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  1. Gearing up for Defensive Rifle Course
  2. Personal fitness and defensive carry
  3. Learning to shoot with Both Eyes Open , is this a good idea ?
  4. Low Light Pistol Class N.Virginia
  5. Who wrote the following excerpts
  6. Sights?
  7. AZ Training
  8. The goal come Feb 9th
  9. Training realistically vs training safe
  10. Keep Calm and Shoot Them In the Face
  11. Extra Magazines - Smaller guns
  12. Upcoming Point Shooting Instructors Class.
  13. Gun Safety Classes at all County Schools
  14. Some Training Photo's from Last Weekends Course.
  15. M&P Follower/Magazine Issues & Fix
  16. What's the best tip you have for the pistol range?
  17. Justifiable use of force? You need to live to find out.
  18. Active shooter scenarios
  19. Pulse Firearms O2DA??
  20. Old dog...New trick
  21. Game Theory and Conceal Carry
  22. AAR: Unthinkable with William Aprill and Paul Sharp
  23. WFAA News Segment - Active Shooter/Limited Training
  24. Should I take a lesson now or wait?
  25. After Action Drills
  26. Train like you fight....sight pictures and return to high ready.
  27. IDPA Classifications, (dual Division), IDPA used as practice and training.
  28. Training with a Safety
  29. Looking for good CHL class in the Houston area
  30. Excellent Review of Snubby Class
  31. New Range
  32. Free CHP classes for Colorado
  33. Interesting article on action vs. reaction in gunfights
  34. What If The Bad Guy Doesn't Need Shot Yet?
  35. Laser training tool
  36. Emergency Reload from Concealment
  37. As Good As It Gets
  38. Congratulations Melody!
  39. How do you find good training?
  40. Interested in taking some training classes.
  41. Are you a Sheepdog or a Porcupine?
  42. The "what if" scenario
  43. Laserlyte Training Tools?
  44. An After/After Action Report From Brownie's Point Shooting Class
  45. shooting while in motion
  46. Pensacola area
  47. A concealed carry checklist for personal protection
  48. Don't Underestimate or Mischaracterize the Bad Guys
  49. AAR: Threat-Focused Revolver Dec 5-6, 2015
  50. Interesting article with relevance for those here.
  51. Losing The Sheepdog Analogy
  52. Question to Fellow Instructors
  53. 25 yards, A Glock 19, XS Big Dots (Video)
  54. VATA Group
  55. Conceal carry
  56. New IDPA gun
  57. American Cop magazine
  58. 100 Deadly Skills
  59. Rifle vs. Pistol
  60. Pensacola: need a recommendation
  61. Range Day For GMan & Matt:
  62. Does point shooting work in the real world?
  63. The Results are In - My First IDPA Match
  64. Shooting by Instinctive Pointing historical perspective from the 20th Century
  65. Security Guard with Lightening Fast Reflexes Shoots Robber
  66. TPC Handgun Boot Camp with Ron Avery Last class of 2015
  67. Vetting an Instructor
  68. Radical Islamic Terrorism, America, and You
  69. The French Terrorist Attacks (Good Article...)
  70. How do you sight for rapid fire?
  71. Paris ISIS attacks - lessons to learn
  72. Magpul The Art of... Training videos on close out $7 - $10
  73. How many pistols do you train with for carry?
  74. Critique my targets
  75. Unconventional weapons
  76. Time and Distance, Thoughts on Solving the Equation
  77. Statistically Speaking
  78. What makes a good student?
  79. Zev Tech Professional Trigger Bar and Geissele S3G Triggers at the range
  80. Point vs. Sighted at Seven Yards
  81. This Weekend at Tactical Defense Institute Handgun 1-3
  82. Dave Spaulding On Internet Commandos
  83. The Correct Context of Point Shooting
  85. Reaction times-results
  86. Report - Urban Warfare Weekend with Greg Nichols
  87. Industry Day Green-OPs NRA Range
  88. I'm Going to be an IDPA Introduction Course Guinea Pig
  89. "All I Need To Do Is Dry Fire"
  90. I expect to be mildly in over my head starting tomorrow
  91. Quarter Hip From Scoop Draw
  92. Quick Kil/Point Shooting After Action Report, Part I
  93. AAR: CPR, First Aid, AED
  94. Green-Ops Pistol Course, NOVA Culpeper Virginia
  95. AzQkr"s Point-Shooting/Quick Kill Course
  96. AAR: Suarez International Complete Pistol Gunfighting School
  97. Regarding asinine gun range rules...
  98. Follow-up on double action training
  99. Walkbacks with a 6" plate -- what's "good"?
  100. An illustration of two good points
  101. Left handed manipulation of Glock pistol
  102. Training yourself
  103. Favorite hand held flashlight technique??
  104. Standardize CCW Training at the State Level?
  105. My First Competition
  106. Rossie R92 357 lever action up on youtube
  107. Sig 227 SAS gen2 45acp up on youtube
  108. Range Time - Productive Ammo Counts
  109. My first IDPA match
  110. Training for Employees that want to carry concealed weapons at work!!
  111. AR: SCOPE or REFLEX?
  112. Video from our class
  113. Where I shoot........
  114. “Rethink Your Reload” – (Tactical Reload vs Reload with Retention)
