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  1. SPEAR system
  2. Any recommendations for comabtive courses on folding knives?
  3. Hey im new
  4. Zero Tolerance 0301...
  5. Money No Object: Best SD EDC Knife?
  6. Sog Seal Pup Elite
  7. Just received my first EDC knife
  8. Inverted Theory
  9. Is there a law about carrying a knife at work, unconceald
  10. Your EDC Knife
  11. Photos of my new BM 950 Rift
  12. Closed Folder as a Force Option
  13. A Newbie Question
  14. Kydex Sheaths
  15. Knife for a Friend going to Iraq
  16. SOG Flash II Aluminum vs. Zytel?
  17. Large versatile survival type knife?
  18. My new SOG
  19. Scrap Yard Knives
  20. Help with non-assisted folding knife for edc/defense...
  21. Steel Info
  22. My New EDC - BM 950 Rift
  23. Knives for someone who doesn't like knives
  24. Pepper Spray Shelf Life
  25. raging bull series knife
  26. Schrade Knives
  27. What is the minimum responsible age for pepper spray?
  28. Spyderco Manix 2 BLUE arrived! :D
  29. Too much to put into title, but looking for guidance
  30. My favorite EDC knife as of right now.
  31. Who carrys a 'neck knife'
  32. I have knife problems.
  33. Help me choose a neck knife!
  34. Confused about Georgia knife law.
  35. Delica or Endura for EDC
  36. Spyderco Cricket for backup
  37. Automatic Knife/Mail Law Question
  38. Playing it "safe"????
  39. Buck Tempest
  40. What does the leather belt do.....?
  41. What do you carry for defense?
  42. Pretty Folding Pocket Knife
  43. RAT (ESEE) Cutlery
  44. ok Knife people, knife law OH?
  45. Best way to wear belt clip of an S&W SWHRT boot knife?
  46. I Like Sharp Stuff
  47. RAT Pack
  48. Question about Alabama fixed blade law
  49. Paraflail
  50. Quick Question about Daggers
  51. i need a sharpener. which one would you buy?
  52. Help me choose a new EDC knife.
  53. Interesting experience at the store
  54. more 1911 gripped knives
  55. Carry Light & Be Cool
  56. Got an AWESOME Valentine's Day gift...Benchmade 730S Elishewitz!
  57. Second Benchmade 710 in 11 years
  58. My 2 Fixed Blade Carry Knives
  59. Spyderco better than Kershaw??
  60. Knife laws in Germany
  61. Need Some Help
  62. TDI and Tek-Lok
  63. Your favorites let's see em!
  64. Any Randall users/collecters out there?
  65. Knife Sharpener
  66. Opinions...Spyderco P'Kal?
  67. Less Deadly, But Effective
  68. Assisted Opener, I want one!
  69. Böker Kalashnikov Automatic
  70. Birthday fix blade
  71. Am I correct that...
  72. New Guy from Michigan
  73. My Knife Thread
  74. Question.....Folding Tactical Knives
  75. Expandable baton's?
  76. Looking for a good fixed blade knife.
  77. New survival knife (pic)
  78. EMT Knife
  79. I love my wife!!!!
  80. Sword Canes?
  81. just got a kershaw from wallie world(inexpensive)
  82. Legality of automatic knife?
  83. This knife will eat your knife...
  84. Can you bring a s&w tactical pen on a plane
  85. $10 Trailmaster? Ya, You Betcha!
  86. ZT0300 from ebay report
  87. Knives in tv.
  88. A great mail day
  89. The best groomsmen gifts
  90. Need suggestions
  91. Small but pretty awesome dilema
  92. Concealed knife problems in TX
  93. Folding steak knives! N.C.I.S.
  94. Legalize automatic and double edged knives
  95. Best tactical knife that is not a "weapon" in Florida?
  96. Tanto vs. conventional blade
  97. Finding ways to protect wife while I am deployed to Afghanistan...Less-than-lethal.
  98. New Sunday go to meetin' knife
  99. I cant stand stupid laws.
  100. I need advice concerning a SD knife
  101. How I carry my Kabar TDI LDK
  102. SurvivalSheath.com heads up
  103. Gerber Knives
  104. Rescue Tool vs. Knife
  105. Impact Kerambit/ Travel Wrench
  106. A Tribute to the Best Knife I Have Ever Owned
  107. Benchman Supporting Shooting Sports
  108. I just got a New knife.
  109. Last use of my Gerber
  110. Street Stick
  111. Carry Two Defensive Knives?
  112. Tip up or tip down?
  113. Emerson Availability?
  114. SOG Flash II
  115. My Christmas present!
  116. My New EDC SOG
  117. It's here! My new EDC.
  118. New knife and review.
  119. Benchmade confusion
  120. Defensive Knife I and II from Insights Training Center
  121. Confusion...Folders with built-in safety locks
  122. Byrd and Spyderco Knives
  123. OC spray? what to look for?
  124. Merry Christmas to me!
  125. Santa Was Here...
  126. New Knife for the New Year: My New EDC
  127. "Advice on purchasing a clinch type knife"
  128. Fox pepper spray and leather case
  129. JD's Early Christmas Present
  130. RAT Cutlery Izula Folder!
  131. boker knock me out!!
