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: The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion

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  1. Is The UN After Our Guns?
  2. They Keep Holding Up TM
  3. Anit gun group takes illegal contributions
  4. Seattle businesses start ‘gun free zones’
  5. Dick's Sporting Goods is back!
  6. Background checks for private gun sales in Illinois
  7. Buy A Shotgun?
  8. UN Gun confiscation - fact or fiction?
  9. NJ Chris Christie Vetos .50 Cal Rifle Ban
  10. There's at least one good California politician left!
  11. Thank you Kansas and West Virginia for the Reciprocity with Georgia
  12. Militia and gun laws in SC
  13. 15yo Maryland girl and gun laws
  14. Another 'Anal Pluctation' from Piers Morgan
  15. AR Parts- Federal Ban Proposal Waxman (D-Cali)
  16. A good counter-argument that makes anti-gunners look prejudice
  17. McCain Touts Immigration, Gun Control at Town Hall
  18. 2A - Winners! Go NC! Common Sense Gun Laws!
  19. 2A - We are 'so' Screwed! UN Gun Treaty again - PAY ATTENTION! Ammoland article.....
  20. California senate passes 'Ammunition purchase permit' bill
  21. Another bill aimed at changing Pa licensing (good) - SB1071
  22. For Some Gun Makers, Moving Lock, Stock and Barrel
  23. 2A rights and membership(s) to organizations like AARP
  24. Florida Sheriffs side with Stand Your Ground "as written"
  25. A lot of angst over armed people drinking coffee
  26. Who would be the best POTUS for the American gun rights ppl?
  27. In the Discussion of Gun Control - These are the facts you need to be armed with!
  28. NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills
  29. Moving from Texas to Chicago - Have Handgun and AR-15, What can I do?
  30. Fire Mission: New Gun Bills in Congress
  31. Kahr is moving from NY to PA blaming gun laws
  32. Colorado Apartment Complex Bans Guns
  33. HR2910 - Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Act of 2013
  34. 2013 Gun rights conference in Houston
  35. There’s Lead In The Amnesty Ointment
  36. I got put on Mayors Against Illegal Guns email list
  37. 2A - Virginia Gun Crime Drops as Firearm Sales Soar
  38. Legalities & Ramifications..
  39. Thank You, Michael Bloomberg
  40. Looking for a documentary
  41. 2A - BIG Court Win: isn’t liable for murder of an Illinois woman!
  42. Ted Nugent on Letterman early 80's
  43. 2A - Gun control efforts: Senate Dems abandon background check measure
  44. 2A - New Gun Murder Stats - Guess where the highest are, before you look.............
  45. There really IS a 'gun control playbook'
  46. 2A - Message to the Anti-Gun Media (------ Video from NRA)
  47. Third Circuit joins 2nd & 4th Circuits - Limited to bearing inside one's home.
  48. Gabby Giffords' Gun-Control Group Brings in $6.6 Million This Year
  49. Newtown Permit Applications Surge
  50. Texas handgun in car
  51. Federal Law Enforcement Hampered by California Gun Laws
  52. ATF confiscating Registered Drop in Auto Sears
  53. NC House Bill 937 Passed
  54. Fire Mission: New Gun Control Bill "The Justice Exists for Us All Act"
  55. "Forgetful" gun owners in Cook County Illinois face police raids
  56. Peoria, IL vet, tells it like it is
  57. Gov Haley Firing Machine Gun.
  58. "Stand Your Ground law saved my life"
  59. more proof that criminals don't obey the law
  60. 2A - The CO Sheriffs are a coming! NRA Mag Cover! Time for Change!
  61. Feds seizing evidence in Z trial, gun also. Angela Corey being indicted?
  62. Pelosi: Congress Must Uphold Oath to Constitution by Passing Gun Control
  63. 2nd Amendment Activist/Lobbies?
  64. 2A - Kid's Winning Anti-Gun Poster makes Pro-Gun Argument!
  65. Gifted Firearm, is it legal?
  66. Discounted NRA memberships available
  67. West Virginia - WVCDL Action Alert...
  68. McCain shows true colors
  69. 2A - New CDC Report: Armed Victims Less Likely to be Harmed by Attackers
  70. Roderick Scott - Black man kills unarmed white teenager - age 16
  71. Disappointed with the ACLU
  72. Murder Rates vs Florida Concealed Carrry Permits
  73. Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  74. Nice rational article, thought I'd share
