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  1. Surveyors always meet people with firearms
  2. The wrong car!
  3. Held a knife on his terrified girlfriend
  4. road rage questions
  5. situation diffusion
  6. You Just Got The Bad Guy--Now What?
  7. SCENARIO: What gun do you choose?
  8. Wife just saw the business end of my neighbor's shotgun. LEOs inbound.
  9. An uneasy situation - Children & Airsoft not easily identified as such
  10. Two more articles today
  11. At High Orange 24/7
  12. At a circle K tonight......road rage turned to armed roberery...kind of
  13. A comment from Col. Grossman on the targeting of victims
  14. Not a scenario but....
  15. Shooting at a car trying to run you down?
  16. Armed Robbery In Brazil. man shoots robber/ robber shoots man
  17. OK Here Is A Video For You. This Is Bizarre
  18. Scenario: You come home from work & ........
  19. Mountain Lion in Griffith Park, L.A.????
  20. Robber "showing" a gun
  21. VICTIM! : At Your Door. MidNight. What Do You Do??
  22. CHL holder shoots shotgun wielding robber
  23. CCer fights back in St. Louis
  24. Pre-emptive shooting
  25. The value of a good light
  26. Breaking up a fist fight...
  27. Long range pistol shooting
  28. Gunman opens fire at temple in WI kills 7. Dressed in tactical gear.
  29. Home intruder: do you have to announce that you're armed?
  30. Attacked in fast food drive through
  31. Guy with .357 assists responding officer
  32. 2 scenarios: dog attack/ambush with no weapons by multiple attackers
  33. If the Aggressor Surrenders?
  34. Should use of deadly force be different for human or animal attackers?
  35. Is a stray round/casualty ever acceptable?
  36. Armed Citizen Stops Knife Attack
  37. Encounter this morning
  38. An attack in Israel compared to the Aurora massacre
  39. So Carolina-3 Men Block Road. Shots fired at van. What would you do?
  40. I was targeted... at the grocery store!
  41. McDonalds do nothing robbery
  42. Happened Saturday the 21st in Spring TX. Bankroll robbers.
  43. A BG at your window at night.
  44. Dark Night Premiere - Mass Shooting
  45. 71 year old CCW
  46. .380 stops them dead in their tracks. . . . . . after several hundred yards.
  47. Welcome to Florida - Steady big fella
  48. Whataburger at 2am : Carry Always.
  49. 23 Seconds to Live or Die
  50. NC shooting deemed as a good shoot.
  51. I was car jacked at gunpoint
  52. Thoughts on staging weapons around the house
  53. "spiderman" robbed my local CVS -_-
  54. Went orange... at church?
  55. Incident today with door to door beggar.
  56. Looking Back - Scary Memories
  57. Are you defending your property or your life?
  58. Verbal skills
  59. Bit of a scare at the AT&T store
  60. NRA Armed Citizen
  61. Strange day. Paranoia??
  62. May have been "interviewed" tonight??
  63. Has anyone on the forum have been the subject of a search warrant?
  64. CA Watchmaker Takes Lives of Multiple Would Be Robbers (somwhat old but good article)
  65. Insane Miami Girl Attacks Innocent Bystander ! ! ! !
  66. Police with guns drawn.
  67. Shooting at Safeway, CCW intervenes. Would you?
  68. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  69. Sportsman's Warehouse Scuffle
