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  1. My evaluation of two courses - call it this instructor's viewpoint of what I did
  2. Determining Reaction Time
  3. working the fast twitch muscles for draw speed
  4. FINALLY! Getting back to the range!
  5. World Record 1911 distance shoot - 600 yds!!!
  6. I.s.c.a.p.e.
  7. Rapid Fire
  8. Better technique at the range
  9. A No-win Scenario
  10. Will Poor Training Habits Carry Over Into Combat?
  11. Cognitive Drills and a benefit...
  12. Indoor vs Public Outdoor. Which is better and why
  13. What is the dumbest thing you have seen on a public shooting range?
  14. Body Armor during Training?
  15. I wish there was more realistic training available for civilians.
  16. Slow Motion camera Thoughts
  17. Airsoft replicas for training and other stuff.
  18. Packing for the trip
  19. Self defense training and your shooting stance
  20. Why the Mythical 21-foot Rule Persists
  21. Looking for a new range.
  22. The benefits of becoming "one" with your sidearm
  23. Non Threats Down Range
  24. New Virtual shooting range to open
  25. The Fundamentals of Fight Focused Handgun Part One
  26. Recoil
  27. Pat Rogers Carbine
  28. "Teach Them Properly, Major"
  29. How far do you need to travel to find a place to shoot?
  30. The Scoop Draw up on you tube!!!!
  31. Mobility Challenged Pistol Course
  32. Changing the norm...
  33. Hotel incident last year
  34. Get good with one gun and one caliber!
  35. RE: Your favorite drills
  36. My practice with my 44 Bulldog yesterday.
  37. Tactical Training
  38. Thumb safety
  39. Emergency Casualty Care
  40. Stance: Lock Elbows? Gun to Head or Head to Gun? What's Right?
  41. Steel Target Question
  42. I'm Taking A Class With Dave Spaulding
  43. A Great Full Length Video
  44. Why do left handed people shoot low and to the right?
  45. Defensive Shooting Standards Drill
  46. One Of The Best Training Videos I Have Ever Watched
  47. Another new shooting position - left handed grip, right hand trigger pull - Isosceles
  48. Ruger revolver
  49. Gripping A Handgun
  50. Combat accuracy as currently taught is an excuse.
  51. Accidental engagement of 1911 thumb safety
  52. They don't think like you think
  53. “Keep it Simple Stupid” (KISS) Chapter 1
  54. Always trying to read and learn something new
  55. A new shooting position?
  56. My dad shot a pistol for the first time
  57. Shooting as fast as you can?
  58. Are you ready...Would you have seen this coming...How your SA?
  59. Can Pocket Carry be Effective?
  60. Rangemaster 2015 Tactical Conference Review
  61. First class with live fire
  62. Personal Defense I and II
  63. What Training Do I Need?
  64. Re-training and having a difficult time - need advice
  65. Combat Breathing
  66. The ultimate handgun training giveaway
  67. Draw stroke: when and where do you join your hands?
  68. Being too harsh?
  69. Single or Multiple Guns at the range?
  70. Pistol 1 - Report Out
  71. “Only You Are Responsible For You”
  72. Teaching & Learning
  73. One Handed Assembly Drill
  74. How many people practice one handed off hand shooting skills?
  75. Shooting my friend's Glock at steel
  76. Mas interviews Bob Stasch, Chicago PD vet & survivor of 14 gunfights!
  77. Competition Skills vs Carry Skills
  78. Another Defensive Pistol completed
  79. Tourniquet carry
  80. Glock17/1911 two gun on two steel up on you yube
  81. Got Completely Ambidextrous?
  82. Extreme Night Fighter Week
  83. How often do civilians involved in a self defense shooting actually reload?
  84. Pistol Class next Weekend
  85. Getting Lax
  86. Check out this drill "F.A.S.T. drill"
  87. Putting in the Work
  88. Shooting to Live by Fairbairn and Sykes
  89. fun time on the Subhuman range
  90. Can You Protect Your Gun Against A Grab?
  91. How then do we train?
  92. Sight misalignment
  93. Ruck training.....
  94. CCW Instructor in the Chicago area.
  95. Weak Hand Practice-It Aint Just for When You Are Wounded
  96. Don't Let Castle Doctrine Determine Your Self-defense Decisions
  97. Benefit of the 90 degree "Up & Out" draw / "In & Down" holster techniques?
  98. What is a shootout?
  99. Defensive Shooting Tips with D.R. Middlebrooks
  100. First Tactical Class
  101. Interesting Video "Things you see at the range"
  102. Glock vs Super Bowl
  103. FTP: Think inside the box.
  104. If you were to write a beginner CCW class
  105. Rice bucket for better shooting maybe??
  106. Handheld Light Grips and Techniques
  107. Time on the range
  108. Bill Allard of the 70's NYPD Stakeout Squad on Gunfighting
  109. Yay women!!!!
  110. Pros & Cons of Appendix Carry
  111. I found this article
  112. Trainers-Do You Teach A Retention Shot to New Shooters?
  113. 3 days to train someone with zero experience...
  114. So I tried practicing with speedloaders today
  115. “Which One First, Sighted Fire or Point Shooting?”
