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  1. Woman shoots and kills intruder
  2. This young man will not be coming home tonight
  3. Scary stuff
  4. Robbery down the street - I'm stumped on this one...
  5. I Think Someone Tried to Mug Me This Morning
  6. Watching Bio channels "I Survived..."
  7. So I'm sitting in my Service Van
  8. .380 as a BUG for a .45
  9. I was approached in a parking lot tonight
  10. Story from a while back
  11. Planned hits: How would you react?
  12. use of deadly force in Vermont
  13. Carrying on Campus - What would happen if....
  14. This wasn't supposed to be your life!
  15. Is it just me?
  16. What Do You Do?
  17. Common Sense For the Win!
  18. It is that time weirdos are out.
  19. opinion??
  20. Would you have taken the shot?
  21. Not liking my neighborhood right now...
  22. cop shoots dog
  23. Man shot, killed
  24. Found this video on youtube, was he legally justified?
  25. Hunting Trip Goes Wrong
  26. What "cop shows" get it right?
  27. Any Reports Of CCW In The News?
  28. Business defense; Texas
  29. Home gun storage... what if?
  30. When or when not to draw
  31. How to tell if the BG is "armed"?
  32. My door alarm went off unexpectedly
  33. Establishing Intent?
  34. Unarmed man charging at you...
  35. REAL - from another forum
  36. How shock can alter your perception of reality.
  37. Situational Awareness Sure Helps!
  38. Why I didn't turn in my homework last week
  39. For those that reload and shoot comp
  40. First real confrontation - at my front Door.
  41. Burglars fear residents more than the police
  42. car jacked while getting gas?
  43. Well, used my Firearm in force other day. LONG
  44. Shoot in the back
  45. power outtage - only my house (long)
  46. Would you present a business card...?
  47. Just walk in? Bad idea
  48. Deadly force
  49. Throws...deadly force?
  50. Not all bad guys wear pants...
  51. hit and run
  52. Coming home with a new "valuable"...
  53. cocked and locked
  54. One against stampeding sheep
  55. The official 2012 thread.
  56. How to Re-load a Revolver Quickly?
  57. Can you shoot through a polycarbonated car window?
  58. Intervene at your own risk
  59. New spouse has a non-violent felony. You have a CCW.
  60. Family member with record shoots your gun in self defense
  61. My Texas CHL
  62. Christianity and Self Defense
  63. bad time at lunch
  64. Proud of my wife!
  65. Furtive Movents, which physical actions clue you to draw?
  66. Can I shoot my bf's gun?
  67. Prosecutor: Cherokee County shooting was self-defense
  68. Fort Hood Shooting
  69. Awkward moment earlier in a restaurant parking lot...
  70. Counting Sheep
  71. All about Aiming and Being Inclusive
  72. Business Owners - Open or Concealed?
  73. Foreign Mugging
  74. "WE" all know better, don't we?
  75. Here is one to churn your noggin...
  76. Walmart Weekend, same night, different stores!
  77. Mandated Reporting: Reason #413 for Clergy Carry
  78. aparently a true story
  79. threat of having a gun?
  80. Check out this video...scary lack of SA
  81. Scary Halloween pranks
  82. Car doors locked?
  83. Do you sleep with bedroom door open?
  84. Totally Dark or Strategic Light
  85. Saturday Night Club
  86. False Alarm at 3:00 am
  87. My fiancee and I were talking the other day...
  88. Not living in fear, just ready
  89. Switch to a comfort gun?
  90. Concern with being shot by another CC'er?
  91. how would you handle this situation
  92. Drawing While Driving
  93. Had to evacuate the field at practice tonight.
  94. Ran off the road in a car, possible deadly intent?
  95. Use pocket .380 in hand or release for hip .45?
  96. How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?
  97. how far we have come in 50 years...
