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  1. Question about headshots
  2. How often do you shoot, how many rounds per session?
  3. Doing a better job with 'It depends'
  4. FL CCW Class in Melbourne area?
  5. YT video - The biggest reason you are missing
  6. Considering Strategy and the creation of such a thing
  7. Massad Ayoob MAG20: Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement Coming to the Charlotte NC
  8. Canovi and Associates
  9. Questions !
  10. What is wrong with this video - "Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight"
  11. Great series on YT - How to Deal with the Charging Bull style of opponent
  12. Opposite dominate eye shooting
  13. How breathing affects fear
  14. Mozambique Drill
  15. Arms: Form and function
  16. AAR Green-OPS 04.29.2017 Northern VA
  17. Israeli firearms training class
  18. What type of weather/environmental conditions have you trained or practiced under?
  19. Rob Pincus Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting AAR
  20. Has anybody tried the DryFireMag?
  21. I'll just leave this here for comments on the mentality behind what we observe
  22. Interesting H2h demo
  23. 9mm shrapnel,
  24. X, is it possible to get off while being targeted?
  25. After the Shooting
  26. Why we train..
  27. Rethinking my Carry Guns
  28. Rifle Instructor
  29. VMI Combat Shooting Team
  30. How to shoot a handgun accurately
  31. A Good Coach...
  32. Practice Ammo???
  33. Another really interesting article with videos on defensive carry issues
  34. High Threat Concealment (HTC) system
  35. What's a proper shooting grip? How about no hands?
  36. First IDPA match - Tips?
  37. Inattentional Blindness
  38. Countering sight fixation
  39. How many practice shooting strong hand only?
  40. Looking for some helpful shooting tips
  41. Paul Harrell on the 1986 FBI shootout
  42. STANCES: Welcome to the Evolution !
  43. Warning shots and Police
  44. Press Check
  45. Gunfight statistics -- good read
  46. Armchair gunners weeded out...
  47. NRA Defensive Pistol course
  48. Which is faster to draw, and why?
  49. Draw and shoot -- or wait.
  50. Trade off between speed of presentation and ammo capacity
  51. Video - Where on the body to shoot
  52. The J's and 1911 govs are on hold in carry rotation after 40+ years.
  53. Difference between being able to shoot and being able to "run the gun"?
  54. Shooting practice
  55. Classes in Albuquerque
  56. Gun Instructor Brushes Off Negligent Discharge of .44 Mag.
  57. Thanks to Franklin county Ohio Sheriff
  58. Great article on training
  59. Best out door range in Virginia
  60. NRA Restores Basic Pistol Course
  61. Reaction times
  62. 3 Gun Shooting
  63. A common sense evaluation of fundamental implementation
  64. Competition vs. Combat
  65. Training Standards
  66. You Have to Start Somewhere
  67. Great article on training, speed vs. accuracy.
  68. Shooting with CT laser?
  69. Training Mindset: Something To Remember
  70. Physical Lag Times: The Use Of Deadly Force
  71. Movie: Collateral - the Alley Shooting Breakdown
  72. Gun goes off in hand while disarming
  73. Benefits of Shooting with Your Off Hand
  74. Marine Corps--Seven Factors Common To All Shooting Positions
  75. Tips From Jerry Miculek
  76. Recommended Classes in the Houston area?
  77. Dry fire practice
  78. Your non dominant handgun skills compared to your strong hand skills?
  79. The two most important things in SD and DC and TT
  80. Shoot/Don't Shoot FonF Training Can Come Up Short
  81. How to create a distraction during armed robbery?
  82. After CCW License, what would be a good next type of class to take in my case?
  83. Serve it up cold
  84. I need info on Front Sight
  85. Ready to test yourself?
  86. Proprioception
  87. SIRT training pistol-opinions
  88. Why COPS use .40: Q & A With a Cop
  89. South Florida defensive training question.