  70. This could have been bad.
  71. Condition White caught on video
  72. LEO breaks into your Home w/o warrant - Now you can shoot them!
  73. This Thread. Literally the "Kobayashi Maru" of all C&D Scenarios. 3 Actors only.
  74. Stand Your Ground Defense In Texas
  75. Random: Traffic Light Scare
  76. Can we cut your grass?
  77. Send your kid away to college...
  78. This actually happened. What would you do?
  79. Waffle House Encounter
  80. Mugging situation.... lethal justified?
  81. Another Miami Zombie ( Guy almost got Shot and Killed ) yesterday ....
  82. Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm
  83. mythbuster 6/10 dont bring a knife to a gun fight
  84. Warning cues to danger. LEO video of pedestrian stop.
  85. Woke up, drew on my . . . girlfriend! kinda long.
  86. The Killing of Officer Mark Cross - Atlanta Police Department
  87. Waiting for the right opportunity
  88. Closest I've come to drawing on someone, somewhat wordy
  89. Armed robbery in a parking lot, video and discussion.
  90. Recent CU Grad/Home Invader gets shot AND charged
  91. Does your spouse know what to do if you're forced to draw your weapon?
  92. Home invasion video and discussion
  93. Using an Outhouse in Bear Country
  94. CCW/SD a bus (city transit
  95. Parking Enforcement Officer Carjacked
  96. I felt oblivious
  97. Pranksters Lucky no CCW holder was around
  98. AZNAV made me feel bad today
  99. Shot at while driving
  100. magazine disconnect
  101. Police seek Garner NC hit-and-run, shooting suspect
  102. Man, 23, shot in stomach in Oakland robbery attempt
  103. New trend going on.
  104. A serious hypothetical for those in the know
  105. Closest I've come to having to draw...
  106. Detroit man shoots BG and wife
  107. Do you think about it?
  108. Flash Mobs what would you do?
  109. Doorbell @ 3:43 AM!
  110. Situational Awareness and Going Blindly Through Non-Glass Doors
  111. Barber and customer robbed
  112. Learned a Lesson by Dropping the Ball
  113. Real Scenario: A Guy Is Put Into A Coma For A Passing Comment
  114. Real sceanrios
  115. Unsafe gunplay- what do you do?
  116. Interesting Scenario - Boxed in by 4 vehicles while driving in middle of nowhere
  117. What would you do?
  118. Driving into mobs or crowds when threatened.
  119. Loud knocking
  120. BAD: BG's got the GG's gun and cash
  121. Doorbell at 2 AM
  122. Bad: Armed home invasion 5 blocks from my house
  123. Call to police last night
  124. Prank Robbery
  125. Door Pounding
  126. Defending under the influence
  127. What really happened? Man shoots self, wife, during gun safety class
  128. Preparing for a Riot?
  129. Police Activity in the Neighborhood
  130. Using Your Weapons for Self Defense
  131. Flash Mobs - Who Would Draw?
  132. Falling down training and tactics
  133. Stopped by an off duty cop
  134. Turtle Soup
  135. Answering The Door
  136. Punk jumping on the roof of my car
  137. Is pointing a gun at a BG an acceptable violation of safety rules?
  138. Could you get to it if you had to?
  139. Man Fights Armed (Hoodie Wearing) Robber Over Moped and Wins
  140. GUn in the Glove Box
  141. Your loved one instigates a confrontation, now they're under attack! Legal question.
  142. Armed Robber shot by a Police Officer
  143. How do you CCW when jogging?
  144. In an accident
  145. Encounter at the park
  146. Gunfight on my street
  147. Active school shooter response - for unarmed.
  148. My first really bright orange alert situation.
  149. Fixed Blade Knife and funny behavior
  150. Pumping Gas getting Carjacked is on the rise in our area.
  151. Incident that didn't develop - Approached in Walmart parking lot after dark
  152. Possible home invasion last night real situation
  153. Marine Owns Two BGs
  154. Roommates Almost Shoot My Ex-Girlfriend
  155. I need a break
  156. Full red alert while picking wife up from work: justified or paranoid?
  157. Vagrant Attempts to Rob F.B.I. Agent
  158. Weapon, or no weapon....
  159. Almost drew on the Kirby salesman
  160. In vehicle and draw training
  161. ATM Attack - good results
  162. Approached by two individuals.
  163. Wisconsin: Situation questions
