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  1. Got the whole concept wrong
  2. Confronted an Intruder
  3. (kind of) an unexpected visitor scenario
  4. What would you do?
  5. My lovely wife had an epiphany tonight....
  6. Wisconsin Bank Robbery, Carjacking Murder, Trooper/Suspect Shootout - 3 Dead
  7. This is why I carry a gun at Walmart ... Made national news ..
  8. Incident that made my wife glad I carry
  9. FPD: Shooting in the work place scenario, Man leaves GF and GF isn't surprised lol
  10. Using your sidearm to create an egress route?
  11. Interesting scenario
  12. Actual event
  13. Two scenarios - what would you do?
  14. Active shooter advice in the UK - 'Run, Hide, Tell'
  15. Non lethal alternatives..result
  16. Would you shoot someone how is "unarmed?"
  17. Attempted ATM Robbery Foiled.
  18. Why Some Intervene, And Others Don't, And Some Shouldn't
  19. Police Searching for BG at night:Keep house lights on or off?
  20. Son in-law vs irate giant.
  21. Shooting Two Guns, Hollywood Style? (just for fun)
  22. How do you handle a road blocker?
  23. Either the bravest man in LA or the craziest.
  24. Don't try too hard.
  25. Just hypothetical
  26. Malls - FYI
  27. ISIS/AL QAEDA and US (us)
  28. I Would Feel Compelled To Intervene (Possibly In The Gravest Manner)
  29. Justified - no charges faced. (meme)
  30. New Home not on any Map
  31. You come out of the convenience store and see this going on.....what's your response?
  32. Va., Md. bank robbers the FBI dubs 'Black Hat Bandits'
  33. Just out of curiosity
  34. Second call defense?
  35. Once you have wounded or stopped a threat
  36. 800+ storm theater shots fired robbery
  37. Hypothetical Situation
  38. Held up at gun point
  39. Mike Mah The last time I shot someone in Kansas 1/17/2007
  40. GOOD...and UGLY? Dallas Police Chase Comes to Dramatic End
  41. Sidestep draw. How far?
  42. Do you need to see the gun?
  43. Erie man arraigned in road rage shooting
  44. Almost drew tonight for the first time.
  45. Question about IL CCW-NSFW Video
  46. caught a burglar in my house
  47. Man Pumping Gas Thwarts Armed Robber
  48. Had a situation that changed me a little last week...some advice?
  49. Not your everyday 9mm vs .45 thread
  50. Friend got shot last night.
  51. Suspicious characters
  52. Defensive Scenario: Bound With Duct Tape
  53. Justified reason to draw?
  54. Confronting strange car on private road?
  55. Advice on a scenario
  56. Use of Force.
  57. Are we allowed to use lethal force in the defense of our pets?
  58. Home intruder in bedroom
  59. Possible Jumped/Attacked by 2 Guys Scenario
  60. Home Invasion Response
  61. Well that was weird.
  62. Potential Confrontation in Neighbor’s Home.
  63. Defending Someone Else's Property
  64. Another example where SA does not fail but gun-carrier got hit anyway
  65. My George Zimmerman Moment
  66. Shoplifter. WWYD?
  67. Machete Wielding Maniac Kicks Down Neighbors Door
  68. Vehicle carry: Glove box or Center console?
  69. Deescalation works too.. Least I think I deescalated it
  70. Situational awareness works! I think. Maybe.
  71. Just dumped a whole can of sabre red in an attackers face!
  72. Charlie Hebdo simulation; would FMJ or larger caliber make a difference?
  73. What would you do in this stressful situation?
  74. Carjacking video
  75. Pawn Shop "Storm-In" Robbery
  76. Police Imposter
  77. Something bad happened in Detroit Friday...
  78. Can canned goods stop school shooters?...oh brother
  79. How Do You Prepare a Loved One For An Active Killer At Your School?
  80. Gun Show Security Duty: What Would You Do?
  81. Family vs family, what to do
  82. Just to make sure I understand this correctly..
  83. Two Scenarios, Inspired By A Recent Thread
  84. Homeowner injured in home invasion-Phoenix
  85. "Black Lives Matter" Activist gets FOF Training
  86. Paris attack happens in the US- What would you do?
  87. Awareness is a Fallacy
  88. Nobody needs a gun at the mall
