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  1. AIWB in USPSA
  2. Central Virginia or Hampton Roads SD Pistol and Carbine Instructor
  3. I'm in pain today after hitting the range on Wednesday has this ever happened to you?
  4. Am I throwing out the baby w/ the bath water?
  5. Training DVD survey.
  6. Training video from Russia
  7. Training Intent. People not paper....
  8. Firearms trainer interview – Kandi Blick
  9. [Video] Police Chief Shoots Himself After His Jacket Drawstring Causes Negligent Disc
  10. Crossdraw
  11. CCJA (1) Day Carbine/M4 Fundamentals Course 1 March 29, 2014
  12. Tactical Carbine/M4 2 March 30, 2014 using DOS-WPS-BFOC Standard
  13. Pepper spray class at Polite Society Tactical Conference
  14. Firearms trainer interview – Caleb Causey
  15. Ohio firearms instructor charged for unintentional shooting
  16. Fighting in Low Light
  17. Survive or Win...
  18. Concealed Carriiers "The Movie"
  19. High Risk/Low Frequency....? Where do you need to train..........
  20. Another Old Classic
  21. Firearms trainer interview – Nikki Turpeaux
  22. Here is some real world training I found
  23. What in the world are they thinking...
  24. Timing and the importants of 1 second
  25. FOF defensive training and/or/vs competition shoots (like IDPA)
  26. Target critique
  27. Membership Cards Arrived
  28. Lessons Learned at the Range
  29. Your agenda for the beginning of the Year..
  30. Some history on rifle QK-Long Read!!
  31. gunsite az training
  32. History of rifle QK
  33. They're just tools!
  34. GOTX ?
  35. Town Hall - My First IDPA Match: Training For Self Defense Through Competition
  36. Firearms trainer interview – Greg Hamilton
  37. Location of targets at range
  38. Strong Hand Only sighted rapid fire - what technique works for you?
  39. Firearms trainer interview – SuperDave Harrington
  40. I passed my Instructor's course
  41. Real world target practice training?
  42. Looking for SIRT pistol drills
  43. One reason I think FOF is so important
  44. The 44 Concealed Carry Drill
  45. Good and bad advice
  46. Flogging a dead horse:) Stay focused on the threat while executing a tactical reload
  47. Firearms trainer interview – Paul Carlson
  48. Point shooting w/live fire range trip (pics)
  49. Off-Duty Officer Kills Man During Robbery Attempt | NBC Chicago
  50. Firearms trainer interview – John Farnam
  51. 7677's The Sight Continium
  52. Rifle/Shotgun Quick Kill Course--May 3-4, 2014
  53. Kentucky CCDW Instructors Class
  54. Firearms trainer interview – John Johnston
  55. Brief analysis of Israeli point-shooting methodology
  56. Point Shooting Myths
  57. Concealed carry magazine
  58. Who Point shoots/who doesn't
  59. Firearms trainer interview – Tom Givens
  60. My 9 year old daughter Jiu-Jitsu training
  61. Point Shooting Study Course
  62. For those that think or state "I can't" because of.........
  63. Firearms trainer interview - Tisma Juett
  64. Some thoughts on levels of training
  65. Range report: functioned well, need to adjust the sights
  66. Dreaded Glock Knuckle
  67. Sighted Fire - What Do You See?
  68. Firearms trainer interview – Paul Markel
  69. Must Have Targets for Outdoor Range
  70. Firearms trainer interview – David Kenik
  71. Firearm/Carry training from Brevard Co Sheriff's Office. Thanks Sheriff Wayne Ivey
  72. The Shotgun: Left Handed Shooters' Weapon Of Choice?
  73. OCAT; Out West Systems
  74. Recommend drills glock 26 vs 19
  75. How to master the snub nose revolver
  76. Perishable skill?
  77. Firearms trainer interview – Ralph Mroz
  78. Kuyper Consulting LA Concealed Handgun Permit Class
  79. Looking "Deep"
  80. Firearms trainer interview – Rob Pincus
  81. So you don't need to practice,,,,BGs don't
  82. Just back from the first Rifle/Shottie Quick Kill course
  83. I was shot in the arm today at the range..
  84. Firearms trainer interview – Marty Hayes
  85. Target distance?
  86. How to.improve my accuracy?
  87. Firearms trainer interviews at 2014 SHOT Show
  88. Choosing an Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor?
  89. ]free day of training from ccja on the 25th of jan!
