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  1. 2A - Utah Sheriffs are a wee bit upset.......Right Now!
  2. What will you do?
  3. Kelly: Gun checks need mental health component
  4. 2A - White men have much to discuss about mass shootings
  5. 2A - Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns Caught Lying.. Doh?
  6. 2A - St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty to UN
  7. 2A -- Where does presumed authority to befoul the right come from?
  8. A good explanation of UBC.
  9. Cut To The Chase, Congress, and Vote
  10. 2A - Background Checks Needed For Members of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  11. 2A - Wow, Co -State grants Secret Service vast new powers (MERGED)
  12. All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional
  13. Pop vox "common sense legislation" from MAIG
  14. My School District Makes National News!
  15. "Why Wayne LaPierre Is Right and Bloomberg Is Wrong" con job. . .
  16. 2nd Amendment never was and isnt now a legitimate subject of discussion.
  17. Grassley Crafts New Gun Bill
  18. What the Gun Controlers planned: GunControlapalooza:
  19. Great 2A Story from an Old Marine
  20. Read Dem Lawmaker’s Insane Email to Pro-Gun Constituent: ‘Slave-Holding, Murdering,
  21. Rand Paul and others to filibuster Reids gun control legeslation
  22. Arizona gun proponents launch free gun program
  23. GunControlapalooza
  24. Here is how it will happen
  25. "Responsible" Bloomberg's new "Gun Safety" campaign.
  26. Fort Hood shooting - what happened to all that?
  27. Obama moves to 'shame' Congress into approving gun control package ....
  28. The Spirit Of A Lone Soldier
  29. Sheriffs in Texas may be looking for jobs...
  30. This could be us in a couple of years after the economy crashes
  31. Even the Russians have heard about Colorado
  32. Firearms risk protection act!
  33. What different would the gun bill make in stopping crimes like Newtown?
  34. Rand Paul will "Block federal gun legislation"
  35. More Ammo Buys
  36. 2 children die every day from drowning, where is obama on banning swimming pools?
  37. Boycot of IL Business
  38. 2A- So, about that Hitler Analogy? Words from someone who lived it and Gun Control
  39. CT man forcefully disarmed.
  40. Biden: Latest gun-limit bill ‘just the beginning’ (MERGED)
  41. Polls: Support for Gun Control fading
  42. Gun Control - Think of the Children
  43. What are your thoughts on Rand Paul?
  44. Pro American telephone company....
  45. Cuomo Shifts Blame for SAFE
  46. 2A - NRA 'Going Down Town!' - Bring on the not so Angry White Guy for 2A Rights!
  47. WV Legislature trying to expand reciprocity
  48. DHS backdoor gun registration in Missouri
  49. WH tells Paul, Lee, and Cruz not to filibuster gun control bill
  50. Fire Mission: Tea Party Petition to Defend Our Right To Bear Arms
  51. Arkansas Senators Tell Bloomberg to Stick To Soda Pop In New York
  52. U.S. Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov't In 'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples In Tw
  53. New book on Gun Control
  54. Informal poll: if you DID NOT VOTE on Nov'12, why?
  55. Paul, Cruz, Lee filibuster? CBS poll: waning gun control support
  56. Gun shop blocks Mark Kelly’s right to buy AR-15 (MERGED)
  57. Paranoid thoughts about Anti's
  58. Fire Mission: GOA Alert Sen. Reid Beefs up “Base Bill” to Destroy Gun Ownership
  59. No more gun bills-bill!
  60. Jim Carrey mocks 2A and Charlton Heston "Cold Dead Hands"
  61. Never Again Go Where Your Guns Are Banned
  62. DHS to Purchase 360,000 more Rounds !
  63. Wounded Warrior Foundation and the 2nd Amendment
  64. S.374: Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013 (Senate to vote on this bill in April)
  65. No Gun for You! – Serbu Tells NYPD to Find Another .50 Cal
  66. Update to "Looks like UBC will happen"
  67. This Is Going On While They Try To Take Our Guns Away
  68. Here's a poll that should be run
  69. Magpul Industries Was Not Bluffing, Remington and Colt May Follow Suit
  70. YES!!!! Senate votes 53-46 to STOP US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty
  71. Again: his dishonor of NYC: $12 million anti-gun ad (MERGED)
  72. 2A - Gun Facts 6.2 is available (free download)
