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  1. Power outage and dog barking at 4AM
  2. Code Words and SA While Travelling With Spouse
  3. We Learn Something Everyday (or maybe we just think of defensive scenarios too much)
  4. Larry Correia refutes the gun controllers once and for all...
  5. Courthouses after hours
  6. New scenario I thought about would like some help with
  7. Worst layout
  8. Strange bump in the night...
  9. "Reloading!"
  10. They cut my power!
  11. Brittle egos
  12. Road rage, followed home! Happened to us recently.
  13. Help - need examples of mass shootings prevented
  14. A Question for S&W 442/642 & LCR Carriers
  15. Saw man crossing pull a gun against a car
  16. Response time, home burglary in process, man shot
  17. This school teacher's response
  18. What advice do you have for a teenager in school during an active shooting?
  19. Alarm went off in middle of the night
  20. What would you do in this scenario?
  21. Paranoia or due diligence?
  22. What would you do with a mall shooter? - Video of SoCal new mall shooting today.
  23. Home Invasion: Stalk or Wait?
  24. Code Red at the bank today
  25. Road Rage in small town Montana
  26. Hotel Parking Lot
  27. Picking up hitch hikers?
  28. Road rage, close to home.
  29. Drone shooting?
  30. The 4th Estate Gets it Wrong..Again
  31. How to Spot an Armed Man in a Crowd
  32. Mall Shooting What Would You Do?
  33. Robery attempt with a good ending
  34. REAL:Woke up to the "Front Door Open" sound 5:13 this morning....
  35. SHTF - My Humble Views
  36. What would you do???
  37. Movie theatres changing their "strategy"? What I saw.
  38. Do I really look like an easy target?!
  39. 'Threats Inside the Wire'
  40. Where can I carry with my ccw
  41. Car out on street, hood up, steam rolling out from open hood, KNOCK KNOCK
  42. OC vs exposing a CC?!
  43. Situational awareness at level zero in the morning
  44. Used in Self Defense Numbers???
  45. Interesting Advice
  46. Privacy Fences - might be time to rethink them
  47. Panic 9-1-1
  48. Attempted Car Jacking Gone Horribly Wrong - from Juror
  49. DIDN'T confront someone today ...
  50. Don't mess with senior citizens, they're too old to fight so they'll just shoot ya'
  51. Cleve. homeowner shoots and kills intruder
  52. Home invasion using a shotgun in a small town where I live.
  53. When would you use non-lethal alternatives? i.e. OC spray?
  54. Curious... is there ever a time to draw, but not fire?
  55. Video: Rob Pincus - Lethal Force: Should do vs Could do
  56. Wife threatened while driving her Volt
  57. Another Theater Shooting (almost)
  58. When is okay to draw my weapon? What would you do in this situation
  59. Shoot someone with your gun legally!!!
  60. Alone in a pitch black park
  61. Recent car-jacking story
  62. Reconsidering carrying one in the chamber....
  63. the double standard???
  64. Ruined My Lunch
  65. The Ultimate Question,: What would YOU do If YOU got pulled over by a LEO?
  66. Think it cant happen?
  67. Shooting Back
  68. Strange Non Event Last Night
  69. Blue on Blue
  70. Motorcycles and Bad Guys
  71. First time getting pulled over while carrying
  72. Brandishing Weapons To Cut In Line For Gas
  73. Real Scenario at my local Wally World
  74. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's scenario
  75. helped an officer in trouble
  76. Man in Critical condition, Kills 1 intruder
  77. Another break in
  78. Texas woman kills burglar
  79. 6:20am brother knocks on bathroom door and says "hurry,get your fashlight and gun"!
  80. Would you intervene with deadly force on a stranger's behalf?(poll added)
  81. Accidentally carried into a NO CC building, but others' lives are threatened
  82. Restaurant Shooting
  83. What constitutes a SHTF situation?
  84. Dogs off the leash in my neighborhood
  85. Defensive Carry Positions and Being Grabbed From Behind
  86. Unarmed with active shooter, two exits
  87. Showing fear...
  88. appears cooperating doesn't work either...