  90. The high-thumbs grip
  91. The importance of live fire practice
  92. Moving on the draw
  93. Personal safety or good luck charms while at the gun range.
  94. NRA To Fix Blended Training Mistake
  95. training round question
  96. Weaver, Modified Weaver, Isosceles?
  97. I Guess This Counts As Tactical Training
  98. Aar: Hits first responder pistol 3/shotgun combo, wayne dobbs/darryl bolke, nov 12-13
  99. Which Martial Art Do You Practice?
  100. Should at least SOME training be required to own a firearm?
  101. Great article on situational awareness!
  102. Can You REALLY Shoot?
  103. Pescription Shooting Glasses
  104. Gun Safety, even Police Officers sometimes forget
  105. I wonder how many of us can't see?
  106. Photos from last weekends threat focused pistol course in Fla
  107. IDPA or USPSA
  108. One hand or two hand press-out from IWB?
  109. Disappointing CCW Qualification Training Experience
  110. Daisy Red Ryder-Quick Kill at 16 feet up on you tube
  111. Two Young Boys, Two Trainers, Dad and 22's: Fun Fun Fun!
  112. Here's my shooting for the enhanced qualification
  113. First aid / Trauma Classes in Houston *
  114. To skip or not to skip Coffee the morning of my shooting test
  115. Importance of quality training ammo
  116. AAR: Tactical Shooting and CQB LE Only Course, AMTAC / Bill Rapier, August 10-12
  117. Where do negligent discharges (NDs) occur?
  118. Low-Light Shooting Drills?
  119. Additional training beyond conceal carry class
  120. Point shooting at 15 feet
  121. Low-budget Laser Cartridge Target
  122. Would you spend $100 Cabela's gift card on ammo, or training aids?
  123. Mag 20 Classroom Texas Panhandle Nov 5-6
  124. CQB - The Study, Roger Phillips instructor: Course review
  125. The Cost of Killing
  126. Pistol Drill
  127. Training with John Farnam - Defense Training International
  128. Dealing with vehicle attacks
  129. Steel Targets: Don't Let Them Fool You
  130. Dallas Officer Gunned Down
  131. The ambush as a defensive tactic
  132. AAR: MDFI 2 Day Shoot House/Home Defense Class @ Alliance
  133. A Comprehensive Review of the SIG Sauer Academy>>>>>>>>>>>>
  134. AAR: Responsbile Armed Citizen, AMTAC / Bill Rapier, May 30-31 (2016), New Holland PA
  135. An exercise that can help you with your shooting
  136. Getting off the X: go left or right?
  137. Realistic training, real guns, real bullets with real people
  138. Not good: Ohio CC student shoots & kills instructor
  139. How should I start my training?
  140. Wouldn't it make sense for a terrorist to take shooting training classes?
  141. Mom is finally legal
  142. Thurmont IDPA - 6/12/2016
  143. Fairbairn, Sykes and the P938
  144. Pistol training north eastern WV
  145. Weapon Handling in an Active Killer Event
  146. basic pistol or CCW
  147. Is paid training better?
  148. How fast is this?
  149. I Used a Good Tool to Develop a Bad Habit
  150. Shooting Out of a Vehicle
  151. Who offers active shooter response training in the Midwest
  152. First time at the range w/ Sig P229 in over two months
  153. MN cop in 3 min H2H struggle
  154. Sig P229C Double Action Single Action
  155. OK, OK, I'm convinced.
  156. What Are You Training For?
  157. Texas LTC Instructor?
  158. Firearms trainers only-response requested
  159. All you front sight press shooter, check this out from Col. Cooper
  160. Point Shooting At 10, 15 and 20 Yards
  161. Rifle Quick Kill up on youtube!!!!!!!
  162. Training in Hot Weather or “The Weather is Going to be Perfect!” Revised
  163. CCW classes Albuquerque, New Mexico
  164. Gunsite Academy visit
  165. Rubber dummies targets
  166. Dry Fire Training Resource
  167. CCW Next Step Training today.
  168. Sig air rifles/pistols for training?
  169. Airsoft Training...Seeking Advice
  170. Tactical Approaches to Self Defense - the Essentials
  171. Tactical Performance Center Handgun Boot Camps
  172. *Guessing* At Sight Picture?
