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  1. Trespasser killing your pet in the yard, deadly force justified?
  2. My Gun Saved My Life! True Story of a Legally Armed Citizen
  3. Should have been carrying ................
  4. Moose Defense
  5. Have you ever experienced perceptual narrowing or auditory exclusion?
  6. Cc in France
  7. Jimmy Johns Robbery - Failure to Feed
  8. Could Soon Be Legal To Point Gun At Perp Without Firing
  9. Guy robs Jimmy Johns with a paperweight!
  10. CA Campers threatened with rape...
  11. Creeps Trespassing in the Middle of the Night
  12. Reverse 911 and Code Red
  13. Carry and potential scenarios on your own rural land
  14. Critique This Confrontation
  15. What would you do? Dozens of Oakland teens reportedly storm train, rob riders...
  16. Neighborhood street fight...what do you do?
  17. Any convenience store workers here?
  18. Delayed Interviews after SD shooting
  19. Top Ten Pre-Incident Indicators
  20. CCWSafe or ACLDN?
  21. Carrying Without a Round Chambered Cost Him and His Son's Lives
  22. Can situational awareness be taken too far?
  23. How many BGs in home invasions?
  24. You and Your Gun Don't Impress Kendall and Lionel
  25. Intervening in a fight can be deadly
  26. Fast Acting Officer
  27. Coroner's Inquest On OK Corral Shootout
  28. Strange hospital incident
  29. Witnessed some stupid stuff.
  30. Advice on a situation my friend had
  31. Maybe I should carry a second mag
  32. Gun pulled during "Prank"
  33. Don't Talk to Cops????!
  34. Nocturnal Animals - hypothetical scenario -what would you do?
  35. Another CCW'er Intervenes, Wrong Straight Down The Line
  36. Drawing Your Gun May Have Adverse Consequences, Regardless...
  37. How often do armed robberies result in a casualty
  38. Mistaken identity and/or mentally unstable person incident
  39. Home Defender Success Story
  40. Curtis Reeves, popcorn theater shooting trial.
  41. Road Rage
  42. Walmart, A time to intervene with your CCW?
  43. YouTube channel "active self Protection"
  44. Sometimes....justice is served.
  45. School Shooting Scare Today
  46. Older Children Coming Home After You've Gone to Bed - How Do You Distinguish Frm a BG
  47. Creating a distraction....
  48. Soldier shot and killed in GA.
  49. What Is Mindset?
  50. Police: Wal-Mart customer fatally shoots suspected thief ORLANDO, Fla
  51. Hey, there's a spider on your back...
  52. Minnesota Homeowner Charged With Manslaughter
  53. Active shooter research that is worth reading
  54. ISIS conditioning children to kill--video
  55. Armed Robberies by Teens
  56. GFZ-San Antonio Mall, Two Bad robbers, Two good Samaritans
  57. Periodical Review - great or noteworthy articles in Defensive Carry Magazines
  58. Understanding A, O, and J
  59. When another CCW pulls during the same incident
  60. Young woman attacked with machete
  61. Attempted Car Jacking/Robbery - Could You Respond
  62. More stupidity....
  63. Firearm loading station?
  64. When should you take a threat seriously?
  65. You're at baggage claim and a gun shot rings out.....
  66. Today's tragedy in Ft. Lauderdale is why we carry
  67. "Real Housewives" actress faces down intruders with her handgun
  68. How close can suspicious guy(s) get to you at night before drawing your gun?
  69. My four most realistic scenarios I'm concerned about
  70. Strange Car Parked in Front of House
  71. UPDATE!!! Wafflehouse waitress responds....
  72. Disparity of force, intimidation leading to ....
  73. ? giving up your gun in an armed robbery.
