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  1. Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class - Lynchburg, Virginia - Sunday, May 20, 2012
  2. need some help, shooting low, changed stance and this might help?
  3. Looking for advice regarding shooting accuracy
  4. Work on fundamentals and speed will come!
  5. Decent Disparity of Force Read
  6. Where do you practice?
  7. B-21 Targets
  8. Went shooting with Three Feathers Sunday.
  9. A Code for Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors
  10. Looking for a CCW class in Denver
  11. At what distances do you practice?
  12. Simulating stress?
  13. What should an instructor AVOID doing? Horror stories, please!
  14. Thoughts on Trigger Finger Placement
  15. Air soft pistols
  16. Taking James Yeagers Fighting Handgun course this week
  17. Interview with an American Hero
  18. Videos on Carry Positions
  19. Cz-82
  20. Doomsday Preppers, Tim Ralston shoots his thumb!
  21. Kids and safety, cannot believe what I saw
  22. "Mozambique" versus "Failure to Stop"
  23. Training and Practicing Close Quarter/Firearm Retention From Home
  24. Low light shooting
  25. Good read and info on what to do "IF"
  26. Home made targets! What to you use?
  27. "Beginner Class" - need your criticism
  28. Grip on Handgun
  29. Accelerated EMT – Enhanced / NREMT-A Program / AEMT Program
  30. The Combative Drawstroke in Pictures & Video
  31. Empty Chamber?
  32. Accelerated EMT – B Program
  33. Looking for training in New Mexico
  34. One-Handed Training/CCW
  35. One Hand Gun Manipulation
  36. Call me a wimp if you want!
  37. Gunsite
  38. CCJA Firefighter Recruit Academy
  39. Looking for some Tactical Training in or near the Kansas CIty market
  40. High Intensity Combat Skills Weekend March 23-25 Chattanooga TN
  41. A Stoppage Reduction Overview...Tap, Rack...
  42. IDPA Cover Garment Question
  43. Airsoft pistols
  44. Pistol Ready Positions
  45. FOF Tueller Drill
  46. Tips/Tricks to Instructing Women
  47. Greenhorn daughter as instructor - how to prepare?
  48. Understanding Retention Position
  49. How to carry - the Utility Belt method?
  50. OMG, he's got a...
  51. Hickok, Hardin and how the dynamics of confrontation remain the same
  52. Some Thoughts on Reloading the Pistol
  53. Range mishap has me rethinking BUG. Your thoughts?
  54. Firing from the Hip?
  55. Self Defense Training In Texas?
  56. Questions on Becoming an Instructor
  57. Got my instructor certs the other day.
  58. Armorer / Gunsmith Training Question
  59. CHL/CCW Shooting Test
  60. Handgun retention training?
  61. Mas Ayoob to Sierra Vista AZ April 2012
  62. The Basics.
  63. condor backpacks?
