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  1. A scenario from Sheepdog tip of the day
  2. Kidnapped/Carjacked on I-40
  3. Teens Tried To Rob A Mom Of Her Car
  4. Mo. Man Tries to Stick Up a Four-Deployment Iraq War Vet
  5. Poker night
  6. Are you legally required to call the cops after shooting someone in self defense?
  7. INDIANA LAW QUESTION...Defending Property
  8. Was I being paranoid?
  9. This happened in Houston
  10. 'Warning shot" / "Supressive Fire" in 'Mob' Atack Reevaluating Conventional wisdom :(
  11. This happen to me almost forty years ago.
  12. Your hand-to-hand/unarmed philosophy?
  13. Would you euthanize an injured animal with your pistol?
  14. Watch out when you're pumping gas
  15. Communicating with SO and SA
  16. as seen on tv
  17. Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in ATM Robbery in NC
  18. Drive Through ATM Robbery At Gunpoint
  19. Close Call Friday Evening!
  20. Teens Chasing Your Daughter
  21. What happens after a home invasion
  22. Out of character!
  23. Police In Your Home
  24. How it often happens. When to draw
  25. Don't screw around with Hamtramck shopowners...
  26. CA. Kidnapper & Killer Spotted With Victim: What Would YOU Do?
  27. Video of shooting in Costa Rica
  28. New TV series on the Sportsman Channel - What If
  29. Rain drops keep falling on my head.
  30. Why you should have a gun, or many (real situation)
  31. Why one police officer carries 145 rounds of ammo with him every day
  32. Your home gets broken into late at night. What weapon do you select?
  33. Nothing makes me madder
  34. what would you do
  35. Had to help out a friend recently.
  36. "When can I shoot?" vs "When must I shoot?"
  37. Food for Thought
  38. From the mouths of babes...
  39. Did I overreact?
  40. Bad guy attempts to rob a gun store with a knife & baseball bat
  41. Burglary Interrupted
  42. Just rewards
  43. Homeowner Aids Police...
  44. Dinner Robbery Scenario
  45. Messy hands?
  46. Saw Interesting Incident
  47. Good friend/Neighbor had incident the other night
  48. What is your instinctual reaction to a dangerous threat while carrying?
  49. What do you do when you are startled? Not necessarily about being armed.
  50. Could someone REALLY pull the trigger?
  51. Fist vs Gun
  52. something JDLR
  53. 'The Wire' Creator David Simon on Trayvon Martin Case: 'Ashamed' to Be an American