  89. Protests
  90. A "better" alternative for the Ka-Bar TDI knife sheath-clip fails.
  91. New Years after action report
  92. Top Home SD: 9mm glock suppressor 33 round
  93. It was nothing, but I wasn't ready...
  94. Street Terrorism - "How to Stab Correctly" an Instructional Video
  95. Drawing Firearm....then the police arrive
  96. not everyone will be prepared but give me a break..
  97. SIAP, but customer intervention in a Family Dollar robbery...
  98. Escalating road rage...
  99. Road Rage Caught on Video
  100. 'Tis the Season
  101. Pull, or take the beating?
  102. You're At A Quiet Restaurant and This Occurs?
  103. Not everyone will be prepared part two...
  104. 1999 Church shooting in Texas - my pastor was there
  105. Scenario from a buddy
  106. Have you ever pulled/used your pepper spray?
  107. Question about this photograph
  108. ...then, when is the right "time" to get ready for a possibly confrontation?
  109. Not everyone will ever be prepared...
  110. somebody wanted to fight me lastnight
  111. North texas home invasion spree
  112. Being Robbed At Night In Your Car
  113. Another interesting incident
  114. very strange casino elevator interaction
  115. Is it just me, don't other folks get flustered
  116. Unusual incident last night
  117. The Virtues Of Violence
  118. Weird Sidewalk Interaction
  119. Senario - What would you do?
  120. A Great Site For Practical Personal Defense Info
  121. ATS Sights. Anyone used these?
  122. Has the events of Ferguson changed how you carry?
  123. Mas Ayoob Defining Disparity of Force
  124. Football Game incident
  125. LEO shows up during fight
  126. Stress Turns Fractions of Seconds Into Hours
  127. Using force to remove people blocking the road?
  128. Arming Ohio teachers
  129. Today I was a witness
  130. Car Surrounded (Any Thoughts)
  131. It can happen anywhere anytime
  132. The synagogue attack in Israel - lessons to be learned
  133. Which gun for a riot?
  134. Mas Ayoob on Recent Terrorist Events in the US
  135. follow up shot speed
  136. 5 second rule in parking lots
  137. This guy should have been "carrying"!
  138. Who has drawn more than once in self defense?
  139. Firing on fleeing car...
  140. Just pulled my gun against an attacker!
  141. Teach your children well...
  142. I had to stand in the ready mode today.
  143. Home Invasion Advice.....or NOT!
  144. I've got a trigger finger...
  145. Scary Roadblock
  146. First aid.... to the bad guy?
  147. What To Do After a Shooting: The First Five Minutes | Personal Defense Network
  148. Road rage incident over the weekend
  149. Funny Story.....Serious Life Lesson
  150. Washington DC, can't carry and they seem unable to protect me?
  151. Murder here in our small town today.
  152. BAD: WHY I CARRY: Man Brutally Beaten, Robbed as Bystanders Walk By
  153. Another Clown Attack!
  154. Has anyone ever been shot or shot at?
  155. You're on the city bus, when all of the sudden...
  156. Creep corners my daughter
  157. Can ISIS come here? What would happen and how would we react?
  158. Close call tonight!!!!!!
  159. 7 victims at random.
  160. Proud of my wife
  161. Interesting Article
  162. OC as first line self defense?
  163. Perv at Public Library
  164. What constitutes a threat to your life?
  165. Example of when not to fire
  166. Would you sell your house if you shot a BG in your home and they bleed out?
  167. Warning shots?
  168. Surprised! and Unarmed...
  169. Drew my weapon outside school at night
  170. Concealed & Open Carriers Be Aware
  171. Hearing protection in your nightstand.
  172. Man practicing open carry law robbed of gun
  173. How likely to be detained post self defense?
  174. Emergency code word
  175. Flee the scene, don't call 911 yourself, make no statement to the police?
  176. Darwin Awards Product of the Year
  177. Lessons to be learned
  178. Teenager needed a ride home.
  179. Bad News Mountain Lion
  180. shoot a pack of varmints in town?
