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  1. Looking for a decent switchblade knife
  2. Benchmade 14800 OTF
  3. spring assisted knives made illegal?
  4. Buck 119
  5. Eickhorn and Solingen Rescue Tools?
  6. Harsey Lone Wolf D2 DA folder.
  7. Question for the Virginia members
  8. Izula or Becker Necker
  9. Stun Gun Bingo
  10. Texas knife law?
  11. justification for lethal force with knife????
  12. fixed blades in PA??
  13. Truck Safety Knife?
  14. Knife Tactics - Black Belt Magazine
  15. Monkey fist keychain
  16. What's the Secret for Gun / Knife Carry?
  17. Boker Plus Perrin Le Griffe!!!
  18. Noob knife question(s)
  19. Knife Rights
  20. Knife carry in NC?
  21. Hidden weapons
  22. Left hand knives?
  23. Unarmed Combat and Martial Arts
  24. How's your knife...
  25. EDC blade as compliment to my pistol
  26. Variety is the spice of life, just not with self-defense folders
  27. Again, the CRKT Hissatsu Folder...
  28. Pimped SubClaws by potterma
  29. Knife kits?
  30. Buck Omni Knives
  31. Help finding a new suitable knife!!!!!!
  32. Class Forming - Martial Blade Concepts (Suffolk County, NY)
  33. Online stores that ship outside US?
  34. Man carrying folder gets arrested
  35. Spyderco knife stolen
  36. Virginia knife laws; are concealed folders legal, etc.?
  37. CKRT Knives
  38. Reccos Needed
  39. Where To purchase Kershaw Black Blur??
  40. Wasp & hornet spray
  41. Tops Rangers Edge
  42. fix knife pocket clip?
  43. Busse Knife - Updated Sheath PIC - Last post.
  44. Help me pick a Stun Gun or Taser
  45. benchmade nitrous stryker
  46. 1st 'Stab-Proof' Knife introduced in UK
  47. non-firearm carry in New Orleans
  48. Possible new knife restrictions?
  49. Visiting Michigan
  50. Knife forum
  51. Neck knife question...
  52. Spyderco Pikal alternatives?
  53. Carry ?
  54. Ka-bar Tdi 1477 legality in NY
  55. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection is banning A.O. knives (Merged)
  56. Wanting to host a seminar
  57. Reverse edge ?
  58. My Unlicenced Defensive Carry "Options"
  59. Some Stuff I've Made
  60. Knife making question
  61. Winchester Knives
  62. Carrying an M18 Taser: good idea?
  63. New belt clip from SOG
  64. Anybody carry identical knives ?
  65. Benchmade folders
  66. Ontario Rat 7
  67. Ka Bar TDI
  68. Walther knives?
  69. fox labs spray vs. sabre red sprays
  70. Cold steel axe on sale cheap. You don't NEED it, but...
  71. No Guns Allowed... But What About Knives?
  72. Pictures of Some of My Babies
  73. OTF In Texas
  74. CRKT Ultima...
  75. Laundered my Spyderco....What now?
  76. Kershaw Junkyard Dog ll
  77. No knives in Norway
  78. S&W Extreme Ops fixed blade tanto
  79. Possession of a weapon on school property?
  80. SPyderco Native
  81. First Defensive Carry Knife Question
  82. Emerson Karambit
  83. The knife I have been carrying....
  84. My First Primary Carry Folder...
  85. Anybody been to Spain lately?
  86. Basic Edged Weapons with Mercop
  87. Smith & Wesson Knives?
  88. Kubaton Training Class
  89. Cold Steel Raja II
  90. Sword play
  91. New Knife
  92. Small self-defense folders for the ladies
  93. New Ka-Bar Folder opens too hard
  94. My lady's new knife!
  95. Gesco hunting knife
  96. Automatic knives with adequate hand protection
  97. Should I carry my knife at work?
  98. Good choices for Primary Defensive Folders
  99. Any one Have experiance with a Battle ax??
  100. New saps
  101. Knife Review: CRKT Plain-Edge Bear Claw
  102. Help on the sharpening stone
  103. Knives made from files?
  104. Honing Oil
  105. Stupid/not? Using an air taser as your LTL option.
  106. Family Photo! 15 knives, 2 multitools
  107. Need suggestions - Chemical spray and tazers
  108. ColdSteel anyone??
  109. Serrated, Plain, or Combo blades. What's the best?
  110. Very comprehensive explanation of different blade materials
  111. Work/knife story part 2!
  112. Just ordered Spyderco Centofante III.. Opinions?
  113. New Blade - Kershaw Leek
  114. New SOG Aegis Tanto
  115. New Benchmade Release date???
  116. Where can I buy lanyards for my knives?
  117. Ka-Bar question
  118. Where can I buy a butterfly knife online?
  119. Newb looking for some pointers
  120. SOG flash safety
  121. Utah laws concerning knives????
  122. Looking For Some Suggestions On Blades
  123. South Carolina concealed carry of knives
  124. 3.5" or less fixed blade for carry
  125. Ka Bar TDI knives
  126. Florida Automatic Knife Dealers
  127. CCW in Norway?
  128. look what I got for V-day!
