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  1. REVIEW: The Strider SnG CC>>>>>>>
  2. Leather sheaths
  3. Gerber Guardian in Iowa
  4. Leek Damage
  5. CRKT Ken Ripple Onion
  6. Knife Laws in the Carbibean
  7. REVIEW: The Chris Reeve Umnumzaan>>>>>>
  8. What I'm carrying in Afghanistan.
  9. Defensive Knife Class Redlands, Review - Pic Heavy
  10. Lighters
  11. New favorite EDC knife
  12. Spyderco Delica 4 for $35
  13. strong side vs weak side knife carry
  14. Texas blade length laws
  15. new to any kind of defense, help please
  16. Woot Deal - CRKT and Kershaw knives = $12 each
  17. Delica/Endura Mods
  18. baseball game
  19. Mantis Balisong/Karambit Knives Stolen
  20. Hogue/Elishewitz EX-01 Extreme Folding Knife Review
  21. REVIEW: The Zero Tolerance 0561>>>>>>
  22. fatty fob! (Key ring sap)
  23. Spectre Take Down Bow - I Bought One Just For The Heckovit - Review.
  24. Bark River Knives?
  25. Kydex holster for oc spray
  26. unboxing and first glance (thoughts video) of my Cold Steel Kobun
  27. Smith's PP1 sharpener?
  28. Cold Steel knives?
  29. Favorite Knife Under $100
  30. WI: Butterfly knives (and stun guns)
  31. Ox Forge ...
  32. Favored locking mechanism?
  33. REVIEW: The Zero Tolerance 0550>>>>>>>>
  34. Need input with choosing a defensive folding knife
  35. Michigan CPL holders can now carry Stun Guns
  36. Good OTF?
  37. CRKT Carson M21...one bad ass knife
  38. Missouri knife laws
  39. H&K by Benchmade
  40. MI governor may sign off on Taser law
  41. Question about Knife sheaths
  42. Push daggers in TX
  43. Tomahawk!
  44. REVIEW: The Hinderer Investigator Tactical Pen>>>>>>>>>>>
  45. Now THAT Is A Dadblamed Sharp Knife !!
  46. REVIEW: The Hinderer XM-24 Tactical Knife>>>>>>>>>>
  47. Spyderco Waved Endura for Police Duty
  48. Any Thoughts on the Buck QuickFire?
  49. MI may legalize Taser carry for those with CPL
  50. does anyone make a multi-tool that would be good for SD?
  51. Washington - Legal to carry?
  52. Any NYC folks here? Would the Kabar TDI fixed blade fall under the no-no jurisdiction
  53. AZ Governor Signs Nation's First Knife Preemption Law! Once again AZ leads the Way
  54. Glock 81 vs. Gerber LMF II Infantry - Knives
  55. Fell again, new Benchmade Rift
  56. Picked up a new EDC knife yesterday
  57. My EDC knife
  58. Got a CRKT Triumph folder
  59. Good video showing the spraying of different defensive sprays
  60. friend needs help - what to have sailing down the Mississippi river
  61. Guessing game....
  62. Any love for Emerson's here?
  63. Deadly Force Alternatives......
  64. Cobra StunLight
  65. Tek-Lok?
  66. Wisconsin baton laws for CCW?
  67. New COAST Products Rapid Response Knife Video
  68. Reassessing my EDC loadout
  69. remington 1911 R1 knife
  70. I think I found the one
  71. Knife and Spray under 150$
  72. Gerber CS +1
  73. New type of weapon
  74. looking for a new larger EDC knife
  75. Gerber 45803 Guardian Back Up
  76. Automatic knife in va
  77. To carry or not to carry OC Spray, that is the question.
  78. Need help looking for a knife and holster horizontal style
  79. Izula Folding Knife!
  80. Alternatives for wife
  81. Need to get around a "no weapons" policy.
  82. Survival knife
  83. So, you want to carry a tactical pen?
  84. entrepreneur
  85. Expandable Batons does anyone here carry one?
  86. Easiest folder deployment system
  87. Spyderco or Benchmade? What steel?
  88. How do you carry your defensive folder?
  89. who uses a cane?
  90. Wife wants a taser
  91. Tactical Baseball Cap
  92. Need help finding a knife
  93. OC or taser and options?
  94. 40mm for Home Defense?
  95. Ka-BAR TDI Folder Video Review.......
  96. Its growing......
  97. Help with this knife
  98. spyderco tencious
  99. New guy and revisiting TX knife laws.
  100. Knife sharpeners
  101. Horizontal Carry Knives
  102. Christmas Knives
  103. Just added this one to the blade collection
  104. Pohl Force Knives
  105. What's D2 Steel?
  106. Where to find different state knife laws---
  107. Pistol Bayonets - does any one use them
  108. Open-carry of a knife in Florida.
  109. Kershaw for 10 dollars at walmart
  110. 19 y/o looking for the right thing to carry.