  164. Florida Shotting Nataion Wide
  165. Move and shoot or just shoot
  166. Things can abruptly change...
  167. My reaction to what appeared to be an attempted home invasion.
  168. Engaging multiple targets
  169. Petition To Holder Regarding Sanford Shooting Has 320,000 Signatures
  170. When you least expect it
  171. Real Mugging (Lengthy story that happened to me a while back)
  172. Wow, had a very close brush with home invasion
  173. Dead or alive?
  174. Need help with real situation - tactics
  175. another ATM incident, and then right outside my home, all in west allis WI
  176. Indiana GOP introduces new Bill "Allowing the murder of Police/Law Enforcement"...
  177. What situation, if any, caused you to become more home defense oriented?
  178. Fired Employee angry......coming back to meet with the head man.....concerned!
  179. mind set
  180. Theoretical Shooting Range Fight
  181. Do I suddenly have a neon sign floating above my head saying “Gullible Target”?
  182. Shoot - no shoot? - Confronted in Check Out Line
  183. Incident outside Fred Myers Renton WA
  184. What is wrong with people???
  185. Bomb Threat scenario
  186. Condition Orange Twice within Two Minutes (long)
  187. "Interviewed" while walking the dog?
  188. Never Saw It Coming
  189. What Made me Decide to Get CCW
  190. ~The 21 Foot Rule~
  191. This is why you don't break into homes in Utah.... It's bad for your health.
  192. Your thoughts on this stabbing scenerio?
  193. Some thing strange at the bank
  194. Never underestimate the usefulness of your flashlight
  195. situational awareness in the car driving through a crowded area
  196. First Condition Orange While Carrying (long)
  197. Attempted break-in; what would you have done differently?
  198. Prepared Home Defense
  199. Would you draw on a gun?
  200. My wife got scared today.
  201. Driving a taxi and SA
  202. Alarm/warning systems do work
  203. Confronted at a gas station
  204. iPod and SA
  205. Junkie pulls out 10" survival knife!(visiting a city with no CCW reciprocity)
  206. They Came Knockin'
  207. Burglar alarm goes off... phone line dead
  208. New member with an intro and a question
  209. attempted abduction in WI (real story, i know them)
  210. Smash And Grabs in Jewelry Stores "What Can We Do Senario"
  211. Bystander In Walgreens Robbery
  212. Masked men on the property (real situation)
  213. what if?????
  214. Choose...Crenelated Bezel or Tac Pen? Defend Yourself!
  215. Would you get into a fist fight while carrying?
  216. Hold-up men
  217. beware of old men
  218. get home, and a stranger is in your home...
  219. Happened on my block this past weekend, tell me what you think
  220. Underground garage "situation" - still bothers me
  221. in diner and this happens... would you be ready?
  222. Taco Truck robbery
  223. Hypothetical Scenario - What would you do?
  224. Got Some Stranger Hauled Off To Jail
  225. Brought a Baseball Bat to a Gun Fight
  226. Bump in the night kit?
  227. First known CC shooting case in Wisconsin
  228. Interesting Site With Self Defense Stories ( link)
  229. uncles house robbed, my reaction "i told you so!"
  230. The reason I carry a gun
  231. Ohio Castle Doctrine Through the Eyes of the Police and Prosecution
  232. Update- Startled at home this morning
  233. Two kids in danger
  234. Incidents where your SA (or paranoia, or vigilance) has embarrassed you!
  235. Possible BG tips hat
  236. The stress immediately after a shooting.
  237. Good: Waffle House customer shoots and kills armed robber
  238. Man Threatening Another With a Knife
  239. Is ever ok to "just show" your CCW?
  240. Cops TakeDown Crowbar swinging Idiot
  241. Robbery with fake gun
  242. Potential Moving Robbery (Made me rethink OC'ing)
  243. Would You Pull Over for and Unmarked Pick Up Truck?
  244. Attempted carjacking of my daughter last night
  245. Suddenly a fistfight broke out and rolled onto the hood of my truck!
  246. Unknown Sound at 0120 in the morning
  247. A pest approached me this morning
  248. Female Neighbor Invades Home
  249. Wife confronts intruder...actually kinda funny.
  250. What would you do? (Child abduction, NOT your child)