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  1. Scholarship program for training and fees?
  2. Blumenthal May Add Gun Control Amendments To Immigration
  3. Professor calls for NRA members to be shot by firing squad for treason
  4. May issue = racist
  5. UN Small Arms Treaty --- -update
  6. Good Verdict for Californians
  7. NJ is now safer
  8. Colorado Senate president facing recall for supporting gun laws
  9. As A Group, Pro-gunners Are More Committed Than The Antis
  10. A Bit Severe?
  11. Hows This For A Conversation Starter
  12. Have we already lost the registration battle
  13. Illinois CC Bill Passes With Veto-Proof Majority
  14. May 2013 DOJ Firearm Crime Reports Shows Continued Drop
  15. Zimmerman v. Martin/State of Florida
  16. No Middle Ground
  17. Needed at every military base in America
  18. Mr Obama to sign the International Gun Control Treaty on June 3rd...
  19. Is Bloomberg Wrecking His Own Agenda?
  21. What is your solution to Government corruption?
  22. Side Stepping the Constitution
  23. Illinois Legislators Attach High Capacity Magazine Ban To Mortality Review Act Bill
  24. Illinois Legislators Attach Gun Control Amendment To Sex Offender Bill
  25. Proposed Wisconsin Bill Outlaws 'Assault Weapons' And High Capacity Magazines
  26. 2A - NY State DA: I won’t prosecute Cuomo’s new gun law
  27. Court upholds rifle sales reporting requirement
  28. Books on the 2nd amendment?
  29. Arkansas Senator Responds to Bloomberg and Obama
  30. BOHICA! Seattle, WA anti-gunners want to buy election
  31. Maine Senate Rejects 'gun show loophole' bill
  32. NJ Senate Approves Ban On 50 Caliber Rifles Changes to FOID
  33. Email From WV Senator
  34. California Legislature Moves Seven Gun Bills Forward
  35. 62% think U.S. Senate should ‘move on’ from defeated gun control bill
  36. 2A - Progressive Left CA. CA Banning 2A Rights, new laws closer to being enacted
  37. Tennessee's new "safe commute" law, not so much.
  38. The Hughes Amendment
  39. The Logic of it All Part 1: Gun Bans and Police Protection
  40. Adam Kokesh Cancels D.C. March
  41. Proposed Change To Michigan Law Requires License For All Firearms
  42. More Moronic School Intolerance
  43. Interesting Poll Results from Across the Pond.
  44. Ninth Circuit judge reminds us of the #1 reason for the 2nd A
  45. Chicago: Stacking up bodies on the altar of gun control
  46. Colorado Gun Banners Face Recall
  47. Animal Farm NY Style
  48. Garden State Gun Control Tyranny Imposed on Citizens Beyond their Borders Read more
  49. White House Letter
  50. Illinois House Is Going For The Gusto...
  51. 2A - Maryland's Caroll County Passes ‘Second Amendment Preservation Resolution’
  52. Ex Post Facto - Can the government take away your weapons
  53. Confusion of RIGHT VS. NEED
  54. 2A - New York sheriffs voice opposition to strict gun law, seek to join lawsuit
  55. 2A - NY D.A. drops first SAFE Act charge in county
  56. Gun Rights Speaker Forcefully Ejected from NJ Public Hearing
  57. Texas changes "intentionally displays" to "fails to conceal" effective 9/1/13
  58. 2A - U.S. District Court Dismisses Lawsuit to Ban Traditional Lead Ammunition
  59. CT gun owners initiate legal action
  60. A 2A victory in NH---Senate Tables Stand your ground repeal
  61. 2A - Anti Gun Grab Defeated in Detroit
  62. 2A - .Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire - Theatrical Trailer .
  63. Pro-2A speaker at New Jersey hearing hits home run!
  64. Alabama SB286 (Substitued) Signed by Gov. Bentley
  65. CT lawsuit filed
  66. How far would you go to protect your 2A rights
  67. Pro-gun Cuccinelli vows to be citizens' advocate for gun rights if elected Va. Gov
  68. 2A - Very Effective yet unconventional push in WA State.
  69. Murdered Children As Props For A Legislative Agenda.
  70. DOJ Insp General blasts whistleblower treatment on Fast & Furious
  71. D.C. man won’t face gun charges for shooting pit bull attacking boy. WTPH?
  72. 2A - Who will you VOTE OUT in the next Mid-Term or State and Local Elections?