  89. Attemped home invasion at my house last night!
  90. Not-so-politically-correct In California
  91. Got to be a bad guy
  92. Shooting cars, how, when and where?
  93. Shooting to stop kidnapping
  94. What 'condition white' looks like
  95. My friend has interesting new neighbors...
  96. Live to Live
  97. Driving home, late night, flagged down by guy in street
  98. Tell me what you would say?
  99. Door to Door Salesmen
  100. Why Most Doomsday Preppers Will Die - An Opinion Deserving Consideration.
  101. Man with real looking explosive device walking up to you. Happened last night in SLC
  102. "Just going to the store" carry
  103. At what point would you feel justified jumping in?
  104. Bad: very unfortunate situation
  105. Selling to Lure for Attack
  106. Good guy
  107. A real eye at range this week end.
  108. CHL Holder Busted in Airport, LEO Has AD With Snubby
  109. Reacting to the Bad Guy
  110. Got Interviewed Tonight
  111. When to "ALWAYS" draw and/or shoot scenerios at work.
  112. Young woman shoots Texas man in road rage incident
  113. On the Receiving End of Somebody Else's Plinking Session
  114. Rude Awakening While Camping
  115. Escaped prisoners, helicopters just down the street from home.
  116. Local Murderer Armed and Loose, Banging at Door
  117. BOB is in my house
  118. Depression
  119. Careful about your language and running your mouth
  120. Teen gang attack inside crowded city bus
  121. Urgent Advice Request- Neighbor's Divorce Issue
  122. Fixed Blade Karambit Help
  123. Bears in town
  124. Dog down ... what would you do.
  125. A Blink of Eye @ 7-11
  126. Motion sensor triggered, garage broken into
  127. Engaging multiple targets
  128. Road Rage Rider shot at on a motorcycle - Texas
  129. Surveyors always meet people with firearms
  130. The wrong car!
  131. Held a knife on his terrified girlfriend
  132. road rage questions
  133. situation diffusion
  134. You Just Got The Bad Guy--Now What?
  135. SCENARIO: What gun do you choose?
  136. Wife just saw the business end of my neighbor's shotgun. LEOs inbound.
  137. An uneasy situation - Children & Airsoft not easily identified as such
  138. Two more articles today
  139. At High Orange 24/7
  140. At a circle K tonight......road rage turned to armed roberery...kind of
  141. A comment from Col. Grossman on the targeting of victims
  142. Not a scenario but....
  143. Shooting at a car trying to run you down?
  144. Armed Robbery In Brazil. man shoots robber/ robber shoots man
  145. OK Here Is A Video For You. This Is Bizarre
  146. Scenario: You come home from work & ........
  147. Mountain Lion in Griffith Park, L.A.????
  148. Robber "showing" a gun
  149. VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do??
  150. CHL holder shoots shotgun wielding robber
  151. CCer fights back in St. Louis
  152. Pre-emptive shooting
  153. The value of a good light
  154. Breaking up a fist fight...
  155. Long range pistol shooting
  156. Gunman opens fire at temple in WI kills 7. Dressed in tactical gear.
  157. Home intruder: do you have to announce that you're armed?
  158. Attacked in fast food drive through
  159. Guy with .357 assists responding officer
  160. 2 scenarios: dog attack/ambush with no weapons by multiple attackers
  161. If the Aggressor Surrenders?
  162. Should use of deadly force be different for human or animal attackers?
  163. Is a stray round/casualty ever acceptable?
  164. Armed Citizen Stops Knife Attack
  165. Encounter this morning
  166. An attack in Israel compared to the Aurora massacre
  167. So Carolina-3 Men Block Road. Shots fired at van. What would you do?
  168. I was targeted... at the grocery store!
  169. McDonalds do nothing robbery
  170. Happened Saturday the 21st in Spring TX. Bankroll robbers.
  171. A BG at your window at night.
  172. Dark Night Premiere - Mass Shooting
  173. 71 year old CCW
  174. .380 stops them dead in their tracks. . . . . . after several hundred yards.