  181. You get mugged at gunpoint, and then...
  182. UGA Terroristic threats and anticarry rules
  183. Ohio Shoot-out
  184. Stuck with needle, told welcome to HIV club
  185. I Considered Drawing My Firearm A Few Nights Ago
  186. First Time
  187. See, ninjas CAN attack you and you have to be ready!
  188. Strange incident on the way home
  189. Store owner shoots robber
  190. I Hate What If Scenarios, But This One Hits Home
  191. Danger: Feral Teenagers
  192. What scenario needed to shoot BG unannounced in the back?
  193. Imagine your worst fear coming true and someone abducts your child...
  194. Robbery and the statistics
  195. What If?
  196. Modifications in carry or approach due to the 9/11 anniversary?
  197. How far to go as a Good Samaritan...
  198. What would you do if you saw a thief steal money from a homeless person?
  199. Concealed Carry, arthritis and pain relief medications
  200. I drew my sidearm this past evening…
  201. Wargaming or Brainstorming
  202. When seconds count, police are minutes away
  203. Video from Ohio Walmart Shooting shows victim did not point the BB Gun at anyone
  204. Complacency will get you killed
  205. hypothetical scenario, getting intentionally blocked
  206. Until the threat has ended
  207. Woman Threatened with Bat - Unthreatened With CC Weapon
  208. Five NEVERs of Self-Defense
  209. WWYD: Man being stabbed (multiple times) on subway platform, no one helps. NSFW
  210. Where is Sharpton, Jackson and the others??
  211. Would you take this shot?
  212. Here is a new one- Attacked by LPD (Livestock Protection Dogs)
  213. Two Pit-Bulls coming at you in full stride...
  214. What would you do?
  215. Capacity and Concealment?
  216. Boxed in by Two Cars
  218. Protecting Your Property – Know When You Can Use Deadly Force (in Texas)
  219. Ahhh, nighttime in Houston
  220. DETROIT: Who shot the nieghbor?
  221. Should have been a DGU
  222. Things I learned form this YouTube compilation video
  223. First seemingly real SD dream
  224. Need Advice on the Psychology of Concealed Carry
  225. What Are You Doing With That Gun? Just Stop the Threat!
  226. Scenario I've thought up(BG's back facing me holding a weapon)
  227. Family Of Brooklyn Rabbi Killed In Miami Believes Shooting Was Hate Crime
  228. Certain Self-Defense Actions Can Decrease Risk
  229. Do you have a Gun says a BG.
  230. What to say to an irresponsible ccw holder?
  231. Mother of Virginia Tech Victim: Put Yourself in My Shoes
  232. Beavercreek, OH Walmart shooting
  233. Guy shoots at bad guy
  234. Debate & Poll: Loaded Or Empty Chamber For EDC By Non LEO
  235. TN Home Invasion Statistics - Clear and Scary
  236. 5 Potential BGs - A Tense 30 Seconds
  237. Manatee County woman scares burglar off with gun - 911 op tells her to put gun down
  238. Post Draw + Fire. Bad Neighborhood. Stick around?
  239. For Texas members: When can you legally use deadly force in Texas?
  240. Crazy training
  241. Wounded bad guy's weapon
  242. Which tactic? Tap rack ready or 2nd strike ability?
  243. Tuff choice - unarmed assailant attacks with fists
  244. Attacked by a dog
  245. Good and bad, hospital shooting
  246. Attempted Car theft at work (non-event)
  247. What if: Drunk comes to your car while wife is in store?
  248. CCW success story! (Video)
  249. The other night at the mall and the mindset of cc
  250. defense against animals