  116. “The Weather is Going to be Perfect!” Being Prepared for Cold Weather Training
  117. Fitness as part of your training
  118. Handguning With Uncorrected Eyesight
  119. My Kids' First Time At the Range
  120. Introducing the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division
  121. Ideal practice range?
  122. Tactical SWAT Course Video Trailer / CCJA
  123. The Fallacy of the “Retention Position” (Revised)
  124. Jerry Miculek: How to quickly draw out of a tactical holster
  125. Tactical Defensive Handgun (1) Course January 17, 2015 in Freeman, MO
  126. Tactical Defensive Handgun (2) Course January 18, 2015, in Freeman, MO
  127. Took a tactics and training course over the holidays
  128. Family Tactical Training in Dayton
  129. Policemag.com....Realistic-Gunfight
  130. Audible timer app?
  131. Websites with free dry fire exercises?
  132. Albuquerque area instructors?
  133. Why do you teach?
  134. Deliberate and focused fire or how to overcome spray and pray.
  135. Sprint and hits,
  136. What is a trainer or instructor?
  137. CCJA Accelerated EMT Program 16 Days in Feb
  138. Range day tomorrow
  139. A Different Scenario For Trainers/Instructors
  140. 1911 Manual Safety Training
  141. Tactical Movement: The Moon Walk
  142. Any idpa members?
  143. Happy New Year!!
  144. The Next Time Some Newb At The Range Messes Up
  145. A conundrum
  146. Pattern Training -vs- Pattern Recognition Training
  147. Fairbairn Teaching the Fairbairn method
  148. Why I do not advocate back peddling inside of seven yards
  149. What Makes For Bad Shooting Pics and Videos
  150. "homemade" shoot/no-shoot scenarios?
  151. “Hand on the Gun”
  152. The OODA cycle.
  153. Orlob Occluder Sight Review- Shoot With Both Eyes Open
  154. Why We Do What We do
  155. Good training DVDs 50% off through the 26th
  156. Walther PPQ - M2: Timed 7 yard shots on a 6" steel target
  157. Help with Both Eyes Open
  158. Flashlight in the Hand
  159. Losing My Absolutist Dogma In The Face of Inescapable Reality
  160. Traveling for the hoidays again-California
  161. Why did the Fairbairn and Sykes Method Fall Out of Favor?
  162. AAR: Suarez Internationa HRO 6: CQB-Fighting in Buildings
  163. The need for speed
  164. interview with a modern day gunfighter
  165. The Rebuttal To Point Shooting
  166. Protecting your Firearm From Being Wrestled Away
  167. First shooting competition today
  168. Practicing Manipulations
  169. The Tueller Drill Better Explained
  170. Law Enforcement Motivation(language warning )
  171. More Thoughts On The Flashlight As a Defensive Tool
  172. Range report: Dot Torture
  173. Evasive Driving up on you tube
  174. FIST FIRE Video Set
  175. Right, Wrong, Or Indifferent, Ohio Is Serious
  176. 312 foot shot with handgun
  177. Why your shooting stance is important
  178. Range report: M&P 9mm
  179. what was your "lightbulb" moment
  180. Trigger Control
  181. Short range, low target
  182. Training Non Americans
  183. Frontsight
  184. Frontsight
  185. Myrtle Beach, SC
  186. un armed robbery is nothing more than bullying
  187. Interesting article
  188. Fundamental Changes In NRA Courses Coming
  189. Gun Golfing
  190. Handgun Level VI At Tactical Defense Institute AAR
  191. Small Single Stack vs Bigger Double Stack
  192. Pepper Spray training, Colorado.
  193. Frequency of firing our sd rounds at the range
  194. Flashlight As A Part of the Carry Set-up
  195. How Many Guns Should You Practice With?
  196. Administrative Loading - Magazine Release
  197. DA vs SA, Trigger pull and accuracy
  198. Become a better shot
  199. Article: What is the value of training?
  200. Perfect 10 or multiple holes?
  201. Know thyself
  202. There is more to fighting and self-defense than shooting well.
  203. I live in eastern South Dakota. Help me find training!
  204. Went to the range today. It was very productive.
  205. JBM Ballastics Calculators
  206. Info on Mil-Dots
  207. Training with my L.A.S.R. training software
  208. Why I Like My Trainer (Character Matters)
  209. I got killed last night at my force on force training class
  210. Winchester /NRA Marksmanship Course Pt2
  211. Marksmanship training drills.
  212. Does the target make a difference what we shoot at?
  213. Weaver vs. Isosceles stance. Which one and why?
  214. Inforce's NEW APL (Auto Pistol Light)
  215. Personal trainer
  216. Return fire while getting out of the line of attack
  217. How do I pick a trainer?
  218. Get in the fight.
  219. building a new stand
  220. Range day left me perplexed
  221. Disarming the snub nose revolver
  222. What Do You Carry, When You Can't Carry A Handgun?
  223. AAR - TDI Handgun Level I-III
  224. One on One Training
  225. Training & Fund Raising
  226. Understanding body language
  227. You're at dinner with your family when an armed robber comes in....Now What?
  228. Project Appleseed - Very Rewarding
  229. Interview Stance
  230. Videos showing tactical training in-action?
  231. The Essential Elements of Winning a Fight
  232. Need Advice on Training for DAO Triggers
  233. Question for TDI Graduates
  234. Combat mindset
  235. How do you carry?
  236. Amazing range in South Fl
  237. Reality In training.
  238. Rory Miller, Marc MacYoung for MN Weeklong Seminar
  239. We need instructors!
  240. Drawing from Concealment
  241. 16hr IL CCL CLass Southern IL 10/4-5/14
  242. AR-15 for Home Defense? What do you think, is it a viable option?
  243. Article: The unbearable competence of being “tactical”
  244. Some Observations About The Shooting Stance Debates
  245. Not Like the Movies: What Really Happens in a Gunfight?
  246. Defensive Handgun
  247. Firearms Law Seminar
  248. Non LEO training for OC (oleoresin capsicum) contact
  249. A week of training is in the books
  250. What is the best beginners Training for me?