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  1. Horrible story out of my neck of the woods - reinforces the need for CCW
  2. Do you cock?
  3. Head Shot vs Center of Mass - pros and cons
  4. Mugging
  5. decided not to go to work today
  6. Really got me thinking....
  7. I think this citizen might be in trouble
  8. Home Invasion / Robbery
  9. Unbeliveable and disgusting kids
  10. Pistol whipped...what do you think?
  11. Shoplifting at Walmart
  12. Video of two police officers being gunned down
  13. Convenience Store Shoplifter
  14. First time loaded
  15. Take a head shot or not???
  16. Experience while Walking the Dog
  17. Lots of firsts here...scenario about a car backing into you intentionally
  18. Strange encounter 6 years ago
  19. What do you all think????
  20. Three armed robberies/assaults on the DC Mall
  21. Celebrity carriers
  22. CA non CCW ?
  23. Violence prevention (old, but good article)
  24. Pull A Gun Out Of Your Pants Not A Rabbit...
  25. Man with a knife.......
  26. Gas station scenario
  27. Legal obligation to order "cease and desist" before stopping the threat?
  28. Give me the wallet or Die!!!
  29. I was interviewed...
  30. School Shooting in the Works (This is real)
  31. A few heated moments
  32. What's legal to do in this scenario?
  33. Nothing really happened but........
  34. Recent real-life scenario
  35. Someone grabs your wife
  36. Pawn Shop Scenario
  37. Shooting Aftermath
  38. Fox pepper spray
  39. Where is the best place to take a bullet?
  40. So, how would you folks approach this.
  41. More Las Vegas Crime
  42. one handed reload
  43. Your Defensive Plans?
  44. major sheeple behavior
  45. Another What if, bomber situation.
  46. What happens in Las Vegas is Pretty Darn Scary
  47. Your CCW Permit Has Been Revoked
  48. My sis running a store solo?!
  49. I look out and here's a guy on a bicycle with a full coverage helmet & sun glasses...
  50. Abduction?
  51. a real event that happened
  52. Another what would you do!
  53. just tryed to help
  54. The Whites Of Their EYES
  55. What would you do?
  56. How would you know what to do.
  57. 16 year old BG Shot in Irving, TX
  58. Car Thief vid....
  59. this happened were i worked,man shot in neck
  60. Interesting night
  61. "They'll just take it away from you".......
  62. Tulsa robbery thwarted by CCW
  63. Attacked by a KID!
  64. Scenario: Suicide Bomber
  65. Did I choose wisely?
  66. Downtown Pitt - QK, any news?
  67. When they tell you just give in to the BG's demands....
  68. Highlighting the differences between countries
  69. Straight From Local News Tonight
  70. Let's get a few opinions
  71. Combat Handguns column "It happened to me"
  72. Here is a, "what would you have done thread?"
  73. shooting vid
  74. Shoot in the back????
  75. Can this be wrong ?
  76. Prowler or worse..last nights event
  77. Pistol In Quartata
  78. Just shoot
  79. Man rescues sons from car thieves
  80. beware the blade
  81. Parking Lot Experience
  82. Your next move- how would you handle this situation?
  83. 6 seconds of condition red, and a thwarted robbery.
  84. Well that'll ruin your day.
  85. Saturday Night at Wal-Mart (True Story)
  86. Wichita Massacre
  87. What would you have done?
  88. Could have pulled? Never even thought about it
  89. I learned a valuable lesson this morning...
  90. Actual Scenario
  91. The Tactical Mom
  92. 8th Grader shot by SWAT Officer
  93. Almost pulled it
  94. The "master switch"
  95. NH Home invasion
  96. Home Security: A Related Question
  97. Bluff or not?
  98. Setting your rearview mirrors.
  99. The Complete Arsenal
  100. What Do You Do? Really? What Do You Do?
  101. Actual shooting
  102. First Rule of Gunfighting....
  103. Kwik-E-Mart Situation
  104. Almost popped a cap in someone today...
  105. Not a scenario, but a CCW by-product
  106. Being followed.
  107. Well - this is a scenario --
  108. Local homicide
  109. Not quite a scenario
  110. "Father, Son Tag-Team Armed Robbers"
