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  1. Zero Tolerance Knives
  2. buying the first knife
  3. Looking to Upgrade
  4. ESEE and Why I Like TKC Scales
  5. My brother's knives
  6. Soviets Take Gun-Knife to Gun Fight
  7. Tactical pen
  8. Machetes in TX
  9. Beside a gun...do you carry less than lethal self-defense weapons?
  10. SALT What is you all's take on this?
  11. Ruger branded CRKT knives
  12. Can I carry this knife in Texas? Is it considered a dagger?
  13. Ironwood Tomahawk handles
  14. Knife repair
  15. waved & clip for left hand pocket?
  16. Bowie knife workout
  17. My Favorite Knife
  18. New Grind
  19. Stadium security
  20. Hand forged stag handle knife project
  21. Boot Knife Suggestions
  22. Bad Bob cutlery....
  23. Silver Stag Knives?
  24. I got this ridiculous knife yesterday
  25. This guy delivered some hurt on BG's..
  26. Large Accumulation Of Knives, Swords, Machetes.
  27. Save a Life - Surrender Your Knife
  28. Think tasers and pepper spray are effective?
  29. Kershaw locking mechanism strength?
  30. folder clipped to slanted slacks-style pockets?
  31. EDC fixed blade advice
  32. New Folder
  33. My new hobby
  34. Tomahawk in a car?
  35. Böker Turbine Solingen
  36. Damascus (pattern welded) Sword - Union Forge
  37. Damascus Bowie Knife - Union Forge
  38. Cold steel Recon 1 kanto and a Gerber EAB utility knife for EDC?
  39. Need some help/ideas in securing bamboo or sugar cane stocks for knife testing
  40. Carrying a knife in PA
  41. So I bought this obnoxious folder - Benchmade 810S
  42. Pocket Knife Advice
  43. Benchmade 810
  44. carrying knives on school property in texas
  45. Covington Bowie in progress
  46. Is the Spyderco Endura 4 a good choice?
  47. Short swords,
  48. Best Pepper spray options for dogs?
  49. Any help would be appreciated.
  50. Are the Chinese CRKT knives good quality?
  51. Robert Parrish 8" Survival knife
  52. My EDC knife -Kershaw Emerson CQC-7K
  53. Good brand/model of knife for SD?
  54. grip and retention with big knives
  55. These worth anything these days?
  56. I got a Smith & Wesson 12" Compact Baton
  57. considering some knives for SD
  58. Switchblades?
  59. Got Me A Glock!
  60. 40% Off SpyderCo !!!