  64. Benefits of IDPA
  65. Unskilled and Unaware of It
  66. Proper Grip & Recoil Managment
  67. Shooting Under Stress
  68. SureStrikeTM Dry Fire Training System
  69. Suarez Internationals, Roger Phillips 2012 Schedule
  70. Evolution of Combat Pistol Technique
  71. Tampa Area Classes?
  72. An Alarm Clock as a Training Tool?
  73. Tactical Response - Fighting Shotgun
  74. Is it reasonable to get your CCW/Permit before even choosing a firearm?
  75. Should he really be training people?
  76. States legal Code, really?
  77. Iowa ->Point Shooting Progressions Suarez Intl. April 21-22, 2012
  78. Some Thoughts on One Hand Gun Stuff
  79. Logistical issue
  80. RangeMaster Tactical Conference
  81. FOF training aids
  82. Notice to anyone who has been wanting to shoot me - here's your opportunity
  83. The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Open Carry Part I
  84. Force on Force with Randy Harris
  85. Looking to start a training team. Need Help!
  86. Qualifying
  87. Point Shooting Home Study course
  89. Point Shooting
  90. Shot Timer... Which one should I get?
  91. Instructor class
  92. ADVANCED Close Range Gunfighting Nov12-13 CHATTANOOGA TN
  93. Any good defensive (inside the home or outside the home) training in Minnesota?
  94. Range Accuracy
  95. Gun for IDPA matches?
  96. Basic hand-to-hand combat training? Options?
  97. Question About Working with Children re: threat situation in home
  98. Now this is putting your finger on the problem
  99. MAG-40
  100. Training in Oregon
  101. An Inclusive Approach to Movement
  102. I'll take it - how about you?
  103. Disrespect for Another Man’s War Bag I
  104. Flashlight in the Hand
  105. If you HAD to teach yourself..........
  106. semi advance pistol training in the atlanta area?
  107. New indoor shooting to be built in Tucson
  108. Signed Up For a MAG-40 Class
  109. Can You Recommend Defensive Handgun Training Close to Central West Virginia?
  110. Ruthlessness
  111. Training Firearms
  112. Some Videos That Might Be of Interest
  113. Just to show it can be done.
  114. How Many Incorporate Movement.....
  115. Close Quarters Tactical
  116. Weather report
  117. SD Training-train to reality.
  118. Seeking Rifle Training Guidance
  119. Training for firearm retention.
  120. Reaction time
  121. Someone talk me out of it....please
  122. How do you hold your gun?
  123. Hostage Drill
  124. My training gear
  125. Acts of Terrorism – what have we learned?
  126. How drawing changes the dynamic
  127. AR 15 and Advanced AR15 and AR15 Armorer Sept15-18 Chattanooga!
  128. Anyone trained with Bulldog Tactical Group, FL
  129. We had a big argument on gun handling at the gunshop - opinions?
  130. South American firearms training - live hostage and live rounds!
  131. Personal training as part of your defensive training?
  132. The Double Edge Sword and Force on Force Gunfighting at Night
  133. Defensive Carbine 1 ~Open to Public~ Middlefield, OH -- this sat, anyone going?
  134. “Only You Are Responsible For You”