  111. Crime Prevention
  112. Changing a flat
  113. Combating tunnel vision
  114. Quick Stop & Rob Security Video
  115. Comment On This Topic.
  116. The Incompetent Assailant
  117. When the absurd is real
  118. Tricky decision.
  119. Wonder if carry might have made this different
  120. He/they - armed/unarmed? Timing?
  121. Store Clerk Shot Fending Off Robber
  122. Re:Loss Prevention stops.....
  123. Imagine this one here!!
  124. Carjacked
  125. What would you do ??
  126. Tacoma Mall Shooting
  127. Motor vehicle aggression
  128. Just came home to an unlocked house...
  129. Out To Dinner & A Movie & A Bullet
  130. Odd Experience Last Night.
  131. Scare Tactics
  132. Another real scenario and analysis re court.
  133. Dark parking garage.
  134. No Bruce Lee jokes...
  135. A scenario (real) to assess
  136. Restaurant Hold Up Part Deuce
  137. Restaurant Hold Up
  138. Home Invasions ~ Web Article/The Crime Dr.
  139. Trick or treat
  140. Intervention v. Non-Intervention
  141. This could have turned out different.
  142. Previous tenant's mess is dumped on you
  143. At What Point Do You...
  144. I avoid NYC since I can't carry there
  145. Borderline situations
  146. On the news
  147. Let Me Share This Story With You
  148. What's your home defense plan?
  149. New Section for Tactic's of BG's?
  150. The Warning Shot
  151. Simunitions FOF scenarios I have been in...
  152. Tiger Attack
  153. The Flight That Fought Back
  154. Wonder if this ploy could work!
  155. Gemme Your Money !
  156. Church
  157. New bullet proof glass
  158. An idiot and his gun
  159. Time To ROCK ~ The Speed Rock
  160. Threat focus may be detrimental to your health
  161. An interesting thing happened Sunday morning...
  162. Shoot first and ask questions later?
  163. Looting
  164. Opinions pls.
  165. More speculation
  166. KATRINA News Updates
  167. The Tactical Reload ~ For Real Life ?
  168. A story about Nothing
  169. How to properly shoot two muggers :)
  170. Speaking of that "One Perfect Shot"...
  171. Katrina
  172. Hotel situation.
  173. That One Perfect Shot
  174. Crazy robbery video
  175. Third in place
  176. A Very VALID B.U.G. Reminder
  177. Rock and hard place
  178. Bad Experiance At work Today
  179. Scenario: Relative Snatching
  180. I believe I went to condition red on my walk this morning...
  181. This one is food for thought.
  182. Almost wet myself over this one.
  183. Couple survive 'scary' late-night attack
  184. Your first shot is a squib!!!
  185. Distanced encounter - just a thought.
  186. The British Bobbies - INTERESTING!
  187. After the Carnival
  188. How To Be A Tactical Wimp
  189. CarJacking/ Kidnapping In Pittsburgh
  190. This was real - someone opened my hotel door at 1:30 a.m.
  191. CCW Man Risked His Life To Save Ambushed Cop
  192. The vanishing BG!
  193. Hostage situation with a twist
  194. Car jacking from the local media
  195. Terror Attack On London!
  196. When to intervene in possible kidnapping?
  197. Failure drills
  198. Student Incident
  199. Practice Folks ~ It's So Important.
  200. Tactical teaser.
  201. SCARY! - this was for real.
  202. New Face to an Old Threat
  203. Defending your vehicle????
  204. Wally World Meathead
  205. Whew!!
  206. Road Rage Episode IV
  207. An Interesting Real Life Event
  208. Comments? I Just Had To Post This
  209. A Real Scenario: The Threat Moves in Closer
  210. The drenched piece.
  211. Crisis psychology - long but good read.
  212. Emptying out your shed
  213. Detained by security guard
  214. So you're in a parking lot...
  215. Take Off Your Clothes! NOW!
  216. Try this for size!
  217. MS13 - gangs in general
  218. Scenario: Downtown stoplight
  219. Scenario: Chinese Food
  220. Scenario: ACTUAL Scenario
  221. Scenario: Gas Station Robbery
  222. Assault in progress
  223. What might you have done?
  224. Would You Draw On A Drawn Gun ??
  225. Scenario: Restaurant Robbery
  226. Car defense practice
  227. Scenario: Would you draw on a drawn gun?
  228. Bad Guys And Body Armor
  229. Scenario: Garage with a twist
  230. News Article Las Vegas: Police try to solve puzzle of dead body found in home
  231. Do you have what it takes to pull the trigger?
  232. Chimp encounter?
  233. Scenario: Man armed with a rifle shooting people in public...
  234. Pizza Parlor beating....
  235. Ohio Pizza Beating: What would you have done?
  236. Scenario: Road Rage
  237. Scenario: Tactical scenario, true story
  238. Home Invasion Qoute from In Gravest Extreme
  239. Mall Shooting in NY
  240. Scenario: At the 7-11
  241. Scenario: Terror on the flight
  242. First aid for the Bad Guy?
  243. Scenario: Disgruntled Employee
  244. Scenario: You come home...
  245. Juvenile threatens you???
  246. What would you have done???
  247. Scenario: Attacked On The Trail
  248. Scenario: In home surprise
  249. Chase them down and shoot them?
  250. Not a good situation at all.