  175. Welcome to Florida - Steady big fella
  176. Whataburger at 2am : Carry Always.
  177. 23 Seconds to Live or Die
  178. NC shooting deemed as a good shoot.
  179. I was car jacked at gunpoint
  180. Thoughts on staging weapons around the house
  181. "spiderman" robbed my local CVS -_-
  182. Went orange... at church?
  183. Incident today with door to door beggar.
  184. Looking Back - Scary Memories
  185. Are you defending your property or your life?
  186. Verbal skills
  187. Bit of a scare at the AT&T store
  188. NRA Armed Citizen
  189. Strange day. Paranoia??
  190. May have been "interviewed" tonight??
  191. Has anyone on the forum have been the subject of a search warrant?
  192. CA Watchmaker Takes Lives of Multiple Would Be Robbers (somwhat old but good article)
  193. Insane Miami Girl Attacks Innocent Bystander ! ! ! !
  194. Police with guns drawn.
  195. Shooting at Safeway, CCW intervenes. Would you?
  196. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  197. Sportsman's Warehouse Scuffle
  198. This could have been bad.
  199. Condition White caught on video
  200. LEO breaks into your Home w/o warrant - Now you can shoot them!
  201. This Thread. Literally the "Kobayashi Maru" of all C&D Scenarios. 3 Actors only.
  202. Stand Your Ground Defense In Texas
  203. Random: Traffic Light Scare
  204. Can we cut your grass?
  205. Send your kid away to college...
  206. This actually happened. What would you do?
  207. Waffle House Encounter
  208. Mugging situation.... lethal justified?
  209. Another Miami Zombie ( Guy almost got Shot and Killed ) yesterday ....
  210. Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm
  211. mythbuster 6/10 dont bring a knife to a gun fight
  212. Warning cues to danger. LEO video of pedestrian stop.
  213. Woke up, drew on my . . . girlfriend! kinda long.
  214. The Killing of Officer Mark Cross - Atlanta Police Department
  215. Waiting for the right opportunity
  216. Closest I've come to drawing on someone, somewhat wordy
  217. Armed robbery in a parking lot, video and discussion.
  218. Recent CU Grad/Home Invader gets shot AND charged
  219. Does your spouse know what to do if you're forced to draw your weapon?
  220. Home invasion video and discussion
  221. Using an Outhouse in Bear Country
  222. CCW/SD a bus (city transit
  223. Parking Enforcement Officer Carjacked
  224. I felt oblivious
  225. Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around
  226. AZNAV made me feel bad today
  227. Shot at while driving
  228. magazine disconnect
  229. Police seek Garner NC hit-and-run, shooting suspect
  230. Man, 23, shot in stomach in Oakland robbery attempt
  231. New trend going on.
  232. A serious hypothetical for those in the know
  233. Closest I've come to having to draw...
  234. Detroit man shoots BG and wife
  235. Do you think about it?
  236. Flash Mobs what would you do?
  237. Doorbell @ 3:43 AM!
  238. Situational Awareness and Going Blindly Through Non-Glass Doors
  239. Barber and customer robbed
  240. Learned a Lesson by Dropping the Ball
  241. Real Scenario: A Guy Is Put Into A Coma For A Passing Comment
  242. Real sceanrios
  243. Unsafe gunplay- what do you do?
  244. Interesting Scenario - Boxed in by 4 vehicles while driving in middle of nowhere
  245. What would you do?
  246. Driving into mobs or crowds when threatened.
  247. Loud knocking
  248. BAD: BG's got the GG's gun and cash
  249. Doorbell at 2 AM
  250. Bad: Armed home invasion 5 blocks from my house