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  1. Will a revolver cut it for self defense anymore??????? (scenarios)
  2. Came about 3 seconds from leveling my Glock on a group of "thugs".....
  3. Witnessingx
  4. De-Escalating Conflict
  5. Yogurt Shop Robbery
  6. It must be Ebay's fault
  7. Reason why I started carrying
  8. Can I carry a gun at an ATM?
  9. Another reason to carry? Young guys with guns (Cops show)
  10. Road Rage (Real Incident + Video)
  11. 5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns
  12. The Rednecks and the City Slickers
  13. Friends brother was shot!
  14. clerk shoots robber w/Glock 23 (vid)
  15. VIDEO: Store Owner Fights Back
  16. My Company A Terror Target
  17. Taking a life but flipped story got you in trouble because of no evidence.
  18. We look around, but what about UP?
  19. Iowa Congressman thwarts home invasion.
  20. Attempted Rape
  21. Altercation last night, almost went bad fast. Recap and lessons learned
  22. Trusting my instincts...
  23. Neighborhood Watch
  24. S&W ar-15 sport or S&W 642?!?!?! help!!
  25. The Wal-Mart Factor
  26. Had a little bit of a moment...
  27. OK Man Gets Life for Shooting Teen Thief
  28. Man on front porch
  29. Real Scenario: CStore - Robbery and Executions
  30. Road rage incident last week
  31. road rage in front of you
  32. Women fires gun during robbery......
  33. Does Carrying 'Too Much Stuff' Make You More Guilty?
  34. Hot on the 4 th
  35. The Parking Garage
  36. <Human Events> "Who Should Not Carry a Gun?"
  37. Issue with the neighbor
  38. Planned Bug In Place...Whats To Have?
  39. What To do - Strange Visitor at the Door
  40. To shoot, or not to shoot?
  41. How would you handle a violent flash mob?
  42. Question about protecting others.
  43. Video..Robbery at gas station gone wrong....for the THUG!!!!
  44. Was comforted by my Ruger LC9 yesterday
  45. I'd like to see real people getting real feedback for real life situations
  46. So my wife wakes up to find the front door open...
  47. "It comes with the territory."
  48. Already very glad to be carrying...almost drew at work today.
  49. When they robbed my mom's bank
  50. The Agressor has been stopped.....Now What?
  51. ALLAHU AKBAR!" Possible Mall shooting scenario
  52. You're Both Wounded: What is your priority?
  53. Walk home after a game (WITH VIDEO)
  54. "ALLAHU AKBAR!" Possible suicide bomber scenario
  55. Armed robbery of Subway (SC)
  56. Used To Carry, But Afraid To Now With My Toddlers
  57. Woman threatens with AIDS: What do you do?
  58. Wash. residents warned of 'bloodthirsty' dog pack
  59. Two Hostages: Would you put down your gun?
  60. Code orange at the bank today
  61. When would you fire warning shots?
  62. True Story in News 6/5/11: Flash Mob in Chicago: 2 Severely Beaten & Robbed
  63. Bear kills your dog in your yard, would you...
  64. Sticks A Gun In Their Faces - Robs Them & Only Gets $30 - He's Sorry.
  65. Grocery store/Work place
  66. Caught in the Crossfire (with diagram)
  67. This murder in my town last night.
  68. Do you shoot the robber if he has a toy gun??
  69. Wallmart
  70. Soldier home on leave thwarts Fla. bank robbery
  71. Donut shop robbery
  72. Next time I'll just hold it.
  73. A True Story or I should say Stories
  74. Drew entering my apartment yesterday...
  75. The Business Next Door and CC
  76. Wanna buy a brand new camcorder?
  77. Home invasion gone bad. 2 dead.
  78. How to balance child safety with intruder preparedness?
  79. Really glad to be carrying, for the first time
  80. Man picks up little boy and moves him somewhere else and makes him cry...
  81. The hostage situation
  82. Right move or dumb move? Video attached
  83. Simple things are not always simple
  84. Why Knives Terrify Me (Bringing A Kife To A Gunfight)
  85. Car Break-in - After Action Report - Chance to Critique
  86. Attempted S.F. American Airlines cockpit break-in
  87. Passenger Tries to Open Door In Flight
  88. Effect of illness on disparity of force
  89. the "Waffle House" attack................
  90. Yesterday Car Situation
  91. Question about post shooting actions
  92. head down vs looking around
  93. Robbery...with a giant stick.
  94. Mom & 6 yr old, hasseled by 3 bikers, country road, 1987..no cell phone.
  95. Car theft in progress at 4am
  96. Why I'm getting a Permit to Carry
  97. New York third grader charged with selling loaded gun
  98. My encounter with the local sheriffs
  99. Trapped with multiple gang members...
  100. Approached at gas station
  101. Concealed carry at home
  102. and yet ANOTHER story of animal savagery..............
  103. Woman being beaten in restaurant...what would you do? (Merged)
  104. Answer to so many DC questions?
  105. 7-11 Robbery on Video
  106. Went "Code Red" in Germany (No Firearm)
  107. Widow attacked at husband's gravesite in Hamlet NC
  108. When does assault evolve into a life-threatening beating?
  109. Hospital Situational Question
  110. You Never Know
  111. What do you say, if anything, before you shoot
  112. Defense of Other People - Food for thought
  113. Almost drew my gun Friday.
  114. For those of you who study such things; true incident
  115. Watching COPS on TV, scenario for you all
  116. Simunution training today
  117. What Would You Do? Waffle House Robbery
  118. I felt naked!!!
  119. Incident with a crazy guy on the side of the highway
  120. Encounter I had with my neighbor..
  121. Question about escalation...
  122. Bike in the Road
  123. When do you transfer to deadly force?
  124. Fight or Flight Poll
  125. Who Here Eats at Taco Bell?
  126. Wittnessing an abduction
  127. Adrenaline rush on tour in New Jersey
  128. The Beauty Queen and the pink 38 special
  129. Mall Parking lot
  130. Subway station, that could have been Bad.
  131. use of force with non carrying friends and family
  132. BG's in my barn ! Photo added!
  133. Dog Charging: Real and non Pitbull
  134. "Conversational" distance?