  132. Going to SA, Need a FXD blade
  133. Help me chose an EDC knife.
  134. Early Christmas Present
  135. Need some help, can't find the site.
  136. Knife Defense against multiple opponents!
  137. Buying online?
  138. Knife length?
  139. knife in car?
  140. Boker MA-2
  141. Yeahhh Bear Mace!
  142. keep the knife???!! excuse me?!
  143. Fixed Blade Recomendations
  144. Don't just walk in my house at 3 in the morning.
  145. For those carrying an Izula..
  146. Boker Cop Tool
  147. SigTac Rangemaster folder
  148. Knife Training
  149. TN allows expandable baton w/training.
  150. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Auto
  151. so are Frost knives just completely hated?
  152. (((3))) RaidOps Knives Review!!
  153. small knife large skills
  154. Which whetstone(s) to get?
  155. EDC Knife for under $20 - dual purpose
  156. Brass knuckes vs Knife
  157. These are neat, if you're into 1911s-Ultimate Equipment 1911 knife
  158. SHOPPING FOR A KNIFE? Here's what we carry.
  159. Gerber Presto 3.0
  160. Easy open AND easy close knife?
  161. CRKT 10-KZ 60% off $19.99 BLACK FRIDAY
  162. Had to use my knife
  163. Knife for lady friend.
  164. In the market..
  165. Scissors for defense....
  166. EDC knife for women
  167. Sub line knives
  168. Fixed blades in WA: Are they legal?
  169. Is this a practical choice from Coldsteel?
  170. Knife as primary and CC firearm as back up
  171. Man, the UK SUCKS!
  172. Thinking non lethal addition is needed
  173. My EDC knife. Inexpensive, practical, razor sharp
  174. Inverted Edge Fixed SD Blade
  175. Knife Review: Schrade Sharpfinger
  176. Neck knife
  177. "Now That's a Knife...Nick Dundee
  178. Need OC spray suggestion
  179. My knives
  180. Kershaw Skyline update
  181. New Kershaw
  182. Poll: preferred knife edge treatment
  183. Goodbye Kershaw Vapor, Hello Spyderco Delica
  184. Nice folder for gifts
  185. awesome new knife!
  186. Smooth blade or serrated?
  187. New Gerber W/ Carbon Fiber Handle
  188. Expandable Batons in Missouri?
  189. New EDC working blade
  190. Fixed blades in Ohio
  191. Teflon Coated blade
  192. Knife Review: Spyderco Street Beat
  193. Is 'Cold Steel' all hype?
  194. Rigged Clothing
  195. Speaking of trainers...
  196. Same question, new twist
  197. Knife recommendation
  198. Is the Lone Wolf a pocket knife?
  199. Defense for Girlfriend
  200. Easy draw lock back knife holster QUESTIONS
  201. Highly Deadly Spork & Killer Cub Scouts
  202. Scottish Dirk in Texas
  203. Fixed Blade carry
  204. Queen Cutlery Knives?
  205. Kershaw Question
  206. Emerson vs all the others
  207. South Korea and Pocket Knives
  208. Airlines stole my Emerson.
  209. Gerber Artifact and Inverted Edge Tactics
  210. Kudos to Buck
  211. Need a Good Portable Knife Sharpener
  212. Kimber Guardian Angel PepperBlaster
  213. Boker Question
  214. Pics and thoughts on some impact weapons
  215. I need a knife recomendation please
  216. Texas laws on knives in your car
  217. Kudos to Spyderco
  218. Spartan Knives(Blades?)
  219. Crucible Knives
  220. Good: Hopkins student kills intruder with samurai sword
  221. Missouri Knife Law?
  222. RAT Cutlery H.E.S.T.
  223. Stabbing v. Slashing
  224. Partner Edged Weapons Training- Flow Drills
  225. Canadian knife laws
  226. Texas Knife Laws updated?
  227. I bought my first Ka-Bar
  228. A new runner up for the Worlds Deadliest Knife!?
  229. Knife Length (Colorado)
  230. Benchmade Mini Barrage?
  231. Looking for a new blade
  232. Kershaw Spec-Bump vs Speed-Bump
  233. Smith and Wesson knives
  234. Benchmade Nitrous Assist Folders?
  235. Martial Blade Camp 2009 - After Action Report
  236. New tv show Surviving Disaster
  237. Bud K
  238. Washington State Anyone?
  239. My new hunter skinner for this Season
  240. Wow - Endura 4 Wave shipped for $57
  241. Sorry for the newbie question but.....
  242. Fixed blade carry
  243. Maryland... limit on blade length?
  244. Carry blade maintenance?
  245. calling the police after pepper spray.
  246. For a Delica price of $60 - what's better?
  247. Am I the only one who thinks my 10$ knife works the best
  248. Small pocket auto knife w/safety?
  249. RAT Cutlery RC4
  250. Subcom or Subclaw?