  73. Oklahoma County Sheriff Whetsel Promises No Gun Confiscation
  74. 2A - Don't Believe the Progressive MSM on support for more Gun Control
  75. Another Texas School District to Allow CC
  76. Rob Pincus on the 2A.
  77. 2A - History Lesson; How They Disarmed Our British Cousins
  78. GC bill in Maryland (and some other state bills)
  79. Why Are the Antis Such Blatant Liars?
  80. Cuomo Backs Down on Gun Magazine Limits
  81. Thoughts on Univeral Background Checks (or BCs in general)
  82. We are not done yet.
  83. POSTPONED Newport News, VA: POSTPONED -- Important Town Hall Meeting
  84. Action Alert: GOA - Senator Lee to Offer Amendment Tonight to Ban Most Gun Control
  85. A Great Explanation on the Evils of Universal Background Checks
  86. How Will More Gun Laws Deter This?
  87. Not About the Guns
  88. Background Check Stats Reveal Gun Sales Higher Than Ever
  89. Big Setback in Maryland
  90. Senator Reid To Introduce Gun Control Legislation With Background Checks
  91. Lest We Forget The Co-sponsers of Senator Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban of 2013
  92. Time to add outdoor Channel to the naughty list
  93. Bad: Kerry announced U.S. support for the UN Arms Trade Treaty
  94. Virginia: Governor McDonnell Signs Concealed Carry Confidentiality Bill
  95. More Gun Hate From the Top of the Pile
  96. MAC - Assault Weapons Ban is not dead
  97. Pulling A Manchin
  98. NRA FILES COMPLAINT v. NY Gov. Cuomo and gun law
  99. WV Lawmakers Against Gun Control Measures
  100. Jim Scoutten For NRA Spokesman
  101. WSJ: The failure of the "assault weapons" ban should make Americans proud.
  102. Brookesmith ISD Says Yes to Guns On Campus
  103. Florida HM-545
  104. Oath for Sheriffs in your state -- wording?
  105. 2A - New York state offers $500 reward for reporting gun owners
  106. Cops & Sheriffs refusing new State gun laws?
  107. Iowa-promising news CC privacy
  108. Revised Obama / Biden Playbook on the "Gun Safety Initiative"
  109. Pro 2A rally in Philadelphia may 25th
  110. The gun debate is cultural
  111. Indoctrination? Successful!
  112. What is the current state-of-mind for people living in anti-gun states like CO or NY?
  113. MCN:The New Face of The NRA? (Im a fan!)
  114. Photo of young boy holding a rifle (See pic) sparks police action on family
  115. Sandy Hook Commission - Interim Report
  116. Michael Moore calls for release of Newtown photos
  117. The Death of My Friend, Colorado
  118. The Battle of Athens(TN).
  119. TENNESSEE: School Safety Bill to be Heard Tomorrow
  120. Montana Legislature Gun Bills Are Passing
  121. On Huffington Post too
  122. NY: Good News... Still Bad News
  123. Letter From Tom Rice S.C.House Of Reps.
  124. Unbelievable Anti-Gun Story out of New Jersey
  125. NY Bridge to Colorado
  126. South Carolina considers abolishing the CWP system
  127. Colorado sheriff refuses to enforce gun-control bills
  128. I found this quite interesting
  129. UPDATE: The shot heard 'cross the country
  130. Gun march Lansing Michigan
  131. NEW Asault Rifle Caliber
  132. West Virignia: Call Your State Senators!
  133. The new face of the NRA.
  134. Even the cops don't follow Biden's advice.
  135. The Greatest Killer Ever...
  136. Black Leaders Against Gun Control
  137. The UN Arms Treaty is Back
  138. Another article that isn't what it appears to be at first glance...
  139. WV State Senator Threatened Over Gun Law Proposal
  140. 2A-States laws to limit 10 or more % Alcohol............ parody.. but you will get
  141. Purposal- Gunowners Financial Compensation Program. $500 buyback for high cap mags
  142. Here's a gun control proposal that I would support!
  143. Police Refuse to Enforce?
  144. Chicagoans Thoughts on the Second Amendment
  145. Ohio getting it right
  146. Magpul has got it wrong!
  147. Do You Have a Gun in Your House.
  148. WV Senate unveils official state firearm
  149. Police...just don't enforce the gun laws
  150. First New Yorker charged under new gun law
  151. Lifetime Carry Permits - Get your Senators Attention with the REVENUE INCREASE
  152. Tennesseeans (Veterans MUST READ) - New CC Law Amendment "Lifetime Carry"
  153. Police "a target" for gun thieves.
  154. Random thought OTD - unarmed canine LEOs similar to unarmed citizens
  155. Second Amendment March at Michigan's capitol March 20th!
  156. TN Governor Signs Guns In Parking Lots Bill
  157. MILLER: The illogic of Dianne Feinstein’s ‘assault weapons’ ban
  158. Denver Post Poll: Please Vote!
  159. Letter From S.C. Senator Tim Scott
  160. Gerald E. Connolly (D, VA) letter & Demorat thinking in the House
  161. NRA LaPierre. Video of his speach today on the 2A! Worth a watch!
  162. NRA’s Keene: Democrats Shocked by Support for Second Amendment
  163. moving to a more gun friendly state
  164. Wayne LaPierre Speech at CPAC
  165. Gabby Giffords with AR-15 - Image Leak
  166. Have you written the NRA?
  167. “The citizens of Kansas belong to the United States”: NOT!
