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  1. When to Shoot and How a Carry Gun Effects Things
  2. "15 Most Shocking Acts of Violence"...
  3. Dirty
  4. How and where do you park your car.
  5. Sleepless Night: Crying Kid
  6. Envisioned a Scenario this morning
  7. Man robbed at gunpoint in Schuylkill County gamelands
  8. Bad Night...
  9. Changing locks on foreclosed occupied houses.
  10. My roommate’s good question
  11. Jeff Cooper Quote.....
  12. ATM
  13. Martial Arts Teacher Stabbed To Death During Argument Over Dogs
  14. Response time?
  15. Someone asks you for your gun.. Spin off of the banquet thread
  16. "active shooter" response scenario
  17. Open Carry and ADT Alarm
  18. Shoot or Not to shoot
  19. How would you have handeled this?-- Man chasing woman with knife
  20. TV show "The Defenders"
  21. Just had a knock on my door...
  22. Mogadishu MOB: Where aim?
  23. Disparity of force, What if?
  24. What Do You Do?
  25. 6 Scenarios.... What would you do?
  26. hostage scenario
  27. Shot from 75' takes out BG
  28. Warning shots
  29. Aftermath of Premature Draw
  30. What do you when the police tell you to "Drop It"
  31. What is your worst-case scenario
  32. Not really a gun issue..
  33. What would you do? -- Home invader runs away
  34. Buying a foreclosed home may not be a bargain (scenario, really)
  35. Ohhh those french canadians...
  36. company i work for stupid policy
  37. Hitchhiker and later alarm
  38. 10 PM with wife walking to car in street or parking lot from restaurant
  39. Mountain Lions!
  40. Anyone else ever have a friend escalate a situation while you are armed?
  41. What if somebody robbed your pizza driver in your front yard??
  42. My boat was just stolen - what if?
  43. Researching for an article on urban survival preparedness and would like input
  44. Shut up and Go word as opposed to safe word?
  45. My biggest fear as a deafie...
  46. Angry mob surrounds your home....
  47. Bad and Good - AK47 used for Self Def(merged)
  48. Attacked with a knife or defending with one?
  49. You're in the car, man points gun at you.
  50. Curiosity question... Passenger driving by shines red laser at you.
  51. What would you do: Drive by shooting
  52. New puppy for home security.
  53. Do you carry in your own back yard?
  54. Shooting Through Walls
  55. Guns in Safes
  56. Oh those wacky Japanese
  57. No Wonder the Guy Spent Some Time in Jail...
  58. "Take your pants off!" (it's not what you think)
  59. Clerk shoots at robbers! What's wrong...
  60. Another What if....again!
  61. It Happened in Sleepy West Virginia
  62. Which gun?
  63. This one is weird--- related to hospital carry
  64. Wow! What's happened to Chattanooga - worse crime rate than Atlanta or Detroit...
  65. A colleague was robbed by four men - post #10 update- what happened
  66. Dumb Kids...
  67. Road rage: Are some people just born upset?
  68. Who needs a gun if you're just a nice guy?
  69. Reinforced a lesson (from a TV show)
  70. Your SA vs. spouse/family SA
  71. How much does one take
  72. Old west legends meet modern culture
  73. The one time I didnt have my gun on me...
  74. How'd I do? Orange at the shoe store
  75. The garbage man incident.
  76. My attempted home invasion yesterday
  77. What recourse do you have?!?!
  78. Book worth reading
  79. Standing Ground In National Forest
  80. The Drive Home
  81. What a night, must be the heat.
  82. So I went Orange at the mall today (critique?)
  83. grandpa has a gun
  84. Scenario Thread Titles
  85. Road partially blocked last night (kind of long)
  86. How would you react?--Attack on Pregnant Wife
  87. Nowhere to run to...you have to engage!
  88. VA Disability and SD
  89. Finding yourself in a remote Marijuana Farm.... that is Guarded
  90. Interesting scenario
  91. The Aftermath
  92. Q: What would you do? - Armed encounter at ATM
  93. Recent killing using hydroshocks
  94. Innocent to not so much in 2.5 seconds...
  95. Good Thing I had A Gun At The Bank Today
  96. Wierd situation in Grand Rapids tonight
  97. Dinner, and a show
  98. This is why more people need to carry
  99. Not my job
  100. Hypothetical that actually happened in Co. Springs
  101. Scary times for a Navy buddy
  102. In the mall
  103. Little road rage incident
  104. Is that car coming at me!?
  105. Went code orange last night....
  106. Based on real life action:
  107. Forced entry hostage scenario
  108. Hijacked airplane - before 9/1
  109. The Supermarket
  110. Almost Had A Problem Today
  111. buying a pack of nabs
  112. Man threatening to "help quiet down" a loud obnoxious toddler scenario
  113. Another Purse Snatcher Scenario
  114. Hit and run?
  115. News Story/response Scenario
  116. Burglers try to break in home of ex-cop, ex-cop holds them at gunpoint.
  117. Wife's Coworker Robbed @ Gunpoint
  118. Another Road Rage Thread
  119. Would you have pulled your firearm?
  120. Deaf Man Almost Wets His Pants
  121. My 2005 Car-jacking Scenario
  122. A Bad Situation....
  123. If You Don't Know Them Don't Open The Door
  124. Will You Be Assaulted/killed in a Street Robbery? Poll
  125. dog attack, lawsuit
  126. Scary incident last night...
  127. Happened in Co Springs last night
  128. Home Invasion Averted
  129. Gunpoint in the driveway
  130. Road Rage Randomness
  131. calling the cops before or after? (intruder scenario)
  132. worst case scenario
  133. *VIDEO* Guy gets attacked & robbed at the ATM There are lessons to be learned here..