  73. Whoops! Intrusion into Firearms Rights Gone Horribly Wrong
  74. So, this is how donkeys advertise.
  75. Wisconsin 2nd Amendment Protection Act Thread
  76. CA. dozens of gun bills headed brown’s way
  77. Beretta Announces Plans to Move After Maryland Gov. Signs Bill
  78. Facebook "insisting" I see the Demand Action ad against Senator Ayotte
  79. States In Which I Will Never Be Legal To Carry In
  80. 2A - Micro-stamping: Gun control: Cartridge ID law to take effect in California
  81. NSSF Join the law suit against the CO gun laws
  82. Gun control at work again.
  83. Magpul suing to invalidate new CO gun laws
  84. New Jersey restricts discussion
  85. Colo. Sheriffs sue over new gun laws
  86. Did Piers Morgan really say that?
  87. The antis continue the fight, near D.C.
  88. CCP Holder's In S.C.
  89. Reality of the "90%"
  90. The myth of declining gun ownership
  91. Wear "the mark of the beast" and shoot your gun
  92. Why we can't trust the gov't with gun control legislation
  93. Frustrate an anti-gunner. Compare fatal DUI punishment....
  94. Question for North/East US people
  95. Excellent article re pro/anti's
  96. Texas AG --- letter to the President (UN Small Arms Trade Treaty).
  97. Campus Carry in S.C.
  98. Gun Legislation in South Africa
  99. Gun grab in full swing, Dutchess,NY. man arrested for having 9 bullets
  100. Debate Of 3D Printed guns On Bill Maher
  101. Speaker Boehner working behind the scene for gun control?
  102. New Orleans "Mother's Day" shootings
  103. Nullification Laws
  104. Gun Control Works -- For Who?
  105. Common sense in the twlight zone
  106. UN Arms Trade Treaty
  107. Shotgun cane
  108. The Worst 2013 California Proposed Anti-gun/2A bills being reviewed
  109. 2A - California Lead Ammunition Ban (AB 711) Goes to Assembly Floor
  110. 2A -Black Leaders Praise NRA for Saving Them - Amen - Video
  111. Sen Duncan,S.C.
  112. 2A - Call for Civil Disobedience in D.C. for July 4th armed March on Washington
  113. Read the Heller Opinion
  114. 2A - Michigan Democrats want your gun rights squashed!
  115. 2A - NJ Voices of State Senators who will take your guns! = Hold Christie Accountable
  116. 2A - give away of a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle
  117. Very proud to have Sentor Mike Green Represent Michigan
  118. If Floridians had ANY question whatsoever - Nelson's response to my contacts.
  119. 2A - Senator Joe Manchin Steps up his Campaign of Lies
  120. 3D Printable Guns
  121. Missouri Legislature Nullifies All Federal Gun Control
  122. State Department Demands Takedown Of 3D-Printable Gun Files
  123. Senate rejects firearms on more federal lands
  124. Won small battle in Oregon
  125. Another (R) vote going the wrong way on the next round of Manchin / Toomey ????
  126. Bloomberg's latest
  127. Gun homicides fall by 39 per cent since 1993 in the U.S
  128. Hypothetical food for thought: No gun laws at all.
  129. 2A - Nugent fires up crowd on final day of NRA convention. News Video and Comments
  130. That sick feeling again...
  131. Gun bans discriminatory?
  132. State nullification... for all you who hope it can work...
  133. Waking the dragon — How Feinstein fiddled while America burned
  134. Radio Host to Lead Open Carry March from VA to DC (July 4th)
  135. I found it! An Excellent Read on 2A
  136. Canon City Parade
  137. Some Good Thoughts From KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney
  138. 2A - Quick read of some solid thoughts - Why a 2A?
  139. I Hereby Nominate Judge Pirro for President
  140. Gov Ammo Purchases
  141. PSA on Magazine Limits
  142. 2A - Wayne LaPierre Full NRA Convention Speech 2013 - Call Out to Audience
  143. are we screwed no matter what?
  144. LaPierre: 'We will not surrender our guns'
  145. 2A - Mark Levin Addresses the 2013 NRA National Convention Fixed Link to Video
  146. NRA Houston
  147. Ted Cruz Challenges Biden to Gun Control Debate
  148. 2A - Judge Jeanine Pirro Hits a Bases Loaded Home Run during NRA 2013 Speech
  149. 2A - Rick Perry Speaks at NRA Houston 2013 - Video
  150. Young Voters Aren't Sold on Gun Control
  151. Obama: 'This was just the first round' on trying to pass gun control measures
  152. 2A - "Our freedom is under attack like never before," Chris Cox, Exec Dir NRA.....
  153. 2A - O**** Guarantees Second Amendment Rights to Illegal Immigrants, in Mexico
  154. Proposition mechanism: U.S. Constitution amendment via proposition?
  155. Ammo Prices Will Rise
  156. 2A - Kris W. Kobach of Kansas HAS GUTS - tells US DOJ to go Pound Sand!
