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  1. Five NEVERs of Self-Defense
  2. WWYD: Man being stabbed (multiple times) on subway platform, no one helps. NSFW
  3. Where is Sharpton, Jackson and the others??
  4. Would you take this shot?
  5. Here is a new one- Attacked by LPD (Livestock Protection Dogs)
  6. Two Pit-Bulls coming at you in full stride...
  7. What would you do?
  8. Capacity and Concealment?
  9. Boxed in by Two Cars
  11. Protecting Your Property – Know When You Can Use Deadly Force (in Texas)
  12. Ahhh, nighttime in Houston
  13. DETROIT: Who shot the nieghbor?
  14. Should have been a DGU
  15. Things I learned form this YouTube compilation video
  16. First seemingly real SD dream
  17. Need Advice on the Psychology of Concealed Carry
  18. What Are You Doing With That Gun? Just Stop the Threat!
  19. Scenario I've thought up(BG's back facing me holding a weapon)
  20. Family Of Brooklyn Rabbi Killed In Miami Believes Shooting Was Hate Crime
  21. Certain Self-Defense Actions Can Decrease Risk
  22. Do you have a Gun says a BG.
  23. What to say to an irresponsible ccw holder?
  24. Mother of Virginia Tech Victim: Put Yourself in My Shoes
  25. Beavercreek, OH Walmart shooting
  26. Guy shoots at bad guy
  27. Debate & Poll: Loaded Or Empty Chamber For EDC By Non LEO
  28. TN Home Invasion Statistics - Clear and Scary
  29. 5 Potential BGs - A Tense 30 Seconds
  30. Manatee County woman scares burglar off with gun - 911 op tells her to put gun down
  31. Post Draw + Fire. Bad Neighborhood. Stick around?
  32. For Texas members: When can you legally use deadly force in Texas?
  33. Crazy training
  34. Wounded bad guy's weapon
  35. Which tactic? Tap rack ready or 2nd strike ability?
  36. Tuff choice - unarmed assailant attacks with fists
  37. Attacked by a dog
  38. Good and bad, hospital shooting
  39. Attempted Car theft at work (non-event)
  40. What if: Drunk comes to your car while wife is in store?
  41. CCW success story! (Video)
  42. The other night at the mall and the mindset of cc
  43. defense against animals
  44. Finishing/Kill shot
  45. Close Call, Possible Robbery Attempt
  46. How often does the BG wear armor?
  47. when concealed carry turns into regular self defense or just a fight
  48. What makes it a weapon? Intent!
  49. Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso Recreates “Yo, Homie?” Scene From ‘Collateral’
  50. Follow-up article: 13 yr old w/ fake AK shot by police
  51. Non lethal force?
  52. Conceal Weapon Carrier stops brutal attack in Florida (Warning shot)
  53. Gas Station Attack
  54. Beware of Owner signs
  55. Mexican Gov fires on you, what would you do?
  56. Man in WM swinging a bat, then beats down random woman and walks away (video)
  57. Twenty years ago. A bad guy with a rifle met a good guy with a 9mm.
  58. Interesting to contemplate this one happening somewhere besides...
  59. Draw to Deter, or draw to kill...
  60. Interesting story
  61. Would you provide first aid to someone you shot?
  62. Nearly Had To Draw
  63. Sad Incident involving concealed carry holder
  64. Haven't seen this one yet..what to do with a special needs kid during mugging/assault
  65. Video of robbery on bicycle
  66. Have to give the wife some props.
  67. Score one for situational awareness
  68. Active shooter alert app for LEOs
  69. Bicyclist's Helmet Cam
  70. Beginnning to hate courts
  71. CHL holder comes to the aid of a cop
  72. so much for sleep tonight
  73. Got home a little late tonight...
  74. My buddy had to use his cc the other day.
  75. CHL carrier stopped a Robbery
  76. The Truth About the CA Killing Spree
  77. Guns Save Lives
  78. I NEVER get tired of this story
  79. Being approached aggressively
  80. High risk situations with child or infant in car
  81. First time to draw/fire in defense of livestock(or anything)today.
  82. No matter what, you are at a disadvantage
  83. HD go to gun, .40 or shotgun?
  84. Tricky robbery situation
  85. Victim v Badguys
  86. You need to take a pre-employment urinalysis and you walk into the clinic..
  87. Orange tips on toy guns....
  88. Calling 9-1-1 during home invasion?
  89. Neighborhood got turned into a day at the Range
  90. Youtube has taught me that I am not a commando
  91. Castle Doctrine
  92. You tube crazies
  93. Fake Cop Pulls You Over, What To Do?
  94. Strong Arm
  95. Car carry, No cwp
  96. Justifiable force against a dog?
  97. You are walking at night and see this...
  98. Boy's Best Friend and Lessons from Nature
  99. Curious about a shooting scenario with the aggressor running while shooting
  100. No-win scenario..you decide what you would do
  101. The First To Call The Police "Rule"
  102. New job, New rules
  103. Newbie, idiot, or a little bit of both
  104. Approached by a guy impersonating police
  105. Montana garage burglary/shooting-how would you handle this?
  106. Bad stuff comes at you FAST
  107. Good For The Lady
  108. Family of home invaders are stupid
  109. Witnessed the tail end of a mugging
  110. Turnover of HOA Documents
  111. Potential Car Jacking?
  112. Situation this morning, I should have handled it better...
  113. times you wish you didn't have your gun on you?
