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  1. Financial Gun Control: Obama-Funded Corporations Targeting Gun Sellers
  2. Manchin: Gun bill to be reintroduced/Toomey says he won't take new shot at gun bill
  3. Gun Violence - What is that?
  4. 40 reasons to support gun control
  5. Dicks is feeling the effects
  6. Breaktime is over, Time to go back to work
  7. Californians are probably just going to ban everything under/including the sun!
  8. We need counter-arguments to these...
  9. Stupid comments from our "leaders"
  10. When You are not longer represented.
  11. Washington residents heads up...
  12. Truth about guns updates Some stuff you need to read and act against. Cali residents
  13. Kansas Enacts Nullification of Federal 2A Restrictions (SB 102)
  14. If at First You Don't Succeed...
  15. Tennessee 2A bills advance to law
  16. No Drones For You
  17. Americans Should Be Willing To Give Up Freedom for Security
  18. Senators Quietly Seeking New Path on Gun Control/Biden reassures gun groups
  19. 2A - NY State; DiPietro starting effort to repeal new gun law
  20. 2 concealed carry bills clear the House of Reps in La.
  21. Daniel Greenfield's latest
  22. Want your mind blown? Newtown rejects funding for armed school security
  23. Oklahoma Teacher Carry
  24. FBI Conducting Gun Sweep in Oakland, CA
  25. DHS Questions
  26. Who is "the militia" and who regulates them?
  27. Stop the NRA Rally: EPIC FAIL
  28. Got me another letter,,,,,,Good one
  29. Quote of the year. From LA, no less!
  30. Pressure Cooker Vs AR15
  31. Liberal vs Conservative or is it Urban vs Rural?
  32. West Virginia teen returns to school with NRA shirt, classmates’ support
  33. GE Capital stops lending to gun shops....
  34. Gun owners upset about Newtown
  35. Gabby Giffords group goes after senators who voted against gun control measures Read
  36. Louisiana passing some pro-gun legislation
  37. Got this from my state rep today
  38. BREAKING: Harry Reid Introduces Bill for Background Checks on Gunpowder/Ammo
  39. Antis opening another front
  40. Great blog to the gun control lobby
  41. New favorite video
  42. Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?
  43. CNN: Kids and guns: 'These are not isolated tragedies'
  44. Americans Want Guns
  45. Florida Carry legal victory paves way for constitutional challenge to Open Carry Ban
  46. A letter from my Senator, Timm Scott.
  47. MO House Passes Much Anticipated ‘Sweeping Pro-Gun Proposals’
  48. The ramifications of UBC is lost on the U.S. population.
  49. "How bad does it have to get"?
  50. Boston Police State Failed - George Donnelly
  51. Capitol Hill probing DHS ammo buys
  52. Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime?
  53. This is Getting Ridiculous!
  54. The Bombs Didn’t Have Permits Either
  55. Puzzled
  56. More Bloomberg Nonsense
  57. We Dodged The 'Bullet'... For Now.........
  58. Future uncertain for gun shop owners in Maryland
  59. Hickenlooper would rather endorse marijuana as an industry than support 2A
  60. We are up agaist some nasty folks in the media-proof
  61. Child ‘Props’ for Gun Control Propaganda
  62. The Gun Control Fight Has Just Begun.....
  63. The real reasons the Senate trounced the Obama gun control agenda
  64. 2A - Shhh, don't tell Di Fi - Boston attack suspects not licensed to own firearms
  65. You know what! I may get to carry on my school campus!!!
  66. Most outrageous, vile statement yet!
  67. Mr. Virtual President - Gun Control
  68. Don't forget to thank your Senators!
  69. How the Media Blew the Gun Control Debate.......
  70. Gun Control's Next Steps
  71. Gun Bill
  72. Senator proposes bill to regulate black powder
  73. 2A - Police/Military told to choose: Gun control or Constitution - Video at Link
  74. Californians sign away their 2nd Amendment rights
  75. This might be an Issue
  76. Another important case to follow
  77. An example of what we are up against
  78. Here Is The Real Crime......
  79. Getting inside the head of an anti
  80. Where do we go from here?
  81. Bill to STOP Executive Orders
  82. Alert Florida residents HB 1355
  83. 2016 math ...
