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  1. Louisiana 'gun free' businesses and CCW law?
  2. Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?
  3. NY: Time To Fight!
  4. Recalling Senator Feinstein Petition
  5. WSJ: Senate moving Forward?
  6. 2nd Ammendment rally
  7. Shut up and listen!
  8. "Say what?!", Biden?
  9. Physicians and Guns Part II: A Hypothetical Situation
  10. NY Governor's Approval Rating Drops
  11. Assault Hammers EXPLAINED
  12. Obama skeet shooting pic, I call Bull
  13. Background Checks
  14. Reasonable restrictions
  15. How to ban guns
  16. Universal Background Checks= Common ground?
  17. Stallone on gun control
  18. Just sat in on a meeting of my State Representative's...
  19. Pushing Back
  20. Before you buy another Steven King book, remember that he wrote this anti-2A piece
  21. Some eastern Idaho schools to get gun safes
  22. Liberal gun owner view on assault weapons, Can you help me find the article?
  23. A letter from 1100 Special Forces Operatives
  24. SC - allowing concealed carry in restaurants?
  25. the 2nd Amendment
  26. Guns make Women safer.
  27. West Virginia Sheriffs Oppose Proposed Gun Constrol
  28. Loving the Sunshine Sheriffs
  29. NRA opposes 'universal background check' bill in Washington state
  30. Gestapo raids Vet's home in DC
  31. Second Ammendment Debate at Cornell
  32. Unexpected support
  33. Death threats against NRA president and family
  34. GOP Lawmakers trying to be Mythbusters are denied the opportunity
  35. Here's an interesting aspect to any ban
  36. Veteran arrested for having unloaded AR magazines in car in NY
  37. Henson Ong American by choice
  38. Senator Feinstein's bill wants to ban an ATF approved device
  39. North Carolina taking first steps to allow armed school volunteers.
  40. THIS is what we're up against.
  41. We Must Ban Those Assault Scissors NOW!
  42. This is terrifying
  43. Have you seen this?!?!?!?!
  44. Liability Insurance for Gun Owners?
  45. Newtown families hope massacre transforms nation
  46. Join The NRA - 70% Off Lifetime Membership Now
  47. And Away we Go..... Now it's Handguns (Again)
  48. Gun-free zones are only for ‘the little people’
  49. Must read for all Patriots
  50. Feinstein's plan bans any gun with a 'grip'?
  51. Virginia House trades guns rights for money! Action allert: Va Members
  52. Article from CNN on the mentally ill getting fire arms.
  53. First new pro gun bills introduced in NC
  54. New Senator (D) Will Not Support AWB
  55. Joe and Dianne--Don't Like The Truth? Make Some Up
  56. My vote for stupidest comments from today's Senate hearings
  57. White House Petition: Require that all Civilian Firearms be Painted Pink
  58. Piers Morgan once again gets his hat handed to him
  59. Good?: Reid Won't Endorse Feinstein's Bill
  60. Seems our Sheriff knows right from wrong
  61. OP-ED: Gun Free Zones are for the "Little People"
  62. MAC - Assault Weapon Ban is Unconstitutional
  63. Chuck Grassley Is Bringing It
  64. Surprise Speaker at Gun Hearings Today
  65. BATFE Taking Comments on a Pending Ban Ammo
  66. Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Revealed
  67. Response from Mo Rep Sam Graves
  68. No to Universal Background Checks
  69. Not About guns Is It?
  70. Response from my Rep. Andy Barr (freshman)
  71. The Police State is starting in New York
  72. Reply from Senator Rand Paul
  73. Mother-Stops-Three-Burglars-With-Her-Pistol
  74. The List of States Rejecting Obama's Power Grab
  75. CT: Gun Violence Prevention Working Group
  76. Response from Governor Hickenlooper from Colorado
  77. Went to a town hall meeting tonight
  78. Letter From Special Operations Community on 2nd Amendment
  79. Responses from my (MI) Senators
  80. 1A Control, 2A Control - Something to worry about???
