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  1. Wife confronts intruder...actually kinda funny.
  2. What would you do? (Child abduction, NOT your child)
  3. Unarmed and Asking Someone to Disarm
  4. Armored Cars and Shopping Centers
  5. If someone tries taking your child
  6. Score Another One for the Good Guys
  7. Question regarding castle doctine in missouri
  8. Angry Customer whips out an AK-47
  9. wouldnt his finger pull the trigger
  10. Mom asks 911 if she can shoot intruder
  11. Dementia
  12. Lost my SA today
  13. Trend - Body Armor Worn During Home Invasions
  14. BB Gun = Death!
  15. Do you carry at home?
  16. Black Bear in your house. .223
  17. YOUR WIFE WAS JUST GRABBED; the man has a gun to her head!!
  18. Latest Castle Doctrine Shooting in SC--Sort of
  19. Store Clerk knocks out would be robber
  20. My Xmas present
  21. The Knockout Game, something to be aware of.
  22. Church
  23. 2:00 AM Intruder
  24. Element of surprise
  25. It can, and does, happen anywhere....proof.
  26. In broad daylight!! (Female Friend)
  27. confrontation
  28. Drawing once you're in the BG's crosshairs?
  29. Short read on the dangers involved in intervening in someone else's situation
  30. Under attack.... One good shot
  31. Had to Draw on Someone Last Night
  32. Choked from behind
  33. Mother-In-Law Shoots Son, Captured on Video
  34. Trouble at Best Buy
  35. Heads Up from my son
  36. Shot (4) times with a 50 cal and still lived-good advice,take a minute and watch
  37. I shot an unarmed 16 year old--- kinda sorta
  38. Gun brandishing for self defense
  39. The BG's gun - after the fact
  40. Going out to eat….. Where do you sit? What do you look for?
  41. So, You'e sitting down to dinner and...
  42. Domino Pizza delivery driver fired.
  43. Crazy situation from a newbie!!
  44. Scary situation! Need some advice
  45. Road rage self defense scenario
  46. 3 Seconds From a Gun
  47. Shooter at the main Post Office here in town
  48. "I carry my weapon to defend only myself and my loved ones" Do you agree?
  49. Self Defence
  50. No-Knock warrant
  51. Denny's Shootout - Houston
  52. Gun drawn this evening (Police involved, Good outcome)
  53. How Fast It Happens
  54. Supposed real SD shooting
  55. In My County, Guns To Protect Property And Catch Bad Guys
  56. How Helpful Is Being Angry When In A Fight?
  57. Knife vs Bat/Club
  58. Dog Attack - Would you draw?
  59. around the corner of your house...
  60. Unarmed Aggressor
  61. Heard noise while in the shower.
  62. You are looking at a house to buy when........
  63. Take your shot?
  64. Swinging Baseball Bat at You = Deadly Force Threat?
  65. Screaming neighbors
  66. How do you feel about large doors with big fancy see through windows in them?
  67. Premeditated murder or Self-Defense?
  68. Woman Being Assaulted
  69. C-Store Robbery - Shots Fired
  70. Followed Home After Bar Altercation
  71. Unarmed Home Invasion
  72. Aren't Metal Detectors quite presumptuous?
  73. Your friends course of action?
  74. Dealing with multiple BG's
  75. Back Shooting. Why not?
  76. Time change
  77. Aftermath... Can I still carry?
  78. Armed Robbery Wave in Cbus - Students Without Firearms
  79. Riding as a Passenger and the Driver Pulls Over to Stop a Fight
  80. Yet even more gas pump robberies
  81. Run this senario to all those anti-gun critics.........
  82. Learning lesson's the hard way.
  83. Car burglary
  84. How to give minors access to guns
  85. An encroaching PEST
  86. An event tonight made me think--approached from behind
  87. BG gun on innocent shoot no shoot?
  88. Another win for the good guys
  89. You decide to act, which threat do you stop first?
  90. Attempted Abduction / Stranger at the door - Two Scenarios That Actually Occured
  91. real life scenario, how'd I do?
  92. "I'm Getting Arrested" app has post SD-shooting possibilities
  93. Hero Now on Trial for Murder
  94. Murder/Home Invasion 2 Blocks from My House
  95. Handling Someone Who Might Not Understand
  96. Teen Mobs
  97. Your Brothers Keeper
  98. Armed Mpls. citizen who said he killed robber attacking woman released
  99. Murder near me/ it will be a long night
  100. Child At Your Door In The Middle Of The Night
  101. Applebees in Ohio, a past situation
  102. Savage Attack: Clerk Beats Customers with Steel Rod
  103. incident while camping yesterday...