  90. Firearms and Personal Defense by Jeff Cooper
  91. Draw practice is more educational than I thought
  92. Use of Cover - Crowd It or Stand Off?
  93. training: the other side
  94. Massad has another article out - 5 myths of gunfighting
  95. Self Defense
  96. What do you expect from an instructor?
  97. Training in Middle Tennessee
  98. Balance of Speed and Control of the Draw
  99. Training Near St. Louis
  100. Guys with gun toting wives or girlfriends
  101. Training in WA?
  102. Competitive Shooting Manners - Shooting a LOUD Magnum Revolver
  103. Makhaira Group?
  104. ShivWorks ECQC After-Action Report - Covington, LA January 2014
  105. Target Correction Chart
  106. Found this VERY helpful.
  107. Shot Timers for Smart Phones for Defensive Training
  108. R+G; Over the shoulder and Inquartata up on you tube
  109. Just finished SouthNarc's ECQC -- Excellent class but questions on when to draw
  110. Gander Mountain Virtual Training
  111. Do you engage/ disengage the safety on your 1911 when doing dry fire drills?
  112. Got some range time in today
  113. Good article on use of force/violent encounters (kinda long but worth it)
  114. OCAT System on Military Arms Channel
  115. Gun safety in a multi-floored home
  116. Tell Me It's Not So
  117. Compact vs full size accuracy
  118. Unarmed Defense (Krav Maga)
  119. Low Light Carbine Video
  120. Experience with "Practical Firearms Training"
  121. Jerry Miculek - How to shoot a revolver
  122. Sprint and Hits up on you tube
  123. Retired LAPD Officer Qualification Course
  124. Christmas SIRTprise
  125. Nothing "tactical" or "defensive carry" about this thread...
  126. I'm sure I'm not the only person who aims his hand gun this way...
  127. Critique My Idea for Home Defense Training
  128. Handgun courses in Kentucky?
  129. The little gun that could!
  130. Shooting with your off hand
  131. What single thing made the biggest improvement in your shooting?
  132. Schools could be doing more to deal with active shooters
  133. Scoop draw from concealment?
  134. How much training do professionals do?
  135. Anybody got some stick training?
  136. Is it worth it to buy is SIRT if I don't own a Glock?
  137. The Mantra
  138. Shooting to your 6 O'clock up on you tube
  139. Change in the threat environment?
  140. Body Language Signs That Reveal If A Person Is Dangerous
  141. The Seven Concepts of the Handgun and the Benefits of Conceptual Training
  142. IDPA chapter
  143. Advice from western NC members...Bear Arms Training
  144. Handgun or Pistol Quick Kill [ QK ] Shooting Technique © TM up on you tube
  145. What does the FBI really say about gunfights?
  146. Looking at martial arts in the Kentucky area.
  147. Range fees in your area?
  148. Who are the most unsafe shooters at the range?
  149. The "Tea Cup" Method of Holding a Pistol
  150. Mental Training
  151. Vision and Shooting research--Long read
  152. Use of lights, hand and weapon-mounted
  153. Request for Instructor, Range Recommendations in the New Orleans / North Shore areas
  154. Applegate WW2 Point Shooting Film
  155. Walk this way: How we walk can increase risk of being mugged/robbed
  156. You tube vid up- WW2 point shoulder from 7 yrds
  157. Illinois Carry
  158. Jelly Bryce, the legendary FBI agent sharpshooter- 3 parts
  159. Recognition Primed Decision Making (RPD)
  160. The Draw Stroke
  161. Tactical Pistol Reloading Methods by D.R. Middlebrooks
  162. Gun Talk Media
  163. Another You Tube video--1/2 and 3/4 hip
  164. New Pistol Trainer
  165. Unloading the round in the chamber, but...
  166. Entry Level Room Clearing with “Simunition” & Low Light Engagement Course