  115. Getting old
  116. "Second-Hand" Training
  117. Personal Defense Network
  118. Getting the most out of your time at an indoor range
  119. Barricade Designs?
  120. The last day of the carbine. For now...
  121. Forgotten fundamental
  122. Why Waste Training Resources Practicing Unnecessary Tasks?
  123. Molon Labe Industries "Pew Pew Russian Style"
  124. Tactical Response in Camden TN....yeah, James Yeager...opinions
  125. One hand draw from concealed IWB
  126. Reloading course?
  127. Bobby Lamar "Lucky" McDaniel
  128. Year of the carbine.
  129. Today's Drill
  130. Point Shooting Home Study Course
  131. Officers Shoot Unarmed Man
  132. Family range day
  133. My 300 degree simulator experience this week
  134. The Purpose of Instincitive/Point Shooting
  135. Tactical Performance Center Handgun Bootcamp 11/13 - 11/15
  136. School Starting: Defensive training for kids
  137. Condition 1/0 Carry VS. Condition 3 Trainers perspective
  138. Anyone carry a handgun without a safety?
  139. Range time
  140. Which Way Do I Go?
  141. Eye/Hand Coordination, Confidence, and the Path to its Discovery and Refinement
  142. Just signed up for a TDI class Handgun 1-3
  143. Learning to Point Shoot
  144. SimTrainer advanced courses?
  145. Time on the Range.
  146. Carbine course NRA Range August
  147. The Wife and I registered for NRA training classes
  148. Trinidad College Gunsmithing (AWESOME) Bandwidth Intensive
  149. Dark Angel Medical Tactical Aid Course
  150. Demo'ing a mini course of fire in class at reduced speed
  151. Aimed-Fire versus Point-Shooting
  152. People Without Training Do Poorly in Simulated Scenarios.
  153. Advanced training in Florida?
  154. Teaching the daughter
  155. A couple drills I ran today
  156. Afraid to make the change
  157. Part 5(of 6) Winchester Marksman Course
  158. Tom Givens Podcast on Findings from 65 Self Defense Gunfights
  159. 50 Round Practice Session
  160. 11 Self-Defense Myths That Just Won’t Die
  161. Portland area instructors/classes
  162. Par time for Scoop Draw
  163. Making the most out of your limited time and resources
  164. Troysgate training center
  165. How Combat Evolves
  166. AAR NRA Range Green OPS (innagural Carbine Class)
  167. Five Quick Rounds at Thirty Yards
  168. 2012 H2h and defensive edged weapons class up on youtube
  169. Clearing your home
  170. QUESTION On Situatation What/When
  171. Tactical training for civilians
  172. Gun Fighting with the Family in Tow
  173. AAR: Lighthorse Tactical GUNS3 - LONG POST
  174. New gun owner orientation tonite.
  175. Rory Miller on Articulating Self Defense Force
  176. Decisive Action
  177. Is IDPA good for defensive carry training?
  178. Gun Fighting with the Family in Tow
  179. Meeting forum members 2
  180. Bowie in Lake Mary June 14th up on you tube
  181. Cane, stick and reverse grip draw point up on you tube
  182. Defensive Carbine Clinic Northern VA July 12, 2015
  183. Comparing reload strategies
  184. Trigger control fallacy?
  185. Eye Dominance
  186. Edged Weapons Defense Trainig
  187. Training and Physical Fitness
  188. Aimpoint Micro T1
  189. Defensive Training Concepts in Barberton Ohio
  190. Meeting Forum Members
  191. Tetra llc. AAR
  192. Rethinking everything I know about carrying
  193. Very interesting
  194. Interesting Article on Quick Kill
  195. Carrying on your person while in a vehicle?
  196. NRA Winchester Marksmanship Course (Round 4)
  197. Review - International Tactical Training - Los Angeles: Advanced Pistol Class
  198. Tactical targets Country style
  199. Training Opportunities in Iowa?
  200. Specific drills for front sight focus?
  201. MA is so why no live fire requirement for CCW?
  202. Grip: Support Index Finger on Trigger Guard
  203. Finally Broke a Firing Pin - Over Approximately 70,000 Rounds
  204. Low cost handgun training, videos, or books? Self Training with all carry guns.
  205. Any suggestions about defensive carry training providers?
  206. Trigger finger influence?
  207. Assymetric Solutions
  208. Took another CCW Class
  209. Israeli Tactical School
  210. Good target height for drills.
  211. Recently purchased PPQ M2 9mm, here are my results...
  212. That Time of Year..
  213. Varmint Hunting for Defense Training
  214. Detroit Channel 7 News: Defending Yourself
  215. Dry Fire Training Cards
  216. Practice Practice Practice or Grip it and Rip it
  217. Questions from range day observations
  218. Gun mfg liability issue?
  219. Tueller Drill
  220. Concealed Carry in the Era of Terror: Part One and Two
  221. Action beats reaction videos
  222. Mossberg MVP LR
  223. Some lessons (re) learned from recent events
  224. Laserlyte Trainer System vs SIRT
  225. Aging and the Defensive Shooter
  226. Range day but the best was afterward
  227. AAR - MDFI Carbine Basics
  228. Took My CC Class Yesterday
  229. A Buyers Market – The Reality of Firearms Training in 2015
  230. Quick Kill hip up on you tube!!!
  231. How Fast is Fast Enough?
  232. Wyatt earp on shooting vs. Gunfighting
  233. The Incredible Wrist- The Fine Tuner in Shooting?
  234. 4 levels of human performance
  235. Hand On Gun Pocket Draw
  236. Videoed a drill
  237. adding a little range character
  238. Shoot or no shoot?
  239. Threat Focused Pistol Course
  240. Considering a book purchase
  241. Shot Timers vs. Phone Apps
  242. My evaluation of two courses - call it this instructor's viewpoint of what I did
  243. Determining Reaction Time
  244. working the fast twitch muscles for draw speed
  245. FINALLY! Getting back to the range!
  246. World Record 1911 distance shoot - 600 yds!!!
  247. I.s.c.a.p.e.
  248. Rapid Fire
  249. Better technique at the range
  250. A No-win Scenario