  75. And the hits (to our Second Amendment) just keep on comin'
  76. Colorado protesters defiantly "sell" magazines openly on the street
  77. Peter King NY Dong be fooled.
  78. Bill to allow hunting with suppressors introduced in Ohio house
  79. Zimmerman Won't Be Getting His Gun Back - At least.....Not Yet
  80. Florida: Stand your ground poll
  81. Zimmerman Juror Wants Self-Defense Laws Changed
  82. I had British visitors yesterday.
  83. Lowest crime rate, and the Government provides ammo.....
  84. Chicago Bans More Guns
  85. Really Interesting Article about Florida 'Stand Your Ground' Actual Cases
  86. 2013 AWB Surprise
  87. SYG Attacks: Official and ONLY Thread: Attacking Stand Your Ground Laws
  88. Illinois Bill Makes Changes To New Concealed Carry Law
  89. Senate Rules Blocking Passage of Gun Control
  90. Is It Fair That a Florida Mom Received a 20-Year Sentence for Firing ‘Warning Shot’?
  91. Gun Geo Marker Concedes Defeat
  92. 2A - Why the Swiss do not get invaded, and have low crime rates - Video
  93. Has anybody thought about the Commerce Clause to protect gun rights?
  94. Senate Votes to Stop UN Small Arms Treaty!
  95. The United Nations and the POTUS will sign a small arms treaty soon?
  96. POLL: Immunity from further prosecution or liability (in SD cases), in your state
  97. Not Guilty, Obama, Gun Control
  98. 2A Friendly cigar stores?
  99. Outrage of the Week: New App Targets Gun Owners
  100. ABC poll
  101. A Pro Second Amendment Article ......
  102. Ohio HB231 Changes Concealed Carry Laws, Duty To Inform
  103. Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law
  104. NICS: Numbers on prosecutions for violating federal law
  105. Rep.Trey Gowdy-(S.C.) On Gun Control
  106. Our Stop & Identify Statutes..
  107. Pelosi Pushes UBGC during shameful Bloody-Shirt waving on Senate Floor
  108. Federal judge: Post Office violated man's rights by banning gun from parking lot
  109. Cruz Takes On ATF Director
  110. Privacy fears grow as Obama weighs expanded gun-buyer database
  111. National Shooting Sports Foundation files suit against CT
  112. Colorado Magazine Ban under Review
  113. Bloomberg's Anti-Gun-- Mayors against Illeagl Guns ...Has lost members and his mind !
  114. Interesting : who recognizes everyone's CC license ... vs who recognizes only theirs
  115. OR - 2013 Session Ends. All Anti-Gun Bills Are Dead.
  116. Illinois, Gov. Quinn gets Shut Down today
  117. "make it illegal to sell or buy any gun that can be fired by a 5 year old child."
  118. Watch Video of US Citizens Petioning to abolish the Bill of Rights!
  119. Gun locator app
  120. How to ban guns
  121. Missouri: Governor Nixon Signs Self-Defense Legislation into Law
  122. Handgun laws in Maryland coming soon .
  123. This bothers me about the NRA
  124. Six States Plotting Insurance Attack on Gun Owners
  125. One gun confiscation scenario
  126. Two-thirds of White House’s anti-gun supporters are fake spambots
  127. MO Governor Nixon Vetoes ‘Second Amendment Preservation Act’
  128. Two New Federal Gun Control Bills
  129. 1776 in today's vernacular
  130. Bloomberg Hosts Fundraiser For Manchin in Bloomberg's NYC Home
  131. A LEO survey
  132. Where's the rage?
  133. New gun (front?) group launches July 4
  134. Why I think AR-15's are the target of anti-gun groups
  135. CT's Senator Murphy will lie to gain an advantage
  136. There Could be Hope!
  137. Gabby Giffords fires a gun
  138. NY Governor Cuomo Says AR's are not A Common Use weapon; Not protected by the 2A.
  139. Best Pro-2A Speech Against NY "SAFE ACT" - By Iraq Vet and LEO
  140. A virtual President's view on the 2nd admendment .....
  141. Quinn To Use Amendatory 'Powers' To Make Changes To Concealed Carry Law
  142. Imagine a permit for free speech
  143. Won't stop 2nd amendment infringing after Govenor Veto
  144. WOW! Second Amendment Supporters "Are Going to Hell"
  145. Sheriff revokes federal arrest authority over guns in park
  146. The Story P. Morgan won't tell you!
  147. Special Forces Association convention passes pro-Second Amendment resolution
  148. New Laws Kick In Tomorrow In CO
  149. Chicago Prepares for New Concealed Carry Gun Law
  150. Great short video on gun control
  151. Future of national reciprocity?
  152. 2A - Gun Control = Racism in the USA (not news to you well informed people)
  153. 2A - CNN Anti Gun Hit Piece of the day
  154. Charges Dropped Against WV NRA T-Shirt Teen
  155. Judge Blocks OC Law From Taking Place???
  156. NSA Collecting GUN data?
  157. Schumer and History
  158. Proposed Pennsylvania Bill Creates Means For Relief For Prohibited Persons
  159. a study ordered by Obama says guns save lives. ignored by the administration.
