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  32. doing the Shuffle
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  35. Followed me home from the gun show. Horizontal sheath.
  36. Taking Out The Bad Guy, Aussie Style
  37. How and where do you carry Izula 2?
  38. San Francisco stun gun/pepper spray rules?
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  40. Matched Glocks
  41. I Really Liked This One A Lot. TOPS Knives
  42. S&W HRT Bearclaw
  43. Anybody going 2 The Plaza Cutlery Show on Oct. 22nd in Garden Grove, CA
  44. Opinions on the Microtech LUDT auto knife
  45. Ka-Bar TDI Hinderer Hellfire.... Thoughts
  46. Picked up a Mick Strider Perfomance Jibble
  47. Auto knife PSA
  48. Just a Heads Up
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  54. Looking for a fixed blade 2.5 inch or under
  55. Was able to track down an Emerson CQC 12 yesterday that I ordered.
  56. Emerson CQC 13
  57. For the lady joggers, the Booby Trap Bra.
  58. Thoughts on the Emerson Mini CQC 15
  59. Chris Reeves Umnumzaan Knife.
  60. Stone River NRA Knife Worth it?
  61. Ek Commando Model 4P. An Unholy Grail
  62. Got Griptilian 551BK - Couldn't Pull Trigger on G10 Griptilian
  63. Does anyone own the Benchmade AFO 2?
  64. Made my first knife handle.
  65. Need help with legality of pocket knives
  66. and Benchmade?
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  68. Kershaw Fatback 1935 Review
  69. Spyderco retailers in the Colorado Springs area
  70. My Gerber MkII was returned to me.
  71. This is what happens when guns are not allowed
  72. Everyone has it backwards - the knife as your first, or last, line of defense?
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  75. This one got me drooling
  76. Small Fixed Blade Knives - Are Some of Them Too Small To Use Safely?
  77. Fixed Blade Belt Knife
  78. My blade collection
  79. Blades are dangerous!
  80. who here has used a knife in self defense or been in a knife fight?
  81. should i buy an asp brand expandable baton?
  82. New Fox Knives Karambit 479
  83. Benchmade Folder
  84. Smartphone Stylus for pressure points
  85. New folder day!
  86. New knife!
  87. Holy Toledo that girls got a weapon.
  88. My S&W Tactical Pen was consfiscated by TSA today
  89. More secure carry options
  90. Bad Bob again.
  91. Alabama knife laws
  92. Old elegant friend
  93. Emerson Knives: Anyone Have Problem with Liner Lock Sticking?
  94. Canes for walking or possible self defense, lets discuss
  95. Want to buy a new knife, what's a good name brand Knife?
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  98. over 7 years with the Gerber Icon
  99. O1 steel on the gulf coast
  100. Need help choosing a new knife. Which brand would you pick?
  101. Swamp rat reprofile by hand.
  102. Bad Bob, next project.
  103. Carrying A Knife In Ohio? Must Read
  104. Pimped out Buck knife
  105. Such irony!
  106. Kabar TDI as only etc knife
  107. Covington Bowie cutting test up on You Tube
  108. "Just in Case Knife Bra"
  109. Input on Pepper Spray, LEO, Military
  110. Legality of using bear spray? Still considered pepper spray?
  111. EDC Knife in NY and MA
  112. I was inspired by Bad Bob.
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  114. Fixed
  115. SD Spray
  116. Buck 110
  117. Forged In Fire Series
  118. Recommendations: 2" fixed blade
  119. Concealed Carry ... Knife
  120. Tanto folding knife
  121. Knife for defense
  122. Fixed Blade dilemma
  123. ZT 0450 Sinkevich
  124. Forged in Fire Season 2
  125. A Package Came Today!!
  126. I bet this guy did not have a permit for this!
  127. Helle Viking Knife
  128. Boker Plus Coye Ridgeback Knife
  129. Switch to edc fixed blade using Moduloader . . .
  130. Buck Knives Warranty Work Review - Amazing!
  131. Flashlights
  132. Anyone make a good self defense tanto?
  133. (in the style of Rush) I will choose Steel Will
  134. Fresh off the boat from Italy
  135. Buds Guns
  136. Carrying a knife in Mexico is Illegal.
  137. When vendors do the right thing, Kris Cutlery
  138. Kershaw, Spyderco, or CRKT for EDC?
  139. Edc fixed blade
  140. 1st Self Defense Knife, Quality for under $40?