  134. Hospital Scenario
  135. Fake FBI agents trying to break in a house
  136. 12:00 give me your money !
  137. Home Intruders Shot By Tulsa Apartment Resident
  138. Voter Intimidation
  139. Road Rage - How Would You React?
  140. Unarmed Bad Guys Running at You
  141. good thinking and correct use of a CC weapon
  142. Wrong place wrong time scenario
  143. What are your "hard, fast" rules?
  144. Citizens Arrest, What Would You DO
  145. Young Dumb Deputy
  146. LEO/Private Security scenario
  147. BG Orders All CCWs to Toss Their Weapons
  148. Question To Ponder
  149. Traveling with others.
  150. Who has defensive back up plan for when you are sick?
  151. Old scenario, still think about it
  152. "Big Gun" Travel
  153. Boys, it almost happened on the 4th of July...
  154. Wife has a friend that is a victem of domestic abuse, and she comes to your house.
  155. Forced into car
  156. Why I am here
  157. Who travels with a "big" gun?
  158. What would you do if you were this delivery guy?
  159. A bit of a freak-out at Wally World
  160. First time I ever went on orange since getting my LTC..
  161. Another vehicle approaches quickly and you have no exit. "Seeing the pic explains it"
  162. Drop Wallet
  163. Actually happened... would you have complied...?
  164. I'm tellin' ya son it ain't no fun starin' straight down a .44
  165. Broken Arm
  166. I need some home security tips.
  167. The Gun Gods are poking me on the shoulder...
  168. Combat Handguns magazine, Sept 2010, Page 8
  169. Scenario: hold up in a restaurant
  170. I80 weirdness in Wyoming
  171. TN Deputy shot in an unfortunate event.
  172. Defending against unruly mob/civil unrest
  173. How would you handle this?
  174. Interesting experience at the range tonight
  175. How do you sleep??
  176. I Want To Be Your Sledgehammer...
  177. guy keeps on coming
  178. Citizen Patrol - Armed but unarmed
  179. Man stabbed by multiple attackers
  180. guy goes to grab my wife's purse....
  181. Local Shooting, could better SA saved a life?
  182. Video: A large Grizzly is Charging you and you fire a warning shot?? Lucky Idiot.
  183. Firing Shots to Scare Off Trespassers?
  184. Scenario: Dog Shot in Yard
  185. Weird @ Walmart
  186. unthinkable horrible scenario-based on recent news
  187. Surrendering your weapon
  188. stalker and brandishing...does anyone else see a problem here?
  189. Let's talk about dog attacks
  190. Range safety - from a different perspective
  191. 2 suspects with gasoline in a parking lot.
  192. When Tacti-cool doesn't pay
  193. What are these folks thinking?
  194. Point Shooting Versus Aimed Fire?
  195. This did happen but I'm wondering what you folks would have done if it turned ugly.
  196. 2 against one, head on, one lane road
  197. Prank That Could Get Someone Killed
  198. Preventing someone from getting too close
  199. Do you shoot him?
  200. Does the revolver have any use for CCW??????
  201. Lesson from TV show
  202. Carseat Baby
  203. Do you fear the sight of a gun?
  204. Interesting afternoon
  205. recent incident at my home
  206. I noticed something a bit disturbing yesterday
  207. restraining an intruder in your home
  208. From a few years ago, kind of long
  209. Rowdy teens
  210. Man walks in with gun in his hand
  211. Suspect tries to break in house, shot by resident
  212. What do you do? (a little long)
  213. A purely fun "what if"
  214. My response to the "alcohol and guns" debate
  215. Theoretical shoot no shoot situation
  216. Man shoots, kills grizzly in Alaska
  217. You witness three teens leave a restaurant without paying...
  218. Good way to get killed!
  219. Situation from last night-What would you do?
  220. Robbery on campus this morning
  221. State of Mind Shootings
  222. Here is a new one.
  223. My Mistakes
  224. Input/Advice on a real life scenario.
  225. Teens pointing fake guns @ motorist
  226. Actual occurence
  227. If I didn't know any better...
  228. To all you bikers out there
  229. Legal aspects of shooting unarmed man in public restroom - long
  230. Trying to fight while carrying.
  231. K9 Threat
  232. Pepper Sprayed, what to do?
  233. You're enjoying dinner in a classy establishment...
  234. Why I bought first handgun:
  235. Home Invasion
  236. disadvantage or advantage?
  237. real life scenario from this past week...
  238. summer time
  239. Saw this video on Youtube (Store owner shot robber)
  240. Gun Ban LEO & Military question
  241. What if you have the open shot??
  242. Dennys robbery in Florida
  243. Grey's Anatomy Finale
  244. Opportunity, Ability and Intent
  245. Self defense shooting aftermath question
  246. Young Mother Shot -Killed-3 yr. Old In Car,Tragic
  247. Daughter in distress
  248. I don't need self defense...."I HAVE A GUN"
  249. Never heard of this one before
  250. Robbed at Gun and Knife Point - What Would You Have Done?