  98. Put a man down yesterday.
  99. Report: How the Bad Guys carry and train!
  100. likely real life scenerio, what do you think
  101. Not all attackers are human....
  102. Question For The Pastors
  103. Confirmation
  104. But He Only Had A Knife (CAUTION: Graphic pictures)
  105. Odd situation on the creek.....
  106. If you had to shoot with family present.
  107. Backup CCW's for Travel...
  108. My wife the sheep.
  109. Situation at my Apt complex last night.
  110. Chemical Spray Robberies
  111. Don't shoot Center of Mass...
  112. And another reason to carry at home.....
  113. Medical Complications and Deadly Force
  114. Wife's co-worker was agressively approached last night
  115. SD shooting in my home town...good video
  116. Would you shoot?
  117. Keeping dominant hand free and available
  118. The Real Cost of Self Defense
  119. Tips -- 13 steps to avoid robbery
  120. Civil suit?
  121. Armed robbery, shoot or hide?
  122. Did I over-react?
  123. Dont we have a right to occupy space?
  124. Using deadly force to stop a theft....
  125. Shooting Across the Street
  126. Hitchhiker (or carjacker) with a weapon . . .
  127. Aggresive man approaches you while with your child.
  128. Where I draw the line
  129. what would happen if
  130. Reparked Jeep to protect CCW
  131. Went into Condition "orange" While shopping.
  132. Situation at school..
  133. First time drawing my weapon.
  134. Your thoughts on warning shots?
  135. Hand on my firearm today...
  136. I sure do wish I had something on me..
  137. Deployed the G27 in SD last week - sort of
  138. McDonald's drive through 2 am.
  139. Unarmed Soldier Beaten In Front of Daughter . . .
  140. Comments on intentionally revealing my IWB weapon.
  141. "Home invaders' ruse involved Obama, health care"
  142. The Tueller Drill/21' Rule Revisited, IDPA style
  143. Janes: 'A technique which helps armed officers stay alive'
  144. Scary situation - Had to draw today
  145. SHTF gun shops relevence?surival/targeted?
  146. People without weapons, when SHTF, how will you/they obtain firearms?
  147. My home was just invaded
  148. This can happen to you so make the necessary changes.
  149. Situation - What Do You Do?
  150. North St. Paul Office Slain
  151. Real Incident in Knoxville - Brutal beyond all description
  152. Another LEO encounter while CCing!
  153. Protection at Ohio univ. + poor response on campus
  154. Stupid dream I had last night..
  155. Angle of Shot
  156. You have a problem?
  157. Starbucks incident...
  158. No Hearing Protection
  159. Situation last night...
  160. Could have been a bad day
  161. Another reason to always carry.
  162. Jorrick Landry incident/family carjacked/shootout May 2006
  163. Another "spidey-sense" story: kinda long
  164. I got that weird feeling like something wasn't right...
  165. Good Samaritan Law and Duty to Rescue
  166. What would you do?
  167. Texas Home Invastion
  168. Wife and baby home alone break in
  169. Classic Concealed Carry story
  170. A fishing trip turned nerve racking!
  171. What would you do?
  172. Man in Wal Mart with gun shoplifting
  173. Reminder of Why I'm Getting a CHP
  174. A situation at an intersection
  175. How much do you want to bet this would have been prevented?
  176. Sucker punch and robbed at McDonalds, take II
  177. Sucker punch and robbed at McDonalds
  178. My Humble Observations (long rant, apologies in advance)
  179. Defensive situations associated with 2012.
  180. BG wants your gun
  181. What about BUG after shooting?
  182. Situational Awareness Tips
  183. Seen how easy it would be to get carjacked today
  184. Car Jackings
  185. They keep coming
  186. Charlotte Home Invasion Shooting
  187. 3 police men 1BG
  188. Losing the adrenaline rush after an “incident”
  189. Outnumbered 2 to 1, both BGs ready
  190. Look what happened right across the street from me!
  191. unarmed aggressive drunk guy in parking lot?
  192. Do you take the shot?
  193. A new way of life....
  194. When will the bombings start here?
  195. Where do you stage your pistol while asleep.
  196. Female vs Female
  197. Useful Tactics
  198. Very angry, unarmed person in parking lot
  199. Home Invasion Last Night...
  200. Kinda strange event happend today.
  201. Shot in the back
  202. Attacked With Blow Gun Darts - What Do U Do?
  203. A armed man comes into a bank for a hold up
  204. Getting shot by/shooting another CCW'er
  205. Close Call in Fatalville nc
  206. Got mugged Thursday night.
  207. Planning on going to a town hall meeting...
  208. Three punks looking in cars in our neighborhood
  209. Bad situation that could have been worse.
  210. Tense moment in Walmart today
  211. Clerk shoots robber
  212. Gunshots inside oprymills mall-nash. Tn
  213. A Bump in the night!
  214. Another What if Scenarios
  215. You are pumping gas and witness an armed robbery
  216. Thought we had a defensive situ' in the home
  217. Maybe I would shoot the BG in the leg...maybe NOT!
  218. Someone messing with your car
  219. Approached after leaving a concert
  220. Yet another massacre
  221. Oops--don't have my gun!
  222. Man approached aggressively in parking lot......
  223. Question about the "guy jumped out of the dark" thread
  224. Chasing muggers.... doesn't seem like a good idea
  225. Davenport IA officer kills unarmed man
  226. Incident with crazy driver yesterday
  227. Fatal shooting involving internet forum member
  228. Six 230-grain Gold-Dots to the chest........no effect.....SCARY.....
  229. Called the Police Last Night...
  230. Ready to be shot??
  231. Being a First Responder to Someone Else's House
  232. Eventful Morning, 2 SA events
  233. Drawing on a family member?...
  234. This happened to me...
  235. happened in Venezuela
  236. Clearing a hotel rooom with your weapon unholstered
  237. I have learned the hard way to always carry
  238. motorcycle trip....wish i had my gun...
  239. Tough guy pulls gun, gets his arse kicked..
  240. Direction of fire?
  241. Someone breaks into your home, neighbor calls 911
  242. Situation over the Weekend
  243. Tricky situation last night how would you handle it?
  244. Voter Intimidation Scenario
  245. My spidy sense may be too sensitive
  246. The Family Pet Eliminated
  247. Incident from the early 60s
  248. Store shooting - lessons learned
  249. Interesting Incidents at Church
  250. NY castle doctrine