  111. Oops !!!!
  112. Cold steel good edc?
  113. KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife - a potential life saver!
  114. Best Tactical pen I've found so far (review)
  115. a real swiss army knife
  116. Why no blade guards?
  117. My Newest EDC The "Frankenblur"
  118. Why?
  119. Teach me about Defensive Knives
  120. Hideaway Knife
  121. Need New Knife for Girlfriend
  122. The Latest Busse Combat Blade Is Wicked Bad !
  123. Active assist folder question
  124. Practice, clothing, and surprise.
  125. Sshhh! Please don't tell!
  126. New knife
  127. Benchmade Griptilian question
  128. Tanto point verses clip point
  129. How do you carry your Sebenza?
  130. Ka-bar straight vs serrated. I am sure this is on here already but I couldn't find it
  131. The Warrior Parent - Part 2: Are you as fit as a third-grader?
  132. CCW along with Chemical or electronic devices
  133. Inexpensive Knife Option - S&W SW80B Assisted Opening Knife.
  134. 2-3" American-made Fixed blade back-up....IDEAS?
  135. fixed blade recommendations..
  136. SOG Trident
  137. Stopping Power of a Knife
  138. Good Knife Basics...
  139. Anyone carry a fixed blade?
  140. Assisted open knives
  141. How is ft/lbs energy of a bullet defined
  142. The Warrior Parent - Part 1: NPE Weapons
  143. Lifestyle Change, Advice Needed
  144. Colorado Knife Laws
  145. SOG Pentagon Mini Knife
  146. New Pepper Spray from Ruger.....
  147. AutoZone carries S&W knives, are they any good?
  148. Florida OC of tactical 12" blade?
  149. OC spray for Law Enforcement/Civilan
  150. Custom knife project part 2
  151. Amazon knives
  152. Boston Wants To License The Sale of Knives.
  153. push knife legal in NC?
  154. 3 sided knife question...
  155. What, Where & How Do You CC Knives
  156. Going to Hawaii
  157. American Lawman
  158. Cheapies (Knives)
  159. Hand Stitching Leather Knife Sheaths And Holsters.
  160. Pepper spray and expandable baton training.
  161. After Action Report Progressive Knife Skills Seminar w/ Mike Janich (Los Angeles)
  162. My 1st EDC Knife
  163. stun gun/flashlight combo
  164. Defensive Knife - Carry, Access and Opening
  165. OC suggestions
  166. Carrying in a bar in Florida?
  167. SOG Seal Pup sheath
  168. Grayman Knife for EDC
  169. OC spray and a defensive knife.
  170. Neck knives question, "550" cord or necklace?
  171. Pepper spray and asthma.
  172. G81
  173. Question about a knife "part"
  174. tops knife
  175. Carrying spring assisted knife in PA - your thoughts
  176. knife length
  177. Genuine?
  178. S&w delta 2 combo
  179. Self defense with a knife training question
  180. Knives for Dummies
  181. Oso sweet vs Leek
  182. pepper spray! Wow!
  183. Words of wisdom
  184. punch dagger legal?
  185. Got called paranoid at work today
  186. Griptilian "Wave" Feature.
  187. Who knows about Saps?
  188. CRKT Elishewitz Tao Pen video review
  189. Disguised kubotan?
  190. Excellent customer service by Benchmade
  191. Picked up my first fixed-blade this weekend! (pics)
  192. New sheath
  193. Mother-in-law looking for Stun Gun
  194. Wanting a new knife... but need CO knife law clarification
  195. kimber pepper blaster
  196. Assisted Opening Knives and The Law.
  197. Combative Edge M1
  198. fixed blade knife laws nc
  199. Looking for a Benchmade 551SBKSL
  200. This might be a good thing for Michigan, one more option
  201. Oh! Jorg Jorg It Needs A Collapsible Baton!
  202. My new neck knife
  203. Cold Steel Recon 1
  204. Folders on Amazon.com
  205. Trio of Beckers... something for every need
  206. new defensive knife?
  207. Went knife crazy today.
  208. My new Ka-Bar BK14
  209. concern carrying a knife over 3 inches camping
  210. Griptilian vs. Endura Gen4 Comparison
  211. tactical flash light as defensive weapon
  212. Autos: Kershaw vs SOG vs H&K
  213. laws for carrying a fixed/ blade in texas
  214. My Birthday Surprise
  215. Benchmade Mini DeJavoo with S30v steel
  216. Defensive/Survival Knife Review (in process)
  217. Benchmade fan boy
  218. I guess they will be banning these magazines next
  219. Best Place to buy a Griptilian?
  220. Glock knives
  221. Autos
  222. Video review of my customized Benchmade Griptilian 551
  223. Wasp Spray is NOT “Self-Defense” Spray
  224. Slashed my hand today with my EDC knife! OUCH!
  225. Are Cold Steel knives as good as they say?
  226. Machete Question
  227. Cold Steel Question
  228. Ka-Bar TDI and um..big guys, does it work?
  229. Pro-Tech Knives
  230. My New Spyderco Delica 4
  231. Somail Pirate Loses Knife Fight with a US Navy SEAL Today and Dies
  232. Balisong Knives
  233. Valentine's Day present
  234. Oops! My new CRKT M21 is larger than my pistol
  235. Need help finding new EDC.
  236. Found! Dad's World War II Knife!
  237. Michael Janich Custom Ground Endura
  238. Byrd Cara Cara
  239. my new kershaw for SD
  240. Throwing knives
  241. Cane
  242. Can anyone tell me anything about this knife?
  243. Blackhawk! The tatang
  244. Dummy proof Sharpener that produces results
  245. Knife Sharpener review
  246. how about these babies under "other weapons"....
  247. Nice Ka-Bar TDI Mod
  248. A good fixed blade knife that is not$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  249. Got the Leek
  250. Pepper spray - cold weather