  158. Obama Blames U.S. For Gun Violence In Mexico
  159. Fire Mission: Obama Administration Trying to Grab Guns Through Executive Order
  160. Are you in the 29%
  161. The Dishonest Gun Control Debate
  162. This says it all is short order
  163. Ultimate question for an election candidate
  164. Now here's some truth!
  165. The real reason DHS is buying up all the bullets
  166. Eric Holder Threatens Kansas
  167. Florida Residents Alert
  168. What would we settle for?
  169. Federal Gun Free School Zone Act of 1996 IS being prosecuted
  170. The Long, Racist History of Gun Control in America
  171. "CONTROL" Exposing the truth about guns
  172. 3 Myths Joe Manchin Continues to Spread About the Manchin-Toomey Bill
  173. twisted logic
  174. Gov. Brown OKs funds to confiscate guns
  175. Uh O, Carney, get me Scarborough on 1 STAT
  176. The AMMO Act of 2013
  177. Shootem through the door joe at it again
  178. Girls with Guns Takes 8 yr Old Under Wing
  179. Gunsite on Fox
  180. Where can you buy internet guns w/o background check?
  181. Slick Willy & Crazy Uncle Joe agree "you are much better off with a shotgun" Video
  182. Obama’s Misfire on Gun Control
  183. Gun vote stirs passion at Ayotte town hall meetings(video)
  184. Turn In Your Arms - The Government Will Take Care Of You
  185. "the next Tamerlan can go to a gun show and buy all the guns he wants...."
  186. Manchin's Second Attempt ........ has anyone read the revised bill?
  187. Response from Senator Baucus
  188. Vermont 2nd Amendment and Representative Fred Maslack
  189. Magazine PSA..
  190. Obama’s Misfire on Gun Control
  191. Conditional non approval
  192. Response from Senator Bill Nelson
  193. Mayors against guns
  194. Pro-gun rights billboard in Colorado features native Americans
  195. Can the Government Ban ‘Assault Weapons’? Constitutional Experts Weigh In
  196. 7 reasons gun control will have a hard time passing
  197. Female Faces of the NRA......
  198. Financial Gun Control: Obama-Funded Corporations Targeting Gun Sellers
  199. Manchin: Gun bill to be reintroduced/Toomey says he won't take new shot at gun bill
  200. Gun Violence - What is that?
  201. 40 reasons to support gun control
  202. Dicks is feeling the effects
  203. Breaktime is over, Time to go back to work
  204. Californians are probably just going to ban everything under/including the sun!
  205. We need counter-arguments to these...
  206. Stupid comments from our "leaders"
  207. When You are not longer represented.
  208. Washington residents heads up...
  209. Truth about guns updates Some stuff you need to read and act against. Cali residents
  210. Kansas Enacts Nullification of Federal 2A Restrictions (SB 102)
  211. If at First You Don't Succeed...
  212. Tennessee 2A bills advance to law
  213. No Drones For You
  214. Americans Should Be Willing To Give Up Freedom for Security
  215. Senators Quietly Seeking New Path on Gun Control/Biden reassures gun groups
  216. 2A - NY State; DiPietro starting effort to repeal new gun law
  217. 2 concealed carry bills clear the House of Reps in La.
  218. Daniel Greenfield's latest
  219. Want your mind blown? Newtown rejects funding for armed school security
  220. Oklahoma Teacher Carry
  221. FBI Conducting Gun Sweep in Oakland, CA
  222. DHS Questions
  223. Who is "the militia" and who regulates them?
  224. Stop the NRA Rally: EPIC FAIL
  225. Got me another letter,,,,,,Good one
  226. Quote of the year. From LA, no less!
  227. Pressure Cooker Vs AR15
  228. Liberal vs Conservative or is it Urban vs Rural?
  229. West Virginia teen returns to school with NRA shirt, classmates’ support
  230. GE Capital stops lending to gun shops....
  231. Gun owners upset about Newtown
  232. Gabby Giffords group goes after senators who voted against gun control measures Read
  233. Louisiana passing some pro-gun legislation
  234. Got this from my state rep today
  235. BREAKING: Harry Reid Introduces Bill for Background Checks on Gunpowder/Ammo
  236. Antis opening another front
  237. Great blog to the gun control lobby
  238. New favorite video
  239. Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?
  240. CNN: Kids and guns: 'These are not isolated tragedies'
  241. Americans Want Guns
  242. Florida Carry legal victory paves way for constitutional challenge to Open Carry Ban
  243. A letter from my Senator, Timm Scott.
  244. MO House Passes Much Anticipated ‘Sweeping Pro-Gun Proposals’
  245. The ramifications of UBC is lost on the U.S. population.
  246. "How bad does it have to get"?
  247. Boston Police State Failed - George Donnelly
  248. Capitol Hill probing DHS ammo buys
  249. Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime?
  250. This is Getting Ridiculous!