  84. Clueless Californians sign away Second Amendment rights
  85. Bill would allow for arming school volunteers North Carolina
  86. Tennessee: Senate Passes School Security Measure
  87. Thank You to My Senators - You Should Do It, Too
  88. Let's hit this poll and wear it out
  89. Defending your home in Boston during the lockdown
  90. Status of Oregon gun legislation
  91. A Reply From Senator Rob Portman of Ohio On The Gun Vote
  92. Gun Control PSAs By Moms Demand Action Are Striking And Powerful (Photos)
  93. Senate Votes Apriil 18th
  94. Contacting your reps and senators works
  95. Guess I'm Done With Budwiser........See Ya.
  96. Gabbi Giffords Op ED
  97. Hole in Obama's Logic
  98. NC House Bill 976 - Responses are needed NOW!
  99. AARP want seniors to turn in their guns!
  100. President readies EO for gun control?
  101. Colorado Residents: Recall Effort FYI
  102. Virtual President - Sure Wish This Was Real
  103. Is Mental Heath really an Issue?
  104. To those in Washington, you WILL NOT TAKE OUR GUNS!
  105. Why is the NRA blamed?
  106. Today’s vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have
  107. The battle isn't over for South Carolina
  108. What is the next step?
  109. NRA doesn't mean...
  110. And again: soldier arrested for open carry
  111. So is the Gun Control talk done now?
  112. Polls, Have you been polled?
  113. Msbnc lies, demonize's ,and slanders once again
  114. Take The Poll...............
  115. Bloomberg is a hypocrite
  116. 2A - Fight in CA. After Action Report on Mon & Tue Fight at the Capitol
  117. 2A - Another Senate Vote Tomorrow (Thur Apr 18th) - Call to Action (GOA)
  118. Reciprocity 58-42
  119. Dispelling the 90% myth
  120. s.649 Suffers Today. Hooray
  121. The traitors who voted yes
  122. So will Obama try an executive order now?
  123. VOTING on gun control (manchin toomey) on CSPAN NOW
  124. CCRKBA pulls support from Manchin-Toomey!
  125. This was in our local paper yesterday
  126. A warning to All Gun Bloggers & Forums - Boston Marathon Explosions
  127. Boston Bombing blamed on Second Amendment
  128. Response from Trey Radel on gun control bills
  129. Toomey-Manchin Lets Doctors Block Your Gun Rights
  130. Snakes in Washington DC
  131. Sound & Look Familiar?
  132. Adding to the Voice of 2nd Amendment Defenders.
  133. Texas Soldier Arrested for ‘Rudely Displaying’ Weapon
  134. Fire Mission: WaPO poll on Manchin-Toomey Bill
  135. Bloomberg: If You Sell a Gun to Your Son, 'There's Something Wrong in Your Family.
  136. Gun Bill dead in the water?
  137. "The Rush to Bad Gun Laws" WP
  138. Common sense from Thomas Sowell
  139. Manchin-Toomey "in jeopardy..."
  140. Director Of MO Department Of Revenue Resigns In Wake Of CCW Scandal
  141. 2A - Monday 15th - Supreme Court won’t hear New York gun law challenge
  142. NY gun registration begins, coming soon to your state...
  143. 2A - Look who is leading the UBC Charge in the House of Reps....short Video
  144. reply from a congressman... no surprise here
  145. American Guns Are Scary
  146. House Indicates It Will Act on Gun Control
  147. Gun debate revives questions about self-defense
  148. Manchin-Toomey too close to call
  149. SCOTUS on carry: May consider NY case
  150. 2A and Right to Ammunition question
  151. 2nd Amendment, roundabout...
  152. The Solution To Our Political Problems
  153. 2A - Breaking Video - Gun Rights Advocate's Staff Helped Write Background Check Bill
  154. New York gun confiscations. Are they true
  155. Gun Control has nothing to do with "the facts"
  156. 2A - 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally Speaker: Dan Bongino VIDEO to WATCH!
  157. 2A - Put your Tin Foil Hat on for this one - DHS and NY Gov are in cahoots? No Way!!
  158. Take The Poll.......
  159. Obama Pulling Out All The Stops
  160. Gun Laws vs Murder Rates
  161. Federal concealed carry all 50 statess provision in bill?
  162. Feel like A Wimp, but ....
  163. Looks to me that NASCAR folded like a cheap suit!
  164. I Didn't See Any Anti-2A people Yesterday...
  165. CT: Magazine Registration & Barcodes
  166. U.S. Supremem Court to consider case.
  167. Law enforcement officers survey
  168. 2A - More Lies and Drivel from MSLSD...................They know they are loosing!
