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  1. Da wifes Kmart confrontation
  2. Why I will NEVER visit NYC again
  3. Arms Fell Asleep Now What?
  4. Ever Foiled A Potential Assault?
  5. Revolver firing in a car?
  6. Age matters
  7. Home Invasion
  8. Loose Dog - For My Fellow Country Folk
  9. Grocery Store Incident, How would you handle it?
  10. looking for videos
  11. Had quite a scare last night! (kinda long)
  12. What if you shoot the BG and the BG shoots someone else??
  13. HANDS vs. GUNS
  14. Safety in hospitals...
  15. What might have happened at VT...
  16. Hypothetical Nightmare Virginia Tech Tactical Scenario....
  17. How to handle two BG's
  18. Hurt Myself - Need Excercises
  19. Question for those with experience and LEOs
  20. Thief in the car
  21. HIV threat ? What to do ?
  22. Tactical retreating.
  23. scumbags disguised as cops
  24. Home Defense Shotgun Users-Do you fear hitting friendlies??
  25. Multiple BG's
  26. Strange Situation last night..
  27. Michigan office shooting
  28. "Interviewed" today.
  29. angry guy wants to fight
  30. For those that answered yes.
  31. Better Than a Little Blue Pill
  32. Which civilian occupation is most dangerous?
  33. Actual Usage of Concealed Carry.
  34. Dog Attack
  35. Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target
  36. How To Stop A Rapist
  37. Man shot coming out of bathroom at Wendy's
  38. Road Rage Confrontation
  39. Things are not always what they seem. Remember that before you get too involved!
  40. Captain America Syndrome
  41. Man kidnaps and rapes estranged wife who is also a Sheriff's Deputy
  42. Here's a tactical scenario you DONT want to be in!
  43. Chicago Cop Allegedly Seen Beating Woman On Video
  44. 3 doors down from me
  45. One for the ladies (guys don't skip!)
  46. Attacked While Riding Your Motorcycle
  47. SHTF?
  48. Can You Find ANY Incorrect Info. In This Scenario?
  49. Saw a friend being mugged but had a 2 year old with you what do you do.
  50. Do women have an advantage?
  51. Securing my domicile
  52. Robbery victims usually don't know the criminals
  53. Question for LEO's
  54. House at night - drapes/blinds?
  55. Fender Bender+ Drunks
  56. Gunmen dognap Los Angeles family's puppies
  57. Reacting to Road Rage
  58. Potential Mugging in Restaurant Parking Lot.
  59. Man Busts into Boise Home
  60. Moaning by a dumpster
  61. Witnessed Carjacking
  62. Fist fight while carrying
  63. New Lesson learned
  64. Woman hospitalized after violent carjacking
  65. Attention sheep: Malls are not safe places!
  66. 2 blocks from my house!
  67. Be Careful When Intervening
  68. Happened here yesterday: Case of mistaken identity
  69. This one happened in my town
  70. Caught in a bad situation.
  71. You see an abduction in progress....
  72. Well, that got my heart rate up
  73. What would you do? (Another What If..)
  74. On an airplane: disarming an attacker
  75. Wife in store, you waiting in the car w/ 3yr old
  76. Im Glad I Was Armed Friday!
  77. "Knockout"
  78. TV show: Most Shocking Robberies & Holdups
  79. Mall shooting poll
  80. Increase in home invasions targeting Hispanics in Nashville
  81. How to be seen as GG at a mall shooting
  82. So the BG is aming at you 'sideways'--Defensive thoughts?
  83. Wal-Mart
  84. Holding a Bad Guy
  85. Fast food drive thru
  86. Legality of Ballistic Vests
  87. Lock Bumping
  88. Orlando FL - Armed robbers target shooters
  89. Man with a knife...
  90. Ride or Too Busy
  91. Assault weapons
  92. The Aftermath, A little different - I think.
  93. Taser to grandma?
  94. Situation in Boston
  95. They Caught The Dirtbags...
  96. Walking in Front of People in Parking Lot
  97. Assaulted at a party. Shoot or not? real situation
  98. Is a syringe considered a deadly weapon?
  99. Too much warning?
  100. Using whatever you have available
  101. We donít need no stinkín guns!
  102. Man some people are stupid. Real situation
  103. Drive By
  104. woman with dog, would you stop?