  141. Experience with Fox Labs White Lightning OC Spray?
  142. recommedation on fixed blade
  143. Ontario Rat 1 Experienced Opinions?
  144. Gonzo Knives
  145. Putting the edge on.
  146. My first Kydex Sheath
  147. Kershaw Knives At SHOT Show 2016
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  149. Buck knives service
  150. CT Compliant Defense
  151. Pics and Opinions of some folding knives
  152. You Will Get Cut
  153. Deep Conceal Knife
  154. Defensive Back Country Hiking Pole?
  155. Oh my, what a blade
  156. CPM-4V Steel Ranking
  157. Fixed Blade EDC Concealment
  158. Discussion: Knives, strong side or weak side? Folder or fixed?
  159. Convince me on a carry knife
  160. The Multitool Thread
  161. Vintage Buck 110 won't sharpen
  162. Hard Use Videos on YouTube
  163. Izula-II as EDC with horiz sheath recommendations and comments...?
  164. New EDC Arrived Today
  165. I am a Damascus BladeSmith and a former knife shop owner.(and gun shop)
  166. Made my first Kydex sheath
  167. Good OC spray?
  168. Kubatons by Fury Tactical
  169. Xmas was great, but this is my favorite new toy.
  170. Best Way to Sharpen Quality Steel
  171. Final Decision
  172. This reminded me of Bad Bob's knives
  173. Santa brought me a new EDC blade!
  174. Best Blade Shape for EDC Folder
  175. Best Folder Locking Mechanism
  176. Best Knife Blade Edge
  177. Optimum Blade Length for an EDC Folder...
  178. Best Blade Steel
  179. I Like Nice Stuff
  180. Pocket clip issues
  181. Microtech Knives
  182. Sword Help Needed
  183. Just to carry a pocket knife in NJ.....Unbelievable.
  184. Onatario Rat-3 or Esee 3?
  185. Any Sog fans?
  186. Who likes traditional knives!?!?
  187. Zero Tolerance Knives
  188. buying the first knife
  189. Looking to Upgrade
  190. ESEE and Why I Like TKC Scales
  191. My brother's knives
  192. Soviets Take Gun-Knife to Gun Fight
  193. Tactical pen
  194. Machetes in TX
  195. Beside a you carry less than lethal self-defense weapons?
  196. SALT What is you all's take on this?
  197. Ruger branded CRKT knives
  198. Can I carry this knife in Texas? Is it considered a dagger?
  199. Ironwood Tomahawk handles
  200. Knife repair
  201. waved & clip for left hand pocket?
  202. Bowie knife workout
  203. My Favorite Knife
  204. New Grind
  205. Stadium security
  206. Hand forged stag handle knife project
  207. Boot Knife Suggestions
  208. Bad Bob cutlery....
  209. Silver Stag Knives?
  210. I got this ridiculous knife yesterday
  211. This guy delivered some hurt on BG's..
  212. Large Accumulation Of Knives, Swords, Machetes.
  213. Save a Life - Surrender Your Knife
  214. Think tasers and pepper spray are effective?
  215. Kershaw locking mechanism strength?
  216. folder clipped to slanted slacks-style pockets?
  217. EDC fixed blade advice
  218. New Folder
  219. My new hobby
  220. Tomahawk in a car?
  221. Böker Turbine Solingen
  222. Damascus (pattern welded) Sword - Union Forge
  223. Damascus Bowie Knife - Union Forge
  224. Cold steel Recon 1 kanto and a Gerber EAB utility knife for EDC?
  225. Need some help/ideas in securing bamboo or sugar cane stocks for knife testing
  226. Carrying a knife in PA
  227. So I bought this obnoxious folder - Benchmade 810S
  228. Pocket Knife Advice
  229. Benchmade 810
  230. carrying knives on school property in texas
  231. Covington Bowie in progress
  232. Is the Spyderco Endura 4 a good choice?
  233. Short swords,
  234. Best Pepper spray options for dogs?
  235. Any help would be appreciated.
  236. Are the Chinese CRKT knives good quality?
  237. Robert Parrish 8" Survival knife
  238. My EDC knife -Kershaw Emerson CQC-7K
  239. Good brand/model of knife for SD?
  240. grip and retention with big knives
  241. These worth anything these days?
  242. I got a Smith & Wesson 12" Compact Baton
  243. considering some knives for SD
  244. Switchblades?
  245. Got Me A Glock!
  246. 40% Off SpyderCo !!!
  247. Stop Knives, Save Lives
  248. Weapons and ideas for repelling a rapist
  249. Why are tasers a bad idea for self defense?
  250. Best defensive knife under $50