  74. Tragic Road Rage Incident
  75. Business owner pulls gun on robber
  76. You Can Never Have Too Much Ammo
  77. VIDEO: car jacking thwarted; importance of sit awareness & firearm capacity
  78. Guy walks up to your parked vehicle
  79. A Co-worker's Road Rage Incident
  80. A Cell Phone, Bang, Bang You are DEAD!
  81. Lots of unanswered questions here...
  82. Ohio State University Active Shooter GFZ
  83. Who shot first? (real world)
  84. When would you....
  85. At what point will you pull your firearm?
  86. Dealing With a Highly Unstable Co-Worker
  87. Active shooter scenario in albany, ny
  88. Bonney lake women shot by stray
  89. Local Guy didn't listen to his Spidey Senses
  90. Little Pop Sound.
  91. Retail Warehouse Sale Security
  92. Guy walking towards you
  93. Ok so here is one for all of you tactical guys & girls
  94. Firearm class/cert with high "status"?
  95. Can anyone comment on nebraska laws?
  96. Just got done talking to the police.
  97. Houston Strip Mall, 5 shot, time for mall lockdown?
  98. Mall Shooting in Washington State
  99. Crowd Surround your Car
  100. Bus driver owns punk
  101. Mall Stabbing Attack - How Aware are YOU when in public crowded areas
  102. Another good guy with a gun stops a bad guy
  103. Just a story......
  104. Wild Hogs - Not he animal....
  105. Lessons from this: Video of CCW shot from behind by Texas cop-killer (Las Vegas 2014)
  106. Third Party Carry Scenario
  107. road rage opinions good and bad
  108. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place
  109. Evil visits without making an appointment
  110. Keeping the Thought Process Simple
  111. It could happen to you
  112. If someone is trying to kick down the door?
  113. Girlfriend had the 1am knock on the door last night....
  114. Police urge charges for bystander who shot at robbery suspects
  115. Not your typical carjacking attempt (I-84, ID)
  116. No criminal charges filed.
  117. Women shoots and kills robber
  118. Taxi driver carry options
  119. Where do you carry your wallet (scenario)
  120. Going on a Cruise
  121. shoot 'em in the back
  122. Active shooter situation.
  123. Carry in car scenario information needed!
  124. Another 'Day of Rage' coming Friday, supposedly
  125. Convenience store scenario. What would you have done
  126. Flashed my gun at group last night
  127. After Istanbul Do You Go Straight For The Head Shot?
  128. Istanbul terror attack, lessons learned, or not!
  129. Shooting From A Moving Car
  130. Country Folk Wisdom
  131. Masked man walks up at the ATM - What would you do?
  132. Homeowner shoots at lost tourist who comes down his driveway
  133. Video: Cop totally overlooks perp advancing with 2 knives!
  134. NASCAR Driver Assault Scenario: What Would You Do?
  135. To many bad shoots
  136. Good shoot or bad?
  137. When Not to shoot
  138. Mugger asks for cash, "victim" pays with lead.
  139. Waiting Will Get You Killed
  140. Would you take the shot?
  141. Ex-CIA "expert" solution for stopping an active shooter
  142. Unarmed and stuck in restroom during nightclub shooting?
  143. How fast can you drop your gun?
  144. Mob situation - What to do?
  145. Strong-arm kidnapping of your 13 yeal old daughter- What would you do and when?
  146. Let's Discuss What Went Down in San Jose, CA
  147. Good educational video channel on shootings and tactics
  148. Shoot or don't shoot?
  149. Gas Station encounter
  150. A Re Boot.
  151. Roving gangs of thugs?
  152. Was this guy just dumb or what?
  153. And the Sign Says :
  154. Nightmare Scenario
  155. Would you do it? Well would you?
  156. Recognizing limitations and training with a plan
  157. Close Call Today
  158. Carrying in a Non Gunfriendly Community
  159. Almost had to use my weapon on vacation
  160. Never fear, we have Al Qaeda on the run!
  161. Under fire 65mph
  162. Guy beating on door 1:30am
  163. Knockout Game back Again
  164. Heading for Chicago this weekend...need to be prepared