  169. Sad sad....a patriot has passed.
  170. How is "THE STRATEGY" working?
  171. 2A - TX House panel voted to allow concealed handgun license holders on Campus
  172. 2A - 6 Lies Senator Feinstein told on MSNBC (VIDEO)
  173. I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights...
  174. Maybe the 1st FAIR airing by CNN of Ted Nugent's views on gun legislation
  175. 2A - Supreme Court considers challenge to state gun licensing laws in case from NY
  176. CNN: you can buy a full auto at a gun show.
  177. So both GA senators are absolute failures to uphold their sworn oath....
  178. the Manchin-Toomey Amendment
  179. How UBCs work to save lives.
  180. CT: A New Low?
  181. VP Joe at us again ..Now WE like our Guns because ........
  182. The Filibuster was started and voted down
  183. The gun debate is a culture debate
  184. Missouri Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data
  185. Right NOW on Cspan Senate discussion on gun bills
  186. 2A - REPUBLICAN Senator Pat Toomey is a useful Idiot =TOOL = !
  187. And another is leaving Connecticut
  188. Would you be willing to boycott the purchase of guns made in anti-2A states?
  189. FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Background Checks Per Minute Under Obama
  190. "Background checks for online purchases"
  191. Standing Up To Attackers
  192. Why more gun laws are not a panacea...
  193. Fire Mission: NOVA & Maryland residents
  194. More Evidence of the "Antis" Ignorance (and callousness)
  195. Senate Bi-Partisan Background Check Agreement Reached
  196. Bloomberg Misunderstood or Mis-quoted
  197. A Form of Gun Confiscation Has Reportedly Begun in NY...Linked to Medical Records
  198. Saw an encouraging sign today!
  199. In the mean time...
  200. VP comparing NRA Members to the " Black Helicopter Crowd "
  201. Grassley alternative could derail Obama push
  202. Grassley alternative could derail Obama push
  203. Evil Has Prevailed, and It Is The NRA's Fault
  204. Conn School teaching there is NO 2nd Ammendment Rights!
  205. Beware: Water Pistols in your kid's hands.
  206. The NRA is Backing SB 480
  207. S.480 NICS Reporting Improvement Act of 2013
  208. Unbelievable : Sandy Hook Parents Coming to DC on Air Force One to Lobby Congress
  209. Gun Safety
  210. Gun rights groups flex muscle
  211. Anyone else feel like this is the logical next step?
  212. Survivor of Communist Cuba Delivers Impassioned 2nd Amendment Defense:
  213. Kansas passes several gun laws.... all positive for gun owners.
  214. All it takes to stop a despot with a gun...
  215. Speechless..........I dunno.
  216. And it Continues - Texas lands another Firearm Mfr.
  217. Arkansas Gets It Right
  218. 13 Senators who support the 2nd Ammendment
  219. Rep. Steve Stockman says he'll use a house blue slip to kill anti gun bill
  220. Moms for gun sense... Lobbying
  221. GOP andDems still trying for UBCs (MERGED)
  222. It's all your fault! And mine... (Merged)
  223. 2A - Put Up Or Shut Up! What have you done?
  224. Sandy Hook families bring emotion to gun debate
  225. 2A - CA Gun Grab by Gov't - Assemble in Sacramento April 15th and/or 16th
  226. Read on the net
  227. Here's what worries me....
  228. Obama and his umpa lumpas
  229. Does anyone know if this would be legal?
  230. Oregon takes up gun control bills
  231. Situational Awareness and the 2nd Amendment
  232. 2A - Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to UN
  233. The Co. Rep Who Pushed AWB ban lied!
  234. Gun Shop In Newton
  235. Alabama may soon become a "shall issue state" and allow Open Carry in a vehicle
  236. 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless
  237. If you could text your vote...
  238. It's a cavalcade of Demoratic ignorance!
  239. Since I can find ammo to buy
  240. More Foolishness From CO
  241. Anyone else afraid to contact Progressive Government Reps ?
  242. 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Gun Rights Over to UN
  243. Gun control legislator doesn't know magazines can be reloaded
  244. CT Gov signs new law, NRA and NSSF respond
  245. A Sheriff's Response
  246. Response from Senator Susan M. Collins
  247. Bright young lady
  248. I support comprehensive Universal Background Checks…
  249. Good op ed on gun control from California
  250. Even The ACLU Gets it!