  168. Kansas House approves three gun rights measures
  169. Mark Levin responds to the Cruz/Feinstein "debate"
  170. Universal Background checks...how inconvenient can they be?
  171. Letter to me from Obama Re Gun Control
  172. Hypothetical Geography Question
  173. Publius Huldah, Constitutional scholar
  174. Gun registration and confiscation
  175. TN. ccw law, please help
  176. Senator Cruz blasts Feinstein. I'm liking my new Senator more and more
  177. Feinsteins bill passes committee.
  178. Registration of Handguns: HR 117, Handgun Licensing and Registration Act of 2013
  179. Final Push: Today; Vote AGAINST EACH BILL at Governors COLORADO Site !! March 14
  180. Must I obey an unconstitutional law? Illinois
  181. AWB Push-Back In Illinois
  182. Colorado Politics
  183. Outdoor Channel is on our side
  184. Local art work
  185. Song with a great message
  186. Those Member Of Defensive Carry Who Have not Contacted Your Elelcted Officials
  187. YahooNews Calls the Antis on Their Bogus Private Gun Sales Statistic
  188. ‘I’d Rather Have an Ex-Felon Have Access to a Weapon’ Than a ‘Fugitive’
  189. dem rep says assault rifles are "just the beginning"
  190. Background check bill dies in WA, but initiative may be on horizon...
  191. AP article about bogus "background check" numbers
  192. Want to hear from the NRA supporters here. Is this what you paid for?
  193. Guns Confiscated After Reading The Constitution at a Tax Dispute Assembly
  194. Response from Wisconsin Congressman Sensenbrenner, Jr.
  195. Another possible fallout from anti-gun hype
  196. Bloomberg had gun control ready to go before Sandy Hook
  197. The Final Push (Before the Governor) in Colorado: March 14 Please VOTE AGAINST!
  198. Rep Moran held anti-gun town hall
  199. I collect Pro Second Amendment posters, so....
  200. UBC out of committee
  201. Too many Laws?
  202. California Confiscates Firearms
  203. Gov. Jay Inslee gives Republican rep’s personal cell number to Gabby Giffords
  204. This is how the press "works." Even conservative newspapers.
  205. Keep up the pressure
  206. Richard Nixon Contemplated A Total Handgun Ban
  207. Colorado Magazine bill
  208. CALLING OUT THE NRA! - GOP Ready To Cave On Gun Control
  209. Permit to NOT Carry
  210. Video of IL Rep in discussion in DC about AW Ban "just the beginning"
  211. New Gun Control Bills in Congress.
  212. Bullet Taxes
  213. When will ammo manufacturers follow the gun manufacturers' lead?
  214. A better, more detailed letter from Sen Grassley (IA)
  215. If you can't ban 'em, tax 'em, or have annual fees.
  216. One "Main Stream Media" outlet for 2A rights articles
  217. Wisconsin----- Dems try and ban hollow point bullets
  218. Update with Video - Womens Rally Attack on 2A
  219. WV Lawmakers Keeping Gun Rights Intact
  220. Looks like the Anti's are beginning to lose the war
  221. Poll: Would You Agree To This?
  222. Dems threaten Colo. sheriffs’ salaries over gun control
  223. Eric Holder is concerned some financial institutions are "too big to jail"...
  224. Got a letter from Sen. Grassley
  225. Good read at Tenth Amendment Center...
  226. Registration In Pop Culture
  227. Fire Mission: Connecticut poll
  228. The War on Bacon: Special Edition on Colorado gun legislation
  229. Colorado Sheriff - Dems Using Salary Threats to Pressure Sheriffs for Gun Control
  230. Gabby Giffords Husband Buys AR 15 1911
  231. The Cowardice of Gander Mountain
  232. "Ban them to protect the police" - some good arguments to counter MPLS Chief Flynn
  233. Update March 9: Colorado Call for Help!
  234. The Put Up or Shut Up Argument in Gun Control
  235. Maryland lawmaker introduces bill after pastry 'gun' suspension
  236. Common Sense In South Dakota!
  237. Feinstein: "it’s legal to hunt humans"
  238. Feinstein: All vets are assumed mentally ill..
  239. Gun makers step up campaign against Connecticut ban
  240. Right to Self Defense
  241. What have schools banned?
  242. Green "Army Man" Cup Cakes Rejected at School
  243. Colorado Campus Carry Ban Bad for Student Safety
  244. Some GOOD news out of Colorado:
  245. Ranking Member Judiciary Statement on AWB:
  246. Letter from NH senator Kelly Ayotte
  247. A Quote From and Article Worth Reading.
  248. Link to an excellent opinion on 2nd amendment...
  249. 2A - Hypocrite Elitist - Bloomberg-Backed Anti-Gun Lobbyist Enjoys ‘Assault Weapons,’
  250. 12 Truths about (gun) legislation