  129. M9 Bayonet...
  130. Boy Genius
  131. I need a thumb stud for an assisted opener
  132. blade sharpening?
  133. what's that knife for?
  134. Friend's Funny Reaction
  135. Benchmade Customer Service
  136. First Real Knife
  137. Cold Steel Catalog DVD
  138. Help with Ka-Bar Tdi belt clip
  139. Anyone carry an auto / switchblade?
  140. Kimber jpx oc spray gun
  141. "My wife won't carry a gun, what about OC"
  142. Should a knife really need directions?
  143. Formal training ???
  144. Whats in your impact weapon tool kit?
  145. bowen belt knife.
  146. Boker Plus/CLB Design RNR FB!!!
  147. What ever happened to the butterfly knife?
  148. UK - Spyderco UK Penknife or SAK?
  149. Help with new EDC.....
  150. What do you think of the SOG tridents?
  151. SOG 60% off 10 more minutes!
  152. got me a kershaw
  153. dang those spyderco bites dont feel nice....
  154. Pistol Bayonet
  155. Carrying a fixed blade
  156. Knifekits.com
  157. Knives in California?
  158. New Emerson Combat Karambit
  159. Knives in Thailand?
  160. 5 stitches from my Spyderco
  161. Mini Pika: How easy to open?
  162. What is wrong with my sharpmaker...or knife?!
  163. I got me a new Folding Knife
  164. What is the blade length of your primary defensive blade?
  165. Fixed or folder
  166. Gerber Guardian
  167. Friction Forging :: Diamond Blade Knives
  168. Bucklehead
  169. Backup
  170. KA-Bar/Becker BK2 Companion
  171. Knife resrictions in PA
  172. SHOT report. Great new knives.
  173. Why carry a knife when you can carry an axe?
  174. Nothing says "I Love You" like...
  175. Any experience with Gerber Torch II Tanto?
  176. Kershaw
  177. How to sharpen a knife
  178. Review: Gerber 06 Automatic
  179. Review: Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn Combat Folder
  180. Review: Benchmade 3300 Infidel OTF Auto
  181. Need help with a new knife for EDC?
  182. Good Strider
  183. Real life stun gun tests
  184. No clue
  185. Help me get a new knife. [=
  186. Your EDC knife- plain or combo edge ?
  187. I always remember to carry a pistol, but often forget the OC
  188. How many do you carry
  189. Karambit Review
  190. Stupid Question
  191. Reality check, please, on related gear.
  192. OC Spray Carry in Maryland????
  193. Cold Steel Konjo I & II on Sale
  194. Some basic thoughts on eged weapon defense
  195. Impact weapons for bridging and transition
  196. Tiny Boker Poker
  197. Aftermarket Leather Sheath
  198. Where did the knife wounds thread go?
  199. Some thoughts on OC spray
  200. Bought my fiance some Pepper Spray
  201. Newbie Looking for First Defense Knife
  202. Help me pick a fixed blade
  203. Schrade 808?
  204. Dark Operations StratoFighter Review
  205. Pics of your Benchmade's
  206. Looking for a tactical folder with a 'pocket hook'
  207. SOG Flash II
  208. Alan Folts Ti Chopstix Review
  209. Looking for a certain set up
  210. CCing mace/pepper spray
  211. Need info on OC spray
  212. Gerber Touche' Belt buckle knife
  213. Does a taser hit (flying dart type) result in muscle freezing or contraction?
  214. IWB sheaths for Push Daggers
  215. Ever had your Surefire just break?
  216. Flash lights as a weapon
  217. TDI in Alabama ?
  218. Edged Weapons-Good Guys vs Bad Guys
  219. Free Knife?
  220. Ka-bar nc legal?
  221. Best survival knife all purpose IYO?
  222. Let's See Your Knife Collection
  223. Is this the start of another hobby I cannot afford?
  224. KBar TDI?
  225. Gerber Money Clip/ Box Blade Holder
  226. Need help finding a good
  227. Knives the bad guys carry part II
  228. Gerber Customer Service Rocks!
  229. Source for defensive folder in Virginia
  230. Need opinions on website to order knife from
  231. Boker Fixed Blade Closeout
  232. Research continues on IET & cutting vs stabbing under stress
  233. Columbia River Knife
  234. Help me pick a new carry knife!
  235. Rat Knives
  236. I've been looking at knives and need opinions
  237. Knife on Campus??
  238. Won bid on this
  239. It's Official - England is now a nation of spineless wusses.
  240. A few Tops pics
  241. Does anyolne carry a neck knife?
  242. Kershaw Knives I'm looking at...
  243. New Benchmade
  244. Kershaw Customer Service
  245. "Thats a really scary looking knife" Whats the world coming to?
  246. Columbia river m series knives?
  247. Buy a knife fight breast cancer
  248. Looking thru Closet
  249. Always knife
  250. Would you carry a taser where a gun "cant" go?