  81. More Anti Bills Introduced in MO
  82. Letter from my REP
  83. Quote from Framer of Second Amendment
  84. Exactly the response I expected from this pompous windbag!!
  85. Obama looking to ban "cop killing" ammunition
  86. Next up: Push for a national firearms database
  87. 1100 Green Berets sign letter supporting Second Amendment
  88. Letter to Editor in Newtown Bee, on Sandy Hook
  89. MN Gun Owners - Legislative Petition
  90. McChrystal may like an AWB, but his SF troops disagree
  91. Great Pro 2nd Amendment speech
  92. Governor of West Virginia's Generic Response to My Email Concerning Gun Rights
  93. Books on 2nd amendment
  94. Second Amendment Foundation: The Great Assault Weapon Hoax
  95. New York - Just.....Wow....
  96. Neil Heslin, Father Of Newtown Victim, Heckled By Pro-Gun Activists
  97. Defend Louisiana Campaign has started.
  98. Universal & "Expanded" Background Checks: Scariest Bill
  99. 10 round legislation query
  100. Article in NYT: Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner
  101. Wife's Letter To Elected Officials
  102. Shot Heard Around the World
  103. Magazine capacity limits (why is the left so stupid?)
  104. POLICE CHIEF... "we can disarm Americans in a generation"
  105. What is Senator Feinstein's agenda??
  106. The Problem Is Not Gun Laws’
  107. Father of Sandy Hook victimsays "Enforce current laws"
  108. Gwinnett County Sheriff - Butch Conway
  109. Yeah....Right....LMAO
  110. A new twist
  111. This is to "ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited."
  112. The Evil, The Ignorant, The Delusional, and The Children
  113. Watch this. Its worth your time
  114. How big is the problem?
  115. DHS orders 7000 Assault Rifles
  116. Biden on Gun Control
  117. "Gun-related homicides and injuries down as firearm sales soar"-from front page story
  118. Handgun licensees surpass 140,000 in Oklahoma
  119. Obama-Republicans unwilling to compromise in gun control debate
  120. Anybody Else Attending State House Demos on February 8?
  121. PA state rep Metcalfe Seeks to Make Federal Gun-Grabbing A Criminal Offense in PA
  122. Around world, gun rules, and results, vary wildly
  123. Seattle buyback aftermath and curious math
  124. My 2A Video
  125. County Sheriff's of Colorado Position: BRAVO!
  126. "I will take off my uniform and stand with freedom"
  127. More Great 2A Stuff from MAC
  128. Keep the pressure on
  129. Literal meaning of 2nd amendment
  130. Obama Beats the Dog, But It Still Won't Hunt
  131. Image: The latest anti-gun rhetoric spreading on Facebook uses Ronald Reagan quote
  132. Dem Rep: Women should serve in combat, but shouldn’t use assault weapons
  133. My Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Making the 2nd Amendment Stronger
  134. Today's March Attracts "Thousands"
  135. The ACTUAL Poll Results of NRA Members Regarding the Obama Gun Agenda
  136. The NRA Is NOT Working with Sen. Manchin on UBC Bill
  137. Perspectives: Utah Sheriffs Association is on the right side of history
  138. For you Piers-SD with an AR
  139. Here Come The Antis
  140. Senator Marco Rubio Responds
  141. Virginia: Legeslative UPDATE: Pro RKBA bills stil in play
  142. A communication challenge
  143. POLL Have you contacted your representatives about gun control yet?
  144. Is my Marlin 60 illegal in New York?
  145. Newt and Feinstein Will Have At on "Face The Nation" Tomorrow Morning
  146. Thomas Jefferson Quote on Government Help
  147. From Obama-"Call your representatives - are they on board?"
  148. Quotes From Our Founders On The Right To Bear Arms
  149. Another Senator to fire next election.
  150. Yet another way for the antis to create a panic over guns!
  151. US Representative says: AR-15s too tough for women to use...
  152. Yet another way for the antis to create a panic over guns!
  153. Excellent Massachusetts State House Firearms Rally Video
  154. NRA in the Super Bowl?
  155. Glock pro gun commercial !!
  156. New Yorkers have begun to stand up.
  157. Biden: WH's next push
  158. Somewhat befuddled, am I
  159. Reply from The Honorable Ann Wagner, 2nd District US House Representative, Missouri
  160. My letter to Congressman Dr. Phil Gingrey - GA
  161. Massachusetts having trouble with legislation.
  162. 2nd Amendment Petition
  163. NRA senior lobbyist says attack ad was "ill-advised"
  164. $1000 to turn in your neighbors for carrying a gun in NJ.
