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  1. How is this NOT JUSTIFIED!!???
  2. Video scenario
  3. Real life 21 foot rule video
  4. Rock Hill, S.C. Bank Robbery Video (2005)
  5. Little excitement at work this morning...
  6. Anybody here watch "Most Shocking" on Court TV?
  7. Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty Last Night
  8. I awoke to shots fired in front of my house
  9. Halloween Costumes Scenerio
  10. Needle scenario--live and in color
  11. Hot tub, gun, and do ya ?
  12. At the Seven Eleven
  13. Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM!
  14. Man opens "fire" in church
  15. Coming home and you notice a police cruiser...
  16. Ambush on a convoy
  17. Brothers accused of beating up golfer who asked to play through
  18. Discuss the many things the good guy did wrong
  19. Violence at my company party
  20. Good Samaritan video with happy ending...
  21. What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?
  22. Roadside Assistance
  23. Morning at the dog park turns interesting.
  24. What if you know the BG?
  25. An interesting broad daylight situation I had.
  26. Car Jack
  27. Multiple attackers.....
  28. Halloween ambush
  29. What to do with kids?
  30. what should i have done
  31. Am I legally required to wait?
  32. Verifing it's the police on the other side of your locked bedroom door.
  33. A typical senario..WWYD?
  34. Scenario: Multiple SUV attack! Ah!
  35. Coming Home to a Home Invasion
  36. Fictitious Scenario - Want to Play Along?
  37. Don't knock the small guns; they will kill you dead
  38. Critique My Actions Last Night
  39. What do I do?
  40. Most Dangerous People ~ Blind Rage
  41. Benefits of Anonymousness
  42. Bizarre gun dream, but it made me think
  43. Gun pointed at you...
  44. Driving too slow = beating?
  45. Friend's dad attacked
  46. VIDEO of knife attack within 21 feet... NO WAY you can draw fast enough
  47. More than 90 shots fired at swingers club
  48. What would you do??
  49. Multiple perps in the park at picnic time: what to do?
  50. Oh no - another shooting. (multiple merges)
  51. It coulda been real...
  52. Attempted car break in
  53. Camp ground hassles!
  54. Another what would you do
  55. Patriot Games scenario
  56. I think I got it right but not sure...
  57. BG at window, shoot or not.
  58. Received threats
  59. You're a Canadian border "guard"...what do you do?
  60. Apt Situation
  61. Road Rage....
  62. Why do they ask??
  63. Try this one...
  64. String of armed robberies at Waffle Houses here
  65. Threats at contact distance
  66. Supermarket Confrontation
  67. Daycare
  68. Robbery gets really bad at Olive Garden. What would you do?
  69. Hearing loss
  70. Shootout in Walmart
  71. to her i seem strange
  72. Road Rage video...gun pulled
  73. Terrible Feeling
  74. Deadly hands in the news
  75. Waffle house robbery
  76. Gun vs. Knife
  77. I think "Condition Yellow" paid off tonight (A little long)
  78. Hand to hand combat
  79. Elevator Nightmare 2
  80. Personal Stories?
  81. Elevator Nightmare
  82. House Clearing
  83. Man with a baseball bat
  84. What would you do if you were there?
  85. Not enough gun
  86. I'm with BABY!
  87. The horror of being unarmed in a real life situation
  88. Protection or Being the Hero?
  89. Man with baby scenario
  90. Had a scare last night - Good Thing
  91. Real Scenario: Robbery Gone Bad
  92. Robbed
  93. Don't get into the car. Period
  94. Unknown individual in apartment
  95. Rednecks with a baseball bat...
  96. I can't believe this is happening to me!
  97. Wild West REAL SCENARIO: Happened 8-24-06 at 17:30 Hours
  98. How would any of us have handled this?
  99. PA - Multiple unarmed attackers
  100. I had a situation
  101. Off the Runway
  102. Scary Event - Situational Awareness - Lessons Learned
  103. closing the bedroom door!