  165. Post SD shooting....when and how do you invoke 5A?
  166. Update -- Aurora theater massacre, new civil trial
  167. Question about the Arlington shooting
  168. WWYD What would you do in this situation
  169. In retrospect
  170. 11 Year Old Repels Home Invader with a 9mm
  171. Why We Carry- "Suspect arrested in machete attack on Denver sidewalk"
  172. Keep Your Head On A Swivel
  173. Home Invasion, Homeowner Opens Door Holding Gun, Bad Guy Runs, Homeowner Chases
  174. 2 Leo shot inside Walmart
  175. We dont need a gun...just a purse will do
  176. Help!!! My Wife is Oblivious...
  177. car jacking scenario
  178. Car Scenario
  179. Judge Judy opinion on use of firearm against dog
  180. Passenger's gun persuades bikers to leave her driver alone.
  181. failure to stop
  182. Just watched a gang fight! To draw or not.
  183. The Great Miami Shootout - lessons from 30 years ago
  184. Self-Defense or ....
  185. Had a car follow me home
  186. A guy looking for trouble
  187. Robbery at a Wal-Mart nearby. What would you do?
  188. Axe wielding woman shot dead by Tennessee police after eviction notice
  189. Hitting a car with crowbar during violent LA road rage dispute
  190. 1st post since my introduction- concern about fight and brandish
  191. The outcome of this may be interesting
  192. Police respond to shooting hoax next door to us
  193. I almost shot a cop.....
  194. Burglar meets a 44 mag.
  195. Not what you think but did have to draw my weapon and fire tonight.
  196. My Son’s Road Rage Experience
  197. Train passenger chokes out troublemaker
  198. Got your plan in place. Hope it beats this one
  199. Account of attempted assault yesterday.
  200. Smash & Grab in Mall Jewelery Store
  201. Home Invasion scenario
  202. Give me your wallet
  203. Seriously odd robbery, in the town I was once local to.
  204. Houston Robbery - Wow
  205. Hatchet-swinging attacker shot and killed by customer at 7-11
  206. Lost an army vet.
  207. Apartment Neighbors from ###
  208. For beginners
  209. Dogs running loose
  210. Creepy Dude in the Neighborhood
  211. Your home is being burglarized; what would you do and why?
  212. Agent X weighs in on the two different kinds of gunfights
  213. Go means Go !!!
  214. Unwelcome attitude from society & the media after a self-defense incident
  215. Do you cater your carry to your daily expected events?/ trauma kits/get home bag.
  216. Article: 5 Things Every Reasonable Gun Owner Ought To Know
  217. Pistols and pajamas
  218. Interesting perspective from the Paris terrorist mass shootings
  219. Less than Lethal Scenarios?
  220. Police chief calls assault good argument for ‘a gun in hand’
  221. Interesting article on Texas OC/CC.
  222. Disparity of force, scenarios when to use your gun against the unarmed attacker
  223. Gas Stations C-Stores 30:06
  224. WAL-MART Again.
  225. Not exactly the active shooter training I have in mind..
  226. Tueller Drill, the rule of 21... Tips for survival.
  227. School personnel carry
  228. Home Defense in a Rural Area
  229. One look
  230. What not to do in a road rage incident!
  231. Bump in the Night
  232. My daughter had a close situation
  233. Self-defense Insurance
  234. Homeowner shoots firefighter responding to home, thought it was intruder
  235. Would you have drawn or at least be ready to in this situation?
  236. Packing!!!
  237. In line for ATM, things go bad
  238. Bus Driver Attacked - Fight lasts over 10 minutes - How many people helped?
  239. At gas station
  240. Shots Fired
  241. 'accessorizing' thoughts
  242. Taharrush.............
  243. Video-CC'r puts down a thug robbing a convenience store.
  244. News Station Puts Concealed Carry Permit Holders to the Test in Realistic ‘Good Guys’
  245. Disarming A Gunman
  246. defending against someone trying to steal your gun off you.
  247. When do you react and how?
  248. Random face slashing in NY
  249. Situational Awareness Exercises
  250. Men with Shotgun rob pedestrians. How to respond in a carry sceneraio?