  165. Emanuel To Banks: Stop Supporting Gun Makers
  166. Just joined NRA and VCDL
  167. David Mamet Article
  168. Australia's truth on the banning guns
  169. Milwaukee County Sheriff
  170. 9 House Gun Control Bills, with translations
  171. More Gun Bills - some good, most bad
  172. Colorado: CALL TO ACTION! E Mail Addresses Added Last Post
  173. Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials
  174. Ron Paul petition to lawmakers
  175. Nebraskans!! Consider this petition to preserve our 2A rights!
  176. The Real Prize of Gun Control
  177. I have searched for Feinstein's bill
  178. What kind of answer do you guys think this is?
  179. New WV Atty Gen. Vows to Fight Gun Restirction
  180. Email from Rand Paul: Stop Feinsteins Gun Ban Website
  181. The National level anti-RKBA agenda -- Biden hides in Virginia
  182. Another great night for Virginia gun owners!
  183. Fox Poll on 2nd Amendment
  184. Sanders County, Montana Sheriff won't enforce the a Ban, and MT Legislation
  185. POLL: Do your state/fed representatives fight for the Second Amendment?
  186. Gracia C. Martore, the President and CEO of Gannett
  187. Letter to the Editor, from ex-Brit
  188. Gun Control Is Obstructed By Too Many Laws
  189. How to Save One Life by Military Arms Channel
  190. Oak Harbor, WA City Council Member tries to infringe on 2nd rights and gets spanked
  191. Johnson County Kansas Sheriff Ridiculed by the Media over 2A Press Release
  192. The Good Guys: List of Sheriffs saying "No" to gun control
  193. The Fight's in the Vocab.
  194. Joe Biden says forget the rifle — get yourself a shotgun
  195. Ammunition Background Checks
  196. New Pro-Gun Commercial
  197. Gun-related legislation proposed since Jan 1 2013 in House/Senate
  198. Would you defy a gun ban?
  199. Easy way to find your representatives from Ruger.com
  200. Sign this online petition against the Feinstein gun ban!!
  201. Interesting murder stats
  202. Harry Reid Backed Down from Changing Filibuster Rules
  203. Image: Sen. Dianne Feinstein's official list of guns she wants to ban
  204. Biden Live On Guns at 1345 EST Today
  205. Q about Michigan CPL law - rifle with folding stock
  206. Michelle Malkin: "This Gun Grabbing Grandstand HAS to Stop!
  207. Today is the day
  208. All of these people on this list should be sent letters thanking them from the people
  209. KY Congressman Thomas Massie Response
  210. Fox Poll: Change the Constitution?
  211. About Feinstein's Bill Thursday......
  212. Resource: Why Virtually All Gun Owners Oppose A Ban On "Assault Weapons"........
  213. Vet Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum
  214. Disappointing - Response from WI Congressman Sensenbrenner
  215. Here's a great site from a non-gun owner
  216. CT: Bipartisan Task Force Testimony
  217. Virginia: Delegate Bob Marshall's bill to allow school employees to carry firearms
  218. A study from the University of Chicago
  219. Virginia: anti-gun show bill is dead for this year
  220. Texas Attorney General weighs in on new New York laws
  221. Sandy Hook Elementary School Violence Reduction Act is part of Reid’s first 10 bills
  222. Reply From Senator Rob Portman
  223. Another reason not to be for weapon registrations...
  224. Law-abiding Gun Owners Have Nothing to Worry About
  225. Response from Congressman Barrow-GA
  226. New Rules on Ebay!
  227. Letter to my elected officials . . .
  228. A Middle Path to Reducing Gun Violence
  229. Disarming nuts v. political correctness
  230. Utah Proposing "Constitutional Carry" in Lieu of Permits - H.B. 76
  231. Virginia: important bills that are being heard Thursday (1/24/13) morning and evening
  232. Assault weapon ban Thursday
  233. Dumb/Dangerous Legislation in Gun Friendly Missouri
  234. Fox Poll: Is it time to make constitutional changes to gun rights?
  235. How About a Sticky: No More Polls
  236. AR-15 not used in Newton
  237. Hubert Humphrey said this . . .
  238. Another Good Article on Gun Crime
  239. Washington (state) CeaseFire email
  240. Joe Wilson's response letter (SC)
  241. Wake County (Raleigh) North Carolina Sheriff says not to worry...
  242. Equating MADD with "mothers against guns"
  243. A good poster from a demonstration.
  244. VCDL Lobby day: MEDIA COVERAGE
  245. NRA Stand and Fight - Live
  246. Charlie Rangel:‘Some of the Southern Areas .......
  247. Check out this JPFO poster
  248. NWTF Withdraws from Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show
  249. City counsilman trys to infringe on soldiers right to bear arms
  250. Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.... Is this a joke?