  135. Gunfight (video) at Nashville Stop-n-Rob
  136. What would you do to defend yourself ?
  137. Answer the door...
  138. You walk out of Walmart.
  139. Pit Bull Fast Approaching
  140. My thursday night, 3/10/2011
  141. Can you detain a thief at gunpoint?
  142. What to do about an aggressive dog?
  143. Now What? - Alone on Jogging Path as Two with a Flanker Approach Me
  144. Search warrants and the castle doctrine
  145. Shotgun blast, teacher robbed in classroom tonight
  146. You're not my daddy...
  147. Blocked on Bridge or Dont Honk
  148. An interesting article about the aftermath of a deadly force encounter
  149. Trip report, our weekend in New Orleans- 11 were shot/6 murdered
  150. Code Orange Last Night!
  151. Justified Homicide in Marital Affair?
  152. Shoot? Don't Shoot?
  153. Doorbell at 11 PM
  154. Re-arming at a friend's house when...
  155. Off Duty Cop Shoots Man In Bar.....
  156. CTRT...
  157. What is your SA color?
  158. Looking for Trouble?
  159. Defending against dangerous liquids thrown at your face?
  160. One which I haven't seen posted before.
  161. Why carry at home?
  162. Pistol Packing Pastor Stops Church Burglars
  163. Damsel In Distress!...or IS she?
  164. To peep or not to peep?
  165. Make My Day - What do you think about this phrase?
  166. Can you believe this?
  167. Lets say you get robbed by this guy (The Polite Robber)
  168. Got woke up last night by my dogs.
  169. Another reason to not interfere with LEOs doing their jobs: McGruff on your butt!
  170. Would you Draw 1st or Run
  171. Here ya go
  172. Are You Required By Law To React??
  173. Do you have to fight?
  174. My wife's "Awkward" robbery attempt
  175. Confronted and threatened, but no visible weapon.
  176. Training For The Unexpected.. YOU CAN'T
  177. unwanted visitor
  178. LEO in struggle, what is right thing to do
  179. Active shooters....tell me your thoughts.
  180. Two different scenarios caught on tape to review, comment and learn.
  181. Non event, but glad I was carrying yesterday...
  182. What would you do?
  183. Walmart..........
  184. Caught on tape, armed homeowner confronts two burglars.........
  185. Police Officer pulling gun
  186. Big Dog.
  187. Armed home invasion on my block!
  188. With regard to the AZ Shootings
  189. Any EMT's on here, question....
  190. Guy on trail in woods
  191. Recognize, React, Protect You and Yours
  192. Purse Snatch Avoided
  193. Going to Florida and Disney
  194. Finger On The Trigger - Mistake Or Tactical Advantage?
  195. What About Canines?
  196. Robbery: shooting in the back
  197. Followed home on Christmas Eve
  198. When is a shot in the back justifiable?
  199. Female attacked while Xmas shopping........
  200. Do You Shoot..Or Don't Shoot
  201. Drawing from inside a car
  202. First time I was really glad I was able to carry.
  203. NYPD trains for Mumbai Style Attack
  204. VIDEO: Carjacking caught on video
  205. Incident at 7/11
  206. Shoot from inside your car through closed window?
  207. Separated from family
  208. A Textbook Outcome!
  209. "You da man,you da man!"
  210. Crime time
  211. Store owner shoots and kills 3 robbers!
  212. Scared for my life a little while ago.
  213. You might Pick Up A Few Tips & Hints From This Guy.
  214. Subway defense
  215. Paranoid woman yelling at me at the store.
  216. A minor complaint directed at no one in particular...
  217. Burglar caught in the act, what would you do?
  218. fence
  219. Need help, friend pulled on someone. Castle doctrine in MI
  220. wife pulled out the .45 last night....
  221. Someone was ON my porch last night!
  222. Being deaf, where to store home defense gun or CCW?
  223. Approached in Parking Lot (Real situation followed by a hypothetical scenario)
  224. Awareness
  225. Shots Fired
  226. Good behavior at an ATM
  227. Legal Advice - John Farnam's quips
  228. Come-as-you-are?
  229. Ready for a fight? Or looking for a fight?
  230. Walt Disney World safety...
  231. Defending against multiple attackers.
  232. Vehicle ransacked. Do you need to notify responding officer?
  233. Cultivating situational awareness
  234. To anyone that CCW.....this is a MUST READ!!!!!!
  235. Welcome guests that become unwelcome.
  236. Elderly Woman Mugged while on her toilet
  237. Urinal awareness.
  238. Violent Attack(Graphic)
  239. One man against four
  240. Retaliation
  241. Bus Stop Scenario
  242. Have you heard this commercial? Good reason for your spouse to be armed as well!
  243. Church shooting scenario
  244. Continuation of Nightstand Gun Thread
  245. Thugs in Taco Bell... (Long one)
  246. Long Distance Mugging
  247. When someone invades your "bubble"
  248. Two legged critter in the garage...
  249. Aging parents, neighborhood gone down hill
  250. Walmart Parking Lot DANGER