  160. Infringement on property + firearms rights happens outside of the USA as well.
  161. Your opinion of George Zimmerman, guilty, guilty of a lesser charge, innocent
  162. Let's peacefully protest MAIG....
  163. Chuck Woolery on Saving The Second Amendment
  164. Crunch Time: North Carolina HB937
  165. This is Why New Jersey Needs Gun For Home Defense
  166. CA Senate Passes SB 53 -- UBCs, Permits, and Fees for Ammo Purchases
  167. Federal Gun Registration
  168. Texas Introduces 10 Firearm Related Bills In Special Session
  169. Sheriff had denied gun permit to Greenville shooting suspect (North Carolina)
  170. Sadly it would appear that I'm going to have to add the UFC to my boycott list.
  171. Rockford Illinois Mayor Larry Morrissey Quits MAIG - Cites Anti Gun Stance Of Group
  172. 2A - An international firearms dealer said White House is blocking ammunition sales
  173. Wells Fargo anti 2A
  174. Who's really lying about Universal Background checks?
  175. Ohio bill requires confiscated firearms be sold at auction or to firearms dealers
  176. Wounded Warrior Project is Anti-Gun?
  177. 2A - Bloomberg lies! - say it is not so!
  178. One of Kansas's new gun related laws...... HB 2052
  179. NY Bill Sets Up Ammo DB - Requires Manufacturers To Register & Report
  180. PA Senator Alloway Propose Bill To Allow Residents To Get A LTCF in Adjacent Counties
  181. Food for thought
  182. Anti gun group mourns terrorist.
  183. Everyone's HELP needed...Santa Fe New Mexico proposing mag ban!
  184. WA gun rights coalition will fight gun control initiative
  185. Health Care Organizations Lobbying To Oppose WI Bill - Doctors Asking About Guns
  186. Gun Control Rally in SoCal Draws 3 Protesters
  187. Santa Fe NM City Council Considers Magazine Capacity Limit - Preemption Violation?
  188. The right to remain silent
  189. Here we go again.
  190. Thoughts...? An anti open carries.
  191. Illinois AG Madigan wants ANOTHER extension before CCW rules kick in
  192. USA Murder Rate
  193. Wisconsin Bill Bans Civilian Use of Hollow Point Ammo
  194. Know Thy Enemy
  195. Ammo Becoming More Available?
  196. Rallies across PA... FOR UBCs
  197. Currant backround check
  198. Pro gun protest
  199. States & Cities That Re-Elect
  200. Nevada Governor Vetos "Universal Background Check" Bill
  201. 2 New Gun Related Bills, 1 Resolution Introduced In Congress
  202. Gun control is sneaking back in
  203. 2A - Protesters For Anti Colorado Lawmaker being paid $$ - Brake the law - Video
  204. Here's Why...
  205. Ohio Bill Changes Reciprocity, CCW Training & More
  206. CT: Is It Legal? Who Knows?
  207. The Bloomberg Clown Show, Coming To A Town Near You
  209. Quitting Caffine is now listed as a Mental Health Disorder and could disqualify you
  210. Speaking of Indoctrination!
  211. Tired of the Mega-Cities Ruling Your State?
  212. This Is How the NRA Ends
  213. Collins Introduces Bill To Eliminate Unconstitutional Sporting Purpose Distinction
  214. Congress, it's powers and the 2nd Amendment?
  215. Anti-gun measure filed in Olympia, WA (BOHICA)
  216. Help Nevada Gun Owners By Voting In Phone Poll
  217. update on Stop NRA poll.
  218. 2A - HA! Staples backing off contest policy shows shallowness of anti-gun support
  219. Houston's armed citizen project
  220. Abuse of the Republic
  221. 2A - oops: Chicago's gun registry on the ropes (Too Bad, Oh So Sad)
  222. KS Gov Signs Law: Stops Govt From Using Public Money For Gun Control Lobbying
  223. Best way to scare a gun grabbing legislator?
  224. School Staff Member Thwarts Attackers
  225. Nevada Gun Control: VOTE HELP HELP !!!!!
  226. "Nobody's going to take away your guns."
  227. 2A - Important; Encourage the Nevada Governor to Veto Gun Control!
  228. Gunshots Fired At Santa Monica Community College California
  229. Can the 2nd Amendment Survive 3.5 More Years?
  230. 2A - Anti-Gun Bill Stalls & Crashes in New Jersey Assembly Committee...What?
  231. Seen this one? A California story...
  232. 2A - Arkansas, Against the Law - Campus bans guns, tells people to nod at attackers
  233. 2A Lawyer and permit in Maryland
  234. Stop NRA Poll
  235. House Votes To Delay DHS Ammo Buy
  236. San Francisco Supervisor Proposes Ordinance To Ban Guns That Use High Cap Mags - Trac
  237. Ohio Bill Corrects Definition Of Automatic Weapon
  238. District of Columbia v. Heller, Five Years Ago
  239. Eric Holder on brainwashing kids
  240. NY bill outlaws sale of firearms on public property
  241. Bloomberg Fining Gift Shop Owner $60,000 For Selling Tiny, Gun Shape Lighter
  242. Proposed Michigan Law Creates 'Gun Free' Zones
  243. Nullification of Federal Gun Control law becomes more Heated
  244. Ex obama secret service exposes gun control agenda
  245. Scholarship program for training and fees?
  246. Blumenthal May Add Gun Control Amendments To Immigration
  247. Professor calls for NRA members to be shot by firing squad for treason
  248. May issue = racist
  249. UN Small Arms Treaty --- -update
  250. Good Verdict for Californians