  173. FBI Fundamentals of Double Action Revolver Shooting...from 1947
  174. Drawing from holster at my range
  175. ZERT ?
  176. How Many Shots?
  177. More of Bill Jordan's insight/s
  178. How many formal handgun training courses have you taken?
  179. Force on force 2016 up on you tube
  180. H2H and Defensive Edged Weapons Training-2014
  181. Training for the rest of us
  182. A quote that makes you think
  183. 9 APR Pistol Class AAR (kinda long)
  184. Training, Instructors, and Varying Perspectives
  185. AAR, Rifle for Gunfighters 4/2-3/16
  186. Good training facilities/trainers near Portland?
  187. Tactical Training at an Indoor Range
  188. What are some of your favorite drills?
  189. Shooting Log smartphone App's
  190. Brownie's Alumni Threat-Focused Class in Daytona Beach
  191. draw and double tap
  192. On Being “Inclusive” Chapter 8
  193. AAR: Defensive Pistol 1, GreenOps, March 19thH (2016), Culpepper VA
  194. USPSA Concealed...
  195. What's Your Opinion About This Instructors' Presentation/Training Exercise?
  196. Lessons from Jelly Bryce
  197. LE/SD in a Country WROL
  198. NRA Blended Training Courses
  199. Pat Rogers Carbine WV April
  200. Jelly Bryce
  201. It is never too early to practice gun safety
  202. What training do YOU (specifically) need more of?
  203. Defensive Tactics and Weapons Retention training
  204. How often do you train drawing from a holster?
  205. Alert: Brussels bombers wore only one glove on left hand
  206. My First
  207. Good training Vid.
  208. How long keep one in the pipe
  209. Training: How much is enough?
  210. Train like you fight! Fight like you train!
  211. Question about training and schools
  212. Why Do We Train That Way If We Don't Fight That Way?
  213. Best way to train at home? Laser? Recoil simulator?
  214. FBI citizens academy or police citizens academy
  215. How to become an expert gunfighter.
  216. Holstering without looking - beating a dead horse
  217. Now this is Point Shooting!
  218. Showing the importance of training
  219. Maj. Gen. Mitchell L. WerBell III
  220. Tactical Respons banned from a CA range after instructor shoots a students truck
  221. Which pistol do you shoot the best?
  222. Dave Spalding: "What the hell?! My thoughts on current combative firearms training"
  223. Running a LEM Trigger fast in defensive situations
  224. My Defensive Pistol II Class Today
  225. Interesting article on "Revisiting the 21-Foot Rule" Police Magazine
  226. Having Troubles Shooting? Check Your Grip
  227. Watch Keanu Reeves Shoot 3-Gun
  228. Info from a book I find to be worth knowing about!
  229. Training Groups - bridging between individual practice and formal classes
  230. What is “A Good Hit?” Part I
  231. The proper way to chamber a round.
  232. Training: Find out what you don't know
  233. Range Estimation Out To 600 Yards
  234. Double Tap, Rapid Fire, Pistols and Rifles - Where to Practice?
  235. An NRA-Certified Instructor Promo Video
  236. Trying to decrease follow up shot time...pushing shots down and left...
  237. The value of personalized training
  238. Training in the NC Research Triangle area
  239. Quick on the draw and trigger...
  240. Manipulating WMLs
  241. Rolling plate rack/s for training
  242. How are police officers trained to use a taser?
  243. No longer published, My First Book, Point Shooting Concepts
  244. Minimum Demonstrated Skills and Knowledge
  245. ICE Training with Rob Pincus
  246. fast and accurate follow up shots
  247. Article: How to grip a handgun to shoot fast & accurate
  248. hand grip, push, pull, netural?
  249. Resumed training!
  250. Re-training myself...again...