  54. Walmart scare
  55. When is it brandishing/menacing?
  56. Naked woman pounding on your door in the middle of the night...
  57. Short Vid And 911 Tapes For Employer With Gun,Employee With Knife
  58. Marksmanship?
  59. Intruder and Stand Your Ground
  60. Possible Home invasion just now
  61. When is deadly force justified outside your home ?
  62. What do you tell the 911 dispatcher after you pull the trigger?
  63. Employer With Gun,Employee With Knife
  64. Situational awareness gone wrong
  65. Wrong words and decision? Please advise.
  66. Don't forget to do the right thing.
  67. Workplace assault grossly mishandled
  68. Wal Mart Shooting
  69. Triple murder at motorcycle gear store I frequent
  70. Use of Force AOJP
  71. Why Bad Guys Win - Va Cops findings.
  72. Happened to me in parking lot.
  73. Score one for a salty Marine in Cocoa!
  74. Attacked by two dogs... Reflections and lessons learned
  75. More Realistic Mall Shooter Scenario
  76. Most likely scenario...
  77. Possibly threatened outside a gunstore
  78. You have to be pretty dense to do this...
  79. Minor threat? what would you have done?
  80. Traffic altercations.
  81. Defense bullet resistant glass
  82. Single Stack Handguns....So what's the problem...
  83. Defending oneself in a gun-free area?
  84. A punch can be fatal
  85. AZ Home Depot shooting
  86. One in the Chamber
  87. Unwanted solicitation or religious groups at my door.
  88. Arsonists?
  89. Are We Being Tactically Smart?
  90. Brandishing an AR-15 in city (maybe airsoft?)
  91. Could have been more
  92. Shooting Scenario Percentages?
  93. New Security Guard Scenario Drill - VIDEO
  94. Improved Florida Internet Cafe Drill - VIDEO - Moving Targets while Moving !!!
  95. Incident at my local gas station
  96. All these stories made me recall a few situations I have had
  97. Lack of Situational Awareness and Common Sense
  98. The day some thug opened my rear driver side door and grabbed me!
  99. Use a gun, lose a gun
  100. The 'Edge' - defensive, offensive superiority
  101. Great VIDEO example of a security guard doing everything right, cover, moving, shoot
  102. Stay alert
  103. What to do in this situation?
  104. Rehearsing Scenarios
  105. curious about a scenario
  106. I think I might have been "approched"... what do you think?
  107. New Video 3 minutes ACTION vs REACTION times revisited PART II
  108. Defensive Scenario..
  109. I encountered a new scenario this weekend
  110. Unarmed home invasion
  111. Car door pulled open
  112. Home Defense After a Nightcap
  113. Lessons Learned from the Christian/Newsom Murders
  114. Good guy goes home; Bad guy goes to morgue (Detroit of course)
  115. Had to draw and fire to stop a dog attack a few weeks ago.
  116. Going to Las Vegas, NV, tonight: No permit=no cc!
  117. Home invasion - what would you grab?
  118. Non-Event That Taught Me a BIG Lesson
  119. Student Killed During Home Invasion
  120. What would you have done?
  121. Break in at next door neighbor
  122. So glad this turned ok.
  123. Robbers get a surprise
  124. brandishing your Firearm
  125. A creepy late evening walk (5-14-13) @ 11:30 PM (approx.)
  126. At the park!
  127. My son's SA saves me from copperhead
  128. 10 minute VIDEO training my son for his carry permit skills
  129. So,seven rounds is enough,huh?
  130. Am I old and paranoid - you be the judge.
  131. I'd be curious to hear opinions on this scenario.
  132. Movie on 11/26 Bombay terrorist attacks
  133. Pit bulls kill jogger :(
  134. Bloody intruder dies after being shot by New Orleans homeowner
  135. Got close today
  136. Movie theatres
  137. Wondering about shooting in self defense
  138. Take a Beating First?
  139. Unholster firearm because of a dog.
  140. I Ran Away
  141. just curious if you carry while hunting
  142. Houston suburb, yesterday...
  143. Shootings echo for the few who have fired guns in self defense
  144. A Defensive Scenario..
  145. Dayton Ohio: 3 BG, 1 GG, 1 BG down with knives, other 2 in prison
  146. Looking at the world differently
  147. I almost pulled my gun tonight
  148. White Board For Defensive Cover
  149. Would you have lifted the cover?
  150. Backup gun stories
  151. Georgia detective allegedly pulls gun in McDonald's drive-thru Read more: http://www
  152. Animals
  153. Defending property in Virginia: Can I grip my gun?
  154. True story, happened to me. Some people just do some dumb things.
  155. Way Outnumbered
  156. Another GREAT reason to NOT intervene in other's problems: "Extreme Kidnapping"
  157. Let him live?
  158. Warning signs?
  159. Bad on Bad
  160. "It isn't going to happen to me"
  161. Neighbors dog
  162. One of my clients was robbed yesterday.
  163. Gas stations
  164. Driving
  165. Shoot from high and low cover quick drills for CC and OC carry - video
  166. Home invasion
  167. "Aggravated Robbery" - Xavier University Parking Lot
  168. Another Delivery Driver Fired for Defending Himself!
  169. I'm pretty sure I just thwarted a robbery
  170. Preparation Scenario
  171. Bad Advice IMO.
  172. "My life was in danger 'cause his window was down"
  173. Too paranoid?
  174. Bank Scenario - Customer pulls gun on other customer
  175. Intent to Kill
  176. Neighbors got their safe stolen while home
  177. Active Shooter: A massacre in progress and you are there
  178. Burglar shoots homeowner after being caught in the act!
  179. Red Lobster robbery, multiple suspects, any ideas
  180. Massad Ayoob among handful who survived tactical test
  181. CCW against unarmed BG
  182. SA is all important!
  183. Had to draw on an aggressive suspect near Fred Myers Renton WA
  184. Good... Armed robber shoots victim, robber gets shot...
  185. Self defense shooting?
  186. Merged: Murder In An Elevator-What Do You Do?
  187. Carry at the Gym? Incident today at my health club.....
  188. Friend of Mine Got Into a Bad Situation
  189. .32 ACP great defensive cartridge
  190. Making the 911 call after you shoot
  191. Chimpanzee Defense
  192. Incident at local wll known shooting range
  193. Late night gunshots
  194. Witnessed a crime up close today.
  195. Knocking on our door at midnight
  196. 21 year old living at home shoots intruders
  197. Redbox. How do you deal with them?
  198. Went orange tonight
  199. Scenario proposed in Handgun Carry Class
  200. Panhandler at 5 am
  201. Vehicle Encounters
  202. 2 stories: closest to needing gun; closest to drawing gun
  203. Restaurant Burglary- What Should I Do?
  204. Conditon "white"
  205. Texas Airport
  206. Drunk kids in the woods shooting
  207. From Kabul...Thought I Was Going Hot This Morning
  208. Can you draw so the BGs will possibly "Back Off?"
  209. CC in businesses that post "no guns"
  210. Opinion: Was this clerk being a cowboy when he took action?
  211. Draw? No draw? (Edit added again)
  212. What would you have done?
  213. Workplace MWAG policy
  214. Break in attempt
  215. School Shooting Drill Gets Cops, Kids on Same Page
  216. Wife did well, very pleased
  217. TV Show - What Would You Do?
  218. I have a lunatic problem.
  219. Does anybody carry a BUW? (Yes a BUW, not a BUG).
  220. Non-CCW permit wife shoots for me
  221. Bible/Church people knocked on my door followed shortly by some scum
  222. Question from the past
  223. Small town USA
  224. Security Committee at Work
  225. Why 7?
  226. This happened to my neighbor at Taco Bell
  227. Here's a Texas solution to the problem of Robbery...
  228. "Contaced by law enforcement" what does this mean?
  229. Pursuing a Bad Guy
  230. ACTION vs REACTION Live Fire Video Demo - Stunning Results
  231. Worse legally if BG survives?
  232. What if the bad guy bolts?
  233. Right To Shoot??
  234. Dirtbag Stalking Husband's Client
  235. Stopping Threats?
  236. Dream Scenario: Situational Awareness, Options, Skills, Equipment Malfunctions
  237. Why not shoot the gun out of his hand????
  238. A crazed gunman starts firing...
  239. Armed Robbery at Work today
  240. Video Footage On Self Defense Shootings
  241. Gun Safe
  242. great question I dont know the answer to
  243. Walmart asset protection
  244. concealed carry in unemployment office
  245. Is there a way to defend against this type of mugging? (Video, Not graphic)
  246. Interesting article about the FBI's switch
  247. Looking like a BG
  248. Power outage and dog barking at 4AM
  249. Code Words and SA While Travelling With Spouse
  250. We Learn Something Everyday (or maybe we just think of defensive scenarios too much)