  104. Apocryphal fiction - sorry, quite long.
  105. How Many Consider the "No-Win" Scenario?
  106. Evaluate This Scenario. What Would You ?
  107. Woman being approached by large man in alley?
  108. Carjacking attempt or messed up druggie?
  109. Had a Serious Condition Red this week
  110. After Hours
  111. someone broken down/out of gas
  112. Robbery / Disarm
  113. Helping Out Border Patrol?
  114. Purse/Bag Carry
  115. Getting wet
  116. Threatening physical violence (unarmed?)
  117. scary scenario
  118. Brandishing
  119. Hawaiian Vacation
  120. How to Be a "Good Witness"...
  121. Amarillo man shoots attacking pit bull
  122. Martial arts experience and CCW? (hypothetical)
  123. Restaurant Robbery (img)
  124. Armed Citizen ends Grocery Store Stabbings (REAL)
  125. Men in the house after Vacation (real)
  126. Lanes of Fire
  127. Hostage Situation
  128. Car Jacking in progress at home
  129. Senario Twist
  130. Another ATM Robbery (w/scene image)
  131. Less than lethal training
  132. Something to think about
  133. The scenario used at recent Action Shoot
  134. Atm?
  135. Wonder what the outcome could have been
  136. Rash of Bank Robberies
  137. Columbine Killers Diary Entries Released
  138. At the gas pump.
  139. Late night car rental scenario
  140. Coupla thinkers
  141. Fast food robbery scenario - what do I do?
  142. Carjack scenario - what do I do?
  143. More than food for thought
  144. A different CCW tactical question.
  145. Casino shooting. Any lessons here?
  146. Just curious what people would do if their car was stolen infront of their eyes...
  147. 0400 Wake Up Training
  148. LEO stop in 1st season of ''24'', remember?
  149. appt scenario
  150. Use of the Manual Safety on the 1911(Long)
  151. Story from East TX, homeowner shoots JD burglars
  152. Advancing with a knife
  153. Home invasion or real LEO's?
  154. Horrible story out of my neck of the woods - reinforces the need for CCW
  155. Do you cock?
  156. Head Shot vs Center of Mass - pros and cons
  157. Mugging
  158. decided not to go to work today
  159. Really got me thinking....
  160. I think this citizen might be in trouble
  161. Home Invasion / Robbery
  162. Unbeliveable and disgusting kids
  163. Pistol whipped...what do you think?
  164. Shoplifting at Walmart
  165. Video of two police officers being gunned down
  166. Convenience Store Shoplifter
  167. First time loaded
  168. Take a head shot or not???
  169. Experience while Walking the Dog
  170. Lots of firsts here...scenario about a car backing into you intentionally
  171. Strange encounter 6 years ago
  172. What do you all think????
  173. Three armed robberies/assaults on the DC Mall
  174. Celebrity carriers
  175. CA non CCW ?
  176. Violence prevention (old, but good article)
  177. Pull A Gun Out Of Your Pants Not A Rabbit...
  178. Man with a knife.......
  179. Gas station scenario
  180. Legal obligation to order "cease and desist" before stopping the threat?
  181. Give me the wallet or Die!!!
  182. I was interviewed...
  183. School Shooting in the Works (This is real)
  184. A few heated moments
  185. What's legal to do in this scenario?
  186. Nothing really happened but........
  187. Recent real-life scenario
  188. Someone grabs your wife
  189. Pawn Shop Scenario
  190. Shooting Aftermath
  191. Fox pepper spray
  192. Where is the best place to take a bullet?
  193. So, how would you folks approach this.
  194. More Las Vegas Crime
  195. one handed reload
  196. Your Defensive Plans?
  197. major sheeple behavior
  198. Another What if, bomber situation.
  199. What happens in Las Vegas is Pretty Darn Scary
  200. Your CCW Permit Has Been Revoked
  201. My sis running a store solo?!
  202. I look out and here's a guy on a bicycle with a full coverage helmet & sun glasses...
  203. Abduction?
  204. a real event that happened
  205. Another what would you do!
  206. just tryed to help
  207. The Whites Of Their EYES
  208. What would you do?
  209. How would you know what to do.
  210. 16 year old BG Shot in Irving, TX
  211. Car Thief vid....
  212. this happened were i worked,man shot in neck
  213. Interesting night
  214. "They'll just take it away from you".......
  215. Tulsa robbery thwarted by CCW
  216. Attacked by a KID!
  217. Scenario: Suicide Bomber
  218. Did I choose wisely?
  219. Downtown Pitt - QK, any news?
  220. When they tell you just give in to the BG's demands....
  221. Highlighting the differences between countries
  222. Straight From Local News Tonight
  223. Let's get a few opinions
  224. Combat Handguns column "It happened to me"
  225. Here is a, "what would you have done thread?"
  226. shooting vid
  227. Shoot in the back????
  228. Can this be wrong ?
  229. Prowler or worse..last nights event
  230. Pistol In Quartata
  231. Just shoot
  232. Man rescues sons from car thieves
  233. beware the blade
  234. Parking Lot Experience
  235. Your next move- how would you handle this situation?
  236. 6 seconds of condition red, and a thwarted robbery.
  237. Well that'll ruin your day.
  238. Saturday Night at Wal-Mart (True Story)
  239. Wichita Massacre
  240. What would you have done?
  241. Could have pulled? Never even thought about it
  242. I learned a valuable lesson this morning...
  243. Actual Scenario
  244. The Tactical Mom
  245. 8th Grader shot by SWAT Officer
  246. Almost pulled it
  247. The "master switch"
  248. NH Home invasion
  249. Home Security: A Related Question
  250. Bluff or not?