  114. Don't point your firearm at someone
  115. Rendering aid after a self defense shooting?
  116. Should I Help A Stranger In Trouble?
  117. Self defense in SC
  118. You Just Shot Someone; Now What.......
  119. Road Rage Incident, What would DC do?
  120. Dream I had last night..
  121. Ballistic Radio Interview about Incident Analysis
  122. If you need that long shot
  123. Someone is stealing your motorcycle!
  124. Scared wife
  125. Good Samaritan helps cop in NV
  126. When Seconds Count....
  127. Confused Samaritan
  128. French Quarter Experience
  129. Wife and Kids Stumbled Into Middle Of Felony Car Stop!
  130. Unintentional suspicious actions
  131. When my ccw came into play,what would you have done?
  132. How to handle someone following you
  133. Florida's HB 89: The "Warning Shot" Bill
  134. Chasing a bike thief on foot with sidearm.
  135. fort Hood ; part two
  136. What would you do?
  137. How can lawfully armed citizens avoid being shot by responding police officers?
  138. Practicing what we preach
  139. WOW.
  140. James Boyd Shooting
  141. I disarmed another person
  142. Situational Awarness Redux
  143. VIDEO: Man refuses to get back in car or show his hands—gets shot
  144. Interesting Scenario
  145. In The Event Of....
  146. Concealed carrier shoots shotgun weilding robber in restaurant
  147. USCCA self-defense liability insurance?
  148. CPL holder stops lunatic with dirty syringe on stabbing spree
  149. Good CHL Outcome
  150. Nutjob at the ice cream shop
  151. Experiences using deadly force on an attacking dog?
  152. Flash Mob assaults -- how to guard against such things
  153. oh no you didnt
  154. Sunday morning jog gone bad
  155. The "21 foot" Rule
  156. Aggressive Dog
  157. Daughter taken from her bedroom...
  158. Chaos at zoo and shots fired
  159. Your line in the sand...
  160. Recent bank robbery - What would you do if you're a customer?
  161. the primary target
  162. Defensive Scenarios
  163. How many of you actively study self defense shootings across the country?
  164. How many of you actively study self defense shootings across the country?
  165. friend witnessed attempted kidnapping of child
  166. I don't advocate warning shots, ever. But...
  167. Night Sights or Not???.
  168. Carjacking- Live on TV!
  169. Father of the Year - Not
  170. Using Your Car Horn- Does it Escalate A Potential Situation?
  171. Your shooting hand
  172. Good Scare Today. Road Rage.
  173. Gun in a movie theatre
  174. Sunday afternoon parking lot rage
  175. Scenario with Neighbor
  176. "black box" camera for a home defense weapon?
  177. Witnessing another CHL holder use their weapon
  178. Possible manslaughter charge in New York
  179. Carry Scenario - Shots Fired
  180. drunk people....How do you handle them?
  181. Officer Awarded $1.2 Million in Shooting
  182. Had to defend myself last night
  183. Alert- Middle TN
  184. 2 separate defensive incidents in one day (Detroit of course)
  185. You're at Mickey Dees, three gunmen rush in...
  186. Break-in and near shooting
  187. You see the perp and victim of Amber alert
  188. Teenager with real AK killed in gunfight
  189. GOOD: Mom defends home from 3 home invaders
  190. Can I shovel your driveway?
  191. Chandler AZ: Fatal Walmart Shooting
  192. My regular mom and pop lunch stop got robbed yesterday.
  193. What am I doing wrong?
  194. Bank robbery?
  195. Another victim selection "FAIL"
  196. How to handle a man who may or may not have a weapon...
  197. Watching Fla Loud Music Trial Right Now
  198. Drive by shooter
  199. Almost had to draw today... But not on a human
  200. Mass Mayhem at the State Fair
  201. If a LEO damages your weapon while disarming you...
  202. Creepy Scenario.
  203. When to shoot situation-hypothetical
  204. Nothing bad happened, but I was glad I was carrying
  205. What To Do in Active-Shooter Situation:
  206. Forward Cant of Holster? Defensive Movement.
  207. Drive-by Shooting Prank - Shots Fired [Video]
  208. Road Rage ,Again
  209. Identification
  210. why I carry.
  211. I almost drew my weapon today
  212. I LEGALLY could have killed him but I didn't
  213. What would you do?
  214. Rash of area home invasions
  215. Food for thought from Spokane, WA
  216. Maryland cop kills son who is stabbing wife. Wife and son died.
  217. Getting shot is expensive!
  218. Strange man at my door...
  219. How would you handled this ? Car pulls up next to you and starts shooting..
  220. after the threat is gone
  221. Confrontation in a Bar
  222. Armed Robbery at Local Store...
  223. Very Bad Shooting near Barboursville, WV
  224. Article I found while researching almost ruined Vaction
  225. Denver 7-11-Police use AR-15 to end hostage situation.
  226. Vacation Almost Ruined
  227. Stranger Danger in my driveway
  228. Got bumped into at the mall today..
  229. Defense options for my Grandpa.
  230. Another one bites the dust
  231. What if someone feels your gun on accident?
  232. Pre existing condition and self defense
  233. Irrational belief.
  234. After the draw
  235. Body cam footage of Officer Involved Shooting, Idaho
  236. Just because you carry a gun doesn't mean you are ready for an encounter
  237. FL: The texting/shooting movie theater thread
  238. How do you feel about shooting and possibly kill someone who use to be so close ...
  239. Shield almost touched the ground
  240. MURDER ON THE ROAD: "Road Rage Victim Eluded Killer For Up To 15 Miles
  241. Watched a Limatunes Video yesterday that made me think.
  242. tailed by car
  243. Blind spot in situational awareness Are you guilty of having one?
  244. Bank robbery story with picture... what would you do? (Franklin VA)
  245. The Best Weapon
  246. Good read
  247. You come upon an apparently empty business...
  248. CC in WA hospital as employee.. with no car
  249. If you were the bad guy
  250. On the question "Can you pull the trigger?"