  104. Horesplaying LEO
  105. SC tow truck driver claims self-defense in Christmas Killing
  106. Dogs and deadly force
  107. Houston Convenience Store shooting
  108. Attempted Kidnapping????????
  109. Shooting in California
  110. Input and thoughts on burglary
  111. Stranger In The Back Seat
  112. Home invasion in my town. Should the homeowner have shot???
  113. Airsoft for Training?
  114. Halloween Security Measures.
  115. Vigilantes
  116. What is meant by not having your ego interfere?
  117. A scenario -- responding to insults
  118. Uncle was kidnapped
  119. Support for a good shoot
  120. Granny with a gun
  121. How would you handle this -- Mob Attack In Home
  122. Would you shoot a pregnant woman?
  123. Will trigger weight matter in a defensive situation?
  124. Very Serious Potential Threat From Disgruntled Employee
  125. Should I Watch My Back.
  126. After the shooting, now what?
  127. The Ultimate reality show, hypothetical of course
  128. Another 2:00am Door Pounding Story (this one ends a little differently)
  129. early morning door pounding = gun drawn
  130. So what's done is done and now the cops are here...
  131. Bad guy comes out of the closet and gets shot in the face doing a robbery
  132. Pretty sure I saw a robbery today
  133. FL "Stand Your Ground" case
  134. Selling something on CraigsList
  135. New guy question
  136. When is Enough, Enough?
  137. Real Scenario just happened few hours ago
  138. Man robbed at baseball bat point
  139. How to handle this (or not)
  140. Anyone have any information on carrying in Mexico?
  141. Interesting and VERY Hypothetical Scenario
  142. Is It Just Me?
  143. Good : Woman drives Carjacker to Police Station , on the hood.
  144. This isnt even funny anymore, time for a career change.
  145. Carson City Scenerio
  146. Restaurant scenario.
  147. Concealed Carry to the max.
  148. Heading to Germany
  149. Who Will Die First When The "S" Hits The Fan??? ~ & Other Helpful Information
  150. My fiancée just revealed she shot a man
  151. Scenario: Financial system meltdown
  152. Here is a a scenario I dreamt up for mental exercise and conversation
  153. Another bear attack
  154. critique please
  155. A tale of two bikers (Videos)
  156. Hurricane Irene-possible lawlessness on the East coast metro areas?
  157. Right to remain silent
  158. Standing in line at the bank
  159. Shooting the ammo you carry
  160. Do You Ever...
  161. 2 B&E thugs found inside ransacking home
  162. Standing in line at CVS
  163. Now carrying I replay a couple of incidents.
  164. Blew my SA down my legg...or did I???
  165. Thoughts from a shooting victim
  166. Hesitation - learning from my mistakes
  167. Man Wearing Flower Dress, Panties Over Head During Robbery - What do YOU do...
  168. Lethal Lorce or Less than Lethal?
  169. If ever in a fight will CWP get revoked?
  170. Not all threats have two legs...
  171. Can lethal force be used to stop a thief froom leaving with stolen goods?
  172. Crazy Man in the Middle of the Street
  173. Bungie Staffer Makes Citizens Arrest on Gunman
  174. Neighborhood Armed Robbery
  175. Flash Mobs
  176. Is this only a Florida thing
  177. Security alarm goes off at 1:00 am, show up OC'ing
  178. What to do after a self defense shooting?
  179. Wisconsin Fair Scenario
  180. Crazed gunman or hungry double packer?
  181. Pickpocket awareness
  182. Two Robbery Videos Suspect Arrested...
  183. Brother-In-Law got messed up really bad
  184. Thank God CC is coming soon to Wisconsin
  185. Local Blockbuster Robbed at Gunpoint
  186. Local Blockbuster Robbed at Gunpoint
  187. London
  188. Scenario: Child Snatcher
  189. Walking Dog
  190. Disparity of Force - When Does It Swing?
  191. Lunch today
  192. Will a revolver cut it for self defense anymore??????? (scenarios)
  193. Came about 3 seconds from leveling my Glock on a group of "thugs".....
  194. Witnessingx
  195. De-Escalating Conflict
  196. Yogurt Shop Robbery
  197. It must be Ebay's fault
  198. Reason why I started carrying
  199. Can I carry a gun at an ATM?
  200. Another reason to carry? Young guys with guns (Cops show)
  201. Road Rage (Real Incident + Video)
  202. 5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns
  203. The Rednecks and the City Slickers
  204. Friends brother was shot!
  205. clerk shoots robber w/Glock 23 (vid)
  206. VIDEO: Store Owner Fights Back
  207. My Company A Terror Target
  208. Taking a life but flipped story got you in trouble because of no evidence.
  209. We look around, but what about UP?
  210. Iowa Congressman thwarts home invasion.
  211. Attempted Rape
  212. Altercation last night, almost went bad fast. Recap and lessons learned
  213. Trusting my instincts...
  214. Neighborhood Watch
  215. S&W ar-15 sport or S&W 642?!?!?! help!!
  216. The Wal-Mart Factor
  217. Had a little bit of a moment...
  218. OK Man Gets Life for Shooting Teen Thief
  219. Man on front porch
  220. Real Scenario: CStore - Robbery and Executions
  221. Road rage incident last week
  222. road rage in front of you
  223. Women fires gun during robbery......
  224. Does Carrying 'Too Much Stuff' Make You More Guilty?
  225. Hot on the 4 th
  226. The Parking Garage
  227. <Human Events> "Who Should Not Carry a Gun?"
  228. Issue with the neighbor
  229. Planned Bug In Place...Whats To Have?
  230. What To do - Strange Visitor at the Door
  231. To shoot, or not to shoot?
  232. How would you handle a violent flash mob?
  233. Question about protecting others.
  234. Video..Robbery at gas station gone wrong....for the THUG!!!!
  235. Was comforted by my Ruger LC9 yesterday
  236. I'd like to see real people getting real feedback for real life situations
  237. So my wife wakes up to find the front door open...
  238. "It comes with the territory."
  239. Already very glad to be carrying...almost drew at work today.
  240. When they robbed my mom's bank
  241. The Agressor has been stopped.....Now What?
  242. ALLAHU AKBAR!" Possible Mall shooting scenario
  243. You're Both Wounded: What is your priority?
  244. Walk home after a game (WITH VIDEO)
  245. "ALLAHU AKBAR!" Possible suicide bomber scenario
  246. Armed robbery of Subway (SC)
  247. Used To Carry, But Afraid To Now With My Toddlers
  248. Woman threatens with AIDS: What do you do?
  249. Wash. residents warned of 'bloodthirsty' dog pack
  250. Two Hostages: Would you put down your gun?