  61. Stop Knives, Save Lives
  62. Weapons and ideas for repelling a rapist
  63. Why are tasers a bad idea for self defense?
  64. Best defensive knife under $50
  65. Pathetic weapons and the need to change our culture
  66. Are knives what they should be?
  67. Brass Knuckles
  68. What I carried today
  69. I had to use my Griptillian in self defense.
  70. I can't believe I forgot
  71. Bolo knife of the Philippines
  72. Anyone recognize the hallmark?
  73. Benchmade Stryker 910 Replacement.
  74. What Do You Guys Think About The Cold Steel Spike?
  75. Massachusetts knife/OC spray laws
  76. Got a new blade!
  77. Two of my fixed blades with their Panther Concealment Sheaths
  78. Cool knife, little pricey!
  79. Women With Long Nylon Key Belts
  80. FrenchMan question: carrying Knife from Miami to New Orleans
  81. Under 21 Carry Options
  82. Ka-Bar EsKabar Review...
  83. How banning sale of switchblades led to so called assault rifles
  84. Left or Right Front Pocket?
  85. Benchmade 5300 Presidio auto question
  86. Boker VOX F3 - REVIEW
  87. Welcoming two new members to the family - SOG SEAL TEAM/PUP ELITEs
  88. Sheath mods
  89. Exploding Knife
  90. New edc - Spyderco Manix 2
  91. Non-lethal self defense philosophy and tools
  92. What Do You Guys Think Of the S&W H.R.T Knives?
  93. Look sir droids!
  94. Went to the gun show and...
  95. New custom knife on the way
  96. OTF Knife
  97. Couple fixed blades
  98. Hoffner Knife - thoughts?
  99. Glow in the Dark Spyderco
  100. New Knife
  101. The lost knife thread
  102. Making and faking brand knives
  103. Coyote Sheath for Benchmade Bush Craft
  104. LEO Safety Alert: Hidden/Disguised Machetes
  105. Kershaw leek question
  106. WASP Injection Knife
  107. Broken endura 4
  108. Pacanis..... here are your pictures :).. Spyderco Endura
  109. knife size
  110. Got A New EDC Knife. It Has Replaced My Gerber
  111. How many carry a knife as back up to your pistol
  112. Spyderco vs Benchmade
  113. Best Steel
  114. Crossbow questions and Kodabow insights
  115. Ban these?
  116. Sheath for my Swamp Rat RMD
  117. Ordered an endura :)
  118. Advice Requested for EDC Choice
  119. Need help completing my EDC gear
  120. Ontario Rat3 Vs ESSE 3 Vs Esse Izula
  121. Recommend me a quality foldable pocket knife
  122. Ouch- That Blade Is Sharp!!!
  123. Just got confirm delivery date on the next Bagwell Bowie
  124. You Tube - The Brownie Pop - deploying the folder
  125. Knife identification question
  126. First time with Kydex. Knife sheath
  127. Wall Mart attack spin off.
  128. Revelation, thanks to work! Neck knives.
  129. Is Benchmade the "Glock" of the Knife World???
  130. Knife sharpener?
  131. Going on a cruise, but guns aren't allowed. What do you suggest?
  132. Lars Anderson, The most amazing Recurve Archer I have seen, In a class of his own.
  133. ATTN : Korambit Fans
  134. Scored A Busse Team Gemini Crusader
  135. Thoughts on Deployment--The Knife
  136. Anyone into swords?
  137. C2 Taser
  138. Old. Who needs a gun.
  139. Insane Archery Skills
  140. Effectiveness of pepper spray.
  141. new thoughts on Federal knives
  142. got bored at work
  143. No knife carry please
  144. My new TSA Stainless Steel Pen
  145. The Official Folding Blade Knife Thread
  146. The Official Fixed Blade Knife Thread
  147. My ESEE 4 "Horizonal Carry"
  148. Think I'll start carrying a cane
  149. My new EDC fixed blade
  150. the really big blade thread
  151. Sharpening stone: best techniques for maintaining good angle?
  152. New knife
  153. Amazing Primitive Knives
  154. Lets talk axes
  155. Bark River Knife and Tool Discussion and Pics
  156. A compact cam-bow for the arsenal
  157. anybody have or make a sheath fo this
  158. Kershaw 18" camp series advice
  159. Spear Point "Parachute" Knife
  160. New knife (Spyderco content)
  161. Question for LEO on the forum, stun guns and sprays
  162. It this knife legal to open carry or not in North Carolina
  163. Burned knives
  164. Ontario (OKC) RAT-7
  165. Knives my beautiful knives
  166. Fixed Blade Choices?
  167. If anyone needs a good Monadnock baton for very cheep
  168. I got my Izula a couple days ago.
  169. Brownie method of sharpening on the Spyderco Sharpmaker
  170. Late Birthday present on the way.
  171. Good Quality Back-up Fixed Blade
  172. RAT Worx, MRX
  173. California laws
  174. Bowies and Pig Stickers
  175. New Busse TGLB Finally Arrived!
  176. Opinions from the group: Pepper gun for my wife
  177. Do you carry a fixed blade edc if so what
  178. Knife Repair?
  179. What would you like in a fixed blade?
  180. Another handmade custom
  181. Common items used for defense in a bind??
  182. Just Finished This Knife
  183. ASP carry without a CWP
  184. Pepper spray saves the day
  185. Tactical pen options?
  186. Looking for fixed blade suggestions.
  187. Paragon Cutlery Company "Navy SEAL"
  188. Shootings vs Stabbings?
  189. Found My New EDC Knife
  190. What's a good belt to use for an ankle sheath?
  191. Grayman Knives Giveaway!
  192. Smoky Mtn Knifeworks - pick me out something!
  193. Bonowi Baton - Anyone have one?
  194. I want to find a Surefie Echo EW-05. Sell me yours!
  195. How to sharpen my Blur
  196. Convince me to EDC a knife
  197. Karambit for an EDC?
  198. Kershaw Blur for first EDC knife
  199. How Do You Guys Feel About Carying A Dirk As A Defensive Alternative?
  200. Pepper enforcement brand Oc
  201. New knife - handmade
  202. Comparison Review: The Hinderer XM-18 vs. The ZT 0562>>>>>>
  203. Legality of selling automatic knives throughout TX?
  204. Minimum blade length for maximum stopping power?
  205. ?Microtech D.O.C. Kill Switch? Thoughts?
  206. Panther Concealment "Commodore" sheath up on you tube!!!!
  207. Appalachian Concealment Custom Kydex Sheath
  208. cheap handles for gryptilians?
  209. Informations about Legality to carry OC spray as a tourist?
  210. Shanks, Shivs, & Sheaths: A Technical Primer
  211. REVIEW: The Zero Tolerance 0562 and 0562CF>>>>>>
  212. Need help for self defense options
  213. New fixed blade carry
  214. Anyone use ASP batons?
  215. Medford Praetorian T - Bradford Guardian3 - Brous BMT - KeyBar - Win these for $25 !!
  216. Taser carry as a non-immigrant visa holder
  217. EDC History: Saladin’s Sword
  218. Shooting while peppersprayed
  219. Knife Law App
  220. Blade characteristics - always a trade off?
  221. Lies About Knife Fighting
  222. Logo
  223. It's happening again :)
  224. This Young Female Handles One Of My FAV Knives Really Well
  225. Kabar tdi it finally happened
  226. Steel Facts App
  227. Any "Knife Rights" Members Here?
  228. Trying to Get Knife Preemption - Good or Bad Thing?
  229. Spyderco Delica 4 Review - Initial Impressions
  230. How did I do ?
  231. New pocket knife
  232. Just got an Esee Izula yesterday, my first attempt at paracord wrapping...
  233. What is the "Blade" in Blade Length Laws?
  234. knife Deals via Woot
  235. painful sword and shield work
  236. cleaning knife sharpeners
  237. REVIEW: The Curtiss F3 3.5" Medium
  238. Direware Carbon Fiber Custom - Curtiss Knives F3 Custom - Raffle
  239. Civil War Swords and Knives
  240. Awesome Pictures of Custom Knives
  241. Now I Remember Why I Don't Buy Knives
  242. Spyderco Perrin Bowie - A nice top edge with a belt sander!!
  243. Knife vs Fat BG
  244. My Latest Custom carry knife additions
  245. The latest Hells Belle from Bill Bagwell
  246. Spyderco Resilience Review
  247. REVIEW: The Curtiss F3 Compact>>>>>>>>
  248. Combo of late
  249. G-10 Handles - Slippery?
  250. Blade Show 2014 Photo Report!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>