be or Not to be a Witness. . .
  189. Maglite vs. gun
  190. Family was under fire today!
  191. A question for LEO. What to do if I am there when an officer is at risk.
  192. Cocky Robbers
  193. Intruder In Car By Mistake
  194. Scenario - At the Mall Restroom
  195. Adjacent land owner shot at a hunter
  196. Amost drew my pistol, several people around me saw it.
  197. Funny Story
  198. Heres one that happened tonight... a new one on me
  199. Real life scenario where LEO was slain.
  200. Car door as cover
  201. Kids at Bus Stop -- Now what?
  202. Driving around in condition white
  203. true story Akron Ohio, 5 vs 1 on bikes aged 13-16
  204. Surefire to the rescue
  205. Who should I protect?
  206. Someone tried to break in last night...
  207. Would you leave the scene?
  208. Thought I'd have to draw tonight
  209. Beach couple attacked in home invasion.
  210. Had to draw my gun---on a dog
  211. Women Walks into Logan Airport with Fake Bomb, What would you do??
  212. LiveLeak.com shooting & robbery videos
  213. Sleeping in the car.
  214. Hotel Room Invasion
  215. Incident while camping last weekend
  216. Incident at the 7-11
  217. Shady
  218. Walking or hitch-hiking???
  219. Why I Carry
  220. Scenario: Wolves howling in the night
  221. What happens to your License and gun after the Encounter?
  222. Neighbor Might Need Help
  223. Less Than Lethal Attack
  224. Had a close one yesterday
  225. Got in a fight while carrying
  226. What would you do if someone (unarmed) wanted to/started to fight you...
  227. What if threatened but no weapon visible?
  228. Home Defense (well sort of)
  229. speed or effectiveness
  230. ID'ing the 'attacker' - in the home.
  231. Terrorist killed in Jerusalem's Old City
  232. Left Handed - in the drivers seat.
  233. Cornered in a public rest room.
  234. Mutual Combat?
  235. Scenario: "That Gun Ain't Loaded!"
  236. defending against teens
  237. Vancouver Shooting
  238. Incident at the movies
  239. Fights: to draw or not to draw.
  240. Enlightening & humbling experience at 21 feet
  241. Is this a right thing to do?
  242. Indiana....Unmarked ISP cars VS fake cop?
  243. To Call Or Not To Call
  244. Unusual scenario
  245. Disengaged because of Carrying?
  246. Close call? in Richmond this past week.
  247. Response to confrontation
  248. Front Sight or Threat?
  249. Connecticut murders and FoxNews.
  250. Do we need more than a sidearm?