  135. TDI training and spare parts
  136. NINJAS ARE US ?! This is training??
  137. You don't go to tank driving school to learn how to handle a car
  138. AAR - Sig Saur Academy Rifle Skill Builder
  139. Need Training Recommendations for Maine
  140. Survival Shooting Techniques - 1970's Style.
  141. Where Modern Technique Went Wrong
  142. Southwest Colorado Defensive Pistol Skills
  143. Thinking of developing a workshop on going from H2H to armed response
  144. Training With Deficits
  145. Tang Soo Do...just some questions.
  146. New training available through my employer...kind of excited
  147. Is Brownie still active?
  148. Here is an interesting thought for training.
  149. Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres
  150. Tom Givens of Rangemaster - Combative Pistol 1 - AAR and Review
  151. Where can I enroll in a pistol course?
  152. NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course?
  153. Target at Seven yards..
  154. Tactical Pistol vs. Defensive Pistol vs. Combat Pistol Training
  155. Defensive Edged Weapons/ H2H class with Robin Brown
  156. Just some thoughts from an old guy
  157. Some older methods are not always wrong
  158. Shoot to slide lock or count rounds?
  159. Cross dominant shooting question
  160. New Mexico
  161. Is There a DIR(Doing It Right) in the Gun World?
  162. People carrying KelTec PF-9 ...you just lost your excuse not to practice.
  163. Northern Ohio Zero to Five Feet July23-24
  164. Martial arts for self defense.
  165. Center or Mass / COM works!
  166. Force On Force Training?
  167. Do i need a ffl
  168. Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) Snubby Class After Action Review
  169. Meister's X-ring Rubber Bullets for training
  170. Training Near Augusta GA
  171. shooting/training question
  172. Jeff Cooper's Rules of Gun Safety - Complete ~ A Newbie Necessity Thread
  173. Frontsight Dry Fire Manual
  174. Tactical Firearms Training Seminar & Competition
  175. Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) Pistol II & III After Action Review
  176. What Does Competency Mean To You?
  177. Training in CT
  178. Civilian CCW Flashlight use
  179. Defensive pistol training
  180. AAR: AR15/M4 Rifle Gunfighting with Randy Harris
  181. AAR: Long Gun Point Shooting Progressions with Roger Phillips
  182. NRA Instructors
  183. Stress shoot
  184. Can I use a 380 snap cap in a 9mm pistol?
  185. Gander mountain amazing range/tactical simulation
  186. Training Center in Texas
  187. Looking For Course in Midwest
  188. NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Course in Glendale, AZ: June 18th, 2011 9AM-2PM
  189. Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) Reviews Wanted
  190. Tactical Response - Fighting Pistol
  191. Long gun to pistol transition - Systema method
  192. Need Info
  193. Recoil Anticipation
  194. Target Analysis
  195. Training with Physical Limitations
  196. Dead of night alarm clock drills with airsoft, thoughts?
  197. Shooting skills....real life practices
  198. Verification of Combat Accuracy
  199. Seeking training near SE Virginia
  200. Drawing a 1911
  201. Training in NE Ohio
  202. Combative Pistol Training-After Action Report (LONG)
  203. Training your mindset
  204. Low Light Carbine Tactics (Video)
  205. Did some low light training
  206. A few things I learned from FOF training
  207. Gunfighting training
  208. Instructor needed- Alexandria, VA
  209. Talent is Overrated, deliberate practice is needed.
  210. Have you had professional......
  211. Simple "Self-Training" Questions
  212. Observations from a low-light pistol class
  213. What the devil is an "Admin Reload"?
  214. Are you a 'Sheepdog'? Wolfhound'? A 'Good Wolf?' Something else? Nothing at all? ....
  215. Combat Accuracy
  216. Taking a Force On Force class
  217. AAR Secrets of the Concealed Carry Snub
  218. Practice days
  219. AAR: Suarez International Shotgun Gunfighting with Alex Nieuwland
  220. Had an eventful weekend...NRA certification!
  221. Principles of Personal Defense and how we train
  222. Just finished MAG 80 (Mas Ayoob)
  223. How do You Do a Tactical Reload
  224. Topic Points to address in the event of a Pre/In/Post-Use of Force class?
  225. Force on Force and the Enemy of Uncertainty
  226. New Targets for Class Use.
  227. Aligning Down the Top of the Slide
  228. It Can All CHange In An Instant....
  229. Layers of response:
  230. "Hunches," "Feelings," "Lucky Charms," "Intuition," "ESP"? It's all crap!
  231. Pocket carry training
  232. Evolve or stagnate
  233. What is so EXTREME about Extreme Close Range Gunfighting?
  234. Advanced Training
  235. Should you ONLY carry a reload for your secondary/BUG?
  236. LEOSA HR218 Insurance Policy for Retirees
  237. Forensics section added to Mas Ayoob;s MAG 80 in Sierra Vist
  238. The Layman's Primer to Movement in Gunfights
  239. Kalashnikov Rifle School - Prescott, Arizona - October 2011
  240. Handgun Training in Western North Carolina?
  241. A short range session video
  242. Florence, SC/Combative Pistol I Training...
  243. Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight
  244. Airsoft recommendations for martial arts training?
  245. Ammunition Analysis: Always test your ammo to know actual POI against intended POA
  246. Fighting Rifle Skills course in Columbia, SC
  247. Right Hand, Left Hand, One Hand, Both Hands, Either Hand
  248. Lt Col Dave Grossman coming...
  249. Wierd happenings at the range....
  250. When Beating Your Friends Is More Important Than Defeating Your Enemies ~ WarriorTalk