  105. What would you do? ATM scenario
  106. This Happened to me Today...Road rager at drive through
  107. Legal aftermath of an NJ shooting...
  108. Scenerio: Domestic violence prevention/protection
  109. Super Cop
  110. What about this...paintball driveby shootings
  111. Strange walk home tonight
  112. Odd man in front of me
  113. Would you have gone Orange?
  114. Low Light Combatives Flashlight Technique
  115. Another video to learn from
  116. Saw this on Court TV tonight
  117. Bystander helps cop with BG
  118. First aid after a legitimate shoot?
  119. Shakin' Up
  120. Middle of the night visitor?
  121. I'm startin' to hate grocery stores!
  122. An unlikely request.
  123. House Robbery
  124. A Fine Mess
  125. Texas serial rapist targets other men
  126. This really irritates me...
  127. Crowded Bazaar Scenario
  128. Hospital 302 Patient
  129. Walk in on a Burglary last night
  130. You are the "Shoplifter"
  131. Burglary a mile from my house (Indiana)
  132. Where/how/to what extent do you shoot?
  133. They're coming for your guns
  134. The Criminal's Justice System...
  135. Hearing gunshots.........
  136. Grenades in a MALL.What would you do
  137. Attacked by unarmed man......
  138. Real Life Sit: Drawing your weapon while being robbed at gunpoint
  139. carjacking-what to do?
  140. Holding gun on someone
  141. When to draw and fire?
  142. Ever witness a crime that you didn't report?
  143. Video - CCW in Action
  144. Real Situation...Your Thoughts?
  145. A walk in the Park
  146. Armed Pizza Delivery -- What I have learned...
  147. Home for the Holidays
  148. my first experience carrying
  149. KFC experience
  150. Real life scenario , What would you do ?
  151. The bank hold up!
  152. New dilemma...
  153. Street side Shootout.
  154. Man runs off with your baby, what to do?
  155. Dogs
  156. Bodyguards?
  157. Real Life incident
  158. Stay safe while travelling
  159. "Could you? WOULD YOU?...."
  160. First Real Life Scenario
  161. Unlikely scenario
  162. Catching a thief.... what to do?
  163. Never bring a baseball bat to a gunfight.
  164. Secret Service Agent is Wounded During Melee in Maryland Mall
  165. Down - but not out
  166. things that go bump... in the morning.. (was i wrong?)
  167. I'm amazed people don't learn
  168. Student gets tazed at UCLA library
  169. Cop robbed at ATM
  170. CCW..It does change your attitude.
  171. Pizza Parlor Fight
  172. Firearms in bars, what to do
  173. Moron Spat at Me
  174. A car pulls over and you go ahead...
  175. How is this NOT JUSTIFIED!!???
  176. Video scenario
  177. Real life 21 foot rule video
  178. Rock Hill, S.C. Bank Robbery Video (2005)
  179. Little excitement at work this morning...
  180. Anybody here watch "Most Shocking" on Court TV?
  181. Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty Last Night
  182. I awoke to shots fired in front of my house
  183. Halloween Costumes Scenerio
  184. Needle scenario--live and in color
  185. Hot tub, gun, and do ya ?
  186. At the Seven Eleven
  187. Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM!
  188. Man opens "fire" in church
  189. Coming home and you notice a police cruiser...
  190. Ambush on a convoy
  191. Brothers accused of beating up golfer who asked to play through
  192. Discuss the many things the good guy did wrong
  193. Violence at my company party
  194. Good Samaritan video with happy ending...
  195. What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?
  196. Roadside Assistance
  197. Morning at the dog park turns interesting.
  198. What if you know the BG?
  199. An interesting broad daylight situation I had.
  200. Car Jack
  201. Multiple attackers.....
  202. Halloween ambush
  203. What to do with kids?
  204. what should i have done
  205. Am I legally required to wait?
  206. Verifing it's the police on the other side of your locked bedroom door.
  207. A typical senario..WWYD?
  208. Scenario: Multiple SUV attack! Ah!
  209. Coming Home to a Home Invasion
  210. Fictitious Scenario - Want to Play Along?
  211. Don't knock the small guns; they will kill you dead
  212. Critique My Actions Last Night
  213. What do I do?
  214. Most Dangerous People ~ Blind Rage
  215. Benefits of Anonymousness
  216. Bizarre gun dream, but it made me think
  217. Gun pointed at you...
  218. Driving too slow = beating?
  219. Friend's dad attacked
  220. VIDEO of knife attack within 21 feet... NO WAY you can draw fast enough
  221. More than 90 shots fired at swingers club
  222. What would you do??
  223. Multiple perps in the park at picnic time: what to do?
  224. Oh no - another shooting. (multiple merges)
  225. It coulda been real...
  226. Attempted car break in
  227. Camp ground hassles!
  228. Another what would you do
  229. Patriot Games scenario
  230. I think I got it right but not sure...
  231. BG at window, shoot or not.
  232. Received threats
  233. You're a Canadian border "guard"...what do you do?
  234. Apt Situation
  235. Road Rage....
  236. Why do they ask??
  237. Try this one...
  238. String of armed robberies at Waffle Houses here
  239. Threats at contact distance
  240. Supermarket Confrontation
  241. Daycare
  242. Robbery gets really bad at Olive Garden. What would you do?
  243. Hearing loss
  244. Shootout in Walmart
  245. to her i seem strange
  246. Road Rage video...gun pulled
  247. Terrible Feeling
  248. Deadly hands in the news
  249. Waffle house robbery
  250. Gun vs. Knife