  167. Airsoft training tips?
  168. Half Hip up on youtube
  169. 2 Recent Combined Range Reports shooting my CZ-83
  170. Who Are Your Favorite Trainers and Why?
  171. Do you count rounds?
  172. Threat Focused Pistol AAR's from last weekend.
  173. Should This Be Corrected?
  174. Shooting with both eyes open
  175. NRA Practice Programs for Concealed Carry and Home Defense
  176. Troysgate RRTC training system
  177. Summarize: best steps for a newbie handgun shooter for learning to shoot competently
  178. Catch the mag
  179. Open "gym" for shooting
  180. Drop Leg Holsters: Unnecessary gear for civilians?
  181. Oldie but a goodie..
  182. New Instructor in the House....
  183. best use for laser
  184. Seeking information on a Firearm school in Westchester county NYS
  185. Training for effects of Stress
  186. Emergency Reload: "Gross" versus "Fine" motor skill myth?
  187. Range report seeking the perfect edc
  188. AAR: Tactical Defense Institute's Extreme Close Quarters (ECQ) 10/5-6
  189. Handgun or Pistol Quick Kill [ QK ] Shooting Technique © TM
  190. UD's in training environment
  191. Going into Private Security and Personal Bodyguard business!
  192. How Fast is Fast Enough?
  193. The benefits of becoming "one" with your sidearm
  194. How I train on the cheap
  195. Dry Fire Training Using a Mirror
  196. Glock Training Routine
  197. The newest issue of Force Science News (#239) from Force Science Institute
  198. Mall self defense question...
  199. Quick range trip (pics) - 5x5x5 drill
  200. The Scoop Draw
  201. Sheepdog tip of the day "Food for thought"
  202. Is there a dry fire secret I'm missing?
  203. If three quick shots to COM don't get results, then what?
  204. Hesitating to pull the trigger, some reasons why
  205. Is it Enough?
  206. One of the best Active Shooter training/Tip vids I've seen.
  207. One hand or two?
  208. Another reason for training and practice
  209. Older and wiser...
  210. Sheepdog tip of the day 9/16/13
  211. Hojutsu DFW area
  212. Range time...
  213. Two day carbine class is in the books
  214. Emergency Reload - To look or not to look at the handgun while reloading...
  215. Old FBI training video
  216. Even the instructors need to prepare and practice
  217. Weapons retention poll Distance is: Your friend Vs. Not so much
  218. Should you get training?
  219. Processing and OODA loop
  220. James Yeager
  221. What distance is your laser dialed in to? Why?
  222. For those who wear prescription glasses;
  223. Practice makes perfect. well... I'm at least hitting the target now!
  224. Home Def. videos
  225. Speed drills have me reconsidering caliber
  226. SC gun laws, I need info
  227. Let me tell you about what I learned today!
  228. Ranges in OBX
  229. Am I ready?
  230. Active Shooter "Training"
  231. Competition VS "Tactical" Shooting & The Draw Stroke
  232. Extreme Close Quarters Gun-fighting with Tom Perroni
  233. This is vintage training from LASD
  234. Defensive Shooting Position vs Traditional Target Shooting Position
  235. Projecting Ahead
  236. myron
  237. Wannabes
  238. Finally getting to the range tomorrow
  239. Inexpensive practice rounds...
  240. Ooops! CCW instructor injures student
  241. MAG 20 training
  242. IDPA BUG vs CDP
  243. Which self-defense/martial arts training would you take?
  244. If today's range session was a real life battle, I'd be dead!
  245. What is your definition of a successful outcome?
  246. Dry Fire Practice
  247. Safety Solutions Academy in Ohio?
  248. When I suggest that everyone get training...
  249. Training LEOs vs Citizen training
  250. Show us your targets!